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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 21, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> this is france 24. syria has madef a surprise trip. he's meeting with president peter and -- president putin. 800 french artists signed a petition to help a shantytown.
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the head of the united nations calm weeks of violence between israelis and palestinians with a visit to do is him. there he met with the palestinian president. he will talk with the prime minister on tuesday. also, coming up this hour. unfair and illegal. starbucks they must pay back taxes. october 21, 2015 is the day that marty mcfly jumped back to the future. with more underway, but first, the news.
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we will start first with that surprise meeting between moscow president -- russian president putin with the syrian president. a military campaign now underway against a lot of -- islamists militants. >> i want to thank you for sending that to us and supporting us during unity and independence. your efforts starting with the political ones early in the crisis have made the situation lester dramatic than we expected. -- lester maddock than we expected.
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less dramatic than we expected. >> let's bring in shaun walker who is in sochi today. aun: it was really an element of surprise about the russian accidents -- actions in syria. nobody was expecting this, nobody knew he was coming to moscow. it was sunny announced that he had been here. we saw the extraordinary pictures inside the kremlin. there are also number of other key officials, including the defense minister who has been running this ad campaign and syria, as well as russian intelligence chiefs.
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anchor: they both made it clear that the military solution is a step towards the little quote solution. tell us more about the long-term tragedy here. seeingi think what we're is on one hand, those pictures sunday pretty big picture to the west. -- itestern leaders is. and saying -- it is putin saying someone needs to go. you have to come to talk to me. it calls for the coalition against isis and his policy has
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been involving russia. them isre seeing with more about that. : the war in syria has pushed thousands of people out of their homes. europe is out of its worst refugees crisis since world war ii. is theest troubled spot tiny nation of slovenia. close to 20,000 migrants have entered the nation of just 2 million since saturday. hungry sealed off its border with croatia. 2000 came in last night. the government amended its defense law to let soldiers joined police forces join croatia are with its borders.
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reporter: waging through cold, dark water. some of the 1000 migrants caught between enemy fords. [indiscernible] reporter: and the darkness, confusion prevails. darkness, confusion prevails. is country's president sending additional police units to the area. hundreds of migrants have went
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to slovenia. 2500.ia has cap at . the government accuses austria, the next country on the migrant trail of for not taking enough people. they insist their borders are open. trek on this leg of the journey, not making them feel secure. >> my wife is sick, so i have to stay here. reporter: more migrants are getting caught. european commission has called for a summit on sunday. of tackling the refugee crisis.
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again, conditions in the refugee camp are getting worse. five to 6000 men, women, and children, are living in precarious conditions with little food and clean water. to try and help the refugees there, a hundred artists and intellectuals signed a political -- petition. some of the big names include football star erik johnson are tinar. let's listen to what he had to say earlier today. >> i hate when things are being distorted between what is being said and what is done.
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it is my responsibility to let the public know concerning humanitarian. i will address new security measures. anchor: let's start with the -- 800 and intellectuals. what do they want the government to do? >> they want the government to act and address an emergency plan to address a situation that has been getting worse and worse, by putting more money on the unitarian level. we see that the amount is at least four times as numerous. the government says we have let's doney,
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something, let's try to tackle the issue by providing them decent living conditions. we do not want to see a shantytown in a rich country and there are means to do this and the government should do more. story: it's such a long that many of our viewers may not realize. this crisis started four years. for 15 years maybe. that's what their responses to the petition. we are basically in a gray area because those migrants do not want to stay in france. why are they close to the european tunnel? their aim is to cross the tunnel and seek asylum in great britain. they do not want them to do that. we see a lot of death and dramatic acts. says, you government
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know they are just passing by, so there's nothing we can do. you do not want to seek asylum in france. either to accept them or refuse them. so that is why there is a difficult situation. ,n 1999, the center was opened it was closed by nicholas sarkozy. because the capacity had been totally emerged by the amount. we are seeing the same story right now. the french authorities are in a difficult position. issue and theegal political context where the far right is obviously having a field day by saying those people are invading our country. there is no place to welcome or shelter them. so we have to get rid of them. the government is in a difficult position.
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theill have to see what minister will say when he gets there this afternoon. a surpriseis made visit to jerusalem. increasing violence between israelis and palestinians has been going on for weeks now. he met with the israeli prime minister yesterday and held a press conference with the palestinian president. frustrationand the that comes from europe's dashed hopes. and the establishment of a political state. it is hard on neighbors. onhor: restoration work
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tutankhamen is now underway. maskeard of that golden accidentally broke off last year. reporter: his face is one of the most recognizable in the world. he is now getting a much needed facelift. face was knocked off last year. experts now say restoration is under work. [indiscernible]
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-- 3300. the 3000, -- thesage to be used operation may be finished by the end of december. his mask is one of the crown jewels and cairo. -- in cairo. it triggered worldwide interest in egypt. anchor: it may be hard to believe, but the future is here. today's the day that marty and doc traveled to 2000 15. -- 2015. later, the years
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active. has been hoverboards are around, but the film has been -- had a few miscues. for example, there are no flying cars. i think we are a lot happier that there are no fax machines everywhere. president assad makes a rare trip outside of syria. his meeting with vladimir putin marks the first visit since the war in syria began four years ago. 800 french artist and intellectuals signed a petition demanding that the french government do more and a shantytown.
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shantytown. the head of the united nations tries to come weeks of violence between israelis and palestinians. he met with the palestinian prime minister today. time now for a business update. n: starbucks and previous fia has been told they must pay taxes. they have an unfair advantage over their competitors. mark decision. josh has the latest. the --eals have
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multinational tanks have concluded that the two companies must pay around 20 to 30 million euros in taxes. >> this will remove the unfair competitive advantage they have enjoyed and restore equal treatment with other companies. have been companies practicing transfer practices. case, it is allowed the car manufacturer to pay minimal tax. that amission also found subsidiary of starbucks has also
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benefited. while also inflating the prices of constant beans -- coffee beans. both starbucks and fiat say they will appeal. meanwhile, apple and amazon are ongoing. reporter: they're surprised by the announcement. anlet's go to investment in china. r: a nuclear actor is being built by a french firm.
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anchor: in the meantime, what is happening on the markets? reporter: a slightly brighter picture across the european market today. on the american markets, all eyes will be on the ferrari later. they make their stock market debut. bio is almost $10 billion. be one of the biggest stock market launches of the year. let's look at more of the headlines. it announced a major review of its operations, including putting up with investment banks. yahoo! is going to start sending
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results to search google. in exchange for an revenue. to $8 million up for the personal data that was leaked last year. staff move the information in the wake of those leaks. or: a crisis ahead of christmas time. r: will there be enough legos? not givesman did further details about which products or countries will be effected.
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it is truly exceptional. we're pointing out that this time last year, there was a similar warning. it turned out to be all right. anchor: especially star wars legos. let's take a look at the press review. anchor: sean miller notes to -- villanos here. starting to redecorate the prime minister. medievalee all these
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coupes and armors. seems like he is ready for a fresh start. benefited from the popularity of his late father. he was prime minister twice. another: if you look at article, it says it is back to the future with the kid. if justin trudeau deserved to win. theel they call it in canadian press -- to romania. au mania. visit and inicial that visit, he gave a toast, saying i would like to give a toast to the future president of canada, justin trudeau. it seems like he was reading
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into the future. says that magazine maybe critics would call it nepotism. you haveee here gandhi. bush, anchor: not a trend that we see in france. a popular rapper in a gala was then carried out a hunger strike for a month. : he's a famous rapper and also political activist. he stopped eating on september 21. kilos. het 15 was arrested back in june. symbol of simple resistance against the president
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and water to santos. eduardo the santos -- de santos. despite his condition, he has vowed to continue his hunger strike. but the focus still on the migrant crisis, there are still some 800 french intellectuals and artists who signed a petition to do something about this massive refugee camp. peopler: these a hundred that sign the petition -- 800 isple that sign the petition unbelievable. you have a footballer, you have allers, actors, they have written for the government to take action. but to 6000 men, women, and children are living in extremely
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precarious conditions. how long are we going to remain silent? anchor: the government is defending its management of the jungle. reporter: this information actually came out on a website called street press. a privatement used jet to evacuate a certain number of migrants from the jungle, essentially transporting them to other towns. the total cost of these operations is 1.5 million euros according to street press. he is talkingre about defending the use of the private jet. saying it is not a luxury, but a way to transport migrants with dignity. up, -- just to wrap
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