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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 14, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ "france 24." i am genie godula. israel sets up checkpoints in east jerusalem after the prime minister put new security measures and curfews and weight -- and place. clinton held for her performance in the first
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democratic presidential debate. rival, berniein sanders, faced off on issues like gun control, the economy, and the middle east. and three top police officials in turkey are suspended in the wake of the worst terror attack there in years. turkey's controversial president has visited the site four days after twin bombs less close to 100 dead. also coming up for you this our come as unemployment in britain falls to its lowest level in -- since 2008, we are asking why is still rising here in france. halloween is just across the corner, so we will take a look biggest font end. that and more on the way, but first our top stories. ♪
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first, the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has put a series of new security measures in place. holies have already set up checkpoints in palestinian areas of east jerusalem. that comes after three people were killed tuesday, the bloodiest day since a new exclamation of -- escalation of street violence occurred. our correspondent joins us from eurozone caret irris makler, tell us about what the situation is like today, particularly what is like in jerusalem where the clocking seven put in place. irris: there are blockades in the area from which the attackers in yesterday's attacks in jerusalem all came, all from this one area. israel says it will have checkpoints in place across other east jerusalem areas later in the day, i think by the close of business today.
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but residents of those areas, some of whom work inside jurist on and in other areas -- inside jerusalem and in other areas, there is an old arab saying that the locals know the back streets, and it will make it only more difficult for ordinary people driving out. most of these attackers have been 18 and younger, so they are not driving anyhow. so there is a feeling that the security measure actually aims theaps back at making jewish population feel more secure rather than really preventing people from leaving those areas. there are a couple of other measures that israel is considering. one is fast tracking the destruction of the houses, the family homes of those attackers, and that is something they will come see very soon. genie: irris, it does not seem like that is in fact going to change anything. what might the solution then be? irris: well, when you look at
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how people on the ground are feeling today, on both sides, they are frightened. everybody looks at one another in fear because there are attacks on is citizens, and there are vigilante attacks in return against palestinians, and palestinians are fighting in the center of town, and israelis are plainly terrified. once again, the buses and light rail, which is the sources of so many of these attacks, are happening, so you see fear on the streets and terror in people's eyes when they look at each other once again h across this united, divided city. genie: once again, irris makler reporting from jerusalem. 30 palestinians have been killed since the street violence again earlier this month. earlier today, douglas herbert spoke to the top palestinian official dr. mustafa abou
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bagbudi. why did he have to say in his opinion about the reasons behind this violence we have seen, the uptick in the past few weeks? douglas: first of all, it is important to preface by saying he has been a long-standing advocate of nonviolent means to overcome what he calls the israeli occupation. that said, he does not justify the violence. by discussing what he thought about it. he says violence is a symptom, and he says the disease is occupation. he says the only way to put an end to the occupation is oppression. oppression and occupation are israelias we see oppression, which is causing these palestinians to be enormous leave frustrated, and they are simply taking matters into their own hands because they just do not see what else they can do. they are sort of at wits end. let's hear what he has to say.
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>> these are the people who are depressed, they are deprived from their rights, they are suffering from poverty, from on april -- unemployment, they are seelted every day, and they that they are attacked by the israelis, and they see that they are attacked by settlers. occupation, they live under occupation, they are the generation of suffered the sot is occupation has been consolidated on the ground, and they are the palestinians in the nation that are suffering most from the system of racial discrimination. the israeli occupation and the settlement activity is a him and otherth palestinians as well. they basically equate it with apartheid. dangerous ande
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what we see in south africa, essentially having one law for for and another law palestinian. and so you put an end to that system, you will continue to seek a cycle of violence. he cites over the past 30 years, we have seen the number of settlers, genie, go from about 100,000 in the early 1980's to estimates in a of at least 350,000 in the west bank, jerusalem0,000 east after the 1967 war, and of those, a lot of these people live in very isolated settlements, so you can put the number of settlers today over 600,000. set 650,000. you can dispute the numbers, but what you cannot dispute is a set of activity that he and a lot of others say is behind a lot of this frustration, if not the vast majority of it is continuing and if anything getting a little worse. fears --ug, there are i know you asked dr. barghouti
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about that. douglas: he says even by asking the question, it is a little media types,us, talking about it. he says we're not at the intifada yet. he said these are lone wolf assaults, people acting alone, no signs that it is being organized by militants, groups, or some higher echelon level. that said, he tends to prefer he term uprising, and yes, actually used the words "peaceful uprising." you can hear a lot of people rolling their eyes, but what he is basically saying is yes, you are seeing a small minority of people going to the streets with knives. we hads case yesterday, a gun involved. the vast majority of palestinians, while frustrated, are not resorting to violence means. the youngajorities -- was especially -- what we saw, he equated it to the arab spring inement in egypt,
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tunisia, they're taking to the streets and demonstrating because they want their rights come other freedom, their human dignity, and they want -- many palestinians -- a two state solution. what we are seeing in israel, he points of benjamin netanyahu, saying we see him till the idea of a two state solution by continuing the settlement activity. obviously that is one side of the deal, and you can imagine the israelis have a very strong counterpoint. genie: douglas herbert, thank you for that. let's go to the united states where hillary clinton and bernie firsts face-off in the televised democratic presidential debate. the former first lady and secretary of state has seen her position challenged by the senator. he has excited the left-wing with his self identifying brand of democratic socialism. analysts are saying clinton came on top with sanders time, and as kate moody reports, they were not the only ones on stage.
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: gambling their political futures on a stage in las vegas, democratic party fors have the the first debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders dominated the evening. the latter describes himself as democratic socialist. mrs. clinton: i am a progressive, but i'm a progressive who likes to get things done, and i know how to find common ground, and i know how to stand my ground, and i prove that in every vision i have had. mr. sanders: what we are against is what the top 1% in this country, they own as much wealth as the bottom 90%. issues likelash on gun control and military engagement. they say the realm of the political unity -- the private e-mail server while she was secretary of state, something
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republicans hope will hurt her in the general campaign. mr. sanders: enough of the e-mails! let's talk about the real issues! [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: thank you, bernie. thank you. [laughter] participants,her former maryland governor martin o'malley, lincoln chafee, and in web -- jim webb. they were unable to steal the spotlight. genie: in turkey, the prime minister has complained to the u.s. ambassador about reports to possible weapons aid to syrian kurdish forces affiliated with rebels for your let's bring in jasper mortimer. why is he protesting against the u.s.? jasper: he claims the u.s. has been air dropping small arms to the syrian-kurdish fighters, to
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help them in their battle against the islamic state group. now, the syrian kurds, google ,nder the leadership of the pyd turkey fears the pyd will pass some of these arms to the pkk, that is the turkish-kurdish insurgency group. and there is a high probability of that because both the pyd pkk acknowledge the upper echelon, the kurds in the turkish jail, as their leader. avutoglu said we cannot accept the united states cooperating with a terrorist organization. turkey turns the pyd as a terrorist group just as they regard pkk as a terrorist group. the problem is the u.s., although the u.s. regards the doess terrorists, it i
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not apply that term to the pyd. usc's those fighters of the most effective fighting force against i.s., and thus have been supporting the syrian kurds with airstrikes. the last time the state department said we do not see the pyd as a terrorist organization, the turkish president said the u.s. was wrong. jasper come of it comes a few days after that terrible attack on ankara that left close to 100 people dead. today in the investigation, and caress three top police officials were suspended. tell us a bit more about that. this was announced late last night after president dogan admitted at a press conference at there had been shortcomings, the term use, at the rally
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saturday where two bombs killed 97 people, he said where these shortcomings were would be revealed by the investigation. clearly there were shortcomings, i attended these rallies in ankara before. the demonstrators assembled outside the railroad station, and they marched two kilometers in the city center where they hold a rally with speeches. metaly the state uses detectors, but it only stations these metal detectors at the entrance to the square, and what everybody has been saying is that if these metal detectors had been stationed at the rail race station where the demonstrators assembled, they would have detected the ball bearings in the suicide bomber'' vest. secondly, after the officials had cleared the side of the bombing and wash away the blood,
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journalists found body parts under the bushes. forensic scientists had to be called in again to retrieve them, so clearly the forensic elite did not do their job properly. the opposition has been calling for the interior minister to resign. i think liberal turks will see the suspensions as a matter of the government firing three civil servants rather than taking the more embarrassing step of firing cabinet ministers. genie: all right, jasper, thank you for that, jasper mortimer reporting from ankara. business withour stephen carroll, you know that halloween is around the corner, and while you might have your pumpkin for carving, it probably does not look like this one. this ripple white whopper has just won the san francisco bay area punk in contest. umpkin ctest.
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they were hoping to break the by a swissd set grower in germany last year, but it did not make it. the owner $12,000 in prize money. that is quite a lot of halloween candy. stephen: plumpest pumpkin. genie: he will start with unemployment levels of the u.k. sincen: yes, lowest level 2008, 5 .4%. it is down only 0.1% on the tv is month, but it was the u.k. back work -- on the previous month, but it was the u.k. back where it was before the crisis hit in 2008. we will make a bit of an unfair comparison here in france. here in france, the unemployment rate is over 10.3%, but if you compare to 2008, it was still over 7%, so it is not really a fair comparison because of the
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difference in the labor market in the two countries of the u.k. freer labor france has different restrictions. it is difficult to hire and fire workers, as we talk about a lot. when the european commission and the imf look at the french economy, french unemployment rates have not been at under 5% in 20 years, so it is a different situation. we are seeing a big fall in on a climate in recent years in the united kingdom. genie: should we take a look at the markets? stephen: deflation is the word of the day because of new figures that have arrived here in france and in spain as well to falling prices calling concerns on the stock market. volkswagen, we have the german economy minister condemning diesel technology as a whole. we'll watch the carmaker shares to see what happens with that. see if they switch to alternative engines. there have been two
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major corporate deals of this week, and there could be more on the way. stephen: yes, we had dell buying data storage company anenc. 2015 looks to be the biggest year for corporate deal since 2000 yard catherine clifford has been looking at why. deals have been struck, dell's merging with the data storage maker, and miller accepting a takeover by veer dryer avn best -- beer giant abnbev. time, its point in would seem like the ideal opportunity with which they can spend some of that money and look to expand their market share. far, ab in at
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59 billion here some say the flurry of takeovers is a result of a lack of investment made during the financial crisis. >> many of the corporations, certainly in the u.s. and europe, decided to batter down the hatches, and quite frankly did not spend money on research and development, and therefore producing future product lines for them to sell into. catherine: in some cases, it could also be about taxes. in august, burger king reached a deal to buy out canadian chain tim hortons and base itself in canada, where corporate taxes are lower. though officials deny that is there motivation.
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stephen: apple could be facing a major legal bill after -- use patented technology used by the university of wisconsin in madison without permission. it improved chip efficiency of and 5s, 6, and the drink giant -- is selling a major slice of its wine business, selling to australia's treasury wine estates for nearly $500 million. the move will allow the company to focus on its core business. genie: finally, the announcement a job cuts at twitter came to shock of many, not least of which twitter employees. on tuesday orobs 8% of their workforce were cut. the real shock as they found out when they could not accept their e-mail. 'se former twitter employee
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tweeted a screenshot of the notification saying they had no access to their e-mail. they did all get calls to say they had lost their jobs, but many of them had certainly got a bit of a shock when they found out they cannot log into their twitter e-mail. genie: goodness me. thank you for that, stephen carroll. it is now time for the press review. we have florence villeminot with us to take a look at what is grabbing headlines. hi, flo. so much focus on yesterday's attacks in israel, the deadliest day since violence conduct two days ago. -- kicked up weeks ago. florence: violence has gone up a
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attacks have been going on, could this be the start of the third intifada? florence: absolutely, there is debate in the israeli press. i pulled up one from the "jerusalem post," is that as bad as it was at the height of the second intifada more than a decade ago? you can see them talking about intifada deja vu. there are a lot of similarities, and some differences as well, "jerusalem post" says there is a difference in the mode of attack, knives have been used a lot in this wave of attacks, also the immediacy it with which people are being informed about the attacks
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feared another article on the "new york times" focuses on the role of social media. you can see the headline here, these leaderless palestinian young people inspired by social media already driving this rise n violence feared unlike the second intifada where suicide bombers were orchestrated by very well organized groups, what we are seeing in this case according to the article is actually spontaneous outbursts of violence by these young people, often better not really affiliated with any political movement. and they are often spurred by social media and independently decide to carry out these attacks. there is an interesting quote in this article from an expert on that kind of violence that says "what we see now is like an octopus with many hands but with no brain." many papersce were are focusing on a big bully's
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devastation taking place in paris today -- genie: let's focus on france where many papers are focusing on a big police demonstration taking place today in paris. florence: you can see the front page talking about how police officers are angry and the government is worried, so what are the police officers worried about? several things. unbearable working conditions, particularly in the wake of the "charlie hebdo" attacks. the police officer's feel stretched without enough means third also, a series of what police call on acceptable legal decisions. one incident has been the tipping point and sparked this wave of anger from police officers, and that happened on october 5. in can read more about it "le figaro." a policeman was injured in a shooting by a shooter by a radical islamists who had taken advantage of a furlough to
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escape. many officers say this is on a separable. genie: many policing and saving justice is and has become too soft, and there is one woman to blame. florence: that is the justice minister, who has been getting a lot of criticism. been a fan, so they are really lashing out against her today and their editorial. you can see they are really lashing about what she has done ever since she has been does this minister. she has put -- been justice minister. she has put in reforms to keep people out of french jails. french deals have been overpopulated. in her policies have been a complete failure, her anti-prison dogmatism is soft on criticism, according to this paper. a left-leaning paper comes to her defense and says she is an easy scapegoat, police are putting the finger at her prison policy, but if you look at her
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figures, she is right according to this paper. it looks at the statistics and say the best way to fight against repeat offenders is not to lock them up in jail but actually have a more flexible alternative sentences. police areññññññ
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