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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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you're watching france 24. time now for 60 minutes around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. hungary declares a state of emergency on two counties on the border with server he -- with serbia. they are enacting new laws against those being expelled from the conflict in syria. even those fleeing war zones are not exempt. this is action on the migrant
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crisis despite hours of talks. many european nations are still against a quota to take in the migrant. and french pharmacies start selling hiv tests that people can take at home. also coming up this hour, europe's car market is bouncing back, but carmakers are worried about a slowdown in china. we will have a -- have the latest at the frankfurt motor show. on this on the way, but first business. ♪ gernie: hungary has declared a state of emergency in two of its southern counties on the border with serbia. that urgent group over the migrant crisis gives social
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powers to police and other authorities there. admit night, the hungary -- at midnight, hungry close the border with serbia. those crossing illegally can be immediately arrested and deported. re is more from the hungarian spokesperson. we tried to declare a crisis situation for two counties. [indiscernible] to 9400 people tried to enter hungary just yesterday alone. that is the highest daily figure this year. the number of migrants coming into europe this year alone is more than 500,000, double what it was last year. manyan see some of those migrants are waiting just outside the border with hungary
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and umbria -- and serbia. exporter with serbia completely closed, even those of official order crossings were closed last night. he saw the rush for the border were pute new policies in place. most of people wanting to transition past hungary and into places like germany and beyond. hungary definitely cracking down. means is that the army can actually be brought into back up police either along the border for security, or in any other migrant related duties. that is what they say. this has to be approved by parliament, and that is done next week normally, but the emergency situation also gives police new powers. they can enter anyone's home without a warrant if they suspect migrants without papers
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are living there. that means it was any asylum related request to the top of their list. anyone coming through serbia, and the vast majority of the 200,000 people who have gone into hungry so far this year have walked. as for them, serbia is a safe country. genie: speaking at this press conference, germany was already quite fun they do not want to take part in these quotas, saying that they want to punish them. what would they do? >> the talks in brussels did not lead to very much other than a vague draft proposal. of the euts some funds that go to the country to be strict and they want punishment for the countries that do not take on part of the responsibility of hosting the refugees. the vice chancellor said europe had made a full of itself and
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that this crisis is far bigger than the greek crisis and that we need a summit sooner than later. we are being told october 8 is the day that brussels will outweigh the deep -- outline the details of what to do, possibly a way to spread out the 120,000 refugee request around the other 22 countries. hollande isois pushing for airstrikes against islamic state group in syria. france is already part of the western coalition carrying out bombings on militants in iraq, but the first -- but this is the first time action would be officially carried out across the border in syria. >> france committed to the fight against terrorism in the islamic state group a long time ago. we are taking part in the coalition in iraq. we announced flights, allowing ifto lunch airstrikes
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necessary. and in syria, it will be necessary. genie: russia has position about half a dozen tanks at an airfield in the center of a military buildup in syria. u.s. officials say the reasons behind the russian deployment are still unclear. moscow has come under increased international pressure in recent days to explain those moves. -- russiabeen backing has been backing president bashar al-assad is the -- since the conflict broke out four years ago. here's more from regional correspondent sean walker. sean: here, we are back in two this criminal terminology. everyone's got their own reason about why this sudden buildup in syria, why now. some people in russia suggest it vladimirely about putin's dislike for all kinds of
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terrorism and wanting to fight the islamic state. some say it is a trick to distract attention from ukraine, where of course, russia has been waging this very secret war for the past year. some have even said it is a deliberate ploy to increase the flow of refugees and foot up the european union more. at this stage, it is very hard to tell, because in moscow, one man makes the decisions that we're really trying to get in that he said and workout what this is about. far, most people's responses have been linked to what they already think about putin. we don't really know exactly why now and what is running on. genie: with the buildup in russia in syria itself, we've been hearing about this for a few weeks now. what is real and what is not? sean: without u.s. officials in recent days saying they have takes --ral p90 modern
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tanks coming in. they have seen more russian soldiers. there are two possible readings of this. like i say, this is very difficult because we got the situation in ukraine for the past year we have been trying to measure what is going in and what is coming out and to what level and what kind the russian troops are there. -- and what kind of russian troops are there. this is for russia to show that it can get in -- involved in this. this is more of a kind of show force that is meant to put the cards down on the table is one reading. the other reading is the direct opposite, that russia is trying to do this reasonably secretly.
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there have been few things on social media or intelligence wise. you can find six people telling you one story and half a dozen telling you the other. onestime will tell which were right. genie: for over a year now, close to 7000 airstrikes have been carried out by the western coalition against the islamic state group. those strikes have targeted both iraq and syria. 24 terrorg in france expert, was enough. was what is it like one year afterim nasser. these airstrikes began? wasim: they lost a few important towns like to create -- to crit
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ekrit. but in syria, they are still expanding. they are advancing toward the center of the country. they are still continuing on this path. they were able to take part of the last oilfield held by the , not allan government of it, but part of it. in syria, it is not working. they are not losing important ground. , and ramadi, they took over. and they are still hitting with explosives in baghdad and elsewhere. france is already part of the western coalition, but just recently the french president said that france was ready to
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add its own strikes across the border in syria. how would that help? asim he was very: specific about that and said that targets would be very well-defined. and will choose targets, probably french targets. as the british did, they chose targets who were -- you might have constituted a danger for the countries themselves, for terrorist attacks here. ist you should not forget what the intelligence committee said a few days ago. the losses of the islamic state were accelerated. we were talking about 10,000 fighters dead. and now it is mostly 1500. and on the ground, advances were exaggerated. this is a big issue today in the states, because the reports were not accurate. they did not stick to reality. we know from experience that
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strikes from the air never stopped a jihadi group, or any group. we saw in afghanistan, iraq, yemen, somalia. boots on the ground are needed if an outcome is to be seen in the upcoming months. but when the united states was in iraq, they lost battles many times and have many casualties and there was much destruction. it was four months of strikes [indiscernible] the french that they would be very size -- very precise. real more military effort regarding the french strikes in syria. genie: thank you for that. alexisgreece, where
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sippers -- tsipras said he will not form a coalition government with conservative rivals if he wins sunday's general election. in a televised debate, he vowed to form a progressive coalition that would not include the center-right new democracy party. pull suggest neither party will score an outright victory. here is more from the two candidates. to see younever want become prime minister again. you are the prime minister that is leaving, that brought catastrophe to the country. we never had so many ills in such a short time. isthe decision that sunday simple, do we want to greece for the few or the many? do we want to greece that will not give vision or prospect, or a grace that will give possibility to everyone -- a greece that will give
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possibility to everyone? it is in your hands. some wanted to make our effort a brief interlude. we cannot let that happen. let's come back to france, where today, pharmacies will start selling 30 euro hiv tests. people can take them at home. alexander has the details. until now, to get an hiv diagnosis you had to go to a hospital or dedicated clinic. this tuesday in france, you can pop to a pharmacy. for around 28 euros, self to -- the self test kits are available without a prescription and you can you do it -- you can even do easily at home. >> i take the quicker and i put it on my finger. i take a drop of blood and then i just have to fire the test inside the little dozer. >> when you are infected with the hiv virus, your body produces anti-bodies edited
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these that will be detected three months on worst by the self test of age -- three months onward by the self test of hiv. it is important to wait three months after the last time a risk was taken. >> the results are available in just 30 minutes. one line indicates negative and two lines are positive. advice is given in the kids. employees have had to give special stringing to sell this -- have had to get special training to be sell this product. >> will last the person to come with us and go and talk somewhere where there is no one to hear us, so we can talk freely about everything, especially prevention, the tesla how it works. we discussed everything. -- the test and how it works. we discussed everything. you find out you are hiv positive sooner you are treated in your better chance.
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if the treatment works, you no longer pass on the virus and that has an effect on the epidemic. when they know their hiv status, they adapt their behavior to other risk. alexander: someone hundred 50,000 people are hiv-positive in france, but it is estimated that one in five do not know 100 50,000t -- some people are hiv-positive in france, but it is estimated that one in five do not know they have it. fast laws thatas allows them to expel anyone who crosses illegally in the country even though fleeing war zones are not exempt. many eastern european nations are still against the quota system to take in the migrants. and french president francois strikes said french air islamic state group in syria are necessary.
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it will be discussed later today in the french parliament. time now for the day's business news with stephen carroll. you will start with the frankfurt motor show where things are looking up for the european car market. stephen: a bit of good news for european car market -- car manufacturers figures show that figures -- that sales rose by 11.5%. decisions are up by almost 9%. -- new registrations are up by almost 9%. this is open to offset fears over a slowdown in chinese sales. we spoke to paul wilcox. he told us from the frankfurt motor show what his view of the european car record is. paul: the market is very strong. western europe has seen a good recovery.
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it is being led by market with strong recovery in southern europe. stephen: is europe the area we ford be looking at carmakers, whereas in the past we had looked at china and emerging economies? if you're going to be the driver for growth for you? -- is europe going to be the driver for growth for you? paul: we have to be very cautious, but we should also understand the market declines of the last few years. seen pictures of volume growth outside the market conditions. we expect continued recovery and we do not expect a boom. certainly in western europe, we anticipate growth. declined, more than
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30% in the russian market. stephen: that is paul wilcox there from nissan. a mixed picture in trading across the european markets. but paris andn, frankfurt sings in gains. -- seeing some gains. bmw chrysler up over 2%. genie: let's get to brazil, where the government has announced some tougher austerity measures. stephen: tax cuts and tax increases work around 15 billion euros. -- worth around 15 billion euros. it comes after brazil's credit rating was downgraded to junk by standard & poor's last week. the country is facing its worst
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recession in 80 years. mark has more. mark: desperate times, desperate measures. facing a huge budget shortfall economy, the government has a new plan to kickstart the struggling economy. >> is a budget that requires everyone to make a big effort. it requires significant effort on behalf of the government. those efforts include $6 billion worth of spending cuts and $9 billion worth of tax increases. it will include infrastructure investment in agricultural subsidies. there's a call for the tax on transactions revised. much of it is due to the
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slowdown in the chinese economy. it has become obvious to all, the need for such an effort commanded the coming months i think we will have two or three months to convert these measures to reality. economy and the government are also being rated down by a corruption scandal. police have identified $3.7 billion worth of suspicious payments relating to a petrol company. many arrested either belong to the president's own workers party or are considered allies. genie: back here in france, ruling on the car service over. it is one of the services offered by over -- uber, where the individuals use their own car. the company suspended the service back in july awaiting a
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court decision. but they continue to operate other uber services in france. the ruling from the constitutional court will not come until next week. genie: we will report that estimates we get it. stephen carroll, thank you very much for the business news. it is time for the press review. ♪ flow is here to take a look at the day's papers. the former prime minister tony abbott was replaced in after i of by his longtime rival malcolm turnbull. of: that is right, lots happy photos of mark -- malcolm turnbull. rupert doesn't like the fact that no comfortable turned his back on tony abbott.
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you can see your "the smiling assassin" and saying that he knifed him in the back. others have called it a coup. neutral,e a bit more but at the very top you can see "turncoatyou can see turnbull." he had a couple of flaws, the herald sun said that they largely supported his decisions. genie: many are not happy to see abbott go. -- genie: manyht are happy to see abbott go. flo: that's right. theas completely polarized country. they say malcolm turnbull is the best offer that the country has currently, but he asked to provide the country with a vision. genie: the migrant crisis continues to dominate the press
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and several european countries have reinstated temporary border checks. flo: that is right, a belgian paper says that europe is closing in on itself. interestingly, the french papers shenzhene big theme is . the whole point of the schengen of goodshe freedom through the schengen zone. that is certain to show limits. the migrant crisis has shattered the schengen zone. this is a system that needs to be rethought. probe european paper -- pro-european paper says it is important to save the schengen zone. saying after all, it is a fundamental part of the european project. there will be emergency measures to restrict freedom of movement,
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but saying that these should be emergency members -- emergency measures, temporary. the european union is coming under fire for failing to come up with a common policy. flo: that is right. there is a cartoon would out today that sums up the situation. you can see a european technocrat coming out of the meeting and addressing this wave of migrants saying, can you just give us a second question mark we are trying to hold a meeting to figure out what to do. also, this is a saudi paper. the european union is being completely torn apart by -- at the seams. it seems this migrant crisis has brought to light the major decisions -- major divisions. it is interesting to see the european union trying to act in a unified way. a lot of the -- a lot of businesses are stepping in. an article in the wall street journal talks about the growth of the refugee industry.
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you can see it on the front page of just under this article. it talks about the growth of the refugee incorporated, and says these businesses whether they are small shops or private equities are finding a way to actually profit from the migrant flood.
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