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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 20, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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to world newse from paris. palestine tries to stop the crisis from spinning out of control in the words of the secretary-general after another violent incident that leaves two palestinians dead on thursday. oscar pistorius will serve the rest of his sentence under house arrest.
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he was found guilty of homicide a year ago after killing his girlfriend. the new "star wars" trailer is out for " the force awakens." it looks like there is no luke skywalker, but princess leia makes a comeback. another series of violent attacks in israel. an israeli man died after being hit by a truck in the west bank. two palestinians were shot dead by israeli security forces in the gaza strip. three weeks of violence and killed 10 israelis and 43 palestinians. a visit to urge calm.
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moon arrived in jerusalem on thursday, a day that saw no respite in the violence that plague the region for the past three weeks. theiolence only undermines forstinian aspirations security and peace. reporter: around lunchtime, a palestinian vehicle ran over and killed an israeli motorist. palestinian protesters were hit in the west bank. a man reportedly stopped his vehicle after stones were thrown at it. nearby, a palestinian stabbed and wounded an israeli officer during a protest that turned violent. the 24-year-old man was shot dead. later in the afternoon, another palestinian tried to ram
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pedestrians with his car, injuring two people in the west bank. he was also shot dead by israeli security forces. the latest incidents are just hours after israel arrested a yusefmas official, hassan , accused of inciting unrest. activistst of hamas is an attempt to put an end to our struggle. they will not succeed. reporter: the recent deterioration of israeli-palestinian relations have been stoked in part by palestinian anger at increased jewish access to the temple mount. state john kerry will be meeting with benjamin netanyahu this week. he said both sides need to clarify the status of the holy site. israel insists that no changes
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have or will be made to the status quo. the united of nations is paying a surprise visit to israel, arriving a few hours ago in the country. he met with prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who responded that israel has only been acting in self-defense. terrorism,ace of israel is acting to defend its citizens. we are not using excessive force. if the international community truly wants to help end the bloodshed, it must affirm israel's proven commitment to the status quo at the temple mount and right to self-defense. it must hold president abbas accountable. anchor: unesco is currently
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considering a proposal to consider the western wall as a muslim holy site. the text was submitted by arab countries to the cultural body. the western wall is at the base of the most sensitive holy site and is revered by jews. but the mosque inside the compound is the third holiest site in islam. has been urged not to take decisions that could further inflame tensions. in syria, the u.s. and russia have signed a document to avoid conflict between warplanes over the country. the issue was raised as soon as moscow carried out air raids in the country two weeks ago. american military officers met russian officers at the time. american jets have been bombing jihadist targets for a year. moscow is denying that three russian soldiers were killed today. reuters reported earlier today that russian soldiers were killed by a shell while fighting
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alongside the syrian army. slovenia says it is overwhelmed by migrants crossing the borders. almost 20,000 people have come in since friday. it has deployed the army and may have to put up physical barriers. slovenian police and soldiers escorting thousands of people arriving. , there ares village around 2000 migrants from syria fleeing the war. to aare being herded registration camp. slovenia is considering building fences to stop the flow. >> slovenia has had a restrained attitude of until this point. however, we cannot rule out the possibility of using physical barriers to secure border crossings.
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decision tongary's close the southern border has diverted migrants through slovenia as they tried to reach germany and other european countries. slovenia is accused of dumping the migrants and ignoring e surge. to allay th >> we send a message to slovenian police, asking for a place where they want to receive refugees. here toe 10,000 people be charted to slovenia. reporter: thousands are arriving by the hour. they are pleading for eu help. milliona country of 2 resolve what bigger member states have failed to do? anchor: in africa, violent clashes between protesters and security in the congo. our people were killed when
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police opened fire. the government denies any deaths. residents took the streets against the president's plan to seek another term in office. currently, he is not allowed to run again, but a referendum planned for sunday aims to change the constitution to keep him in power. oscar pistorius spent his first day out of jail on tuesday. the former track star is at his house. he was discreetly released last night after being allowed to serve the rest of his sentence under house arrest. he was found guilty of culpable homicide last year and sentenced to five years in jail after killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. let's find out how south africans are reacting with jane flanagan. the way oscar pistorius was released caught everyone by surprise, including his own family. >> absolutely.
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a familyold by spokeswoman it was only at 7:00 oscaright that they heard was being forwarded from the prison. it was only three hours later he went through the gates of his mansion and into relative freedom. he is under house arrest and expected to remain here for four years. there has been controversy over ,he procedure of releasing him which was a clandestine operation. but also that he has only served one year behind bars. emphasize wants to this is only the next phase. oris not going into freedom allowed to comment go as he pleases. he is just being moved to a home under house arrest where he can serve the next phase of the sentence. family, the family
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of his victim, have said they are numbed by the process and full of grief. makesr he is free today no difference to them. anchor: tell us more about what house arrest means. how will oscar pistorius spend his time? >> the correctional services department refused to offer real details about the conditions of his release into correctional supervision. what we know is that prisoners released under these guidelines are required to seek some sort of work. arguingase, he will be he must be allowed to return to the athletic track, allowed to go to the gym to train in some form or another. you will have to do community service.
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we do not know what form that will take. he will have to refrain from using drugs or alcohol. random tests will be carried out, we are told, over the next four years. betweeno stay indoors dusk and dawn. visitl be coming out to sick relatives and church on sunday. apart from that, he will be behind the gates of his uncle's home. anchor: jane, the legal battle is not over. feels he got away lightly. >> the state will be bringing that to the supreme court of findingto overturn the of manslaughter. was wrong injudge her findings and application of the law, that oscar pistorius
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, shoulded on the facts be found guilty of murder. there will be a panel of five judges that will hear the arguments. if they agree with the state, oscar pistorius could go back to prison for at least 14 years. anchor: jane flanagan reporting from south africa. in france, public prosecutors are asking for marine le pen to be indicted on charges of inciting hatred. she is currently standing trial for comments she made comparing muslim street prayers to not see occupation. occupation. she says it is her duty to address crucial issues. the recommendation by the public prosecutor will come as positive news, as judges usually follow
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the recommendations in their rulings. britain rolled out the red carpet for xi jinping as he kicked off a four-day visit by dressing parliament. he will be staying with queen elizabeth and getting a grant to work of britain with a visit to downing street, the prime sidence, and the manchester football club. 20 million pounds worth of deals should be signed over the next few days. more than half a century ago, the korean war separated millions of families. many of them have never seen their relative sense. setensions persist between oul and pyongjang, many will die without being reunited. some were fortunate enough to be selected for a program that has brought families together again for just three days.
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reunited after more than 60 years apart. tuesday marks the start of three days of meetings between south koreans and relatives in north korea they have not seen since 1953. when the korean war came to an end, millions of people found themselves caught on one side of a border that have been constantly changing for three years. parents were separated from children. siblings work for a part. -- were torn apart. >> our parents waited for my brother every day, not knowing if he had come back. they passed away without knowing his whereabouts. i thought i would meet him today. >> i still cannot think what to say to my brother-in-law. i will just say, i came here to meet you before i die. reporter: a fleet of buses
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carried family members across the border into north korea. south korean red cross officials held banners carrying the message "we are people of one nation." this is only the second such event in the last five years. it is the result of an agreement between the koreas in august to ease tension. more than 650,000 elderly south koreans are on the waiting list. and tens ofead thousands displaced from the typhoon that has battered the philippines for the past couple of days. the weather may be easing, but it has left massive cleanup in its wake. reporter: the wind from the tropical storm across the philippines east, but the damage left behind was huge.
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it is very hard for us, especially with children. we left everything, including our clothing. everything is gone. the typhoon made landfall on sunday. it don't massive rainfall across the country, leaving floodwater to swamp low-lying areas and force 100,000 people to seek safety in emergency shelters. there is a big thing that should be done in terms of removing the river waste, the water waste. while it has not been the worst storm in the country estimate, authorities it has caused $150 million in damage, wiping out farmland and the vital rice crops from which
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many earn a living. anchor: let's bring you up to date with star wars. is set to make a comeback in the next installment. the trailer was released to great fanfare yesterday, hitting the internet with fans logging on to see what they may find when the feature film is released in december. not much was revealed about the plot -- just enough to keep them waiting. reporter: one of the most beloved franchises in movie history is back with a vengeance. >> who are you? i am no one. reporter: and the new trailer for "the force awakens," we meet ray, a loner who survived as a scavenger on a desert planet. raised to do one thing.
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i have got nothing to fight for. reporter: and a redeemed storm trooper. and the new series villain, kylo ren, commander of the first order. >> i will finish what you started. reporter: the long-awaited sneak peek reveals little of the storyline, but gives a claims of all characters and their legacy. >> the stories are true? >> it is true. all of it. reporter: the two-minute trailer hits two months before the film and is welcomed by star wars buffs young and old. break boxcted to
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office records worldwide. advance ticket sales were as strong as ever. ticket sales crashed and seeds were sold out within minutes. let's switch to business news. markus karlsson is in the studio. good evening. let's start off with the chinese president's visit to britain. xi jinping will get the quintessential british experience. this is all about business? >> indeed, by the looks of things. we heard from the secretary of the u.k. that deals to the tune of 20 billion pounds will be unveiled over the next week or so as xi jinping is in britain.
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billion.bout 27 a lot of cash. a lot of business deals being finalized. the british secretary says billions of pounds worth of deals will be done. will invest ines a 16 billion pound project to build a nuclear reactor in somer set. at the same time, we are seeing signs of tension in the steel markets. tarta will be cutting 12,000 jobs at a plant, blaming cheap chinese imports. reporter: another blow for britain's steel industry. tara will reduce its workforce .y 12,000 people 17,000 jobs are already at risk.
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the steel industry has been reeling from cheap imports from china. david cameron has promised to bring up the issue with his counterpart. are doing everything we can in europe to help the steel industry. that is why we voted in favor of dumping tariffs against the chinese. we will do everything we can to help our steel industry. the steelthe size of sector in the u.k. has dwindled in 40 years. only 30,000 employs people, a fraction of what it was. in 2014, imports from china rose from 1.2llion tons million in 2009, giving producers a 3% chunk of the european market. prices undercut those in the u.k.. an element of that is cheaper labor force. they are able to produce things at a cheaper cost.
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they will be able to produce more, get a larger market share. the sense is that the price they are selling steel at is not attainable with their cost. reporter: the chinese president's visit to the u.k. will wind up in manchester, a region hit hard by unemployment. thousands of jobs have been lost to china. a french lender will pay $809 to american authorities. it is settling charges it flouted iran and sudan. is the latest in a string of lenders to settle similar allegations. more from philip crowther. payingactly is agricole for? >> they admitted to breaking sanctions aimed at the likes of iran and sudan. is basically a who's who of
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thatry on u.s. blacklists don't with people and entities based in those countries. their transfer passed through u.s. offices. just the likes of iran and sudan, but also burma and cuba. ole employees were told to omit mention of those countries and transactions that passed through their office. e hasesult is that agricol broken the economic emergency powers act and trading with the enemy act. that is why this big settlement and this fine came out today. paribas was fined on ,imilar grounds last year almost 10 times more than agrico le. why is there find smaller? >> good question.
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it is pretty much the same case and dealing with exactly the same countries on u.s. sanctions lists. i have spoken to experts who say there may be two reasons. first of all, the symbolism of bnp paribas. so that othermbol banks will not do the same. more likely, simply that bnp opposed the investigation early on. agricole cooperated straightaway. the other difference is that bnp andbas played guilty agricole did not. they could get out through a deferred prosecution agreement, agricole is on probation.
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if it does anything similar in countries on the blacklist, they would be fined even more and get into bigger trouble. the basic timeframe being three years. many banks whore could be in trouble with the u.s. authorities in the next year or so. more european banks. , unicredit.k they are being investigated right now by u.s. authorities. similar agreements and possible guilty pleas may come out of that in the next year or so. >> philip, thank you very much. "credit agricole" 10 times in a row. we will look at the stock market next. shares in the u.s. under pressure this session. we have seen the dow jones industrial average climbed above the flat line this hour.
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you are seeing ibm weighing on the dow jones after its third-quarter earnings reports. weak hardware sales put รบ
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