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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to "france 24." in the frank . capital. spring they are angry over planned hikes and go to our and we correspondent tort latest. seeking a diplomatic solution to war top officials from russia, united states, saudi arabia and turkey meet for talks. regional power iran is left out of discussions.
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hillary clinton is grilled in washington. the presidential candidate oflects republican criticism her handling of the deadly benghazi attack. also this hour the french village that turned an hot air into cold hard cash. steven carroll will have that in our business update. and it is called the stone of heaven but critics say it comes hell.ines of we look at the jade industry in but am. we start in south africa where there are tense scenes in the capital. we have the latest images from pretoria where thousands of supporters have gathered outside the maintain government offices where they hike int over a planned
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tuition fees. they say the cost of tuition is blacks and many increase will only make worse.ble inequalities they expect to hear from the president. correspondent there. what is currently happening? students are gathered union buildings. e have seen unprecedent ed igils of the unity students demanding the president come out and address them with regard to university fee increases. are already fees too high for the majority of students in the country who are and with more increases it means more blacks poor students will be excluded from receiving a higher education.
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protests are not only union.d to the they are taking place across in south ersities africa. earlier this week we saw them the four major universities taking up protests to the power and that is parliament. t just shows the students have had enough. years in democracy they have been financially can't be right. anchor: we have seen the rotests for the past few weeks and there does seem to be quite a bit of support for the students. there is. t is amazing to see how the student protesters have been supported by parents, by workers also by academics from major universities. unity s to be a show
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among most people in south frica saying that education should be made more affordable. hash tag for it has been across the world students in universities in other parts of in solidarity with the students in south africa. that the emanding president come out of his office them and they have this zuma until 1:30 afternoon. we saw a representative saying with some nt has met of the students and representatives and some of the of the ncellors university but he will come out and address the students. ome of the students are frustrated. they have been jumping and pull down the fence the union d
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buildings. it will be interesting to see he happens at 1:30 when addresses them. anchor: thank you for that report. john kerry and sergei lavarov discuss syria. turkey and sudden retain also -- saudi arabia also taking part. the talks damascus says it has progress on the ground thanks to russian military support. ne power not taking part in talks is iran. like russia the country backs government. rthur mcmillan is in the iranian capital with more. powers at the wo talks beyond the united states saudi sia are turkey and arabia. saudi arabia's position in many on seems to be the block any diplomatic progress being because assault
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and battery reta -- assault and insists probably harder that bashir al-asad must go. the saudi foreign minister said to wagon up in the morning and he will be gone. presidentt an out kocome putin is willing to tolerate. the united states may be willing to give alumni time but the saudi position seems very hard. recent months over the syrian conflict the relations between not and saudi arabia have at all been good. take -- or the view is taken that iran's presence in the room with saudi certainly not speed any progress in syria. to washington now and tough political test for hillary clinton. the presidential candidate was grilled over her deadly 2012 he
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attack in benghazi. she ha state at cretary of the time. the hearing comes at a critical time during her run for the house. we have more on the 11-hour hearing. going to pursue -- reporter: for democrats it is nothing short of a wimp hunt but -- witch hunt but the republicans insist it just wants truth. to the in september of 2012 four americans were killed in a ouble attack on the u.s. compound in benghazi. among the victims was the merican ambassador to libya chris stevens. hillary ttee asked clinton to account for security lapses. >> you had two ambassadors that several requests and here is basically what happened to their requests. torn up. >> that is just not true, congressman. were responded to. there were affirmative responses to a number of requests.
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reporter: the investigation into the attack has already proved mbarrassing for clinton with the revelation that she often used a private e-mail serve are or state business feel the former secretary of stated a mitted last month it was a mistake. >> i did not conduct most of the on behalf of i did our country on e-mail. have accused republicans of seeking to discredit her and derail her hopes. tial she got support from some of the committee lawmakers. want on't know what we from you. do we want to badger you over andover until you get tired we get the gotcha moment he is talking about. is it better using taxpayer a lars to try to destroy campaign. that is not what america is all about. if you like,omment i just will to get that off my chest. reporter: clinton is one of 50
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itnesses the committee has two dozen more to hear. in shock afteris a deadly sword attack at a school. a masked man killed a teacher student and wounded two others thursday. facebook photos before because they thought he was dressed for halloween. died. shot and he later police say the attack appears to motivated.y reporter: a community in mourning after a school stabbing that police say has the hallmarks of a racially motivated crime. >> there are three things. one is the mindings of the to be hatehat points crime and way the assailant dressed, act and moved at the scene. finally the way the victims were selected at the school. reporter: among the findings was a 21-year-old attacker youtube where he watcheds films about hit her and the nazis.
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expo magazine which specializes in investigating sweden's far reports he nt supported the youtube page of a neofascist e shall person. walked into the city known for immigrant population and he ent from class to class stabbing anyone who crossed his path. he was later shot by police and in hospital.ounds it is the worst attack on sweden 1940. ant immigrant sentiment has been estering with the growing migrant crisis but the government plays down any immediate link. >> as far as i know there is no is a link but there in the sense of the social climate. what leads to this. makes them attack defenseless children? reporter: sweden expects to nearly 200,000 asylum seeker requests this year. anchor: france has suffered its
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deadliest road accident in years killed when a bus collided with a truck this friday. kilometers east of bordeaux. the vehicle was carrying about most of them retirees. eight managed to escape from the after the driver opened the door but others were trapped as the blaze consumed the vehicles. images could be seen showing the remains.keletal the french president learned of he accident while he was on visit in athens. he met with the greek prime earlier in the day. he is now addressing parliament there in athens. for more we bring in our correspondent who joins us from the capital. the president in greece. his message been to the country? eporter: one of a great alliance. as the greek prime minister was aying his visit now in athens
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could herald the new chapter in whofrench-agreeing relation have enjoyed over decades very strong ties already. what the french president reiterated. what was the greek commitment and reforms european commitment, that is debt relief. essentially what the reek prime minister wants to hear, after all his reforms he wants to enact by the end of we can talk about that and recapitalization of the banks which are under control. he french president also mentioned how france can help reece when it comes to public administration and we don't know they couldn't
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give me too many details but that was something very him and he went on about this can help combat the corruption andnt we can we can talk about migration and greece the gateway to europe has weight of the refugee risis and he said he will send experts to greek but we must we help ce in ways europe as well. anchor: thank you for that report from athens. burma will weeks have elections to transform from militaryntury of harsh rule. ne issue is the economy and handling of natural resources. we have more on the jade industry. reporter: the soil dumped is transforming the left-hand scape. -- landscape.
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hey are irresistible for those looking for leftovers of precious jade. as a have been killed result. >> we hate these companies. it is so painful to see the huge machines. when we see the earth movers we think they are murderers. there have been huge the junta burma since gave way to an elected government. lifting of western sanctions led industry and a small handful of individuals and have held a hold on the trade. they estimate the trade is worth u.s. last billion year. half the g.d.p. and thata state secret is what it is. until now basic information on hich companies are getting access to the resource has been
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closed off. so what is happening is some of the nastiest characters in he country have been getting access to jade without anyone asking questions. reporter: despite the wealth there's been such little investment in the region to main roads have turned bogs. >> there's never been any lives.ement of our nothing is likely to be developed. the land will be totally destroyed. here owns land. we have lost everything. reporter: the turmoil created by ining is exacerbating a separatist complex that reug nighted in 2012. anchor: at 15 past the hour in he french capital an ultimatum in south africa students demand o hear from president jacob zuma. they are angry over tuition hikes. officials from russia, united
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states, saudi arabia and turkey talks.or iran left out of discussions. is grilled in washington. the presidential candidate deflects republican criticism of handling of the deadly benghazi consulate attack. it is time for a business update. by steven carroll. we will start with the super effect on stock market reporter: this is the chief of central bank giving investors something to be cleary e.b.c. will do more to help the economy. we are seeing more gains all up by over 1%. some on top of 2%. services showing better than expected growth in september. all good news on the stock markets. now the american market have
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results from the company none at google the name for the new parent company has been changed. pretty impressive 45% jump in profits. rise in the saw a number flagging on mobile adds first since it changed the name. to a record high. it was boosted by the share buy giving money back to the shareholders. $ $5,099, 019, a 513, 59 is the square root of 26. that is why they close that. a look at e on to other business headlines for you. good three months for microsoft at 15-year high after it saw profit rise by led by han expected 2%
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the roll out of windows 10 after loss three months ago. for the first time its search topped $1 billion. good news for amazon. jumped almost a quarter pushing it into profit end he three months at the of september and 20th nniversary sale in july based reviews 2%. that is a good sign head into biggest season. and the british telecom company security breach. it has 4 million customers all of whom may have been affected hacking attack. it says credit cards and buying etails may have been among the information stolen. shares down 8% in london today. here in france six years ago a residents in one town borrowed millions of euros to turbines to provide
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them with clean power. places are resisting the installation of turbines. how sometimes it takes a village. these turbines have been plucking electricity from the air over six years and the ced three times electricity needed for the earby village in northwest france. the turbines' success is largely this man a formal environmental engineer. in germany or denmark people have done it. thought well, we are not any worse off than them. we can do t. people thought we were mad but we managed to do it. it took more than four years and many long discussions with the invest convince them to in the project. 2004, 12 residents set off a business investing a lot of money.time and
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>> i put in 6,000 euros. an incredible we went for it. frpblgs these days they are has fied that the project turned out to be profitable. since 2009 the company's has been around two million euros with 100,000 euros in profit. >> it goes out to the public wework and we count how much are selling. reporter: the association also 90 -- saves 90,000 in tax cuts. turbines are being installed to the country ctives will need three times as many. reporter: and 10 days after hundreds of jobs about twitter jack dorsey giving more to $200 million of shares his employees, that is a third of his take in the company. he said i would rather have a small part of something small than a big part small.thing
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it pays bonuses to staff based on performance. if he shared equally he would each.had $50,000 for not too shabby. >> i'm impressed with the figure you read in the first the show. excellent, steven. thank you for that business update. it is time for our press review. it is time to look at what is headlines and i'm flo.ed by in washington yes saw democratic presidential candidate hillary facing a grilling on capitol hill. >> that was the house benghazi committee investigating the events from 2012. general consensus is that hillary clinton did a very good job. daily beast at the saying hillary had a lovely benghazi day because it was a
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moment for clinton. officially this republican panel unearth the truth about the attack in libya if killedour americans were on september 11, 2012. but critics say the whole reason for this panel is actually a calculated attempt to undermine and harm her attempt to -- her bid for the white house. independent says that linton used the mastery of facts to deflate the republican agenda. you see the photos from the hours-long investigation. anchor: 11 hours. clinton gave ays answers but looked a little bored at times. nchor: we've "new york times" that is applauding her for being calm. kept cool and faced down a gang of spiteful lawmakers. the grilling was pointless according to the "new york times" and embarrassment for the
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who spent millions on this political crusader and from n't learn anything this benghazi committee. anchor: that is focusing on what happened in benghazi. we have some papers focusing on just really where things are now in the country. reporter: there is an piece in the uardian by an algerian author who paints a very depressing picture of libya saying i've mine he blames the west for the situation in libya, how the west destroyed the libya. he essentially blames the west for attacking libya without the mindset and haracters of its inhabits attendants. gaddafi it ing overthrew the nation. who can restore unity is the question. there is a very good cartoon that depicts aily the situation in syria trying to
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xplain what is there and outside the country and you see it is quite a messy situation. france we have the paper focusing on a debate on here in the country and that is the notion -- secularism. reporter: we are talking about a lot in the wake of the attacks. why are we talking about it now. it is said very soon family to ort centers are going hang a secularism charter on their walls. do this hools already and that is the next public service that will do there. great idea.t is a you can see they are talking about secularism. needs to be t imposed and defended tooth and it in the editorial saying isn't about stigmatizing all ion but expecting religions and nonbelievers.
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>> now to a call for revolution. pageter: this is the front of the left leaning daily talking about how the revolution air, what is left from he political frenzy of 19-- of 1789 rather. the famous french revolution. the country is clearly going a period of democratic distress according to the paper. an exhaustion and it is time to wake up. on onetingly, it focuses art form in particular, an art rebellion and revolt that is hip-hop and comes back of french hip-hop hey were angry and had a very political message but these days hip-hop has lost the rebellious rap groups are mainly involved in making people dance making them ch think. anchor: ok.
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interesting. a story about a football player and doll. eporter: this is the german in the german r papers. we will look at the acncng.@úqñ
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