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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 16, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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"france 24"o the genie godul newsroom. turkey looks to stop the influx of asylum sickles. brussels offers cash and help. jewish holy site in the west bank, latest unrest and deadly tensions between palestinians and israelis. heavy rains trigger flooding and mudslides in southern california. several roads shut down in the
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area north of los angeles. also coming up, starbucks looks to perk up the italian market. the u.s. coffee giant setting its sights on the birthplace of espresso. we have those details and more on business update. the rugby world cup in full spring -- swing, but growing controversy over the misuse of the sacred -- we take a closer look. ♪ >> we begin with the latest in the eu migrant crisis. in france, a person was killed after hit by freight train near calais. since june, 16 people have died trying to reach britain.
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bulgaria, a young man from afghanistan were shot and killed by border police who say he tried to enter the country illegally. the influx of asylum seekers has plunged the european union into crisis. its leaders have been trying to figure out what to do at a summit in brussels. we have been covering even so there. we cross now for the latest. things wrapped up in brussels. the eu focusing on further cooperation with turkey. what is the eu offering? the focus seems to be on turkey at the moment. european commission president jean-claude juncker, a joint action plan, to entice turkey to do more to look after the two point -- 2.2 million refugees there. -- just this week, seven people died on their way to a greek island.
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200 people have died taking the route from turkey degrees. the eu wants to get turkey to sign up in return for money to a number of conditions. first, survey their borders. crackdown on smugglers. also, better conditions for the refugees thereby improving the camps with the funding from the european union. as you can see, the eu is in a massive hurry to get turkey to sign up. therefore, we have seen president recep tayyip erdogan playing hard. progress on the visa liberalization talks, which will now take place in spring 2016, according to european commission president jean-claude juncker. >> what reactions have we seen to some of these concessions you mentioned. ? >> raised eyebrows from a number
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of countries like france who don't want to see these are liberalization introduced overnight. groups trying to figure out why the eu is -- to turkey, a country that wants to join the downut known for cracking on press freedom, peaceful protests is -- protesters. the green party said that president recep tayyip erdogan should not be the eu border chief. >> thank you for that. reporting from brussels. 7000 people crossed eu borders each and every day. many unable to find places to stay and left to face the elements. the big problem is as weather grows colder in europe. >> they hope to arrive before temperatures drop in europe, but thousands of migrants were freezing after been caught in the storm. soaked with nowhere dry or hot to go, they lined up, waiting
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for the next bus. few had one clothing. -- few had warm clothing. >> my children are cold here it look at my son. he has no proper close. he has no boots for this weather. -- he has no proper clothing. >> the lack of adequate clothing and whether worry humanitarian workers. they worried that even in reception centers, conditions should improve. >> if you want people to sleep in tents, at least some level beds or even, like tents,- in many of the they just lay down in the mud. that is not acceptable. croatia's foreign minister visited the camp. she says that europe can push migrants away, but not at the creation border. >> if you want to fortify and strengthen the european borders, the european schengen border is
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between greece and turkey. >> the number of migrants surged in october. they want to make the journey now before becomes too difficult. >> next, we crossed to the west bank, where dozens of palestinians through firebombs at a jewish holy site. palestinian security forces extend the blinds at joseph's tomb. the arson comes at time of heightened tensions. we have more. forces outside the gaza strip on high alert. palestinians protesting across the southern territory and west bank on friday, these troops have a mission, blocking people from crossing the border into israel. police forces and army troops remain deployed across jerusalem. the day of protest will begin after friday prayer. to avoid confrontations, israel is only allowing men over 40 to
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enter the holy compound. israeli and palestinian leaders want to defuse the tension. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is ready to meet with palestinian president mahmud abbas. >> it is attention useful to stop the wave of violence against israel. >> for reaching out to the palestinian president, prime minister benjamin netanyahu was criticizing him. he lied when the israeli state said they killed a boy who stabbed someone. they have responded, saying that palestinian president mahmud abbas was wrong about the boy . it doesn't have to shoot attackers. palestinians were shocked by images of the wounded attacker also some media. -- israelis were shocked by the video of the attack. >> foreign policy shift from u.s. president. barack obama will slow down pullout of troops from
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afghanistan, afghan security forces are not strong enough to fight insurgents alone. the taliban have once again made major gains in the country. we have the details. abandoning his previous goal of bringing home most of bringing home most american troops from afghanistan during his presidency, barack obama says the new slowed plan is in the best interest of both countries. >> maintaining our current posture through next year, rather than a more rapid drawdown will allow us to sustain our efforts to train and assist afghans forces -- as they grow stronger. >> instead of reducing troops from 9802 1000, the new plan sees 5500 troops remaining beyond 2017 based around the country. , afghan security forces are not yet strong enough to fight insurgents by themselves.
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they took charge after the us-led coalition ended combat mission at the end of last year. while they have made good progress, the taliban has also made games in rural areas. according to the united nations, the insurgents are now spread through most -- more parts of the country than any point since 2001. the taliban score the biggest victory in the northern city of kunduz. afghan forces were only able to retake it with the help of the u.s.. reflects the also u.s. confidence in afghanistan's new president after years of troubled relationships with his predecessor. afghanistan is a key piece of the network of counterterrorism partnerships that we need from south asia to africa to deal more broadly with terrorist threats quickly and event attacks against our homeland. willintaining 5500 troops
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cost $14.5 billion a year, instead of the 10 billion dollars estimated previously. >> to a government assault in syria. the syrian army says it has launched a major operation south of aleppo. forces are said to be supported by hundreds of fighters from iran and lebanon. the syrian troops have been backed by russian airstrikes against opposition forces. in other news just coming in, turkey says its warplanes shot down an unidentified drone near syria. the turkish military said the aircraft was brought down three kilometers inside turkish airspace. the nationality has not yet been identified. on from thers lockerbie bombings, accusation surface, targeting to live in intelligence agencies. the claims, two days after the airing of a u.s. documentary made by a brother of a lockerbie victim.
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oliver has more. in 1988members the day when an employee 103 exploded over lockerbie in scotland. his brother was one of the 243 people on board. >> he was coming home for the holidays, and we were waiting for him, and then we got the call from the airline that david had been on the plane. >> the bombing killed a total of 270 people, including dozens on the ground. after years of delay, libya handed over a former security agent for trial. in 2001, he was convicted. the only person to serve time for the bombing. the new film has pointed the finger at two other libyans. these are cut off his former spy chief and the alleged ball maker. both were imprisoned after the fall of qaddafi in 2011.
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neither man has been charged with relation to the lockerbie bombing. is now passing information to the fbi in the hope of moving an investigation forward. watching asing and well. i feel like i pushed it as far as i could as a filmmaker. it is now up to the government. >> in the u.k., a father of one of the victims gave a cautious welcome to the new findings. >> of course i am pleased. if there is material that shows that other people were involved, then we want to know. we are not satisfied the one man who was found guilty was in fact guilty. >> the man always protested his innocence. he was released by the scottish government by by the government and died of cancer three years later. >> in the united states, flooding and mudslides have hit
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southern california. heavy rains triggered mudslides north of los angeles. cars, stranded drivers, authorities close to several major roads. josh reports. >> surrounded by a sea of mud and struggling to escape after torrential rains started severe flooding north of los angeles on thursday. the roads cut off, it left emergency services struggling to reach hundreds of drivers stranded throughout the night. >> all we saw was a mountain of dirt and stuff coming right for us. it pretty much lifted my car up and spun us around like it was nothing. >> home owners weren't spared either. mudslides swept over properties with little warning, forcing residents to scramble to safety. rescue workers are good to keep up as flood warnings continue to pour in. it is a state farm were used to dry conditions and already in a
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fourth year of catastrophic drought. >> i've been out here for 24 years, and i have never seen this much water in 24 years. you can't tell how facets moving or how safe it is. -- how fast it is moving or safe it is. >> estimates say it could take 24 hours to clear major roads heading north and south. >> it's coming up at 14 minutes past 1:00 p.m. in the french capital. let's get an update of the headlines. >> the eu looks to turkey and a bit to stop asylum-seekers. cash to offers ankara help. palestinians towards a jewish holy site in the west bank. the latest in an between palestinians and israelis. heavy rains trigger flooding and mudslides in southern california. several major roads are shut down in areas north of los angeles. for our business update.
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i'm joined in the studio by delona. news out of china, investors eyeing important economic data on monday. >> that's right. all eyes on the world's second-largest economy after it reaches its gdp. , is expected, and that will put a dent in the growth rate of 7%. fears of a slowdown is not restricted to china. many european brands feeling the heat from slower growth in china. efforts to tackle poverty and setting the bar high for the future. slowdown,nationwide the president delivered the keynote speech friday at the un's global poverty form. >> china has lifted more than 600 million people out of poverty. over the next five years, we will lift the remaining 70 million people out of poverty. this is an important step in
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implement our development agenda. >> an ambitious goal and light of current economic climate. beijing has been actively trying to induce its economy by investing in infrastructure and service interesting. -- industry. manufacturing has slowed. the efforts will be put to a test on monday when third-quarter gdp numbers are released. after the two previous court came in at exactly 7%, just as the government predicted, skepticism has risen about the veracity of beijing's figures. another 7% number would be a surprise, considering that imports unexpectedly fell by 1/5 in september. companies have expanded to aggressively. now they found the man cannot catch up. that is why they have to reduce. -- now they have found that the demand cannot catch up. >> it has had a chilling effect
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on foreign luxury good brands. hugo boss and burberry attribute loss to drop in demand from china. >> let's get a check of how markets are doing in your. all the main indices are up in green. yeardespite year on inflation data out of the eurozone for the month of september which came in at -0.1% . all are up over one half of a percent at this hour. hugo boss shares fell 10% after they slashed forecasts blaming weak sales in china. other stores following, corporate results emanate this friday. $68 billion drop in sales for the first nine months of this year for nestle. the giant also lowered its four-your outlook. this as the scandal in india weighs on its third-quarter sales. nestle expects third -- growth to come in lower than the 56%
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previously forecast. -- 5% or 6% previously forecasted. 2.2% to 20 one half billion euros, the company has said europe is a growth engine. spanish marker -- market star performer. goldman sachs, dropped 40%, wall street giant blames challenging conditions in emerging markets and limited client activity. revenue came from its core fixed income currencies and commodities trading division. the worst than expected results provide insights into how wall street is likely to perform. what appears -- starbucks is about the light the bullet and begin kinds of their own game. with ain is in talks milanssman based out of that has a franchise agreement for victoria secret. the ceo of starbucks said he got the inspiration to open his
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first coffee shop after visiting milan. the group has penetrated many countries in europe like france and has until now stay clear of italy. analysts remain split on whether the titans will ditch local baristas for starbucks. -- whether at tie-ins will ditch local baristas for starbucks. i'm not sure i would. italian coffee is cheaper, strong, and better. >> we will see how it goes. >> there are a lot of tourists. >> that is the case here in paris. thank you for the update. it is time for our press review. ♪ time to see with grabbing headlines around the world. i'm joined in the studio by florence. we will start off with the french daily. focusing on the european migrant crisis. >> one particular aspect of the migrant plight. interesting article on a
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technological aspect of their journey. you can see on the front page that they talk about the lifeline photograph of this refugee lit up by a smart phone, because this smartphone is really a key part of many refugees journey. it talks about hope at the end of the smartphones. many refugees interviewed say it is among the most precious object, in fact it was one man saying that i took my son, my passport, and my smartphone. interesting is that photographs of refugees with the smartphones led to comments on social media. a lot of people saying how can they be a poor refugee and own a smartphone. accessible,are very not as expensive. they are indispensable and help refugees navigate, use maps to find the way they want to move forward.
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it also gives them access to social media and internet so they can get in touch with help centers. they can also find out what happened to other refugees ahead of them, what borders to avoid. also, the laws in the countries where they are going. also, smartphones help them communicate with their family members, whether they are on the road or back home. ofther indispensable part these cell phones and smartphones is that it helps them keep memories from back home, they can look at their memories, photos, many refugees say that is important for them. more than ever, the migrant crisis has brought to light how indispensable it is to stay connected. >> yes, indeed. unrest in the middle east, a lot of people reporting on the role of social media, the recent surge of violence there. >> very interesting article in the jerusalem post, an israeli
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paper that talks how social media is serving as a main source of incitement in many of the attacks happening in israel, often carried out by young people who are not affiliated with an organized group, but find motivation online, according to this article. this photograph you can see was taken from facebook. it shows a palestinian making a victory side with the fingers -- the jerusalem post talks about spreads that has propaganda praising attacks, encouraging attacks. the flip side, palestinian side, is that the israeli occupation and settlement policy is really triggering violence. another article in the daily beast, social media is fanning the flames on both sides. i find this title interesting could it says the intifada will be instagram. ed.
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according to this article in the daily beast, there is a debate over whether this will be happening on social media, happening very fast. thanks to mobile technology, cell phones, palestinians and israeli authorities have lost control of the narrative, and especially gloss control of their own extremists. >> very interesting take on the role of media there. speaking of media and television, we have one u.s. gotten intoeland" some interesting trouble. >> that's right. it is publicity. aboutand" is very popular the cia, counterterrorism, the fifth season just got underway. in one of the latest episodes that was aired on october 11, you can see a character walking through a fictional syrian refugee camp, working by
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graffiti. the graffiti artists hired to do --s graffiti axis eight they actually say that they did graffiti that said things like homeland is racist and other things that were insulting about the show, but as you can see in this headline says that nobody noticed and the episode was aired. you can see her walking right in front of this graffiti. they have come out to explain why they did this. this is a group of street artist called the arabian street artists, and they say on a website that they decided to hack the award-winning series. they said they are upset about the way homeland per trays the middle east and muslims and the middlertrays east, muslims, and arabs. the staff have come out to react to this. >> how are they reacting?
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>> they say they regret the fact that they did not catch the fact that the graffiti was twisted, but admired and active artistic sabotage. they said it was quite well played from the graffiti artist. >> we will in with some sports. is still world cup going on, 2015 cup. france squaring off against the all blacks new zealand, quite a match. >> that's right. the french coach is in the spotlight today. you can see him on the front page of the sports daily. he is looking a little stressed out. he has come under a lot of fire since france lost against ireland last week. it is as if he is almost on trial and now it has come time for the verdict. ,e is playing all or nothing will he be able to bring france to victory? there's not a lot of optimism in
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the french press. the all blacks are pretty good team. a lot of people are upset with the coach. reports that the team has staged a mini rebellion against their coach, saying that he is a nice guy, but not very charismatic and doesñ÷p÷999ñówççy q ú
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