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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 15, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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palestinian president to end the
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month-long wave of violence in israel. this in the face of palestinian accusations that israel has carried out extrajudicial killings. our top story this hour -- for the fourth time this year, european leaders are gathered in brussels tonight to try to find a common voice to speak in the face of the migration crisis. more than 700,000 people have crossed into europe this year, fleeing war, poverty, or both. a solution has yet to be found around which of the 28 members of the european union can gather. again, tonight, hungary threaten to close its border with croatia if stronger policing of the outer borders of the european
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union were not agreed upon today at the summit. one solution that many member states agree on is that turkey should be involved. it is probably home to about 2 million refugees, many of whom are hoping to continue their journey to europe. reporter: take action or jeopardize the european union's credibility? with eu leaders meeting in brussels to find a solution to the migrant crisis, the european commission president warns they should start by respecting their pledges. statessist press member to deliver what they promised here in brussels on september 23. 2.2 billion euros. today i'm openly requesting those 2.2 billion euros. reporter: the commission complains none of the money has come through so far, while only a small fraction of the nearly 1000 officers requested by the board or agency and asylum office has been deployed. but it is non-member states that
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have been the focus of everyone's attention. 2rkey, which is taken in million syrian refugees, the most of any country in the world . the eu is desperate for turkey's cooperation and is offered 1.8 billion euros to deal with the influx, but ankara has its own defense, namely, easing visa restrictions for turkish citizens traveling to the eu, requested that should be carefully reviewed, warns the french president. hollande: just because we want turkey to help us like keeping refugees there, it doesn't mean we should these restrictions unconditionally. reporter: embracing turkey has been a tricky question for you members. any talk of turkey joining the have many countries raised the issue of its questionable human rights record. >> i'm joined tonight by a spokesperson here in paris for cr, the u.n. high
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commissioner for refugees. first of all, on the question of those commitments that have not one senses theo, frustration of eu officials as the meeting got underway today. neither the money nor the people pledged by member states have been moved forward. >> now it is very urgent that the measures agreed upon are put in place. what is important this chopper reception centers for torants coming to europe, welcome the people an assistant because the majority of the people who are coming are fleeing conflict, war. they are, ties and they need assistance -- they are traumatized and they need assistant. these reception centers would also have the job to identify the people and identify who is a refugee, who needs protection, who is not a refugee.
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that is the first thing that has -- implemented. from there, the relocation to other european countries can take place. >> it sounds, when you put it like that, like such an obvious thing that the eu needs to concentrate on. why has it not been done already? we saw the change of heart after the shocking images that change the minds of many europeans and the political courage angela merkel them straight. -- demonstrated. >> that has to be a coordinated european response and not just a response by one country. there are reception centers, but greece alone cannot deal with it. it has to be a coordinated response by the european union. if the european countries are together, they can respond to the situation and manage the situation. now, yes, opening those reception centers or reinforcing the reception centers that exist is really a priority, to be able to organize the relocation of the refugees. >> are you hopeful after these
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months of wrangling and divisions that the european union can do it? >> yes, we are hopeful, and we are also seeing that we are also ready to help. we have expertise and we already have emergency teams and their there.emergency teams in emergency centers, organizing people, relocations. >> what do you make of this new focus on getting ankara to help, the idea that billions of euros will be given to ankara, according to the latest ilk, in order to help it house and educate refugees and make them want to stay until the war command, essentially to go back. isn't it something of a red herring? these refugees don't want to stay in turkey. they want to come to europe. >> one thing we should not forget is that the refugees are in countries neighboring syria. 4 million refugees are in turkey, jordan, lebanon pick 600,000 people have arrived in europe, refugees but also
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migrants. the large majority of the refugees are in countries neighboring syria. the reason why, one of the reasons why, they tried to get to europe is that human terry assistance is limited, because of lack of funding -- humanitarian assistance is limited because of lack of funding. they are not able to live in turkey, jordan, or 1100 the majority of them are not able to send their kids to school to have a decent living. that is one of the reasons why they are trying to go to europe. it is very important to help those countries, to assist the refugees, and to help. -- help you military programs, but also to help those countries, to assist in refugees. faculty, thing seven getting worse for the refugees over the course of the last two years. they are living in deplorable conditions. do, but one thing that is important knows that the majority of the refugees don't live in camps.
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they live outside camp street in turkey, 2 million refugees. -- they live outside camp outside live camps. in turkey, 2 million refugees. they need to be able to work. european multiple together and find a coordinated response to help the countries around syria to deal with the crisis -- is the answer to dealing with this problem in brussels? >> there are 2 things. yes, there needs to be european solidarity towards the countries , countriesugees neighboring syria, but also, there is a need for european solidarity towards the syrian refugees and the other refugees by welcoming them, but also quite put in place other legal ways for refugees to be able to come to europe, because currently they are risking their lives again to come to europe. we also advising countries to make more efforts to allow the
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refugees to come to europe, including through visas or humanitarian programs or settlements or family reunification. >> you worked in the course of your daily work on the question of refugees. what if you made of the change of heart that we were talking about in europe, even with policies in coronation centers yet to be opened? there was this extorted no shift, with or not, from the summer and the weights of refugees and the question of integration in europe over the last two years. that has changed. >> we are seeing, yes, a lot of solidarity as well, solidarity of the people. if you go to greece, it is remarkable to see volunteers trying to help refugees. that is very positive. that has something -- that is something to continue. the crisis is not over. syrians are losing hope to go
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back to their countries, and more are welcome if they can't live in countries neighboring syria. >> do you believe it will be a permanent shift, our attitudes towards refugees will continue to be generous, considerate, that they will continue to go in the sense of respecting the sort of conventions that europe has signed? >> we hope so. that is what is very important, that it is not just now, but it will remain, not solidarity from the people but also the governors will continue to >. >> thank you very much for being our guest this evening. the plan has been to pull american troops out of afghanistan by the end of the year. a small force guarding the american embassy was to remain . president barack obama spoke earlier this evening. president obama: since taking
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the lead for secured earlier this year, afghan forces have continued to step up. at the same time, afghan forces are still not as strong as they need to be. they are developing critical capabilities -- intelligence, logistics, aviation, command-and-control. meanwhile, the taliban has made gains, particularly in rural areas, and can still launched deadly attacks in cities including kabul. >> benjamin netanyahu has rejected accusations of excessive force in response to the recent spate of stabbing attacks in israel. identifiedestinians by israel as attackers, including jordan, i've been killed over the past month. palestinians have accused israel of carrying out extrajudicial killings. the israeli prime ministers says he's willing to meet with the palestinian president to put an end to the recent round of violence. the terroru: campaign is a result of a continuous round of palestinian
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incitement, first on the al-aqsa mosque and the outrageous claim that we were changing the status quo to destroy it. ,ow we have a new big lie that israel is executing palestinians. yesterday president mahmoud abbas accused israel of putting to death from executing, and interest in palestinian boy. first of all, he is not dead, he is life. second, he is not innocent. he tried to kill, murder, knife to death and innocent israeli youngster, 13 years old, riding a bicycle. >> and look at the latest from the united states presidential race. donald trump has seen his life in the republican presidential race putting him ahead in the key swing states in the united states. one day after hillary clinton's debut on the democratic debate stage, trunk campaign in
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virginia and took shots at clinton and was interrupted by protesters. this report from richmond, virginia. security --ortis where is the dreaded? --where is the security? >> send them back to where they came from? reporter: it is fighting season in the presidential campaign. racial slurs and altercations breakout in this rally for the republican front-runner. moments earlier, donald trump made a triumphant entrance. his fans and potential voters seduced by his tough stance on economic issues and immigration, and applying his idea to build a wall -- applauding his idea to build a wall on the border with mexico. mp: we want to have a big, beautiful door in the middle of that wall and we want those people to come in.
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they have got to do it through a legal process. reporter: many here believe that trump is the only candidate who doesn't represent the establishment, and therefore, the one able to bring about genuine change. >> i will definitely vote for trump. i voted for obama twice. save thisump can country. i think he can do a lot better than hillary. i don't want any clintons back in office again. reporter: so far, the charisma of the tv personality turned candidate is showing no signs of fading. from the united states. here in europe, michel platini council on the european governing body's backing, at least some of it. with european football associations voicing their concerns of the scandal, he is provisionally banned from the game. mark thompson has more.
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mark: representatives from uefa 's 54 members met in switzerland this thursday. for once, the head of european football was not among them. michel platini has been provisionally banned from all football related activities over concerns regarding a 1.8 million-euro payment from fifa president sepp blatter in 2011. in his absence, uefa said they could count on the backing. >> everyone supports michel platini as a person for all he's doing as uefa, for european football. what counts will be the final decision by a court, and everyone has the right to a fair trial. also urged investigators to work quickly and decide the merits of the case within the month at the latest. three-time world player of the year platini has submitted his papers to stand in fifa's
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presidential elections next year. -- it hasa congress to take place on the 26th of february. it cannot and shall not be delayed. supporters within european football seem sparse and unanimous. it is like germany and the netherlands reconsidering their stance. platini has launched an appeal against his suspension. acceptsthe excess -- he that the payments were carried foras blatter's advisor 1998 to 2002. >> latest on the fifa scandal. 9:00 in minutes past the french capital. headlines tonight -- the right thing to do. barack obama's is 9800 american troops will be in afghanistan
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next year to prevent the country from being used as a safe haven for terrorists. european leaders gathered once again to find a solution to the migrant crisis, with the pressure now on turkey to stem the flow of refugees. it is the biggest migration crisis since world war ii. and benjamin netanyahu says he is going to meet with the palestinian president to end the month-long wave of violence. he rejected accusations of excessive use of force come in the face of accusations israel carried out extra digital -- extrajudicial killings of palestinians. time for the latest business news. markus karlsson is back and we returned to the latest twist in the volkswagen scandal. markus: this time, around last month, we learned that volkswagen was cheating on emissions test it the scandal broke in the united states, and volkswagen later said that overall, 11 million cars worldwide were impacted by this scandal. we are now hearing that germany has been turning the screws on
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volkswagen. the government ordered vw to recall millions of cars. the car group came naturally after the order to announce it would article 8.5 million cars across the european union. vw says itisgraced will be bringing in a .5 million vehicles across europe -- 8.5 million vehicles across europe, after pushing for a voluntary recall with so-called defeat devices. it comes hours after germany insisted a recall of affected vehicles would not be optional. orderedwagen has been in the statement from the federal motor transport authority to remove the software from all vehicles and to take appropriate measures to ensure that the emissions rules are followed. germany's car watchdog
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which acts as the primary greg later across europe -- primary regulator? , has ordered vw to -- primary regulator across europe, as vw to refit the kospi next year, which will likely prove expensive for the giant. some analysts predict that the fines and lawsuits could cost vw up to 35 billion euros. prosecutors in italy have launched investigations into six local managers of vw, and it's luxury subsidiary, lamborghini. raided on thursday, and almost one month after admitting to rigging emissions tests, it is under pressure to identify those responsible. next we're going to look
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at what is a growing brouhaha in france. a former traders criticizing a 2 billion-euro tax break for societe generale, his former employer. the lender received the tax rebate in 2009 and 2010 after losing nearly 5 billion euros in botched trace. societe generale says it was a victim of fraud. he spoke at a court hearing to decide whether a government report on the tax break should be released to the public. a greeneen picked up by lawmaker who wants to ties day general -- who wants societe generale to pay back. >> the french sector last 2 billion euros because the bank said it was the victim of fraud, while the court approved the opposite. the chain of command failed, the checking system failed. all kinds of failures were highlighted by the banking commission and the final appeals court.
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taxpayers should never have paid 2 billion euros in tax reductions to societe generale. markus: next up we will look at the markets. stocks are rising on wall street after what has been a pretty good-looking session from an earnings perspective. shares of citigroup are among the climbers after it reported a jump in earnings.the industrial average near a session high -- the dow jones industrial average near a session high, up 1.1%. shares ahead on this side of the atlantic. technology shares led the way during the european trading day. unilever did well after it reported better-than-expected third-quarter sales. with bring you up-to-date a few other stories we have been watching for you throughout the trading session. shares of burberry among the laggards in london, closing a percent lower. the luxury goods group said sales growth had slowed to a trickle during the past six months of its financial year. china plus slowing economy is seen as the main culprit, undermining demand for burberry's trenchcoats and bags.
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the chief executive said that he hoped sales in the second half will pick up. sspanish oil company is to lash spending and sell assets to the tune of 6 billion euros. it is taking action to safeguard against the low price of oil. its goal is to break even with the oil price of $50 a barrel. it will cut 6% of its workforce in the coming year. here in france, this music streaming service aims to raise 300 million euros when it was shares on the paris stock market. the initial public offering is on the cards for october 30. it says it wants to sell 8.2 million shares in a deal that values the entire comedy at around one billion euros. the firm says it will use the money to grow its 6.3 million-subscriber base and compete with rivals like spotify. finally, could solar powered roads save our planet?
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an event in paris is showcasing business ideas that are good for the environment. the show took place in the lead up to a summit on climate change in paris in december. a french government has designed special solar panels that can be placed on roads with huge potential for generating energy. mark thompson has more. electricity,ing using solar panels to pave french roads. a futuristic concept, but one made possible by this small plate designed by a french company. although the full to go take cells are only -- photovoltaic cells are centimeters thick, they are extremely resistant thanks to a layer of glass. >> when you are talking about solar roads, you are talking about exactly that. to say they can take a lighter vehicles like cars, clearly, but also trucks. mark: the cells can be placed on top of any road and work in any climate. just 15 square meters can power
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a stoplight. worthoner'-- kilometer's can cover street lighting for a small town. the plates will be more expensive than traditional solar panels when they become available in january. although they are the world's first, competition is waiting in the wings. this could be what motorways of the future look like. it is made up of a thick layer of glass with solar panels underneath that can support up to 100 tons of weight. it has a special coating that will unfreeze the road in snowy and icy conditions. the panels are also able to make new markings. a 50-kilometer stretch of road in the united states is already under construction. i say it is pretty nifty, that solution. it would be kind of cool, wouldn't it? >> critical stuff. thank you very much indeed, markus karlsson. you can have a good break and i will be right back with the headlines tonight.
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