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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you are watching france 24. i am genie godula. these are the headlines. as eu leaders get set to meet on the migrant crisis in brussels, we will hear from the emergency director of human rights. he has just come back from the island of lesbos where refugees are still arriving by the thousands. violence in israel continues at the gate of the old city.
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french president francois hollande inaugurates paris' museum, anthropological reopening after a six-year renovation. the french government says it will consider tax cuts to help keep air france flying. we will have the details in business. the governing body of european football holds a crisis meeting on the fate of its suspended later. week, suspended last linked to the corruption scandal. thousands of syrian refugees are
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arriving each day in lesbos from turkey. the greek island is forced to cope as refugees face unbearable conditions and sometimes violent. >> exalted but exhausted, boatloads of refugees dock in after ans -- lesbos arduous journey aboard the aegean sea. migrant desperate to get to europe, it is a short but narrow crossing from turkey. what should be a 50 or 90 minute ferry ride has turned to tragedy. boardes pay thousands to rubber dinghies and many do not make it. last week, a one-year-old boy died off the coast. there have been stories of incredible survival.
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on tuesday, a young syrian woman gave birth right here on the island. >> in the last few days, dozens of both arrived. there is no assistance from the greek government on the beaches. it is all done by volunteers, including spanish lifeguards and fallen to your doctors. we do not even have an ambulance on the beach. the woman delivered her baby on the rocks on the beach. >> those who do make it face rents, --condition conditions, abysmal some say. some people sleep on the ground with little more than a blanket. eu leaders have urged greece and turkey to set up joint areas, but athens has dismissed the idea out of fear that turkey might use the situation to strengthen its place in the ag
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and waters. genie: you heard from the emergencies director from human rights watch. he told our stuart norvall more about the dire situation on the ground. >> we saw thousands of people arriving every day. there was a short lull earlier last week when the turkish coast guard prevented votes from leaving. in the past few days, literally thousands of people, dozens of boats have arrived, and there is no assistance from the greek government on the beaches. it is all done by volunteers, including spanish lifeguards and volunteer doctors. we do not have an ambulance to treat the most serious cases. >> where do people go from there then? >> after they arrive on the beach, we have to give them new clothes because they arrive wet. many of them are hypothermic and need to be warmed up. then they have to walk up a
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mountain for 15 kilometers to reach the closest west station -- bus station. after this horrific journey, people spend hours walking up a mountain. >> some are saying we should not be welcoming these people through europe because it encourages other people to come. >> these people are fleeing incredibly brutal conflict in syria, afghanistan, iraq. 93% people come from those countries alone. we are not going to stop them from coming just because we welcomed them on the beach. their lives byd crossing the border between afghanistan and iran. they will continue to come, and it is important that they are treated with respect for their rights and with the medical assistance that they often need. genie: that is the emergencies
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director of human rights. the number of refugees and migrants coming into europe has topped 710,000. that is more than twice who came in for all of 2014. as thousands come into europe every day, eu leaders are meeting in brussels to try to concretely conquer the problem. >> is time to take action. this is the warning from the eu commission as they gathered for a summit on the migrant crisis. time is hard time -- high for the member states to match these commitments. the commission is worried by the agreed inn what was september and what has been put on the table until now. >> the european commission says none of the 2 billion euros promised has come through. 48leaders have only deployed of the extra 775 officers to
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boost the border patrol. certain eu member states are wary of involving turkey, who they see as a populist muslim nation with a questionable human rights record. it has taken in 2 million syrian refugees, the most of any country in the world. german chancellor angela merkel says turkey is key to helping solve the refugee crisis. or stemnnot organize the refugee movement without working together with turkey. that means we must better support turkey in caring for refugees and providing humanitarian aid. they are hoping to convince ankara to take in more refugees. in exchange, turkey wants more money and an easing of visa restrictions. >> as a contrary to say this is
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what a sovereign region, no refugees can enter, is not in terms with human rights or international law. >> there is also the question of how and where to re-house more than 160,000 refugees currently in greece and italy. over 700,000 migrants have crossed into europe this year, most of them arriving in germany. migrants are required to be registered in their first country of arrival. genie: britain's referendum on whether it should stay in the eu will also be at the summit. david cameron is pushing for changes within the european union as a condition for continued british membership. this, what is the perception mike in the u.k. about where these negotiations
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are? >> it depends who you talk to. position isnt's that the negotiations are on track, with renegotiations between david cameron and his u.k. counterparts. multiplying the meetings since his surprise win in the general election in may. merkel andngela donald tusk, we could see the french president in many meetings. --h time, the british press david cameron has said from the outset that he would not give what he called -- when i spoke to the secretary recently at the palace, he also said britain was
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on track for a renegotiation. it was not just going to benefit. the u.k., but other eu countries. britain wants to demand an up draft one of the core principles of the eu, bringing an ever closer union. that is something the u.k. is completely against. it wants to get restrictions on welfare benefit. in particular, tax credit towers, and also more tax benefits were work benefits that migrants could come here. this is very controversial. this is being fueled by the 4 million people from the u.k. independent party that wants the
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u.k. to leave the eu. genie: this is an issue that is very complex and prone to confusion. yesterday there was controversy over some comments from the eu commission president. >> there is no love lost between these two men, mr. canyon -- cameron makes no secret of it. they have to get on. mr. juncker says he wants a fair deal. mr. uecker appeared to say clearly that britain did not need the eu. backtracked, and clarified that he never said that. that has been watched lots of times, and has been interpreted by all kinds of eu commentators. what is worrying is that britain seems to be going toward a
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referendum that will need to be held by the end of 2017. it could be held as early as next year. betweenlem is, the gap -- it is still a majority. stay,.k. voters voted to that gap is narrowing from 11% to 3%. genie: thank you for that. troops haveisraeli taken to the streets of jerusalem today. israel is tightening security to fight the more than two weeks of violence. at least 30 palestinians and seven israelis have been killed with dozens more hurt. new checkpoints have been set up in east jerusalem to check for potential trackers -- attackers. took aholas rushworth look at life in eastern middle
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east. nicolas curran many of the palestinian attackers have come from east jerusalem. they began with rumors that israel wanted to take over the compound in eastern part of the city, reversed government denies out right. overey repeat over and there lies that we seek to change the status quo, which is an absolute lie. the compound is revered by jews and is the third holiest site in islam. took control of east jerusalem, including the old city and holy sites in 1967. the annexation is not record sized -- recognized internationally.
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residencyhave lost theys and complain on what see as -- >> more soldiers or security, or if they put up more checkpoints. the only thing that would help is to end the application -- the occupation and east europe. authoritiese city say an unprecedented amount of money has been invested in the arab, in schools, and transport. the current right-wing coalition considers east jerusalem vital to the unity of the country. news, thee sports governing body of european football is holding a crisis meeting on the fate of its suspended president michel pat toomey. he was set to take control of
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football on the world stage before he was linked to the construct -- corruption scandal. ball leaders are meeting -- football leaders are --icheland the shell m patini will not be there. his lawyers will argue that controversial 1.8 million payment was legitimate and the tinilt of work done by pla by sepp blatter. some are starting to question his leadership. monday with the president of the danish federation. deeply disappointed when the story of the 2 million francs disappeared. such a payment requires there to be a contract and it must appear accounts. -- fifa's
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after saying it fully backed its leader and aftermath, they seem divided. germany's confidence is also wavering. >> this case is like a backpack that could force him to his knees. become clear that at least if the majority see the situation as i do, and if the others realize there is this backpack. nicholas: they said it would be fatal to be dragged into the fefa scandal. platini has launched an appeal and will try to take over for president blatter. the clock is ticking with the presidential ballots set for february. genie: after six years of renovations for over 90 million
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euros, paris' archaeological museum is reopening to the public. it will open officially this weekend, but the musee de l'homme was inaugurated today by the president. clovis caselli got a sneak peak. >> the newly renovated is a delong offered -- musee de l'homme offers spectacular views. it is one of the major museums along with the capital. it has some 300,000 historic artifacts. at the heart of the museum, what does it mean to be human? where do we come from and where are we headed? you have this ensemble called inflection as well as the skull of descartes. you are an anthropologist. tell us about this dark room but
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when of the most important rooms. >> this is a very emotional place and that is why it is dark. people have to meet. this very well-known skull of common man, which is 27,000 years old, discovered in 1868 and a time where the origins of man were much debated. in this context, the skull was was a way to establish the antiquity of modern human. l'homme is ade laboratory for 100 d researchers. scientists can exchange with the public directly or through videos and interviews. looking at the various steps of evolution, this is a journey through time and envisages the
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future of mankind. genie: that is clovis caselli. time for our business news with stephen carroll. >> the five workers accused of violence at last week's work counsel museum have been suspended by the airline as the government says it will consider tax cuts to help air france out of its current financial problems. talks are ongoing between staff and management amid 200 -- 2900 job cuts. the prime minister says all options on the table keep it flying. >> it is time to make a deal. the french prime minister said that air france and labor unions need to move beyond their disagreement over 2900 job cuts. stands behindent the restructuring plan and calls for dialogue. >> renewed support of the plan comes a day after the job cuts may not be necessary.
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plan now believe that the can be avoided if the dialogue between management and unions is stepped up. >> the government owns a 17 and a half percent stake in air france, and pressure for them to intervene has been mounting since violence roque out against two executives on october 5. five employees have been suspended and are facing charges. with international attention from the dispute, a major labor union boycott, and upcoming regional election, the government they offer a helping taxes.ainly in regard to that includes nearly 600 million a year in rent for paris' airports. air france has requested their rent the frozen. another idea, a moratorium on the tax that breaks and 64
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million euros a year. >> why not if all these options can be looked into. there are structural problems with air france compared to its competitors. >> the latest plea is to reach an effective, cost-cutting compromise. one is needed for the company to survive. >> the german authorities avoided the recall of 2.4 million folks lagan's -- volkswagen vehicles. musterman motor industry recall the vehicles. genie: talk us through what is happening on the market. >> a pretty good day on the european market. one company that is not doing so well is the luxury fashion group burberry, down 20% in london after their most recent results showed a slowdown in chinese sales. genie: what do you have for us?
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>> this is a restaurant owner in new york who has taken drastic efforts to cut tipping. danny meyer owns 13 new york restaurants and is cutting tipping and raising prices. he says it is holding back his staff. there is a growing disparity between front of house and cooks. he says it will roll out. genie: it will be interesting to see if americans can get their head around not tipping. thank you so much for that, stephen carroll. time for the press review. it is now time to take a look at what has been happening in weekly news magazines.
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lots of focus still on the incident at air france, that shirt-ripping incident. issue thatnteresting looks at how people abroad have been reacting to that very shocking image that went viral. you can see them talking about the incorrigible french people. i really like the illustration on the front page. essentially, they are likening it to the very famous deluxe xperating -- de la croiz painting. you can see the air france manager looking very scared about this revolutionary mob. they report on how foreign papers are reacting to that footage and it must he said, people are quite divided. some people are saying this violence that is desired to
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break rules is typically french, part of our revolutionary dna. they also quote another british paper saying that actually these striking air france employees, what is one ripped shirt compared to the fear that these employees feel about losing their lives and the future of their livelihood? losing their jobs, excuse me. genie: a french airstrike killed six jihadis. >> they were killed in an air raid last week against an islamic state group camp in syria. their take on the fact that france is bombing french citizens. you can see french jihadists rating a famous issue of charlie hebdo.
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he is saying, here i am getting bombed right when i was starting to understand charlie hebdo's jokes. the serious questions that this incident raised have been debated in the french press, ken franch kill french citizens -- can france kill french citizens fighting jihad in syria? genie: let's talk a bit about french politics. nicholas sarkozy is on the cover. >> a very inaccurate allen -- machiavellian pose. they are calling him "the cleaner upper" and it french it has kind of a gangster connotation, the eliminator perhaps. he wants to eliminate his rivals and according to their paper, he is very much on the campaign trail although he has not made it official.
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mistaken, when the battle starts you will see i have not changed," is a quote from him. genie: he has to get rid of several lawsuit. >>
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>> for decades, world leaders have struggled to reduce carbon emissions. the result is a vast and complicated system in which pollution has become a commodity. and the carbon credits have


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