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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 2, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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14 people have lost their lives after a transport plane crashed in the city of jalalabad.
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we begin in paris where a long-awaited summit has been taking place. leaders of france, germany, ukraine, and russia have joined for the first high-level talks since the minsk accords. there have been signs of progress in recent weeks including a breakthrough agreement on that with role of tanks and heavy weaponry from the troubled eastern region. the conflict between government forces and russia-back separatists which began in april of last year has claimed the lives of 8000 people and displaced 2 million others. our international editor has the latest. today's summit between
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the leaders of france, germany, ukraine, and russia was supposed to be about shoring up the minsk agreement signed in february. looking forward -- for ways to establish a lasting peace in ukraine. it came a day after russia launched its go it alone airstrikes in syria and it was syria that perhaps was destined to overshadow if not eclipse the summit. in their post summit press conference, angela merkel and francois hollande conceded that syria was a big issue in the talks they each held one-on-one separately with vladimir putin. did they make any headway? we do not have clear answers to that. we do know that as these talks were going on, russia was stepping up its airstrikes in syria. we know that there are outstanding questions and differing versions between the west and russia on whether or not civilians have been hit in some of the strikes. there are outstanding questions on exactly what vladimir putin has in mind for bashar assad and his future.
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theyr the minsk agreement have spent several hours talking about that. there was some problems -- progress on the issues. the withdrawal of light weapons and selling gas to ukraine. the political process and organizing nationwide elections, that remains outstanding. there are grounds to fear that ukraine at least at this moment, eastern ukraine could be headed for a frozen conflict. and russia can maintain control while also claiming progress in the minsk' talks. from thee just heard ukrainian president petro poroshenko saying that he feels optimistic following this toxin we heard from the kremlin, a spokesperson saying the talks usinesslike and all sides have her nude there -- have
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word.d their " minsk a court has had some issues. do you share the view that there are signs of progress in the peace process? >> there is progress for sure. we are seeing the escalation of tension for the past month and on september 1, that seems to be holding out. on the political process i think there is numerous challenges and the big one is obviously the separatist election. said the hollande elections would probably be postponed. this is due to give the five more sides more time to resolve the issues. anchor: what sort of concessions can you assume were made during
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those talks? moreu think for example autonomy for eastern regions or amnesty for separatists are the sorts of bargaining chips that were used in this talks in paris? is whether thee -- whethereld by the they will be held under ukrainian law, whether they would be monitored by international observers, and whether they would comply with international standards. it is very unlikely that they would do so if the separatists go ahead and carry out these elections. what is being discussed now is trying to find a framework whereby these elections could comply with these conditions. that were set out in the agreements. a complicatedy set of discussions. do you think we are likely to see concrete change, let's say
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in the short to medium term as a result of what was discussed here in paris? reporter: it is a step in the right direction. it is important that the leaders of the normandy formats at the highest level discuss these things. ialild card is russia's aer campaign in syria and how this plays into the process in the ukraine. anchor: there must be a feeling in moscow that russia holds some pretty important cards at the moment, especially with regard to the two conflicts which were discussed. we assume in equal measure at e palace. reporter: russia founds it -- finds itself in a bind. basically the strategy was to destabilize ukraine to basically install a pro-russian
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government and kia but the russians have not been able to do this. what vladimir putin has done was de-escalate to put that issue a little bit aside. now he is focusing on syria. he is using the aerial campaign to not only prop up assad but to gain concessions on the ukraine, in particular the easing of sanctions and the breaking of russia's isolation. reporter: thank you for sharing that with us. joining us from moscow. investigators in the u.s. state of oregon are working to establish a motive in the school shooting. nine people lost their lives when a 26 euros gunman stormed into a crowd -- into a classroom, armed with three pistols and a rifle. an unusual step that has been
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taken in this latest investigator -- investigation. reporter: a sheriff said naming the gunman would be counterproductive. >> we have information that leads us to believe that we know who the shooter is. i will not name the shooter. creditnot give him the he probably sought prior to this horrific and cowardly act. reporter: sheriff john hanlan said the focus should not be on the perpetrator who died in the incident but on the nine people he killed and the seven he wanted. aen he opened fire in classroom at the rural college. the victims were the focus of by candlelight visible -- vigil in oregon thursday. media had released the name and
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reported the 26-year-old asked victims their religion before shooting. he said he disliked organized praised other mass shooters and posted images of himself smiling with guns. for barack obama, thursday's killing is one too many. he expressed frustration that the grief felt by communities has not led to nationwide and reform. president obama: every time we see one of our shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough. it does nothing to do -- prevent this carnage from being inflicted some place else in america. reporter: there have been 142 school shootings in the united states in the past three years with each reigniting the face -- fierce debate about gun control in america. it is the latest in a series of high-profile mass shootings in the united states and once again it is fueling demands for stricter gun control, 293 shootings have been
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reported this year in the united states. april 20, 19 99, 2 students opened fire at columbine high school in colorado. they killed 12 students and a teacher. they also injured two dozen others before taking their own lives. this was the deadliest attack in an american school in more than 15 years. since then, there have been many more mass shootings in the u.s. the deadliest attack of the 2000s occurred at virginia tech in april 2007. student opened fire in the middle of campus, killing [inaudible] and wounding others. then the shooting in aurora, colorado with 12 people shot the and several injured at screening of "the dark knight
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rises." a man forced his way into sandy hook elementary school leaving 26 dead. more recently, the killing in south carolina with white ,upremacist dylann roof killing nine african-americans. 100e have been more than hub at murders in the u.s. since the 60's -- 1960's. with only 5% of the world's population, the u.s. have close to one third of all mass shootings. anchor: let's get a brief check of other stories. thousands of job cuts on the radar. warning ofance ceo is a significant restructuring plan. this is after a deal for piloted lands to improve
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productivity. there are 3000 jobs hanging in the balance. and taking strike action to take -- protest these cutbacks. authorities in southern china say that a man has been suspected of orchestrating a series of deadly bombings on wednesday is now dead. the 33-year-old man planted them in shopping centers and government locations. he was one of 10 people killed in the blast that he himself orchestrated. red faces at the vatican. the holy see is trying to distance itself from a brewing row in the u.s. over gay marriage. kim davis, a kentucky county official who was jailed last month met with the pope while he was in the u.s. vatican officials said that the meeting was not the pope's endorsement of her views.
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government forces have recaptured most of the northern of k city l ofimdi -- unduz. suggest someports are still holding out against the afghan army. in the east of the country, a military plane crashed in jalalabad, killing all 11 on board. the taliban claims it shut the plane down but the u.s. army says it is a false claim. u.s. air force plane went down at this airfield in jalalabad. midnight,just after around 12:30 a.m. and the plane was flying very low toward the airport. suddenly, an explosion happened and flames came out from the plane. reporter: on board, six american crew and five contractors who lost their lives.
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several people on the ground were also killed. the u.s. military spokesman dismissed claims from the taliban that it was responsible for shooting down the aircraft. -- thele the passage siege city of kunduz continued to fight insurgents. this despite recapturing the city on thursday. there were growing fears that a civilian -- zero were caught in the crossfire. >> the security situation is not good. havee very worried area we -- worried. we have no food to eat. we are in trouble. reporter: they were pushed back by afghan forces three days later. battle is not yet over. anchor: hundreds of israeli soldiers are carrying out searches to track down those responsible for killing a jewish settler couple.
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the couple was shot as they drove between two settlements on thursday night. the israeli prime ministers vowing to bring those responsible to justice. reporter: calls for revenge from jewish settlers in the wake of a deadly shooting in the west bank. >> it is unacceptable that and -- citizens, planned stumbled into a planned ambush where they were murdered in cold blood in front of their children. reporter: thousands came to pay their respects at a funeral. residents at the jewish settlement, a couple was shot and killed as they drove past the palestinian village. their four young children who were in the back seat were not harmed. the israeli prime minister blamed the violence on palestinians. >> it is a hard day for the state of israel. we have witnessed a particularly
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cruel and shocking murder in which a couple was murdered, their four children orphaned. this has proved that while palestinian incitement creates acts of terror and murder like we saw this evening. reporter: the attack comes amidst rising tensions of the ongoing issue to access. it is one of islam's holiest sites but part of the temple mount complex revered by jews. continued settlement building remains a point of contention. palestinians want the land for a future state. meanwhile, israeli troops continue their search for the attackers. anchor: let's get a recap of the stories on "france 24." the leaders of france, germany, and russia meet in paris. some progress was made.
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looking for clues. investigators in the u.s. state of oregon try to establish what motivated the gunman to shoot dead nine people at a community college in roseburg on thursday. a rising death toll in afghanistan. the u.s. military says 14 people lost their lives after a transport plane crashed in the city of jalalabad. latestr a check of the is this stories. markus karlsson joins me. let's start with the latest on that long, drawn out volkswagen scandal because it is making itself known in france. markus: the legal burden is getting heavier on an almost daily basis. today we heard from prosecutors here in paris area they have opened a preliminary inquiry into volkswagen after the omissions scandal. they are looking into suspicions of aggravated deception, a charge that could lead to five
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years in prison and a fine of 600,000 euros. french volkswagen customers say they are taking legal action of their own. reporter: the owners of areswagen-made cars pondering their next move. many have decided to stick with their vehicles. so much right to sell. others will follow this frenchwoman and sue. x i have always had a vw or xuzhou and i recently bought an audi thinking i would not have a problem. guess i am out of luck. reporter: her car is one of many fitted with fake controls. consumers have two options for redress.>f buyers can choose a technical upgrade so the omissions are
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possible. -- emissions are possible. year thissince last avenue is open to claimants under french law. with 11 million vehicles affected worldwide, the legal headaches for the german carmaker is immense. while pressure continues to build on the firm to get the necessary mass recall underway. the airline is set to announce 2900 job cuts as soon as monday. they will reduce its long-haul network by 10% by 2017. it follows a breakdown between the airline and union's to how to make the airline more profitable. have raised their working hours but without a pay raise. the ceo of the group acknowledged on french radio
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that the cuts will be significant. unfortunately, it is a significant job reduction plan. what we will do and we have committed to doing is partly to favor voluntary redundancies which incidentally we have been doing for several years which is recognized as being a method our employees except. when it is necessary we will resort to force redundancy. markus: we will move on to the biggest story in mobile finance. the american economy had a disappointing number of jobs. 142,000 were created, well below the expectations of 200,000. the u.s. labor department also revised the august and july figures downwards. the jobs growth that we saw in august and september was the slowest in more than a years time in the u.s. economy.
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at the same time, the official unemployment rate remains steady at 5.1%, a seven-year low. partly due to the fact that a lot of americans have stopped looking for work which means that they simply fallout of the statistics. brought uncertainty for markets area do -- markets. the bad jumps figure this month highlights the question whether the u.s. economy is strong enough. thethe figure may shape feds' thinking. >> it has been overruled. the federal reserve has said when they were to raise interest rates that decision would be based on the data coming out of the u.s. a whole range of data but these monthly employment figures and gdp are thought to be the key indicators. the key decision making bits of
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data. so to get this it is likely that the federal reserve will look and say we want to raise interest rates in 2015. that is what they have been telling us. we're probably going to have to hold off a little bit longer. they have two more meetings in 2015. they meet later in october. the thinking is pretty much the -- a 0% chance of a rate hike. the thinking is about a 30% chance. all eyes are looking to 2016 with the thinking that it may land around february or even march before the federal reserve wants to move on this interest rate hike. markets -- the u.s. shares trading down in the immediate aftermath of that report. as you can see, we have turned around sense with the nasdaq leading the way after .8 of 1%.
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tech shares are helping gerd the indices stateside after what has been a pretty bad looking pe riod. we have seen them bounce back. this is the closing picture in europe. we saw european markets tumbling on the weaker than expected jobs report. the indices ounce back toward the end of the trading day. volkswagen shares closed down 3.7% as there are fears the omissions scandal will cost -- will cost thedal carmaker billions. here's what investigators -- investors will look at over the weekend. this will be the part -- first parliamentary election in portugal. this will be the gauge of the move to -- about budget cuts. they have brought the country
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out of recession but some fear the country could still falter. businesses and industries like fishing were badly hit. on top of that, there was the punishing 90% reduction. heading into this weekend's elections, these fishermen hope things are about to change. >> i hope the next government takes look at the primary sector, fishing and agriculture, and sees its potential for the future of the country. to reinvest in fishing we do not need much money. what we need is the laws changed, not more money. reporter: the economy has slightly improved. 1.6%last year gdp grew to so far in 2015. unemployment has fallen from 17.5% in 2013 to 12.4% this year.
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the situation is far from stable. even if things have significantly improved and we are much better than we were then the process of the bailout started we cannot rest. the patient is no longer in a coma but it is thing monitored. reporter: whatever the outcome, portugal's political leaders have decided that austerity in compliance with the eurozone is the right policy to follow. if they win a current coalition government has vowed to continue a regime and cuts in taxes that --[inaudible] promising relief. markus: it follows the -- theement that it is plan will be mothballed and 1700 jobs cut. it has been struggling with
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high debt and cheaper imports and are dramatic slump in global steel prices. itsart is trimming staff at headquarters in the u.s. state of arkansas. itñ÷p÷999ñówçç ú
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