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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 20, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to the newsroom. it is 1:00 p.m. in the french capital. out with the old and in with the new, candidate elect a new leader. -- canada elects a new leader. reunite on thes korean peninsula. hundreds of south koreans crossed to the north for an emotional reunion with lost loved ones. oscar pistorius is out on
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parole. now under house arrest after serving just one year of his five-year sentence for killing his girlfriend. hour, britain's steel industry in crisis as more jobs are cut, david cameron says he will raise the issue of unfair competition with china's president. before forces calling and the fans are answering. legions of star wars faithful crashed ticket sites as the new trailer for the force awakens is released and instantly goes viral. ♪ >> first, canada has a new prime minister, justin trudeau has been confirmed as winner of the general election. the bilingual victory speech he
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paid tribute to his outgoing rival, stephen harper, who served nine years. he spoke of his plans to focus on canada's middle-class. >> you gave me clear marching orders. you want a government that works as hard as you do, one that is focused every minute of every day on growing the economy, creating jobs, and strengthening the middle class. you want a prime minister who knows canada is a country strong the -- not despite our differences but because of them. >> making his victory speech at the start of the campaign, he was in third place. with the promise of change and a return of youth, his liberal party gained an outright majority in parliament. the 43-year-old comes from a political family and is following in his father's footsteps as prime minister. >> trudeau mania grips get a,
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young and photogenic, justin trudeau, the son of a former prime minister, rose to victory on the message of change for canada. >> when the plan is not working, the real risk is taking with the status quo. >> policy wise he sets himself apart and wants to invest in infrastructure. his plan is to amend canada's relationship with the united states and is also about to -- >> we built a progressive platform. >> he shares many ideas with his father, he appeared oh, who is responsible for canada's bill of rights and open-door policy to immigration. trudeau headed to the polls with his wife and three children. not the average resume for a politician, he has worked as a
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bouncer and bartender before being a math teacher and seeking parliament. said he wastive just not ready to lead. during the 11 week campaign, he clinched the top spot and a chance to follow in his father's footsteps. >> next, it workers are working -- warning of dire conditions in eastern europe, the fears of tens of thousands of people have been stranded as they try to make their way to northern europe, worsening weather conditions and tighter border control has made the journey even harder. a report on the situation on the border of serbia and croatia. >> chaos as thousands of migrants rush towards the border trying to see the opportunity. strengthenedoatia
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its border with serbia and 3000 people have been stuck in cold and wet weather. hundreds of thousands of people from syria have been making their way from turkey and greece towards northern europe. with the hank aaron wrote now closed -- hungarian route now closed, the travelers are crossing through croatia. bottlenecks across the balkans started after slovenia limited numbers crossing into its territory causing delays further down the migrant trail. local authorities are overwhelmed. the slovenian government has cap the intake at 2500, more than doubled that number made it in monday. a fight broke out as police used pepper spray. >> a lot of people are trying to take a bus. do not want to live here.
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soldier -- >> conditions at overflowing shelters are dire according to a groups. -- aid groups. >> we do not get anything to beat or drink. -- eat or drink and we have no shelter. people in open sky. so many small children. >> as the bottlenecks continue to cause chaos, health risks as europe heads into winter. >> we are going to cross to london and bring you the latest images as the chinese leader has kicked off a four-day state visit to the united kingdom. we have images from the royal pavilion where the chinese president and his wife met with queen elizabeth.
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these are live images from that ceremony getting underway. the president of china was take a right through to buckingham palace later on this afternoon ,nd he will address parliament and dine with queen elizabeth this evening. this is intended to cement the economic ties between the u.k. and china, however it risks being overshadowed by concerns over beijing's growing economic clout in britain. yesterday we had the duke of cambridge speak out about the ivory trade saying that beijing could lead the world in wiping out the legal poaching of elephants for ivory. the latest images from london where the chinese president takes off his four-day state visit. on theional reunions korean peninsula, hundreds of people from south korea crossed the border to the north, some in with tears and others with
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walking sticks, making their way through the world's most heavily fortified border. it marks the beginning of three days of reunions with family members most have not heard from since the korean war more than 60 years ago. >> reunited after more than 60 years apart. tuesday marks the start of three days of meetings between 300 -- 390 south koreans and relatives in north korea, they have not seen since 1953. when the korean war came to an end, millions of people found themselves caught on one side of the border that had been constantly changing for three years. parents were separated from children and siblings torn apart. >> our parents waited for my brother every day, not knowing if you would come back one day or the next. they passed away without knowing my brother's whereabouts. i could not sleep last night thinking that i would be meeting him today. >> i still cannot think what to
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say to my brother-in-law, i will say i came here to meet you before i die. >> a fleet of buses carried this family members across the heavily militarized border into north korea. south korean red cross officials were across holding banners bearing the message "we are people of one nation." this is only the second event in the last five years. it is the result of an agreement between the two koreas reached in august two ease diplomatic tensions. more than 650,000 elderly south koreans are on the reunion programs waiting list. >> and the west bank, israeli forces shot at a palestinian tuesday after he's that a military officer. the incident took place during israeli troops demolished the home of a jailed palestinian attacker. he is serving time for killing a jewish settler with a knife
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attack late last year. israel is government says more attackers homes will be destroyed. the government says it will act as a deterrent. let's get an update from chris who joins us from jerusalem. the region has been hit with a wave of deadly unrest, what is the latest in terms of the security situation on the ground? >> you were saying there have been various instances continuing in the west bank, particularly around have run -- hebron. man killing a a jewish settler, his home being destroyed. israeli police saying they are is a crackdown on the upsurge in bloodletting. they are pushing for authorization for the demolition of more homes of attackers in east jerusalem, a controversial
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policy. the critics say it will exacerbate tensions and the families of those allegedly responsible, the israeli authorities also saying they are looking at making hundreds of arrests in east jerusalem and the not-too-distant future. talking about what is been going on and i read halfing israeli -- the sentencetowns, of those who state on this territory when the state of israel was created in 1948. in terms of the latest tensions, there have been demonstrations in solidarity with those in the west bank and gaza and the israeli police saying there through their liaisons with community leaders, those protests are calming. the tension still widespread on the streets of jerusalem in the wake of the israeli security
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rollout. in east jerusalem, that means roadblocks, checkpoints, more confrontations between the inhabitants and the israeli security forces. >> thank you for that report from jerusalem. we will check in with you later in the day. authorities in congo has banned administrations across the country out of the move comes hours before a planned opposition rally to protest against the president's controversial bid to extend his stay in power. earlier, the communications were cut in the capital and the president is seeking a referendum to allow him to run for a third term in office. that would take place october 25. is out onorius parole, the former olympic runner was released monday just short of a year into his five-year sentence for killing his girlfriend. he will now serve the rest of his time under house arrest at his uncle's home. we go to jane who joins us from
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the south african capital. tell us more about the circumstances of his release. >> the operation was shrouded in secrecy and we are told that his own family and lawyers and friends were not informed of plans to move him about 12 hours ahead of schedule last night from a prison back to his uncle's home i. it is understood that oscar pistorius he met his new parole officer and was briefed on his conditions of parole and was taken under the cover of darkness to the large, three-story home which will be his home prison for the next 4 years. the family stresses that oscar pistorius is not free and he continues to serve under correctional supervision at the family home. he will undertake correctional
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supervision duties, community service, his movements will be restricted and they are adamant that this is no freedom for oscar pistorius and he continues to serve his sentence. the national prison workers were not informed, a decision made by managers at the present where he had been held for the last 363 days. >> what about the family of the victim, have we heard from them? >> i spoke to the lawyer who acts as a spokesman for the family, they had not been told of the plan to move him early which prison bosses says was for his own safety because of the media interest. the victim's lawyers -- the victims families lawyer says
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nothing changed for them, it does not make a difference whether he comes up a day or two early or late, they still grieve the loss and still think five years for her life was too little. >> oscar pistorius under house arrest but not out of the woods. what is down the line? >> in 15 days we will be going to the supreme court's appeal because prosecutors are bringing an application that his conviction on cold homicide should be overturned -- culpable homicide should be overturned and murder should be instated instead. this will be an application that is vigorously defended. conviction that was imposed by the trial judge is overturned, oscar pistorius is going back to jail and it would be for another 13 years. he may well be home and had a
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good night sleep last night but there are still big challenges at a big cloud hanging over his head. >> jane flanagan reporting, thank you. let's get an update of the headlines and out with the old and in with the new, canada elects a new leader, justin trudeau topples conservative prime minister stephen harper in a surprise victory. divided families reunite on the korean peninsula, hundreds of south koreans crossed to the north for an emotional reunion with lost loved ones. oscar pistorius is out on parole, the former track star under house arrest after serving just one year of his five-year sentence for killing his girlfriend. time for a business update and i am joined by stephen carroll. we will start off with a look at the latest troubles in the british steel industry. jobscompany will cut 1200
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from england and scotland, the latest in a series of job losses in the sector. it blames the flood of cheap steel imports for the job cuts. thought to be coming from china. the british promised or said he will be bringing up the issue of government subsidies for steel producers with the chinese president during his visit to the u.k. the details. >> another blow for written -- britain's steel industry, the largest maker will reduce its workforce by 1200 people. this comes after another company put jobs at risk. the european steel industry has been reeling from cheap steel imports from china and britain's prime minister has promised to bring up the issue with his chinese counterpart. >> we are doing everything we can in europe to help our steel industry, that is why we oppose
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-- we voted in favor of dumping tariffs against the chinese and we will do everything we can to help our steel industry. >> the size of the steel sector in the u.k. has dwindled in the past 40 years, currently employing only 30,000 people, a fraction of what it once was. in 2014, imports from china rose to 4.5 million tons from 1.2 million in 2009, giving chinese producers a 3% chunk of the european market and the chinese presidents state visit to the u.k. will wind up in manchester in the north of the country. a region that has been hit hard by unemployment and where thousands of jobs have been lost in the past to china. >> let's look at the markets. midpoint at the trading day and european shares trading down. some false across the london paris and french stock exchange after a survey of bank lending by the european central bank
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show that credit conditions improved the last three months and investors taking that to mean there will not be an extension of the ecb bond buying program. one bright spot, enter not the -- intercontinental hotel shares rose 4%. more big companies joining for a climate deal in paris in december, including coca-cola and walmart have agreed to cut carbon admissions in their own businesses. 81 businesses have signed president obama's climate pledge. the climate conference, something worlds banks support as the president has been telling us. >> through taxes and fees and trading schemes, we want the actual cost of putting carbon in the air to be reflected in everything we do so if you put lots of carbon into the air, you should pay a tax, a fee, or have to trade with other companies because it is affecting the
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planet and the economy. what's we get that right, we will have the incentives in line. we do not think that the incentives are aligned so we are being innovative with new technologies as we could be that would both provide the energy we need your example and reduce the carbon footprint dramatically at the same time. >> more business headlines, the boss of apple, tim cook thomas and his music streaming service is more than $6.5 million -- 6.5 million subscribers, it launched early this year with a three month free trial, in total it has 15 million users compared to spotify's 20 million. that times as switch -- swiss watchmakers as sales fell, the biggest fall in asia and it warned of a shadow hanging over the market's future prospects. deutsche bank accidentally paid out $6 billion to a hedge fund client after what is being
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called a fat finger trained by one of its staff in london. the money was recovered the following day but embarrassing for the german lender was last week announced plans to dramatically overhaul its investment bank. ireland has decided the smallest i wasoing was trouble, consumers next week will see their change from cash transactions rounded off to the nearest five cents, on a voluntary basis and the small change will be legal tender in ireland, something piloted back in 2013. 100% of retailers supported the change. a cost-saving measure, because 1.65 cents to produce a once in coin. cent >> thank you for that. it is time for a press review. ♪ >> time to look at what is
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grabbing headlines around the world, i am joined by florence. we will take a look at this election. in canada. >> a surprising result in this nailbiting election, the toronto sun summed up the situation quite well, justin trudeau leads the liberals to this majority government and you can see the man of the moment with his wife. watching the results come in. the star is a liberal paper. in its editorial, it applauds voters for chasing stephen harper's arrogant conservatives from office. it is a richly deserved rebuke after years of the governments and is a divisive error in our political history they say and the star is a happy -- is happy
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about the victory calling it a triumph for decency. trudeau ever race is a healthy change. >> trudeau is following in his father's footsteps. >> the national post have a -- has an interesting face-off, trudeau versus trudeau. how do they stack up on everything from education to pierre,s, for instance, when he came the trimester the first time was 48 years old and single, his son is currently 43 i will before he for when he becomes prime mr. and is married with three children. -- prime minister and is married with three children. they had their most regrettable looks with the father, advance and a floppy hat. -- plaid pants and a fluffy hat. searchsearches, when you something the answers are
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different, why is he or trudeau trudeaut -- pierre important and why is justin not ready> >> to the u.k. where the chinese president has kicked off a four-day visit. >> not everyone is happy that he is visiting the u.k. the independent, on their front page has a photo of joshua wong, the hong kong activist, the hero of the so-called umbrella revolution. he is in the u.k. and helps to rain on his parade and gets an interview and says he wants the prime minister to publicly challenge the chinese president on human rights issues. you can see a quote from him, "you just cannot trust the chinese." prince william is turning into a dark cloud on the horizon. yesterday, you can read it in
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the south china morning post, just hours before the chinese president's visit, here it's chinese citizens to stop buying illegally traded wildlife products like ivory and horns to save africa's elephants and rhinoceroses. none of this is in the chinese press. the china daily is focusing on the fact that the u.k. is hell for closer relations with china -- hailed for china -- closer relations to china and have a top 20 list of china and britain have in common. the number one thing according to china daily is they enjoy their traditions. number two is not so much of a surprise, they both love tea. the third thing is that both of them have traditions of eating unhealthy food. their words, not mine. , a paper that is focusing on a bill that aims to make french multinational companies more vigilant about working conditions for
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subcontractors and forth their foreign partners. >> you can read about it on the front page, it sums it up, big brands under pressure. a bill that will be debated in the upper house of parliament, two years after the úc.
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