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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 6, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ anchor: welcome back to the "france 24" newsroom. these are the headlines. slam russia nato for violating turkish airspace for the second time in two days. russell says the incursion was just -- russia's as the incursion was just due to bad weather, but nato has rejected that claim. a security crackdown from the
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israeli prime minister. violence in east jerusalem and the occupied west bank is on the rise. the french prime minister backs the management at air france after striking workers storm ripsa board meeting and the shirts off their bosses. you, a courtp for thesion that will change way facebook and google manage personal information of european citizens. we will take a look at teachers in ghana who have swapped their blackboards and chock -- chalk for a more 21st century approach. but first, our top story.
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first, turkey, the united states, and nato are warning from turkishy away airspace. speaking this morning, nato secretary-general said the move does not look like an accident. >> nato allies expressed strong solidarity with turkey. they condemned the russian violations over nato wears raise -- airspace. i call on russia to avoid escalating tensions with the alliance. rush of must de -- russia must s military in the area. i'm also concerned that russia is not targeting isil. anchor: nato was calling on
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russia to stop the airstrikes it started a week ago, saying they are making a bad situation worse. >> did was a russian fighter jet like this one that major -- nearly caused a major crisis between turkey and syria. >> as you can see on this map, our airbase is located near the turkey-syria border, 30 kilometers away. depending on the weather conditions, you have to approach the base from the north. the incident was caused by bad weather conditions in the area. there was no can's heresy. -- conspiracy. turkey's prime minister shot back that it would not be afraid to fire back if airspace is
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violated again. russia forriticized irresponsible behavior. john kerry made clear the incident was a close call. >> it is precisely the kind of thing that had turkey responded under its rights could have resulted in a shoot down and it is precisely the kind of thing that we warned against. >> ever since moscow launched its air campaign in syria, the u.s. and russia have been communicating to ensure that such incidents do not happen. anchor: the turkish president was in brussels for talks with the eu.
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he urged the eu to consider a saison in northern syria -- safe zone in northern syria where refugees could take refuge. >> and apparent united front to address the migrant crisis. during tense discussions in ,russels, the turkish president his country already housing 2 million refugees, proposed a plan. one that was brought into question by western officials. >> if we wish to resolve the refugee crisis, there are three issues we need to consider. one to focus on training and equipment. two, to declare a safe zone. three, a no-fly zone. >> differences between the two parties are greater than ever. created a zone to
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shelter refugees. it is urging turkey to do more to stop the flow of hundreds of thousands that have landed on its sure. >> the situation or that hundreds of thousands are fleeing to the eu and it must be stopped. we expect turkey to manage its border, just the same. anchor: the israeli military has torn down the homes of two palestinian militants in east jerusalem responsible for attacks last year. the move comes after benjamin netanyahu promised a strong hand in dealing with a series of recent attacks. our correspondent is in jerusalem with more. >> the homes were demolished
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overnight in the early hours of the morning and these were not homes of anyone involved in the recent spate of attacks. they go back to attacks from a year ago in jerusalem. this is a controversial policy. demolitionsed home because it found they were not effective. now, a hard right government is reintroducing them to take the initiative to show it is taking action, not just responding to palestinian actions on the ground. but all of these things, all the tougher measures that the hard-line right government is suggesting, they are all tactical. they are not strategic. there is no overview. a bigger picture solution.
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otherwise it does not ever get solved. anchor: french prime minister manuel valls is that the air france headquarters meeting top management, including the hr director whose shirt was ripped off his back by angry employees yesterday. air france is planning to cut 3000 jobs. the airline has been operating at a loss for the past four years. how far can workers go to demonstrate their anger? although strikes and protests are common in france, this took it to a new level. air france executives were running for safety with their clothes stripped off, highlighting the ills of france's national air carrier. >> these images say something terrible about france and that is of the press will interpret it. they will use the case to mock us.
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i don't think it is representative of the state of labor relations. >> the french government has condemned the violence. hasfrench prime minister said he was scandalized by the attacks. thenior minister supported decision to press charges. >> i think this calls for a criminal investigation. there is no other response. it was an act of violence. the images are unacceptable. say violenceunions is not the answer, although the criticized the company for its drastic cost-cutting plan, included's 900 position job cut. air france's policy is firmly established. staff andan to reduce it is beyond comprehension. >> the unions reject the
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restructuring plans and are calling on the government. editor has business been following this story for us and he is here on this. what has the prime minister said? >> he has been firm in his condemnation of the violence. he said the company and france is shocked. he talked about the damage that has done to france's image abroad. the work of was thugs and they should face heavy penalties. he said the government supports management. the government holds a 17% stake. theas been underlining shock that the government has felt.
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i have no doubt those who resorted to such acts will face punishment. it is up to the police and the justice system and air france management to make the necessary choices. it is not just a professional mistake, it is a criminal act. .ashing out at people now?at happens how does air france get out of this mess? the airline has been losing money for four years. the reason it did not return to profit last year is because of the two-week pilot strike the left them 425 million euros out of pocket. that is causing an impact on the financial bottom line, as well.
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they need to cut costs. the reason they have decided to cut jobs is because they could not strike a deal with pilots. earlier on, we heard from the head of the pilots union. he said that they are ready to go back to the negotiating table, they are ready to talk. to beant the government represented. anchor: thank you for that. our business editor. he will be back at 15 past the hour with more business news. let's talk about the nobel prize for physics. that is been awarded to two researchers. from canada and one from japan. the nobel committee says that discovery has changed the understanding of the innermost workings of matter and can prove crucial to our view of the universe.
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honored thehe u.n. millions of teachers around the world with world teachers day. in ghana, some educators have swapped blackboards and chalk for a more 21st century approach to learning. , but foral classroom these people, there is no normal teacher. their lesson will come from an expert english and math tutor who is in a studio an hour's drive away via satellite, projector, and webcam. her message is transmitted live to more than 500 students and 24 classrooms across the country. hello, everybody. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> over the past decade, the gun ghanainernment --
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government has built plenty of schools, but there is a lack of teachers. durablea high quality, approach. >> standing in front of the class, it is very boring for the children. resourcesinteractive like video, songs, and online games. currently only 36% of gun and children are able to read and -- anaian children are able to read and write once they leave the classroom. >> i like the way they teach. it teaches me now i know how to type. i like the videos. >> and it is not just the
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students who are benefiting. >> it has helped improve my teaching. there are so many methodologies i use. i have adopted them into my normal class. >> for now, international donors fund this project in 72 schools in ghana. in successful, the distance learning model could be rolled out across other sub-saharan african countries. anchor: all right, let's stick a look at the headlines. nato slamand pressure for violating turkish airspace for the second time in two days. russia is only commented on the first incident, saying it was only due to bad weather. israeli forces destroy the homes of two palestinian militants. violence in east jerusalem and the occupied west bank is on the rise. french prime minister manuel
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valls backs the management at air france after striking workers stormed into a meeting and ripped the shirts off their bosses' backs on monday. they are angry over the planned cuts of some 3000 jobs. all right, stephen carroll is back with the rest of the business news. you are going to start with the landmark decision on privacy in europe. >> europe's top court has struck down a deal on data sharing that helps companies like facebook and google to operate across the european union. it helps thousand -- it affects thousands of businesses across the european union. an austrian student complained about information collected on him by facebook. schrems, the current thorn in the side of internet giants like facebook, amazon, and google. the ruling by the european court of justice on his case in regard
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to internet data privacy will change of thousands of is this is -- businesses operate and share data. he discovered that facebook had gathered over 1000 pages on him iwtwithout's consent. who would not want to have that information and have control over it? as soon as you have control over information, you have control over the person itself. court rulingan that it invalidates the safe harbor sharing agreement. in place since 2000, some 4400 companies use it to share information, be it between their foreign offices or with others. it was edward snowden's revelations that data was being sent to the u.s. government for spying purposes that essentially put the agreement on the chopping block. the implications of the court's rulings could be widespread.
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a massive number of similar .omplaint could follow tech companies could now face fees,sed scrutiny, legal and have to rework where they share information. the ruling could also trip up or complicate ongoing negotiations for an eu-u.s. free trade agreement. >> let's take a look at the markets. it is a mixed picture in europe this lunchtime. we are seeing falls on glencore. it jumped on monday. air france shares, not much movement. 0.75% in paris. some more of the business headlines next. volkswagen says it fitted 8 million diesel cars with the omissions test -- emissions test-cheating software. overall, volkswagen says there are 11 million cars affected around the world.
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bp has agreed to a record settlement of $21 billion over the gulf of mexico oil spill. the u.s. attorney general describes the figure as the punishment bp deserved. the company set aside $56 billion to cover fines and legal expenses in the explosion. a cost-cutting plan has been extended to save a company 100 telecom nows -- wants to grow its users by 10% by 2017. shares on the company are up by 4%. a loss of $135 million for a taiwanese tech company competing with apple and samsung. to wrap up, you
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have found an explanation for the recent issues people have had using facebook. >> this makes people very angry when they cannot log onto facebook. especially because they cannot complain about it on facebook. "the wall street journal" has got an answer. apparently, there were planned software upgrades that went slightly awry that caused the problems for three days. it caused a lot of traffic on other social media websites, as people took to twitter to complain about facebook. on facebook fall revenues fall during outages. but since there are 1.5 billion people that logon every month, perhaps the all technical difficulty is to be expected. anchor: thank you for that look at the business news. it is now time for the press review. catherine is here in the studio to take a look at the papers today. there is one big story that is
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definitely dominating the press and that is what is happening with air france. >> yes, we saw that with the french press and we have seen it with the international press. there is one iconic image dominating the front pages. this is the photo that symbolizes the crisis at air france. it is the image of the head of human resources. you can see he has had his shirt ripped off. he is huddled with his bodyguards around him. also has thisper image on their front page. thiserman paper focuses on , as well as a couple of images showing these managers having to climb fences to get away from the angry mob. the independent" in the u.k., the same image. why this violent reaction?
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they announced they would be cutting jobs. that did not go over too well with employees. about howbeen debate much the pilots have had to do with this. paper also has an editorial that weighs in on the six act same subject. >> they are calling this particular thing the french suicide. it is the company already weekend by the suicidal strategy of its pilots. there was a bad strike that way down its finances last year and they are still trying to dig out of that hole. is that images like this and reaction like this is making france look ridiculous. to illustrate that point, there is an editorial cartoon that shows an employee holding his shirt. -- aid, we will only
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anchor: "the wall street journal" is weighing in. >> it is blaming the union for the current situation. it said it is very easy to sympathize with the workers faced with layoffs in a tough economy, but it is the unions that have been responsible for killing growth, enforcing rules that limit hours in the working papered in some companies that laypeople often france, and deterring foreign ownership. >> it is a complex issue. let's move to syria. reportingardian" is that, as russia continues its airstrikes inside syria, that the rival factions are grouping together. the insurgent groups are coming together that they are going to attack russian forces in retaliation for these airstrikes. the warning comes as the kremlin
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says that russian volunteer ground forces may join that fight in syria. "the new york times" says the saber rattling from both sides reflects a dangerous new power entanglement in the war. anchor: other papers are advocating more dialogue with russia on syria. former ambassador to russia has given an interview to the "moscow times." they said the russians have no love for bashar al-assad, but they see the islamic state group is far worse. putin stepped in because he feels the west made a real mess of the situation. they say. the turkish paper says that entry into the field is creating a new dynamic and russia's emboldened position is as much to do with it sense of resurgent as it does about the
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political vacuum. just quickly, i want to mention this series of articles in the "washington post." they are talking about what life is like in the islamic state group. today it is called "til martyrdom do us part." it is worth checking that out on the website. anchor: we were talking a lot about that airstrike on a doctors without borders medical in afghanistan. that has drawn outrage nearly everywhere with one surprising exception. >> there has not been much outrage in afghanistan. usually, there a mass protest, the government, really critical of the u.s., the former government really critical of the u.s.. this time, it has all been very muted. that is because obama has a big decision to make as to whether or not troops are going to stay past the 2016 deadline. afghan officials are afraid if
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they criticize too much, obama is going to say, we are going to pull out and not stay beyond. anchor: thank you so much. that look at the day's press. check it out on our website. the website isççç ú
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