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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  September 28, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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it's a monday evening here in japan. i'm james tengan. welcome to "newsline". here are some of the stories we're following this hour. >> mosz could you is rivalling the u.s. to form a co-op to battle islamic militants. world leaders bid the united
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nations a happy 70th birthday and talk about issues in search of solutions. moscow has made a move to fight the islamic group. russia has reached a deal with iraq, iran and syria to share intelligence. it comes amid concerns by the u.s. about build up in syria. iraqi military officials revealed the agreement on sunday. they will face the group's threats and clear out their strongholds. a spokesperson said an ad hoc committee will be set up to share and assess information. representatives from the four countries will take part. russia and iran support the syrian governments of president bashar al assad. leaders in russia increased their military assistance earlier this month. russian president, vladimir putin called american support
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for anti-government forces in syria illegal and ineffective during a recent interview. >> translator: in my opinion, provision of military support to legal structures runs counter to the principles of modern international law, and the united nations charter. we support only legal governmental structures. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry has expressed concern about russia's moves, and he said nations need to work together. >> i think the critical thing is that all of the efforts need to be coordinated. this is not yet coordinad. >> putin and u.s. president obama are scheduled to speak on monday in new york. the leaders of japan and iran have pledged strength and cooperation between their two countries. shinzo abe met with rouhani during the summit. abe praised the agreement that the six world powers reached in
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july with iran. they will work to expand economic ties wi tehran. he plans to help japanese companies invest in iran. rouhani recognized previous cooperation with japan in the energy sector. he said he wants both countries to collaborate in other areas, including transport and medicine. >> global leaders are prepared to address what they see as the world's pressing issues. they will take part in the general debate that begins monday. >> reporter: here at the u.n. some heavy weights of the asia pacific region will be delivering their speeches on the first day. that will deserve our attention. u.s. president obama will make his seventh speech. he's expected to speak on the middle east and the fight against extremists like the islamic state, and most likely address the pressing refugee
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crisis. over the last year, the obama administration has struck two significant deals with countries that have been considered foes of the u.s. one is the nuclear deal with iran. the other is cuba. the u.s. moved to normalize ties with the country after decades of hostility. leaders of both countries will also speak on the first day. chinese president xi jinping will appear on the podium. he's on his first official visit to the u.s. and just met with presidt obama. chinese presidents only attend the u.n. debate every few years. xi's predecessor first appeared in 2005 at the 60th anniversary of the founding of the u.n. then, again, in 2009. xi jinping's debut at the u.n. coincides with the 7h
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anniversary of the end of world war ii and the u.n. itself. china recently showcased its military might with a massive parade in beijing. but a scholar of china's foreign policy says xi's first speech will likely stress china's peaceful role in the world. >> i think president xi will make some kind of positive speech at the u.n. assembly. because it's a very important revelation of chinese leadership's image. he will stress again u.n.'s centrality in the world ofof politics. >> reporter: japanese prime minister shinzo abe will deliver his speech on tuesday. this will be his third year at the debate. before this trip, abe spearheaded controversial legislation expanding the role of japan's self-defense forces abroad.
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abe will likely address how he wants his country to contribute more to the world's peace and security. a long-term observer of japan's security policy expects abe to speak in line with his recent speeches. >> this is the next stage, next step in his messaging to the world, starting with australia and u.s. congress and then on august 14th to explain to the world his understanding of what the past 70 years of prosperity have meant for the region and for japan and what the future holds. i think if he departs from that, i think it will be, it will raise some questions. >> reporter: president vladimir putin is attending the debate fothe first time in ten years amid heightened tensions between russia and the west. and south korean president park geun-hye will speak for the second year in a row against the backdrop of north korea's nuclear program.
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70 years since its founding, the u.n. remains an institution world leaders cannot ignore. it certainly looks to be a colorful few days, to say the least. nhk world, at the united nations. >> thanks very much. >> people in japan southern prefecture of okinawa have been on high alert because of a typhoon. they are warning of especially high winds and high waves on monday. they say the typhoon is passing by okinawa but warning residents to be on alert for gusts and high waves as the typhoon's speed is slow. a local turns v station has been calling for caution around the clock. a powerful typhoon struck the island in august, eight people
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died. the typhoon's approach will coincide with the seasonal high tide. jonathan oh from the weather desk joins us with more. jonathan, the typhoon is making a bee line towards taiwan but at a rather slow pace. how long will it impact the region? >> i think that we're going to be dealing with this particular system for next 36 to 48 hours. it's a very slow moving storm with strong winds within the core. you can look at t clearly defined eye associated with the typhoon. it's kicking up gusts up to 2 kilometers per ur. this was reported in yonaguni. we're looking at the system to slowly move to the west-northwest. look at the speed it's crawling at 20 kilometers per hour. whenever a strong system slowly
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moves it's going to dump a lot of rainfall for a long period of time and that means we're dealing with flooding issues and strong winds for the next 36 to 48 hours for taiwan. look what's happening here. winds of 180, gusting to 2 a 2. pressure down to 925. we're looking at this rainfall to last for the next day or so. in taiwan note the possibility of seeing rain over 500 millimeters over the next 48 urs and then okinawa, strong gusts, high waves. we're seeing some of them jumping up to 13 meters and ramping up to 250 millimeters in terms of rainfall. this system will eventually get towards the southeastern coast of mainland china as we go into the middle of this week. then caught up into another frontal boundary that will push that moisture towards japan as we go towards the end of this week. >> thanks very much. he'll join u once again later
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on for world weather. chinese president is visiting new york to attend the u.n. general assembly after having arrived in the u.s. last week on his first state visit. xi and president barack obama discussed a range of issues. >> reporter:he talks focused mainlyn two issues, one the cyber security problem, the leaders managed to reach a certain amount of agreement. >> we agreed nor suprt theft of intelleual property. >> translator: confrontation and friction are not the right
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choice for either country. china and the united states have found common ground in the working level meeting on cyber crime. >> reporter: they agreed to a launch minute terrifyal level to fight electronic crimes. obama says the question whether words are followed by actions. >> cyber security problem is very serious to the united states, but meanwhile china also has some background domestically because the military enterprises usually gather secret information from united states and other european countries. so i don't think they reached an agreement, but i think the dialogue and get some concept about this problem and that they can continue to dialogue at the level of ministers, i think.
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>> reporter: the second hot topic of the summit was chinese activity in the south china sea. the country is locked in a sovereignty dispute over the islands there with the philippines, vietnam and other parties. experts say it's building three air strips in the islands. after their meeting the two leaders remained far apart. >> such kind of issue supported by china domestically especially the military people just want to put out strong strategies internationally so president xi cannot deal with united states i still want to stay only effective solution is to dialogue and solve the problem diplomatically not by weapon, i think. >> reporter: on the future of the relationship between the u.s. and china, he says beijing
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has no concerns about obama's administration, but it is worried what will happen after obama steps down in 2017. >> we don't know who is coming to the next president, but it's possible that a republican can take the administration, then china need to find more supporters andriends in congress and house and republican party. so i think this is the first step for xi administration to eate new relationship with the united states, they call it g2 or no big country relationship. >> reporter: he says the summit won't resolve all the problems between the united states and ina. he says it's important to establish the framework for
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dialogue. 12 nations negotiating the transpacific partnership deal will hold another round of ministerial talks this week before u.s. president barack obama makes his own pitch for the free trade pact. gene otani has all the details on that. >> thanks, james. president obama wants to strike a broad free trade agreement during the ministerial meeting that starts on wednesday in atlanta. he's been on phone with leaders of countri involved i the tpp talks. obama called chilean president as he flew to new york for the u.n. general assembly. the white house says the leaders agreed that the negotiating countries need to make progress to resolve the remaining issues. st week obama found the presidents of mexico and peru saying that they should seek an early conclusion.
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in tokyo, the secretary expressed determinatio >> translato we will pursue the best deal that serve japan's national interests. japan will attend the ministerial meeting with a strong resolve to reach a successful conclusion. >> yoshihide suga said jan will try to bridge the gaps. german media is reporting on developments in the volkswagen scandal. it was warned software used could be illegal and another weekly says an auto parts weeker told vw in 2007 equipping cars with software for test runs is illegal. bosch gave the warning to volkswagen. bosch has refused interviews. both charged the automaker to
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have been aware of the illegality of the software from an early stage. volkswagendmitted it used the software to rig admission tests for its diesel cars. about 11 million cars worldwide effected. mercedes-benz says its models the president says volkswagen scandal won't affect its sales strategy. the president told reporters his company is in compliance with emission regulations in various countries. >> translator: we will continue to do our best to market our diesel vehicles. >> he said his firm is planning to release another diesel model in october. mercedes-benz began selling diesel cars in japan nine years
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ago. checking the markets tokyo share prices fell on cautious ntiment this first trading day of the week. for the details we go to our business reporter at the tokyo stock exchange. >> the nikkei started week in the negative following week data from china, the world's second largest economy. profits at china's industrial companies suffered the biggest monthly drop in four years falling close to 9% in august. that's appetite for risk. nikkei average fell 1.3% to close at 17,645. the index erase most of its gains from last friday as investors sold shares. the topix is down 1%. many important indicators are coming out this week. investors want to see those numbers before making any buy decision and stocks are putting a damper on the nikkei.
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investors won't get the right to receive the next dividend. hino motors and mitsubishi were one of the worth performers today. both have fallen more than 5%. other losers include nippon paper industries falling 4.3%. the company is set to post a 30% slide in operating profit for april to september. and shares of pharmaceuticals with exposure to the u.s. market fell after biotech firms led a decline on wall street. eisai dropped more than4.4% while takeda pharmaceutical lost 2.2%. investors will have a host of data to digest. china's manufacturing data is in the spotlight and u.s. payroll figures. investors may remain cautio before those numbers.
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thanks. moving on to oer markets in the asia-pacific region. in china investors started off the week with shanghai ending up 0.3% but trading was thin before a week long holiday that starts on thursday. sidney's s&p/asx 200 climbed 1.4% to hit i highest point in more than a week. indonesia's main index down by 2.1%. philippines dropped 1.5%. market in seoul and hong kong were closed for the holidays. here's a look at some of the otr business stories we're following. aajor u.s. media company says it's buying 51% stake in universal studios japan. comcast aims to boost its
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operations with the acquisition. japanese closing chilean uniqlo openedp a disney store. disney will open one of hits the theme parks in the city next ar. a team is creating a five year plan to support part time employees who want full time work. it will include sps to narrow gaps between nonregular and full time workers in terms of wages and working conditions. let's now take a quick look at our global economic calendar for this week. on wednesday we'll have figures for eurozone inflation as went as unemployment for august. on thursday bank of japan will
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reveal its survey. on the same day we'll find out how china's factories did in august. finally on friday the u.s. labor department will release employment data for september. this is regarded as key data when the federal reservize on interest rates. every monday we ask specialists to share their views on the coming week in this edition of expert view we speak to martin schultz. schultz is focusing on japan's tankai survey. >> quite likely the results will be quite a bit lower than three month beforehand. the main reason is executives have become much more skeptical about the global outlook because of the slow down in asia, slow down in china is having an
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impact in particular on exports. exports are a major engine of growth in japan and they will be slower than we expected before. the overall outlook of the economy has actually to be scaled back quite a bit. we loweredur growth forecast for this year and next year. >> schultz also said the bank of japan might take additional monetary easing measures as early as october if the yen goes further. >> an additional step of quantitative easing. the main reason is that life for exporters in particular, from manufacturing has become more difficult because the yen has been strengthening with concerns of the outlook in china. overall, asia has been slowing, so some is support would be possible, in particular in
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october. in my view, the bank of japan might react to when the japanese yen becomes stronger and then with a big quantitative easing step but with policies on interest rates probably supporting local governments or some buying on that side. >> that's it for business news. i'll hand it bk to you, james. thanks, very much, gene. the organizers of the 2020 tokyo olympic games have decided on what events they propose to add. they selected 18 events from five sports. they want to include baseball, softball, rate, sports climbing, and surfing. ioc officials will decide next
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august. president abe met thomas bach in new york. they agreed to cooperate closely for the success of the 20 games. abe said tokyo officials are accepting bids to build a new national stadium by tend of january 2020. this july he scrapped the original plan due to an increase in the cost. the facility will make japanese proud. bach welcomed abe's remarks and said officials at the ioc and japan's government are cooperating smoothly. here in tokyo the forecast calls for mostly fair skies. jonathan oh joins us again for more on world weather starting with the southern u.s. jonathan. >> hello. yes. we're tracking what's happening in the southeastern portions of the united states because there's been plenty of moiure in the region, lots of rainfall taking pla and we had some
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places dealing with some record rainfall and that led to flash flooding. let me take you to the carolinas, in columbia, south carolina, here the water is ponding along the streets here because of the heavy rainfa. the floodwaters actually causing serious problems. you can see here the roadways are being blocked. people unable to drive. this is near the university of south carolina where many students were located in this region. now according to local reports up to 66 millimeters rainfall fellast week. that broke a record set in 1947. so you can see serious problems particularly in this intersection where that water was continuing to gather as well. we are expecting the possibility of even more rainfall as we move forward in time. the reason is because we have a couple of low pressure systems down towards the deep south along with a residual band of moisture that's slowly pushing off the carolina coast and that will bring another hans for rainfall as we go through today monday.
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we do have loot low pressure system coming out of the rockies and that's going to bring moisture and some thunderstorms into places like denver extending over into chicago as well as we have another band of rain that extends from there into toronto. so look after that as we go through monday. columbia 26 and chance for rain on the eastern seaboard of the united states into toronto also looking at wet weather as we go throughout the day. as we look at the forecast for europe large area of high pressure is pretty much starting as a dome for the continent except for the far south where we're seeing rain and storms into the mediterranean sea. that instability will bring wet weather. record low temperatures or really cold low temperatures are expected into places like london and then the highs looking at 17 degrees for monday, 19 in paris and even teens towards the east as we go through the day. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's you extended outlook.
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for futur stories and special reports logon to our website. for all of us here at "newsline," thanks for watchingñ
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>> this is "france 24." time for 60 minutes around the world. i'm genie godula. vladimir putin heads into a showdown at the u.n. he is pushing for a new russian-led coalition against the islamic state in syria. it is likely to be a tense face-to-face meeting with barack obama, their first in two years. a pro-independence movement in spain's


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