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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 18, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to the france 24 newsroom, i and molly hall. burkina faso's coup leaders release the interim president and ministers from custody political upheaval following the coup d'etat. croatia says it will not become emigration hotspot. the country closes most borders with serbia in a bid to stem the flow of migrants. the rugby world cup starts today with england facing off against fiji.
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kick off hours away, 20 teams in it for the top 5. we begin with the political turmoil in burkina faso. the country hit a coup d'etat this week. security forces patrolling the streets to put down any protests. 3 people have died. the country's borders has been ordered shot in a nighttime curfew imposed. for more, let's cross to arno fortunate on the ground. what can you tell us on the , the president and interim prime minister were taken into custody. >> i can tell you that early this morning, a military
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spokesman of the presidential guard made a new statement on national television. he announced that national council for democracy, as they call themselves, has released the ministers and a source of the former president told us that michel kafando was not totally free, he was under house arrest. we are trying to confirm the information. one more thing in the statement by the military, no mention of former prime minister isaac zida . still unclear at this time whether he's been free or not. let me remind you he has a former comrade in arms of the presidential guard. unity also to unity, wanted to dismantle him when he became prime minister. molly: you've been on the streets. can you tell us what the situation is on the ground? >> now it is quiet.
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it is much more quiet than yesterday morning. not much gunshots anymore. people are trying to get back to work. we are heading to the airport and waiting for president macky sall from senegal and boni yayi n, they are expected to meet with the new acting president. they will work with the intense diplomatic pressure put on the military. the presidential guard said this morning and a statement that they were open to this mediation. we will see this afternoon how it goes. molly: thank you for that. reporting from ouagadougou. in thee, we are joined newsroom people we just heard that for the moment things are quiet on the ground. he told us a bit more about the as well assident,
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the interim prime minister. we are seeing perhaps different treatments of the two politicians, why? >> different men. they have a different militaryhip to leadership in burkina faso. the interim president was released and our sources tell us he's under house arrest. diplomat, not much of a threat to the junta. he does not command any kind of following, especially within military circles. not much of a threat and that explains why he is released quickly even though, a slight addendum, when we save released, we mean under house arrest. he is not for the moment free to make statements and jump into the political fray. a very different scenario with isaac zida, who was the interim prime minister and it was also number two of the presidential guard. the most feared it military group in the country. hewas one of theirs until
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essentially turned on them and approved a plan to dismantle the presidential guard. you understand why the presidential guard, who has a bone to pick with isaac zida. that is why we are not seeing anything about him. it is going to be a different scenario. it is important when you are carrying out a military coup, from the point of view of the junta, make sure they do not have any dissident groups that might want to bring the fight to them and engage in combat. you want to make sure if you have a high-profile military figure, which is the case with isaac zida, isolate him -- from a purely operational plans you. -- operational point of view. molly: it comes a year after president blaise compaore was ousted during a popular uprising. in months since, we've seen steps towards a democratic transition. that has gone up in smoke this week. how did things go poorly?
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>> right now, the process of transitioning from military rule to civilian has broken down. it may get back on track. we will see how that unfolds, especially with mediation. why did the political transition breakdown? i would say it is a lot due to a lack of political savvy, political know-how on the part of the transition body. the group of politicians that was tasked with handing power from the military rulers to civilian politicians. i think they missed the fact that even with blaise compaore gone, ousted from power, his command structure and his political allegiances, the people who had been his political companions, were still there. if you alienate them, as the transition body tried to do by barring them from running in the
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elections, you are selling the seedsfor -- sowing the for strong discontent. you can only do that with military backing, which they did not have, they threatened the presidential guard. they may powerful enemies and those two things combined really created the conditions for the coup d'etat. molly: we've heard from general gilbert diendere, as of now, the man at the helm. bes saying elections will held soon. we have leaders from senegal and benin arriving soon. what can we expect from the negotiations? >> it is going to be interesting to listen to what he has to say over the next 24-48 hours. that will set the tone for the transition. is adamant that he did not carry out the coup d'etat to hold power himself, he just wanted to stabilize burkina faso. whether we can believe him, we will find out over the next 24
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hours. if he does not want to hang onto power, the mediation can be certainly, the regional countries and the international community can put some pressure on burkina faso, they can cut funds and suspend him from regional bodies. provided he's not bent on keeping power, that might persuade him to step back into a purely military role. if, on the other hand, he has made up his mind that he no longer ones to be burkina faso's number two, as he was for 27 years under blaise compaore, and he wants to be in charge and is willing to hang onto power by force, is going to be difficult for regional leaders to bring pressure to bear. unless they are willing to put boots on the ground and that is unlikely. molly: thank you for that. the analysis of the situation out of burkina faso. we appreciate it croatia says it will not accept to be growing migrant bird and
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any longer. the country has seen over 13,000 enter it borders since wednesday. the prime minister, speaking today, says that croatia's capacities are full and that authorities can no longer register people in accordance with new rules. he added that the country will let people pass through but suggested it would transfer them to borders. for more, france 24's gulliver k on the in tovarni border between croatia and serbia. describe the situation where you are. gulliver: tovarnik is the border town where yesterday there was a tense situation. more than 5000 migrants were blocked here. today, the croatian authorities are trying to evacuate them. you see the behind me, people have been waiting for hours for buses taking them to
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read-- to refugee centers. although croatia has closed its official border crossings, all but one, most of the migrants were not crossing by this point anyway because they do not have necessary documents. they are crossing via fields. the new policy makes it somewhat harder for them to get in but it has not stopped the flow entirely. the migrants i have spoken to, some are not clear where they are being taken in the buses. it seems that most of the buses are going to a refugee center near the croatian capital of zagreb. croatia has said it will not hold people they are, they are free to move on. the government hopes they will . imagestell us, as we see of people trying to make their through, what do local residents gulliver: say about this? onliver: here in tovarnik
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some buildings you can still see bullet marks from croatia's war with serbia in the early 1990's. people remember war and have a lot of simply with people fleeing the war zones. people coming from iraq, syria and other places. there's a sympathy and villagers have been coming out and getting water and so on. both the migrants and local people are very much of the opinion that this is not the place for them to stay. this is not an economically prosperous region, there will not be jobs for them here. there's a lot of sympathy but there is simply because the croatians sympathize with the migrants' desire to move on. molly: thank you, gulliver cragg reporting from tovarnik, between croatia and serbia. the french president has called for the eu to work with turkey p francois hollande says more needs to be done to keep syrian refugees from leaving turkish camps. the president was speaking from
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italy ahead of an emergency eu summit on the migration crisis scheduled for next week. president hollande: we need to ensure those who are in turkey can stay there. can find work there. and be able to stay there until they can return back to syria. we must help the countries where there are refugee camps. they need support. if the refugees leave the camps, we will have to deal with immigration situation that cannot be controlled. molly: sports news, the wait is almost over for rugby fans as the 20 15th world cup kicks off at this evening. the warm-up has got underway in a launch party in london. the british prime minister and prince harry hoping for a repeat of england's 2003 triumph.
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the opening match will be held rugby.home of english intimidating setting for fiji, they battle the host this evening. oliver has more on the matches and the tournament. england gets ready to host what is expected to be the biggest rugby world cup yet. 44 days to battle for the william webb ellis cup come of the biggest prize in rugby. the world cup is the sport's most lucrative event. more than 2.2 million tickets have been sold, turning a record profit of 193 million euros. the world cup is the globalization of the game. >> it will be the most viewed rugby world cup with 103 broadcaster licensees in 205 territories carrying 23,000 hours to 772 million households worldwide. >> the biggest stars are the
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holders, the all blacks, favorites along with australia and south africa. the tween them, they have won 6 of the 7 world cup today. the other favorite are england, to open against fiji in twickenham friday night. as for france, they play their first game against italy saturday before facing romania, canada and ireland. france will be hoping to win so as to most likely face argentina instead of the all blacks in the quarterfinals. a few expect france to go all the way this year. molly: let's get a check of the headlines. burkina faso's coup leaders put the interim president under house arrest. regional leaders are heading to the country for mediation talks. croatia says it will not become a migration hotspot. the country closes most borders with serbia in a bid to stem the flow of people. time for business.
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we will start out with a look at the markets. we are seeing the markets around the world being driven by the announcement by the federal reserve thursday that the central bank would be keeping interest rates near record lows, between 0 and .25%. the central bank pointing to weakness in the u.s. recovery and concerns about the global economy. in particular, a slowdown in china. the outlook has seen the dax and cac plunge 2% in europe. ftse down midway through the session. the athens stock exchange, oh, that is the asian markets. down..weighed european markets really has been suffering. the athens stock exchange being down ahead of sunday's
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vote, the third election this year. janet yellen did leave the door open for another rate hike this year. the fedlysts now think is unlikely to act until 2016. an analyst gave us his take on what lies ahead. in december. hike even then, it is much less of a possibility than it was. we are looking at maybe even the first quarter of 2016 for the fed to think about raising rates in earnest. the problem for the stock market is the fed has nothing positive to offer. with other central banks not really likely to increase their own qe programs it, the normal path looks to be to the downside as people scaled-back expectations for economic growth. >> other business headlines, general motors says they will pay $900 million to settle a criminal investigation as to why it did not act earlier to recall cars that had faulty ignition switches. the defect tied to 124 deaths.
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biggest cara's manufacturer had admitted employees were aware of the problem nearly a decade before it started to recall 2.5 million vehicles last year. bitcoin has been officially deemed a commodity in the u.s. wheat, the virtual currency will be subject to oversight by regulators. the commodity futures trading commission brought its first case against the bitcoin trading platform thursday. authorities say the site will have to be registered and subject to market loss. alibaba will not find much to celebrate as it marks one year since going public. shares in the e-commerce giant have fallen 28% since last september. wall street's biggest stock listing effort. alibaba has spent $6 billion on acquisitions but lost close to $140 from market value. international motor show
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underway in frankfurt this week. electric the drills took center stage -- electric vehicles took center stage with many high end models. hum of the silent electric car at the auto show. hybrids along with electric autos have taken center stage as manufacturers work to reduce co2 emissions to meet government regulations. the next weeks and to the end of the year we will deal with the question, what are appropriate incentives to get electric cars on the road? >> high-end manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon. audi unveiled its first 100% electric suv. the volkswagen group announced plans to roll out over a dozen new models. decade,e the end of the we will bring 20 electric and
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hybrid cars to market. from small cars to the audi a8. arere cities and bmw too expanding their presence, taking on american electric carmaker tesla. >> having the most respected names in the german automobile and history come out and say electric is the way forward is going to make a public commitment to electric vehicles. it is a huge win. electric is the way forward. >> tesla is leading the way. the market share for electric cars for the first half of 2015 barely reached 1% in the u.s. and in france, tax incentives are hoping to change that. sales are struggling to take off and the return of cheap oil has not helped. >> anyone with a lot of cash could head to seven these in geneva -- to sotheby's in geneva, a blue diamond will be
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offered. the blue men diamond will be sold in november. the gem valued at around $35 million, the most expected diamond of that color. sotheby's believes it could break a world record price for any diamond, which is currently $46.2 million. the price could depend on the currency exchange rates on the dale of the sale, november 11. it would make a good necklace. excellent. a look at the business news. time for our press review. ♪ florence joins me for a look at what is making headlines in the world of the written press. we are looking at reactions still going on from wednesday night's republican debate. flo: analysts say it could
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reshuffle the candidate polling order here it until now, donald trump has been quite comfortable in the lead. on wednesday, he was attacked by all angles. there is a cartoon in the british "independent," you can see him cornered by other republican hopefuls. trump continuing to fight back. "the washington post" says essentially the other candidates played tag team against what they call "the bully." hopefuls have changed their tone and now think it is safe to take on the billionaire. you can see the question, is this the beginning of the end of donald trump? molly: we also have analysts saying that trump lost in the room but one candidate came out on top. flo: that is carly fiorina, the only female candidate for the republican nomination. you see the wall street journal editorial, they say carly trum ped donald, a play on words.
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she stood out, according to the wall street journal she demonstrated a grasp of foreign policy and showed she has presidential potential. very interesting analysis in a book with the new york times," even if she does not when -- very interesting analysis in "the new york times," even if she does not win the nomination, she's filling a role the party needs, the gender gap. "the new york times" says she offers a pathway to women. molly: japan, there is much coverage of a controversial legislation considering troops. cartoons.led out two first of all and the japanese press, the japan times shows that the new legislation pretty much in dangers japan's peace constitution. in the see the dove bottom right-hand corner, it is an endangered species like whales, eels, etc.
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better memory of japan's world war ii aggression. another cartoon in the china daily where you can see them critical of the japanese prime minister shinzo abe and all the antiwar protests in japan. molly: in france we have the former president nicholas sarkozy taking a look on his failed bid for reelection. flo: he lost to francois hollande in 2012. let's look at the front page. he says, i learned a lot from that defeat. the newspaper organized a meet and greet between sarkozy and several readers. he's not usually one for admitting that he made mistakes but let's take a look. he says, i have some regrets about his presidency. lots of things i would do differently, political decisions, on the economy and intervening in libya.
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the main thing he says is the way he acts. i used to be a bulldozer, that is a direct quote from the interview. i was so sure of myself, i regret that. today i like to take my time. this is what he said, have you m?en how calm i a nicholas sarkozy says he has changed a lot. he told those readers it is a burning passion and i cannot rein it in. molly: let's stay here in france. certainly fans are drawing their eyes to the french a poorall team, they had showing in the european basketball championship. flo: let's take a look at the front page of the sports daily. one word, cruel. tony parker looking stunned here. france lost to their arch rivals in basketball, spain.
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this was the game taking place in lilles, a game france was supposed to win. front oftook place in 27 thousand supporters. that is a record for european basketball. lots of disappointment about the french showing there. let's take another look. it is a little bit smaller today. this is the first time the magazine has changed its format. going for a tabloid style. it is the last paper in france that held out with the big format until today. it lasted 70 years. quite a change. if france had a poor showing in basketball, maybe it will do better in red the? -- in rugby. the rugby world cup kicks off in england. can france win? perhaps they have a chance this year. they take on italy saturday. best of luck. molly: for more, log onto our website, www.franc
5:56 am thank you very much. that is it for us. we will take a quick break and
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>> we all know who chris hedges is, that's why you're here. big draw. i just want to say a few things . i worked at the "l.a. times" for 30 years and -- so i know something about mainstream journalism. and i have a particular respect for chris hedges coming out of that environment, trying to work in these institutions, trying to maintain your integrity and up against everything from insufficientrable arrogance, bureaucracy, and timidity. and tunism. and it's really sort of been interesting to switch rules -- roles and be the editor of


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