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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  September 4, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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joined by gene otani from our business desk and jonathano. welcome to "newsline." here are some of the stories we're following this hour. the leader of hungary said he will tighten borders to stop the influx of refugees.
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france said the piece of an airline wing was from missing flight 370. indonesian government officials rejected bids for japan and china for a new high-speed rail line and say they will seek a less costly alternative. hungary has outlined plan to bolster controls. he wants to halt influx of migrants and refugees who are trying to get in. people from the middle east and africa have been flooding into hungary. many are trying to get to germany and other northern european nations. they have totalled 150,000 to date this year. at a station in budapest trains bound for national territories were suspended leaving 100 p migrants stranded >> we don't have blankets and the weather is hot.
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the women are suffering, are suffering. it is -- >> european council and other leader said fences will be set up. he said he'll put troops along the border with serbia. >> if we create an imagination or an impression that just come because we're ready to accept everybody, that would be a moral failure. >> some eu leaders say they have no choice but to allow more refugees in and plan to call on neighbors countries to accept their fair share. france and grpz will present a joint proposal designed more eu countries step forward to welcome refugees. francois hollande alluded to
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different ways they are handling the crisis. >> translator: i've considered what we've done until now to be insufficient. there are countries, which i won't name, because we have to work with all of them, that are not acknowledging their moral obligation. therefore, we must go further. >> hollande says he and angela merkel hope to create a system to fairly distribute refugees among all 28 members. they worked on establishing registration centers in greece and italy which have received waves of migrants. the leaders plan to announce the initiative at an each u ministerial meeting on september 14th. a series of events held in beijing tiananmen square to celebrate the end of world war ii or japanese aggression. world leaders who attended ceremony held summit meetings on the sidelines taking prominent position with south korean president park geun-hye, who was
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one of the few western leaders to p attend. >> i think showing to the world that a close relationship to china. september 2nd, one day before, leaders from 30 countries and other dignitaries also gathered for the event. met for just under two hours. the two leaders also had lunch together. park was the first leader to have talks before the event, the relationship between the two countries to south koreaans and the world. in their talks the two leaders agreed to hold a summit with leaders from japan, south korea some around end of october or early november.
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it would be the first summit of the countries in more than three years. on saturday park was at the parade, vladimir putin. >> translator: the two leaders watching the parade illustrate the changing south korea/china relationship. >> reporter: they said south korea had established ties with china than north korea, likely an historic event in northeastern asia. >> but what led park to attend even though most western leaders didn't. >> the biggest reason is the actions by north korea. a number of them since last
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month. the country's close relationship with china it put pressure. during the meeting china played a role in easing last month's tensions. park called on beijing to urge to refrain from further provocations. park comments and state run media said extremely -- the criticism is being taken as a sign that the north feels a sense of urgency towards its relationship with china. drawing out a comment that china oppose any actions that might heighten tensions on the korean -- this agreed to take
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part in the summit. park remained firm trying to be careful not to give the wrong impression. the u.s. is concerned about china's expansion and has also been calling on japan and south korea to mend their relations. park creating, putting her country before -- a constant effort in south korea's involvement while keeping japan and the u.s. in mind. >> our senior reporter in beijing. three economic powers working on arrangements for a summit this year. ahead of that another set of talks will take place soon. gene otani from the business desk has the details. gene. >> thanks, james.
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japan's agriculture minister says he and his counter-parts in china and south korea will meet in tokyo in about a week's time. one of the items on the agenda will be how to speed up negotiations for free trade agreement among the three countries. the talks will be the first in more than three years. >> the coming meeting will be meaningful from the perspective of sustainable growth of agriculture and securing a stable food supply. >> hayashi plans to meet separately with south korean and china ministers. he will ask them to lift restrictions on fisheries imposed after fukushima accident in 2011. hitachi built a high-speed train factory in britain. it's designed to replace the country's aging inner city trains. the government awarded a contract for 366 carriage. the deal gives the country
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maintenance then rights for 27 years. people celebrated the facility's completion thursday. british prime minister david cameron took part. >> train manufacturing has come back to the northeast. it is great to be adding to the history of rail in the northeast that goes back to george stevenson, the father of railways. it's great in terms of jobs for local people, over 700 of them. >> the trains can reach around 200 kilometers an hour. they will also have diesel engines to run on tracks without electricity. separately a $75 billion project to lay a high-speed rail line in britain in 2017. it will link london and several cities. they are aimeding for the bid, too. nikkei fell below 18,000 closing at its lowst level in
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seven months. for details we go to our business reporter yen at tokyo stock exchange. yen. >> investors waiting on u.s. jobs data and many sold shares to book profits. the jobs report is the last major piece of data before u.s. federal reserve critical rate hike in two weeks. nikkei average lost more than 2.1% closing at 17,792. that's the lowest since february. the broader topix lost more than 2%. nikkei lost 7% on the week and that's the sharpest weekly loss since april and fourth straight week of decline. some of the losers include major exporters. they fell on a stronger yen. panasonic was down 4% and toyota motor fell 2.5%. meanwhile soft bank lost 4% after barclays downgraded stock.
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hints about when the fed will go ahead with an interest rate hike. nguyen reporting from tokyo stock exchange. thanks. moving to other regions. investors cautious ahead of u.s. jobs data. hang seng lost 0.45% lowest in two years, index fell 3.5% declining for seven straight weeks. kospi, lost 2.6% led by concerns about the slowdown in china's economy. indonesia also fell by .4% sydney edged up .25%, first weekly decline in june. markets reopen monday. here is a look at some of the other business stories we're following. a japanese government survey shows real wages rose in july for the first time in 27 points.
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officials at the labor ministry say workers earned an average of more than 367 yen or about $3,070. that's up 0.3% in real terms from a year earlier. u.s. justice department says a japanese company agreed to pay a fine of $65 million for involvement in price fixing for auto parts. department officials say ngk in laters adjusted prices of a ceramic base used in exhaust in cars. the practice lasted 10 years until at least 2010. foreign investors sold more shares in tokyo than they bought. officials at the tokyo stock exchange said net sales was about $5.9 billion, the biggest since march 2014. the selloff amid a global drop triggered by china's economic woes. we've been looking this week
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at trends in japan's pet industry. yesterday we reported on fitness trainers who help cats and dogs stay in shape. today we look at another emerging business. this one targets elderly pet owners and the services peace of mi mind. >> she is 83, has no children, lives achildren, lives alone in tokyo with her dog emily. emily is her partner in walks and conversation. the dog helps keep her going. she takes emily to the vet every month to ensure the dog is healthy. but she doesn't know how long she'll be able to take care of her companion. >> i can't ask my siblings to look after her. they are in their 80s, too.
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shibata's concerns are common among elderly pet owners. survey by animal welfare organization indicates 37% of them are anxious they may become unable to look after their pets. a nonprofit organization has launched an initiative that finds places for pets that elderly owners can no longer care for. e group opened a cafe features cats where customers can enjoy the apprehend of animals as they sip their drinks. more than 80 cats were adopted from elderly people. some inhabit the cafe. others have been placed with new owners. the npo has also created a system that allows people to live with cats without worrying about their long-term care. this condominium comes with cats. residents can choose to have
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them as pets. npo provides the animals. there are currently about 160 such units. some had a special entrance and exit cats or areas where animals can play. when residents become unable to care for the cats, members of the group p step in. the organizers believe the cats help foster friendship among the human inhabitants. >> translator: pets are the topic of conversation. they can promote good neighborly relationships. we hope to spread the system nationwide. >> another initiative provides elderly people to provide financial support for their pets. it's a trust system. this pet services firm started
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managing one such initiative in 2015. a pet owner leaves money to a trust company. that amount depends on the pet's age. if something happens to the owner, the pet is placed under a veterinarian's care. the cost of taking care of the pet are covered by the money the owner has left to the trust company. the caretakers will try to place the animal in a new home, depending on the original owner's wishes. >> translator: i believe people want their pets to be happy if something happened to them. we've come up with a system that can make that wish come true. >> elderly people have a host of worries as the end of life approaches. initiatives like these are meant to ensure the welfare of their beloved pets won't be one of
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them. >> and you can watch our first report on pet care trends in japan on the nhk world website. just check the link at the bottom of the screen. and that's it for business news. james, i'm going to head it back to you. >> thank you, gene. french officials say they have identified a piece of airplane debris found in a remote island of the indian ocean as part of the missing airlines 370. they announced thursday, a serial number inside the wing part matched records of bogey jet which went missing with 239 people in march last year. the plane was headed from beijing to kuala lumpur. investigators examining wing parts since it was discovered july on the french island of reunion. no more plane debris found around the island in searches conducted for 10 days last month. french investigators continuing their analysis of the fragments
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to find clues of the plane's fate. japan's foreign minister rejected recent marks by a russian official. they concern four islands controlled by russia but claimed by japan. russian deputy foreign minister murg loaf said his country had has not been on the issue. he said the matter was settled seven years ago. he insisted the islands became territory since world war ii. he made the comments following visits by dmitry medvedev to the islands last month. on friday foreign minister said the remarks were counter-productive and not true. >> translator: the remarks also go against an agreement with shinzo abe and vladimir putin.
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we cannot accept the remarks. >> japanese government maintains the islands are an inherent part of the territory. it said the islands were illegally occupied after world war ii. the leaders of japan's opposition parties are moving to form a common front to block the passage of controversial legislation. they say the ruling coalition is trying to railroad a set of national security bills through the diet and they say they hope to prevent it. the leaders of six opposition parties met on friday. they criticized the coalition's attempt to put the bills to a vote in the upper house later this month. they say a thorough debate has not yet been held. some propose the opposition parties consider submitting a no confidence motion against the cabinet. they agreed to work together to block the ruling party's plan. they will meet again next week to further discuss their tactics. the president of the largest opposition democratic party.
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he says all possible measures should be used. >> translator: the opposition parties can definitely strengthen power by joining forces. >> the secretary-general of the governing liberal democratic party earlier told reporters the opposition's move will complicate matters. >> translator: before i thought we could talk with the opposition and make mutual concessions on any possible revisions. but the current situation makes it quite difficult. >> he says the government and coalition of ldp and komeito will work together to have the upper house pass the bills. indonesian president joko widodo has reversed its ambition on one of the country's infrastructure projects to cut costs. he's submitted a bid to build high-speed railway. joko says the indonesian government will not invest any
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public money in high-speed rail. indonesia had been planning to build a 140 kilometer-long high-speed rail line connecting the capital and a city. asia's largest economic powers have been locked in competition for the deal. japan proposed a plan that would cost around $4.2 billion. china estimated the overall cost at roughly $5 billion. sources say key indonesian ministers argued both proposals would place too large a financial burden on the government. coordinating minister fdamin sad they are looking for cheaper alternative even if it's trains. they will work on enhancing country's volcano monitor system over the next decade. officials say 81 scholars and
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researchers are engaged in studying volcanoes. they plan to double that number in five years. they also plan to develop special equipment including robots that can go where humans can't. they say they willmprove technology but allows a clearer look at magma inside volcanoes using elementary particles. the tiny particles function like x-rays and can easily pass through dense substances. newons are also used at damaged fukushima nuclear plant to locate melted fuel. for us here in tokyo, it was sunny one moment and pouring buckets of rain the next. i along with a multitude of others were caught off-guard without an umbrella. jonathan oh joins us with some photos of what happened earlier in the day. jonathan. >> hello. we did see some strong storms rolling through tokyo as it went through the afternoon hours, and we had the system going through. what was taking place we had a
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stationary frontal pattern. in that, because of the instability, the storm cell ratcheted up its power and ended up blowing through with strong thunderstorms with heavy, heavy rainfall. we were able to take a picture. looking here you see a lightning strike really attaches to one of the buildings here. but it looks like this was going to last for a long period of time but it didn't. it actually moved very quickly and we see something very nice here to look toward the national gymnasium. you see a little thing over here in the corner. this is part of a rainbow. toward the center still rain falling but then just a few minutes later the rain passed through and we saw a beautiful display in the sky as we went through the rest of the afternoon hours. now, we're going to see a mixed bag when it comes to the weather forecast coming up this weekend. we're in that pattern, instability in play. if you have just the right ingredients then we have a thunderstorm.
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otherwise we see relatively calm conditions as we go into saturday for tokyo. high of 27 degrees. then we'll see the rain returning back on sunday and morning. say relatively dry and sunny skies expected as we go throughout the weekend and into monday. as we continue to look to the west, high pressure is currently bringing pleasant weather over the korean peninsula. that will change as a low pressure system comes out of china and that will bring clouds and rain. we have a stationary front in the southern portions of china and that will continue to produce rain for the weekend. saturday rain with a high of 29, 29 shanghai, 22 beijing, 27 degrees in seoul as we continue on throughout the day. now, i want to show you what's happening over pacific ocean. we have four named storms and they are continuing to move to the west. but in general looks like they are not going to be reaching land any time soon, at least the next 24 hours or so but we'll keep an eye out on this
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scenario. kevin continues to slowly track to the north and may continue to impact baja, california, as we go throughout the weekend. now, we are looking at warm conditions for the eastern half of the united states as we see a relatively warm pattern taking place here. now, as we go forward in time the eastern seaboard starting to cool off a little bit because of the rain produced from a low pressure system off the coastal carolinas. washington you may be seeing wet weather. i wanted to point out canada, a low pressure system coming onshore and another one leading into alberta. that's going to bring a chance for some snowfall. some estimates around 5 centimeters possible as we go through the weekend. look at the forecast, some chilly temperatures to talk about. we're looking at the rain for winnipeg as we do into saturday and sunday. meanwhile we will be seeing the temperatures in the 30s for the deep south as we go through
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friday. now for the labor day holiday weekend, looking relatively calm here and looking at relatively dry conditions for vancouver. you'll be dealing with rainfall as you go through sunday and monday. hope you have a good day wherever you are pt here is your extended outlook.
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and that was this hour's "newsline." thank you very much for joining us. don't go away. 8úxúñ÷p÷999ñówçç
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molly: welcome to the "france 24" newsroom. the headlines at this hour -- a funerals held for the syrian toddler and his family who died trying to reach turkey. photo of the three-year-old's lifeless body halves barked public pressure -- have sparked public pressure for eu reaction to the migrant crisis. pressure props the u.k. to review its migrant policy. david cameron says thousands


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