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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 24, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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were not following the correct procedures. the more work to be done on european migrant crisis. angela merkel says that decisions made during a tuesday summit are just the first step in handling the huge influx of people from the middle east and africa. inequality,a to end
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injustice, and the fear of emigration, francis has become addresst pope to lawmakers directly before he continues to new york city later tonight. ♪ anchor: we begin with the worst tragedy to hit the annual pilgrimage to mecca in nearly a quarter century. more than 700 people were killed or day during a stampede at the climax of the muslim festival. over 800 injured. saudi authorities say that unruly programs are to blame, but iran supreme leader says saudi authorities are responsible. reporter: tragedy and grief on this holiest of days for muslims. hundreds of pilgrims were killed in a stampede as they gathered
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for the festival, the most important date on the islamic calendar. a large family just a few miles from mecca, mina is the site of -- where where firms firms reenact a symbolic drowning of the devil. woman on the trip from egypt said her husband was killed in the crash. >> we were coming back. on the way back, i met my husband on his way there. they were pushing each other. they asked people to the ground. i thought i was about to die. iranian: dozens of nationals were killed, prompting authorities to criticize the organization of the permits, saying the behavior of saudi arabia was a responsible. today's incident shows mismanagement and a serious lack of attention to the safety of pilgrims. there is no other explanation. saudi official should be held
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accountable. reporter: in previous years, similar stampedes have caused hundreds of casualties. the nearly annual pilgrimage represents a significantly just a challenge to saudi arabia. the crown prince has ordered an investigation. >> it was a stampede caused by overcrowding and some of the programs not following security and movement instructions. however, this is god's will. the stampede comes to weeks after a crane collapsed at mecca's grand mosque, killing 109. this latest accident is the largest since 1990, when 1400 people perished due to overcrowding in a pedestrian tunnel. german chancellor angela merkel has warned there is a lot of work to do on europe's migrant crisis. the e.u. has wrapped up a testy today conference in which they
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agreed to share 150,000 refugees already in europe. they also pledged millions in aid to help refugees close to syria. step, but wefirst are still far from where we need to be. what we need is the effective repatriation of those people were not entitled to protection and the european union. this also includes the support of certain countries of origin and transit, the accommodation in support of refugees, the containment of the crime of human trafficking, and the fight against the causes of people's need to flee. that can only happen with the support of our transatlantic partners, the united states, as well as russia and the states of the middle east. there are over 4 million syrian refugees in the middle east, most living in camps in turkey and jordan, but lebanon
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is also posting over a million people. the human estimates one in four people -- the united nations estimates that one in four people in lebanon are refugees, with jobs scarce. we have more. .eporter: making it to europe increasing numbers of syrian refugees are leaving behind harsh conditions in turkey, jordan, and lebanon. over a billion syrians are registered as refugees in lebanon, but many say life is tough and jobs are hard to come by. work do not have access to , so they rely on aid. there are no refugees camps because the lebanese government refuses these camps. some include the concerns that building camps, you are acknowledging the potential permanence of refugees. reporter: it is a situation that
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has only gotten worse as many international agencies have been forced to drastically cut aid due to budget shortfalls, forcing many refugees to set their sights on europe as they seek better living conditions. there are stories about something close to a thousand people per day who have left the country. many of them are living by boat from tripoli to go to turkey, and from turkey they take a land route to greece and onto the balkans. reporter: to try to prevent the exodus, european union leaders eurosnnounced a billion of aid begin to the refugees through the united nations and the world food program. it is hoped that more help will entice the refugees to stay where they are and not come to europe. anchor: the pope called foran immigration and
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in and of economic inequality and injustice during his speech to the u.s. congress, the first addressedpe has ever the senate and house of representatives. he was applauded by both republicans and democratic lawmakers. there were supreme court justices there as well. oppositionso voiced to the death penalty, currently used by 31 states in america. mee francis: this has led from the beginning of my ministry to advocate a different level, the global abolition of the death penalty. [applause] : every human person with doubt -- is endowed
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humanity, and society can only benefit from the rehabilitation of those convicted of crime. anchor: to talk more about the pope's visit to the united states, i am joined by an associate professor in the department of the elegy at the university of st. thomas in minnesota. thank you for joining us. first, what did you make of the pope's speech, and what you make of the pope addressing lawmakers in the first place? >> it was a very interesting speech because we have had popes addressing parliament before, but they were addressing their own parliament. in italy, and pope benedict. it was unique, because it was a foreign leader. it was interesting because it
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was a political speech without being partisan. it are no soundbites that can be used easily by either party to make a point about their policies. it was very, very interesting, and i think that liberals are conservatives, but it's difficult to say that this pope made the case for one party. anchor: that's interesting because he is a jesuit, and he scorns the evils of modern capitalism, his priority is alleviating plight, but at the same time preaches the traditional family unit. would you say he belongs more to the democrats than the republicans, and is that in itself a problem? he may seem closer to the democrats, but mostly that is an impression that we have because in this last decade or so, our
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world has shifted radically towards a critical appreciation of capitalism, and also the catholic church has shifted to the right. pope francis is a real centrist. he looks leftist because the rest of the world shifted to the right hand in the last few years. classical said is the list of issues of the catholic church. what is new in him is a radical criticism of capitalism that has an slaved politics. he did not say that sentence, veryn the speech, it was clear that politics has become a slave of the economy and the financial system, something we never heard from a pope. anchor: he is about to head to
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one of the most socially liberal cities on earth, new york city. what can we expect from him there? guest: new york city is a mixed stage the international because of the speech to the united nations and it's an american catholic stage. it's also interesting because -- anchor: st. patrick's is the church in new york where he will be holding mass. guest: yeah, yeah. anchor: the irish catholic community. guest: exactly. four american catholics, it is a challenge to their identity of a church that has always been dominated by irish. it's interesting to know that new york has more than two of chips of irish of irish- bishops
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descent, even though the race all mall minority of american catholics now. -- even though it is a small majority. catholicism today is much bigger and more diverse than the irish leadership in the american catholic church. anchor: thank you very much indeed for talking to us. guest: thank you. anchor: the father of a young man facing execution in saudi arabia has appealed to the king to save his life. old when he took part in a protest calling for greater rights for the shiite community. he was arrested in 2012 and allegedly tortured into making a confession. france has called for the execution to be called off. the united states says it is extremely concerned about the situation. we have this report. reporter: the 21-year-old is set to be executed, most likely
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beheaded in public. the young saudi was arrested in 2012 when he was just 17. his crime, protesting for democracy and equal rights. activists say he was tortured and do not get a fair trial. they also believe he was convicted because he is the nephew of a prominent shiite cleric and critic of the regime. has sparked international outrage, with france among others: for his execution to be suspended. >> everything must be done to end capital punishment everywhere. including in saudi arabia. that is why i ask saudi arabia not to execute him. ngo's and others have taken to social networks to express their support for the young man. world'sabia has the third highest execution rate, after iran and china.
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in august, 130 people had been executed in saudi arabia, compared with 90 the year before. they decapitate more people than terrorist groups. we just don't talk about it. reporter: the figures did not stop saudi arabia from being named the head of the un's human rights council. returningfe is slowly after a roller coaster of a general seized power in a coup. the death toll could have been much higher without the action of regional leaders. there is a collective sigh of relief in the west african state. reporter: people are back in the streets in stores are open again. there is almost no trace of the week long coup that ended wednesday. muslims celebrating the seem relievedday
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the transition power is back in place. >> we have prayed for the victims, that their souls rest in peace. then that those who committed these crimes will face justice. we feel reassured and happy. the population came to pray and it was peaceful. that is all we want, peace. this week, we were concerned, scared, and uncertain of the future. people fired their weapons. but thankfully, it's over and we averted the worst. we thank god. reporter: now that the transition government has been thatred, people are hoping elections will be held soon as planned. some have protested in the capital against a number of clauses in the deal that brought down the coup leaders, including
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the possibility they could walk free and not be tried for their actions. there is also uncertainty on whether the presidential guard will now be dismantled. at least 10 people died during the insurgency. more than 100 were injured. anchor: after a 50 year insurgency, communist rebels in colombia have agreed to lay down their arms. militia wille farc disarm within 60 days of the agreement set to be signed in march next year. an historic can shake presidency colombian and the leader of fark. the negotiations were brokered by cuba. the sides have agreed to set up courts to investigate crimes committed during the 50-year-old conflict and pledge to have a final peace deal by march 20,
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2016. months, wely six will say a definitive and ultimate goodbye to the longest-running war in colombia. not just in colombia, but all the americas. wednesday's agreement, special tribunals will try fighters on both sides and award compensation to victims. war crimes and crimes against humanity will be tried separately. it had been a major hurdle in three years of negotiations. rc rebels had always said they would never go to jail and the government had always refused immunity. under the new agreement, former fighters will be encouraged to plead guilty in exchange for reduced sentences. the major challenge for the next six months is agreeing on how to 8000m the farc's guerrillas and end the fighting once and for all. anchor: the top stories --
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hundreds of people killed today in a stampede during the annual pilgrimage to mecca, the worst accident to hit in decades. saudi arabia has blamed the victim for not following procedures. much more work to do on europe's migrant crisis, angela merkel said that decisions made during the two-day summit are just a first step in handling the huge influx of people to the middle east and africa. end inequality, injustice, and the fear of immigration, pope francis becomes the first to address lawmakers directly. karlsson in markus the studio. we start with the ongoing fallout from the vw scandal. markus: the flag and is trying to get to grips with the crisis -- vw is trying to get to grips with the crisis and the scale of
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the scandal is growing. the german government has said missions ined a europe. the statement is the first official indication of wrongdoing on this side of the atlantic. the scandal broke last week in the united states. u.s. officials found vw had installed software and half a million cars to cheat emission tests. said 11 million cars are involved worldwide, but did not specify where these cars are. let's listen now to the german transport minister. >> we were informed that there are also vehicles with 1.6 liter and two liter diesel engines in europe affected by this. that is why we will continue to work intensely together with vw in order to determine what cars are involved.
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markus: attention is now turning friday.rd meeting at vw the german carmaker could name a new chief executive after martin orn bowed out thursday. there are also reports several senior executives will get sacked. our correspondent has more from berlin on how vw is trying to get to grips with the crisis. reporter: yesterday we saw resign, andrkorn ahead of the supervisory board said they will continue to investigate to get the bottom of the scandal to hold those responsible for developing the software. some names have been cropping up in the german media, speculation will --se top integers these top managers will be dismissed at the board meeting that will be held tomorrow. one is hackenberg, the head of research and development, appointed to audi, but held the
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same position at vw between 2007 and 2017, working closely with winterkorn. his successor is also expected to be dismissed mark, so also the head of engines and takingssions at porsche, response ability for the manipulative software. there is also talk that the u.s. head of vw could be cut tomorrow as volt swag and -- as vw tries to weed out those who are responsible. there are reports they have named a successor to winterkorn that will be announced tomorrow, but according to a business bring germany, it is likely to be miller, the well respected head of porsche who has been with the company for decades, heading porsche about four years.
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appointed,ted, if not yet confirmed, but whoever is appointed is expected to try to tackle the scandal had on moving forward and win back the lost trust in vw. markus: that was jessica from berlin. car making his germany's biggest export industry and there are fears the scandal could tarnish the image of german engineering. some are worried the damage may spread beyond germany. one analyst warned the scandal may sound the death knell for diesel engines, which may be a blow for the european car industry. claims of the lower emissions and higher efficiency once made diesel the fuel of the future. over the past two decades, european governments and car companies have touted diesel engines as a cleaner alternative to petrol, but the mood has started to shift.
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last year the mayor of paris announced plans to ban diesel engines in the french capital by 2020. in the aftermath of the vw scandal, somewhat more. >> i call on the french president to take responsibility, stop diesel in the next five years, and ban diesel and the whole country by 2025. reporter: tax incentives and diesel prices have kept your family depended on diesel cars. out of 10 million diesel vehicles sold globally last year, over 50% were about in europe will stop analyst warned that the vw scandal will hamper sales. >> this is definitely a setback for diesel cars. maybe europe will be ok because we have got used to them and we appreciate their divinity is, but where it was already difficult, i think diesel cars are now dead, maybe forever. the scrutiny of
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european automakers is likely to increase. diesel vehicles account for 15% of sales in france. european auto giants now just need to prove that diesel vehicles do not damage air quality if consumers are to return once the dust from the vw scandal settles. fallout is spreading to other german carmakers. shares of bmw fell thursday, following a newspaper report that warned at its diesel models exceeded european union emissions norms. bmw said they did not manipulate or rigged tests. shares were down thursday, but they later clawed back some of the losses to close 5% down. shares ended the after first going into
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positive territory at the start of trading. this is how the european markets overall finished up this thursday, with automobile shares taking a hit on the back of the vw scandal. we also saw a resources shares trading lower in europe. this is the picture in the united states, as there are just 35 minutes to go left in trading the session. the dow jones, nasdaq, and s&p 500 in negative territory. we are seeing shares and catapult, the heavy equipment maker, among the laggards -- shares of caterpillar, the heavy equipment maker, saying they will cut jobs after the heavy apartment market is reportedly gloomy, signs that the economy is slowing. if you other stories, the french labor market is softening. the number of job seekers in
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france has risen to a fresh record high. nearly 3.6 million people looking for work in august according to the latest figures from the ministry. it is a cold shower after the number of job seekers in july actually dropped somewhat.
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