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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 9, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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24.ou're watching france broadcasting from paris for an hour. the european commission says a quota system must be imposed to eu nations to take it 160,000 migrants. czech republic says that is not a good idea and that borders should be better protected. some 200 migrants have arrived in france this morning. most of them are syrians and
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iraq is who fled the war at home and who originally wanted to go to germany. the u.k. marks more than 63 years of rain by queen elizabeth the second. the longest-serving monarch in british history. coming up this hour, one million visitors but no flights. we take a tour of berlin's new airport which has become somewhat of a joke, a national joke. it is high time the eu takes action to help those were fleeing the islamic state group in iraq in syria. those are the words of the president of the european commission, giancarl jean-claude juncker says the eu needs to be
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united, whatever the decision. 120,000,lking about 160,000. the number. europeans have to take charge and have to take -- i really hope that this time everyone will be on board. no rhetoric's. action is what is needed for the time being. [applause] >> for more on this story, let's talk to an eu expert. thank you for being with us. what do you think of juncker's refugee plan? do you think it's enough? >> it is certainly a try. i don't know if it's enough because the situation is dire. the number of refugees or migrants coming to the shores of
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europe or through the balkan countries is a norm us so it is difficult -- is enormous so it is difficult to know if the planet juncker wants to implement will be enough. there is an attempt from the european commission to do something and to try to mobilize the member states around this program, whether they will agree to it is unclear. some member states have indicated they are against compulsory relocation within their country. it is very delicate at this stage to know whether the juncker plan is enough. >> minutes after juncker's speech, the czech republic said the quota system is not a good solution. other country like hungary do not want to share the burden. what can eu officials do to convince them? much the eu can
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actually do. there are two things that need to be brought in line. the first, the relocation package the commission has been offer the will possibility for some countries not to host some refugees in exchange it will have to pay some financial penalties. the term is not exact. they will have to pay if they do not want to host refugees. the second thing is, the eu is composed of member states with very different history. some of them don't feel they are ready to welcome waves of refugees into their countries for some legitimate or not reasons. they do not feel they are ready to do so.
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seee is very little i can that the commission or any other member states for that matter can do to change their mind. >> juncker urged member states to raise 1.8 billion euros as an emergency fund to help african countries that are hit by conflict. how do you think that money is going to help? the idea is to have a copperheads of approach to the whole problem -- a comprehensive approach to the whole problem. trying to tackle the issues of refugees, try to streamline the process of asylum-seekers. the eu should try to find solutions to solve the conflicts themselves and to help countries that need mental assistance, -- need financial assistance. maybe to prevent some people
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from fleeing the country to find some economic opportunity somewhere else. know whether 1.8 billion will be sufficient to really help those countries because the situation is a lot more complicated. it is a symbol more than a grand plan to solve the situation on the ground. you have to realize that the eu is not really well-equipped to deal with the situation because most of the problem has to do with governance in those countries and the way the economy is run, more than the lack of opportunity. >> along way to find a common strategy within the eu. thank you for sharing your opinion. under the eu plan, germany would take more than 31,000 migrants.
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a spain, almost 15,000. france is expected to take in 24,000 migrants over the next two years. around 200 euros you best route 200 refugees have arrived here. around 200 refugees arrived here. >> three buses with one destination. on tuesday night, 200 refugees got on board knowing that within hours they would reach paris. among the travelers, mostly men coming to find work in a place where they and their families can live. before departure, the atmosphere was cheerful. [chanting] >> people are joining the group. they had to undergo an interview with protection bureau agents.
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each made sure they could apply for asylum. translator: many times those who arrive here have no specific plan. we tell them that france wants to welcome them as refugees. >> these buses are the first to make the journey. others will follow and are expected to bring about a hundred other refugees in the next days. havermany and sweden welcomed more refugees than any other eu country. on tuesday, hundreds of my arrived at the train station in the swedish city of belmont. having walked down the motorway from denmark. deepens,isis in europe are strung a has offered to take in an extra 12,000 refugees. to easeott has vowed tough asylum policies. australia confirmed it will join the u.s. to launch airstrikes
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against the islamic state group in syria. for the first time since the war in syria, the russian foreign ministry confirms that russian military experts are indeed on the ground. moscow says it has delivered weapons to the syrian regime to combat terrorism. ,or more on this, sean walker the guardian's correspondent in russia. what do we know about russia's presents in syria? >> we know russia has supported president assad. in recent weeks and months we have been seeing this buildup of circumstantial evidence, people posting things online. soldiers, what appears to be russian soldiers, posting selfies from syria. russian aircraft seen in syria. we have had reports of prefabricated housing transported to syria in what looks like the first stages of building a russian military base.
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today we have confirmation that russia's advisors are in syria. what we are hearing from the foreign ministry, we have always given weapons to the syrians, always had advisors there to train them and that is what is happening now. if you look at what we have been ,eeing in the past few weeks that does seem to be a sign of an escalation in this russian military assistance. >> the war has been raging on for nearly five years in syria. what is at stake for russia? >> what we might be seeing, russia realizing the islamic state and the refugee crisis has become this major global issue and russia will be able to use has long time -- what has been longtime support for assad, to join in fighting terrorism. expect we will hear from
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him is to hear a statement that russia, like the west, is combating terrorism and wants to destroy the islamic state. the fear in the west is that what this is about is not so much about destroying the islamic state and more about propping up bashar al-assad as it has all along. >> thank you for your update. turkey is hunting down kurdish militants in iraq for the first time since the cease-fire two years ago. turkish troops have been deployed in northern iraq. their aim is to eradicate rebels who launched a series of attacks against turkish authorities over the summer. nationalist protesters have destroyed the offices of the pro-kurdish hdp party. anger on the streets in the
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wake of nationalist protests when demonstrators attacked offices of the pro-kurdish hdp. they left the party headquarters damaged. translator: tonight alone 186 attacks were carried out and our headquarters were attacked. this was a planned attack. orchestrated from one particular place, the president and his staff at the palace are the ones behind these attacks. >> the outbursts followed violence since the weekend that left more than 30 turkish police and troops dead. authorities have been workersg the kurdish party since july when a two-year-old cease-fire collapsed. translator: the unity of this nation, this homeland, anyone responsible for every drop of blood shed will be brought to
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account. in june, it lost its majority things to a strong showing from the pro-kurdish hdp and is now preparing for a snap election on november 1. >> british airways plane has caught fire at las vegas airport. according to authorities the flames came out of the left engine just before takeoff. 172 people were on board and they have had to use emergency flights to evacuate. only minor injuries have been reported so far and fire has since been put out. months, queeneven elizabeth ii is the u.k.'s longest reigning monarch. with a dozend prime ministers. despite the record she has
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broken, the queen says "she does not want to make a fuss." the queen is inaugurating a railway line in scotland. events expected to honor the queen today. >> above all, what the queen, who is 89 and has decided she wants a normal working day wants is no fuss. her subjects are intent on making somewhat of a fuss. this is a milestone, historic, record-breaking day for queen elizabeth ii. by going -- the weather has been a difficult you this morning. she is going to go with the first minister to waverley station in edinburgh. thewill then formally open
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294 million pound scottish borders railway. that's when we expect the queen to make a short speech. in london, there will be a flotilla of historic vessels that will take part in a procession along with t hames. it will go from tar bridge which will open as a sign of respect to the houses of parliament. there will also be a tribute paid by the british prime minister david cameron and leaders of the opposition in parliament. >> it is 1:15 in paris. ae european commission says compulsory quota system must be imposed to eu nations to take in 160,000 migrants. the czech republic says that is not a good idea and that borders should be better protected.
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some 200 migrants have arrived in france this morning. most of them are syrians and iraqi's who fled the war at home and originally wanted to go to germany. long live the queen. the u.k. marks more than 63 years of reign by queen elizabeth ii. it is time for business news. stephen carroll joins us in the studio. we will start with breaking news about the strike at german airline lufthansa. stephen: a german court has ordered striking pilots to stop their strike action. that decision coming in the last half-hour. 1000 flights out of the german airline have been canceled on this second day of strikes. affecting someone hundred 40,000 passengers. this was the 13th walkout by pilots in the last year and a half and their dispute with management over early to -- early retirement provisions.
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>> let's turn to the markets. stephen: the japanese markets had their best day in nearly seven years. the end of trading. that the optimism volatility on the chinese markets is now under control. that boost, coming from japan helping things. the main european markets are trading significantly up at this point in the day. paris and london, up over 2% as the china's foreign ministry says it will speed up test reforms for investors. >> a story in france. a new report has come out on the controversial issue of labor markets. stephen: this happens when international bodies like the oh oacd -- the government
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commission has come up with 44 proposals are you defame to allow propos -- aim to allow employers to work out salaries, redundancies and working conditions. french prime minister says that any measures that reduce workers rights will not be implemented. the minimum wage and job security. he says in order to change france's labor code it will go to parliament of -- before summer of next year. the chief executive of united airlines has resigned over a corruption investigation. the inquiry looking at whether united airline begin a direct flight between newark, best the former -- the former head of -- the airline says executives have left their jobs over the probe
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and the internal investigation. the low-cost carrier has been boosted the strong body of the sterling and better-than-expected passenger numbers over the summer. >> to berlin's new airport. it is open to the public but apparently not to planes. stephen: this is berlin's brandenburg airport. it has become somewhat of a national joke. it is seven years behind schedule, billions over budget. the project i tracting a lot of attention -- attracting a lot of attention. one million people have signed up to take tours of the empty terminal. visitors but no flights at berlin's brandenburg international airport. these two wars are one of the few redeeming features about the futuristic project. it was billed as europe's most
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modern airport hosting 27 million passengers a year. it was meant to replace berlin's temple half airport. revised due toe the long delays. brandenburg will offer -- the facility was planned to open in 2010 but fraud, corruption, and mismanagement have delayed the opening and put the project 6 billion euros over budget. germany's project has become a national laughingstock. translator: the reputation of the sector has taken a beating. this gives the impression that german managers do not have the know-how and are incapable of handling a project of this magnitude. >> the airport's main contractor in charge of electrical, heating , and air-conditioning went bankrupt last month. the government spent 16 million
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euros a month just to maintain the site. managers have slated the opening for 2017 but many germans remain skeptical about one day being able to actually take off from here. stephen: not even any shops open. just to wander around. >> thank you very much for that. it's time for the press review. florence is here with us in the studio. focusing on the european refugee crisis. florence: a lot of media are focusing on the fact that this is perhaps the beginning of the crisis. the front page of "the wall street journal." they talk about how the migrant wave we're seeing now inspires
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followers. somewhat of a domino effect if you will. the stories and images of migrants pouring into europe are inspiring thousands more from iraq to nigeria to seize this pivotal moment. what is interesting, we have been talking a lot about how the united states and gulf states have been drawing criticism for not doing enough in this crisis. take a look at the editorial in china daily. you can see here, china daily says the united states has an unshakable role in addressing the crisis. the u.s. needss to shoulder its responsibilities and put more energy and resources into fighting the islamic state group in syria. it also needs to step up efforts to restore order and stability in countries like iraq and libya where american interventions have fueled unrest. >> the eu commission has just
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unveiled a new plan. it says that a compulsory quota system must be imposed on eu member states and that is up to 160,000 migrants that could be welcomed in the u.s. and is next week. president francois hollande has said the country was ready to take and 24,000 refugees over the next two years and at the first ones are already arriving today. florence: they are expecting momentarily. they focus on how france is getting ready for these refugees to come to france. it takes a closer look at how these refugees will be relocated across the country. it is, kate and becomes town -- it is, kate is because some towns have made it clear they want nothing to do with the refugees. 220 towns have volunteered to welcome some have volunteered without any conditions, others say they
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will only take syrian refugees and others say they will only take christian refugees. this is controversial. this really is a historic challenge for france and the way we respond to this crisis will say a lot about who we are as a country. >> some newspapers have tried to make people relate to this crisis to the syrians fleeing war at home. you found a touching example in le monde. florence: a comic strip. very popular in france among young kids. the cartoonist made a comic strip which you can see here where he imagines the main characters as a young syrian was life is foot upside down by war. friends,his family, forced to flee to the border where he becomes a refugee. this cartoonist portrays his main character as a refugee who
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is scared, confused, essentially just like the refugees we are seeing. it is an attempt to make these refugees relatable to young people. >> let's move on to british papers because they keep reporting about the drone strike in syria that killed two british citizens fighting alongside the islamic state group. florence: very controversial. the british prime minister says he authorized these killings because he had intelligence reports that said the men were planning a terrorist attack on british soil. this raises questions. is this an execution of duty, wonders the independent. the independent says this is a complex thing to determine but it does hope that this intervention does not give cameron the idea that in syria he has a license to kill. the prime minister has drawn criticism. some say this could play into
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the hands of the islamic state group. the independent shows drone strikes as a recruitment operation for the islamic state group. he has drawn praise from a lot of people. one paper, the daily mail, has beenp1uvva a a ññññññ
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