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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 21, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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to unrest in west africa according to the associated rest news agency. greek tsipras sworn in as prime minister for the second time this year. the syriza party won a convincing victory yesterday and will now form a government with the nationalist. and the second day in cuba for the pope -- tens of thousands of people braved soaring
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temperatures to hear francis perform mass. the tour will soon take him to the united states. we begin this hour in burkina faso -- reports further bloodshed has been avoided. the associated press news agency is reporting the general who overthrew the government last week has apologized to the nation and promised to hand power back to the civilian government. this comes after soldiers in the regular army marched on the capital and the french president warned the general to hand back power or else face the consequences. let's go to the capital, ouagadougou.
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our correspondent is there. has the coup ended? reporter: not yet. we have the leader of the former and hasonal authority blamed the leadership with what is going on with the military operation here. he says ouagadougou is surrounded by military men from the regular army and hope the president will surrender without trying to fight. the claim is about the leadership of the resistance, that it is too uncertain. what i can tell you is that in ouagadougou, there's no gunfire this afternoon. but wetill very quiet,
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know for a fact that the soldiers from the regular army are surrounding ouagadougou and the authorities also told us they were ready for a potential attack. anchor: this apology from the general reportedly came from a statement to journalists. how credible is that statement? from the beginning of this crisis, he has been buying time, so we have to be very careful about that. he did not give any specifics, so he might just be buying time once more. this situation could lead to civil war, so we have to be very careful about that.
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theand fights between presidential guard could still happen tonight. we still have regional mediators led by the senegalese president. they are in the capital trying to negotiate a diesel and to this. they are arguing for amnesty for those behind the coup. fromter: we are far aviation. , sopresident left yesterday i don't think it will have any influence on what is going on here. people think the matter will be settled between the two factions of the army prepared to fight.
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although i have to mention that talks are still going on. we are still waiting for the next step. situation on the streets and unconfirmed reports the general behind the cu has apologized -- behind the coup has apologized. after a convincing victory, alexis tsipras has been sworn in as the greek premise of for the second time. his left-wing syriza party be conservatives to take a was half the seats in parliament. the party fell short of winning an overall majority and today, tsipras worked to form a coalition government. let's get the latest from our correspondent in athens. strong and a but he has a lot of work ahead, not least implementing deeply
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unpopular economic reforms in return for more bailout funds. reporter: that is exactly what he said in his victory speech, cautioning greeks that a lot of hard work lies ahead, but the struggle continues for him, as he said. restore the lost dignity of greece, but the big question is for how long will he remain popular, as he will have to implement across the board tax hikes and cuts that have not really been felt by the greek population yet. wonder if hisrts government will be able to survive the painful austerity measures. tough talks ahead, especially with the budget, which should be in the coming months. anchor: in a worrying
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development, the neo-nazi golden dawn party made strong gains in this round of voting. therter: it is steadily third strongest political force that still surprises many analysts. more than 7% of the vote. considering the golden dawn is the only anti-bailout party that remains and that is why it has honored sir much support -- why it has garnered so much support. of power,a movement as the spokesman told a local tv station and it is no longer a protest movement. we are seeing a shift in golden dawn as it tries to present itself as more serious. the leader of the same party
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pre-much admitted to killing a hip-hop artist two years ago. it really remains a big thorn in the greek political landscape, how this neofascist party has managed to retain so much popularity. anchor: thank you very much. among the most dressing issues for the new greek government is -- how to cope with the swelling numbers of migrants and refugees who arrive by vote -- by vote and travel across greece to western europe. hungary, croatia, and serbia have seen tens of thousands of people across their territory in recent weeks. today, hungarian lawmakers granted sweeping power to the army to keep the migrants out. the prime minister's warning that europe is being overrun. day after day, they arrive in their thousands --
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migrants and refugees from the middle east, africa, and asia, with their eyes set on western europe. in an attempt to restore order, croatia set up a migrant reception center on its eastern border with serbia. those being kept their say they are not inc. told what is going on and that there isn't enough space. >> we have waited for 12 hours on the border. difficult was very because it was hungry and cold. peopler: nearly 30,000 have crossed into croatia from serbia in the past week. many of those have been packed onto buses and sent north to hungry. croatia's neighbor has barred migrants from entering the country the a serbia. it's now rushing to finish a new fence along the croatian border. hungaryat make it into are being moved on again, this time to austria. some 25,000 migrants and
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refugees arrived in the country over the weekend. but for many, the final hurdle to get into germany is proving difficult. >> we are getting stuck there at the border. reporter: only a fraction of those who do make it to the border are being processed and registered by german authorities. even then, for some, there long journey is far from over. >> i actually want to go to norway. >> why norway? >> it's a beautiful land that i want to complete my study. i am a civil engineer. reporter: germany wants the eu to agree to take in a set number of refugees and is calling for them to be more evenly distributed. up to a million people are expected to apply for asylum by the end of the year. anchor: the pope is in cuba for
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a second day after his meeting with it all castro. francis spent the day in the country's third-largest city and celebrated mass in sweltering temperatures with tens of thousands of people. for the is in cuba first time since he brokered a deal with the united states bringing an end to decades of hostility. out toe will fly washington, d.c. us and thank you for being with us. how strong is the catholic community in cuba and how important has this visit by the pope been for them? guest: in answer to how strongly catholic community is, it is about 60% of the population. mass attendance is lower but that's after decades of control
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by the state and culture and communications by the eston sibley then atheist regime in havana. atheist regime in havana. all of the cultural institutions in havana, the church has long provided a soap -- a social safety net because of the mismanagement of the cuban economy. the visit by the pope is very significant, not just for cuban catholics looking to him toward the future of a new cuba, but i think for the castro regime which is very much welcoming being welcomed back into the family of nations as a result of the deal pope francis was successful in brokering. anchor: there has been a political element to this visit. talk us through vatican diplomacy. we have two remember that the vatican is a country in itself with diplomatic dealings with 170 other nations around the world.
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the vatican diplomatic corps is the oldest in existence anywhere on the planet. the pope came into office ring able to rely on a long tradition of vatican diplomacy. the vatican is seen as a kind of honest broker. that it can diplomacy starts with the dignity of the human person which means pope francis is able to enter into negotiations as a good-faith negotiator which is often except will to both parties because they realize the vatican doesn't have anything to gain politically. francis involved himself in the discussions between the u.s. and cuba as a result of his desire to secure the release of political prisoners. that letter was sent to roll castro and barack obama. francis preyed on it for three months and sent out two of his key diplomats. one was the secretary of state, a seasoned diplomat with lots of experience in south america, and
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the other was the archbishop of havana who has been a staunch critic of the cuba regime. between those two, francis had reliable diplomats and they were ine to broker negotiations, many cases, in the vatican in secret between the united states and cuba. leave cuba for washington on tuesday. what message will he be taking to the united states? guest: it will be a similar message that he brought to the cuban people. he have to move forward into the future with hope and also faith. pope francis with asking cuba a basic question, the same one he asked on the environment -- what kind of future do you want to leave to your children and grandchildren? it's the same question he will be asking the united states. in cuba, he was asking if you want to choose hope or ideology?
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in the united states, he's going to ask if you want a future of hope or a throwaway culture? his messages you cannot serve two masters. money or faith and hope in the future. it is a fundamental question and one that i think will be controversial when he gets here. anchor: russia and israel are to work together to avoid accidental military clashes in syria. the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, but the russian leader, vladimir putin and russia's today -- in russia today. they worked at a mechanism to avoid accidental border clashes around the golan heights. this comes as moscow boosts its military presence in syria to defend president bashar al-assad. >> all regions have been responsible and we are aware
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there has been shelling of israeli territory and we condemn this. as far as i understand, who made rocket launchers are being used to this. at least 30 people have been killed in the latest airstrikes in yemen. saudi arabia and its allies have been bombing shiite houthi rebels. hundreds of civilians have been killed in the effort to drive them back. the united nations says yemen is on the verge of collapse. reporter: preparing for an advance east of the rebel held capital, some 5000 troops gather to oust the houthis and take back sanaa. the saudi led coalition are more determined than ever after suffering its worst casualties since march. a year ago to the day, the capital of yemen fell to the houthi rebels who have been
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calling for a change in the regime for over a decade. they seized the government and military headquarters and the state television building. a u.n. brokered deal between the houthis and the government collapse after the rebels refuse to see the territory they had taken. after months of political wrangling and conflict, event took a dramatic turn in january, 2015. vitiate writers seized control of the president's pallets and placed him under arrest. later, the president fled to the country's south, calling on yemen's ally, saudi arabia, for assistance. but the iranian-backed houthis advanced. many see the conflict as part of a larger regional power struggle between shia-ruled iran and
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sunni-ruled saudi arabia. saudi arabia responded by forming a coalition with its allies. in march 2015, they launched a military campaign on houthi targets. 4500 yemenis have been killed. cut off from the outside world, the country that imports most of its food is on the brink of starvation. let's bring you a quick reminder of our top stories this hour -- the generals behind -- the general behind a cu -- oup in burkina faso has apologized. army soldiers are massing on the capital, vowing to force the leaders to step aside. france says it has suspended all aid and cooperation until the situation is resolved.
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latest on the situation in burkina faso. let's get some business news, starting off with carmakers. the maker of the world best selling cars come up. i can is in trouble with u.s. regulators. guest: this came out today -- volkswagen admitted to cheating on tests for carbon emissions on up to half a million of its diesel cars in the united states. ceo has since apologized and announced an inventory into how the software was programmed. the u.s. department of justice said it would probe other carmakers to see if it's these all cars are accurate. germany has launched an inquiry to find out if full swag and has falsified reports in europe. it was full swag and's biggest one-day drop. 20%, a 15 billion euro hit for the company.
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they warned europe's biggest carmaker could be fined up to 16 billion euros and that could only be the tip of the iceberg. they will investigate whether the data falsification scheme to place in europe also. >> automobile companies must work closely with u.s. authorities to clear this up. we expect the car companies to pass on reliable information so the german federal motor transport authority can investigate whether similar manipulations to place with the omissions systems in germany and europe. revelations the german company used fraudulent software to circumvent clean-air rules in the u.s. rep it over the weekend. over the weekend. books like and marketed its diesel power vehicles as being better for the environment but the companies as it was cheating on emissions tests in the scandal has damaged the
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company's image and could reflect badly on germans -- on german industry as a whole. >> made in germany is a sign of quality worldwide. that is why it is so important this incident be cleared up quickly. i don't think it will damage german industry permanently. from colossale fines and shared evaluation, volkswagen may have to contend with a massive drop in sales as well as potential class-action suits. the revelation having an effect on both slag and shares which closed down 17%. fear the auto industry could take a hit as carmakers shop -- saw their shares drop. back gains in the european indices. london, paris and frankfurt finished in the green but the gains were dampened by the auto industry. stocks in the u.s. are up, making up ground after friday's massive selloff.
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areth care and biotech dragging back the index currently. stocks are trading in the green, but below 1%. otherow for a look at headlines, including another big fall are on the stock market -- the company has no plans to bid for rsa. they said they were considering buying their reddish counterpart and revealed its general insurance is this was sent to lose 200 million euros after takeovers, the talks were called off. u.s.'s internal revenue service has hit coca-cola with a big bill in backs that -- in back taxes. the irs says the company may have had higher income than it reported. coca-cola said that assessment was without eric and lands to challenge the findings. ,n a big vote later in the u.s.
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shareholders of charter communications and time warner cable will decide on their proposed $56 billion merger. it would create the countries second-largest broadband internet writer and third-largest video provider. the fcc has recently started its six-month timetable to review the deal. is hoping to build economic ties with iran. a business delegation of 150 people, including many top french firms are visiting the country. cutting the ribbon to celebrate the return of french businesses on iranian soil. >> we are here to expect -- to express france plus support to all companies who want to invest in iran. we want to build on our existing relationship, but also promote, innovate and develop. reporter: france and iran are
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longtime partners. profited trade has dropped in recent years. due todecline largely international sanctions that have forced french companies out of the country. with sanctions to be lifted, france host to reassert itself as a player in his popular market. massive energy reserves, but the country will need to invest heavily in transportation, food and health sectors in the coming years. >> made in france is a well-known ran with a good reputation, but we need to stay competitive with made in germany, made in italy, or any other country. the next challenge for these companies is to find investors of a country that remains short on cash. they will also need the support of iranian authorities who control large shares of the economy. guest: good news if you travel
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in europe -- internet access on airplanes is set to take off. lufthansa will add in-flight internet from the middle of 2016. the german airline reached a deal meaning passengers will be able to connect on their lap tops, tablets and use mobile phones to send text messages. enough or not fancy you, you can buy yourself the world against yachts. get a look at this -- 140 meters law with mast 90 meters high. it took three years to build, cost 360 million euros, has eight floors, an underwater observation room. unconfirmed reports they the owner is a russian billionaire. 8.3 billion euro fortune in fertilizers. the project was named the white girl -- white pearl.
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heads? any idea, the guest: they say it can carry 24 guests and the crew of 55 people. about 80ññ
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