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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 19, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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24.ou're watching france these are the headlines. spendnds of migrants another cold night outdoors as countries in eastern europe tighten or completely block their borders. turkey confirms the identity of ankara suicide bombers.
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a man is mistakenly shot and beaten to death by a mob during an attack on a bus station in israel. the real attacker and an israeli soldier are shot dead 10 more seriously hurt. also coming up, the u.k. hopes to rope in big-ticket -- fromnts from tied up china. the worst growth figures to come out of china in six years. details coming up in business. french baguettes may be the most famous in the world but a very long one in italy has broken a new world record. that and more on the way but first, top stories. thousands of people trying to
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get into western europe have spent another cold and wet night outdoors. tensions are high on the borders as you can see with these images of fights breaking out amongst migrants themselves. hungary closed its border with croatia and the flow of people has been redirected to a slower route via slovenia. that country says it will only take in 2500 people a day, causing migrants to pilot on the border. clare murphy explains. claire: migrants crossing from serbia into croatia are stopped in their tracks. tensions run high in the balkans with winter drawing near. those making the migrants rh is to reach their destination. to reachs to reach their destination. >> we ask the police sent us
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here they said, we contacted them and they committed a mistake. itsre: hungary extending border policy from croatia. the new destination of choice, slovenia. many have found themselves stranded in croatia over recent days as slovenia limits daily intake to 2500 migrants. there was a five-hour delay before this train was given clearance to leave croatia for slovenia on sunday evening. those progressing further to the border with austria count themselves among the lucky ones. >> everything give to people. claire: croatia and slovenia say they will not stop migrants crossing their territory as long as austria also keeps its doors open. the anna has placed -- th
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queues's border are moving. genie: just elected the first female mayor of:. saturday. the neck that made her the most prominent victim yet in the growing backlash against the migrants. record ran as an independent but she is close to rolling ofistian democrat party chancellor angela merkel. to turkey where the prime minister says authorities have confirmed the identity of one of the ankara suicide bombers area close to 100 people were killed in that attack earlier this month. jasper mortimer is covering the story and he joins us now. what more can you tell us? jasper: today's reports break new ground. it chose that the government is pursuing the people behind the
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bombers. secondly, the identity of the second bomber of the uncorrupt bombing -- the ankara bombing nine days ago hassecondly, the e second appeared to have changed. in june, a bomber planted two bombs that exploded at an hdp rally, killing four people. bomber, and isis suicide blew himself up at a pro-kurdish event, killing 34 people. the ankara bombing which killed 102 people. accusednt critics have the government of failing to go after the people behind the bombers. the police ministry identify the bombers but it did not arrest anybody above them. also that with all
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three of these bombings, carried .ut by the islamic state group that the islamic state appears to have been bombing the kurds advents in government is -- during the past few months, has been focusing on the pkk. the turkish/kurdish insurgent group. the turkish air force has hideouts in pkk turkey and iraq but paying nowhere near as much attention to the islamic state group. according to today's addition of a pro-government paper whose lead correspondent has good sources in the police, one of
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the four men charged last night is the man who guided the ankara bombers and the identity of the second ingres suicide -- ankara suicide bomber is not the name i gave you last week but that of a foreigner who entered turkey from syria and who has not been identified yet. genie: thanksgiving for that. just mortimer reporting. -- jasper mortimer reporting. israel is putting new security measures into place after two weeks of attacks: eating in the most violent one so far sunday on a bus station in the southern city after shave a. -- in a southern city. some of the attackers from the previous violence we've seen. tell us about these new security measures that are being put in the place. standing on the dividing line between the arab neighborhood over here and the
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jewish one at the top of the hill. behind me is a wall, about two meters high. thisrday, the israelis say is part of their security deployment. they say it is necessary to monitor and fielder -- filter people who live in this neighborhood. we talked to one lady on the side of the area who said all of this is making her feel asphyxiated. a common sentiment you here in east jerusalem, at least in the last few days. on the top of the hill we talked to a jewish lady earlier who said this police deployment did not make her feel more secure. she wanted these troubles to be over. israeli police are caught in a bind. very difficult to crack down on lone wolf attackers.
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the subject of a real polemic. netanyahu has ordered the stop of construction under pressure .rom the israeli right right now, in terms of facts on the ground it is more divided than ever. genie: let's get back to the attack on beersheba. one of the victims was a young migrant who was shot by mistake and attacked by a mob of bystanders who thought he was the assailant. what kind of reaction has there been to what happened? obviously the situation like this moves very fast. people are not necessarily thinking rationally but a lot of people are wondering how this man ended up dead. people from elsewhere in southern say -- in sub-saharan
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, particularly marginal existence sometimes here in israel. many israelis how -- wondering how the attacker got his hands on the fire of. edge of the on the south of israel. , a long way with minimal flashpoints of israeli settlements in the west bank. gaza and east jerusalem. over 40 palestinian's of died in the latest outbreak of violence. there is more international attention on u.s. secretary of state john kerry in terms of calling it, urging israelis to show the strength and getting palestinian administered -- palestinian leadership to crack down. thank you for that. chris moore reporting from eastern jerusalem.
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the government in egypt is giving its workers a half day off today in hopes of making sure they get out and vote. on sunday the first day of the two date ross s, a trickle of voters seen heading to the polls. the president has called the vote and important step on the road to democracy. any of his opponents in egypt are calling it a sham. the death toll from the typhoon in the philippines has been revised up to 16. hundreds of people were left stranded on the roots of their homes as the slow-moving but powerful storm and rising floodwaters moved in. for more, let's bring in dean bernardo in manila. dean: wrist reduction groups are trying -- risk reduction groups are trying to help out a lot of people.
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right now there is still a lot of areas that have not been breached. the biggest problem is a lot of these residents were caught offguard. they were expecting that there would be no floods. surprise each time there is a severe weather condition. in parts some trapped that are elevated or areas where in the flood is still there. they are sending us reports, sending text messages. one of the most powerful things is that the text message, asking for rescue. some have been trapped for the last 24 to 36 hours. government is trying to push resources to reach these people. there will be some helicopters that will be deployed. the water is still rising.
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the eye of the storm is in the mountains and the water from their is coming to the low-lying areas. genie: thank you for that. he bernardo reporting from vanilla -- from manila -- dean bernardo reporting from manila. you can always check out stories, on a lighter note, when you think of french cuisine, one of the first things you may think about is french bread. as of yesterday, the french baguette lost a little fame. a guinness world records judge has confirmed a baguette 120 meters long, about 400 feet, is now the world's longest. the 2015 world fair and is indeed the longest in the world. of french and
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italian bakers get down to serious baguette business. translator: the rules are that the baguette must be cooked in one single piece. the biggest challenge is to bake and cook this one long peacefully, fitting to the -- long piece fully, fitting to the original recipe. >> proving to be more than he bargained for. >> it is difficult to do a big get because we are outside -- a big baguette because we are outside. atop. plastic him reporter: baking the structure is a slow and meticulous process. translator: this little engine connected to change -- two chains makes the portable of an wing forward. we are managing to cook it at 20 meters per hour.
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reporter: after almost seven hours, the creation is complete. measuring 120 meters. cheers erupt as the judges announce. it has broken the former record, winning the guinness title. the team joins spectators to celebrate and of course break bread. genie: let's take a look at headlines on france tony for. -- on france tony for. another cold night outdoors as countries in eastern europe tighten or completely block their borders. turkey confirms the identity of one of the ankara suicide bombers. the attack left close to 100 dead. an eritrean man is mistakenly shot and beaten to death by a mob during an attack on a bus station in israel. the real attacker and an israeli
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soldier were shot dead in the rampage with 10 more seriously hurt. time for the business news. you are starting off with the latest gdp figures out of china. >> growth rate for the third quarter, the figure came in at 6.9%, lower than the 7% announced in the two quarters of 2013 -- 2015. authorities said the slower pace of growth would be the no normal it over the weekend the chinese premier admitted hitting the target rate of 7% was not going to be easy as the global recovery loses steam. china's president will kick off a four day stay visit to the u.k.. downing street is hoping for a flood of chinese investment despite a slowdown. 's state: xi jinping visit to the u.k. will herald a golden era of financial
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relationships. britain's business world agrees. >> we think it is a real opportunity for u.k. and chinese businesses to engage. oforter: among the flurry deals expected to be inked, a poweror two state owned plants. beijing's and bassett are insists -- >> they are here not for so-called control of nuclear power. we are here for win-win cooperation. we will play by international standards. reporter: in march britain became the first western nation to join the investment bank ignoring washington's pressure to stay out. if there is a better
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market and a better partner such as china that can respond to britain us economic problems and help the u.k. get more opportunities in markets outside the eu, there's no reason the british government would not want to spring -- to strengthen the partnership. reporter: a time of increasing worries over china us economic health area of the latest figure appears to confirm the slowdown falling short of the 7% mark for the first time in seven years. endemic corruption in chinese businesses remains a stumbling block. delano: let's go check and how the markets in europe are doing. mixed reaction to the news of china's growth losing steam. the dax is leading gains up around 9/10 of 1%. shares in deutsche bank up three and have percent after the company -- up 3.5% of the company announced it would split its investment and management two. air france says it could reduce the number of planned job cuts
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announced two weeks ago. the plan to lay off 2900 staff was met with protest and a part of what the airline calls plan b . the chief executive says the scale of future cuts depends on how negotiations with the union shape up. translator: plan b covers two years, two dozen 16 in 2017. -- 2016 and 2017. in --ught selling tickets we start selling tickets in april of next year. 2017, if negotiations early next year are successful, we could avoid land be to come back to plan a. genie: we will stay with the airline theme where tensions are simmering between u.s. airlines and one middle eastern rival. beeno: u.s. carriers have left fuming after emirates posted an ad that takes a stab at the services they offer or the ones they do not. the airline paid jennifer
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aniston $5 million to get their point across. >> i'm looking for the shower. >> there are no showers here. >> i'm going to look pretty silly just like this going to the bar. >> there is bar but we do have hot towels and a bag of peanuts. reporter: this airline company may be fictional but there is little doubt which of its rivals emirates is referring to. the ad compares the services jennifer aniston gets offered in her nightmare to what she wakes up to. flying as it should be, as the airline calls it. american and, an their middle eastern rivals, emirates, qatar. u.s. carriers have been crying .oul they argue the $42 billion financial aid violates the open skies agreement designed to expand commercial flights by eliminating government
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interference. aniston's at comes as another hollywood big name, nicole kidman, has come under fire for appearing in this commercial. given the quote, well nondiscriminatory practices of the airline. delano: one third of all users on facebook us on the ad gave it a thumb to down -- gave a thumbs down. genie: i can understand. thank you for that look. it is time to take a look at what the papers have been saying with the press review. oliver ferrie is with us today on the set for review of the papers today. a big story in the french press today as this conference involving trade unions is presided over by the french president. oliver: the social conference takes place today.
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the agenda to adapt employment to the new digital reality. paris conference on climate change and a number of more arcane aspects of french labored legislation. the right-leaning is the standing opinion says there's nothing on the agenda about the main subjects of modernization such as making the labor market more flexible or pension reform. paper says we can expect no results from this conference that is "a high mast for nothing." thatl in the public thinks francois hollande's gathering is pointless. the left-wing cgt trade union will not be attending. why his union is boycotting the congress, ever since the air france affair, executives were roughed up in public fashion by workers. necessary tos
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sound the alarm adding that with , the litanyn-in-law f loss favoring redundancies -- it is time to stop pleasing the boxes. -- the bosses. genie: is a social referendum for unity of the left. what does that mean? oliver: it took place at a socialist party. it was a top, not a flop, a rather awkward translation into english. it sounds endearing sort cannot resist saying it. this slogan he has used, his website is called the referendum -- he says -- it says the election was riddled with cheating. you could vote as often as you like online or in polling stations set up by the party. not really sure what the aim of it was.
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turnout was lower than expected. this has raised the hackles of the socialist party's left wing partners and while the party leader might've bee pleased, another one, the former head of state, nicholas sarkozy. genie: it's move onto international papers. the visit of president xi jinping to the u.k. tomorrow is causing a lot of things to be set in the papers on that side of the channel. oliver: the chinese president is arriving with a lot of pomp and ceremony. he's getting plush digs. he is being treated to a state banquet at buckingham palace. he will visit david cameron at his residence where the president has requested fish and chips on the menu. he will address parliament, an institution he has a lot of respect for but not a lot of use
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for back in china. the guardian reports david cameron is dismissing the possibility of a rift with the u.s. over the u.k.'s cozying up to beijing. president obama was a lot more robust in his exchanges with the chinese president. there will be little discussion of human rights and washington might be more alarmed by westminster inviting chinese state companies in to help hold and operate nuclear power plants in the u.k. the opposition is worried that this investment might put britain's energy and national security at risk. genie: i'm guessing it is mostly about money. oliver: the daily telegraph reports on an interview xi jinping gave to reuters that britain is the most open country in the west. this is the sort of openness he likes, open to chinese investments. he held -- he said he looked forward to engaging with the
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british government and people. in the absence of troubling questions, it would be up to opposition leader jeremy corbin to press the chinese on human rights. he said he will do so but the chinese --ññ÷?÷?ñ?ñó6óñd ú
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