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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 4, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: hello, everyone. this is "france 24." time for 60 minutes no around the world. i'm genie godula. more trouble for the vatican's as two new books throw oil on the fire of a growing financial scandal. we will get the latest from rome in just a moment. the prime minister of romania resigns after massive protests rock the streets in anger at a response to a nightclub fire that left more than 30 dead.
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the leaders of china and taiwan are set to meet saturday for historic talks. they will mark their first top level meeting in over 60 years. hour,oming up this stephen carroll will be reporting live from the web summit in dublin. stephen: he has been ceo of some of the world's biggest companies . we will be live from the web summit in dublin, finding out what john scully is going to do next. genie: we will start at the vatican, a place that has been rocked by a new scandal that some people are already calling .atileaks
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for more on this, i am joined from rome about josephine mckinnon. what did you learn? : i just came from a press conference releasing the book called "the merchants in the temple." he found the vatican is at war with itself. he says pope francis and the reformers are trying to introduce radical changes with greater transparency, facing extraordinary obstacles and resistance from conservatives and others in the vatican who do not want to lose their position and power and do not want to share information. the book exposes some of the largess, the luxury that cardinals enjoy. certain cardinals, retired cardinals, and others who had vast apartments here, measuring more than 500 square meters, some of them, enjoying great
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privileges. when the vatican's costs are spiraling out of control. an external order told pope francis there was no one person inside the that i can taking account of the costs -- inside of vatican taking account the costs and what it was costing the vatican inside. extraordinary revelations showing the cost of services -- 40,000 euros, for example, for someone who wants to start ofearch into a process making someone a saint. just for the research, 40,000 euros. conflagration is raising questions by these books thomas suggesting hundreds of thousands of donations go into it when someone is made a saint without transparency or oversight. so major questions emerging from this one particular book, and we are awaiting more on the second
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book, which will be released tomorrow. genie: do we know more about where these books might have gotten their information? malls that were arrested over the weekend? werehine: these documents not stolen. they were attained quite legally and leaked for his research. the spanish have priest incarcerated inside the vatican. relations public official has been released. it is looking like a former scandal when the personal butler relate -- release documents in 2012. genie: thank you for that, truly another incredible story, out of the vatican with our josephine mckenna. the trimester of romania is
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stepping down. victor ponta made that announcement one day after mass protests broke out over a nightclub fire that left 32 people dead. our correspondent explains. >> he has been on trial for corruption and under pressure for of the end, it was the deadly club fire that cost victor period his job -- victor ponta his job. >> i have an application that i have an obligation -- they want more and it would have been a big mistake to ignore it. what part of do society is expecting. that is why i am resigning. >> tuesday thousands of people gathered outside romanian government offices to voice their anger and call for the prime minister to step down. protesters, government and city officials are to blame for friday's fire at a club which left 30 people dead.
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a movementobviously of solidarity with the victims. it is important to show our support. it is also a protest against the government and the mayor's office. against the system that let such a tragedy happened. >> public anger has been brewing for months with romanians fed up with a government they see as widely corrupt. has beentember, ponta under growing pressure to quit after going on trial for fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering. from aived 55,000 euros romanian lawmaker before becoming prime minister in 2012. the first 30 refugees to be relocated from greece boarded a plane in athens today. the first step toward their new life in luxembourg. the six families from syria and iraq are marking the start of the program that seeks to
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relocate refugees who arrived in toece from nearby turkey other european union countries, but without them, having to make that often dangerous overland journey across the balkans on foot. but their number is tiny compared with the flood of people who are risking their lives to reach europe every day. since hungary closed its border in september, the number of migrants entering europe from turkey now has quadrupled. former enemies along the so-called balkan route have decided to overcome their differences to deal with the crisis. our correspondent has more on that story. >> working together to keep the migrants moving. trains dotted varying migrants -- carded varying migrants rather than have them walk. >> at the moment germany can
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accommodate 6500 people per day. this is the number of people we can send in the direction of slovenia. >> 10 euros were charged for the ride. movingnumber of people swelled, other countries have followed their example, putting extra trains on the track. town, the trip is organized by government. last week, slovenia started letting croatian trains of migrants in. on foot, trains take them as far as germany, where asylum-seekers are distributed across the country. the trains are a practical way to move in register people fast and shelter them from the elements. there are many small children, pregnant women who suffer loss from the cold. it is because of this that the solution providing trains can help protect people against the
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cold and against other dangers from the journey. >> another danger that has been removed, migrants no longer need to pay smugglers a fortune to get them into western europe, undertaking journeys that could be deadly. genie: now to south sudan, where a russian-made plain crashed today, leaving at least 25 people dead. the cargo plane was also carrying passengers and went down just after takeoff. child onmember and a board survived. no word on what might have caused the crash. next now to that historic meeting that was announced to be held in asia later this week. that is between china and taiwan, who announced their leaders will meet for the first time since the end of the chinese civil war in 1949. the talks will be held saturday in singapore, and they come at a delicate time for taiwan. anti-chinese sentiment is on the
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rise ahead of the upcoming presidential election. our correspondent has more. >> those copresidents in what men -- two presidents in what many see as two chinas. xi jinping, and the president of the republican of taiwan -- of the republic of taiwan, ma ying-jeou. dr. the presence will exchange view on -- >> the presidents will talk about any issues. >> although they will not sign any details at any give this weekend in singapore, their mating is a sign of increasingly friendly ties decades after the chinese civil war -- their meeting is a sign of increasingly friendly ties decades after the chinese civil war. after being defeated by mao zedong's communists. treatys later, a peace
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has not been signed. taiwan, now a self ruling democracy, has not officially declared independence either. beijing has in the past of out to retake what it calls the breakaway province if china tries to become an official nation. the news comes at a politically sensitive time for taiwan, but opposition says it is an election ploy to beef up support to the ruling nationals party. tpp, isn opposition, the strongly against beijing's push for joint rule of taiwan, with a up,country, two-system set many want their de facto independence to continue. to the united states, where businessman and republican presidential candidate donald trump has come out with a new book. it is filled with his ideas on
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what he would do if he were voted into the white house next year. " explains now,24 the release comes as his popularity in the polls is starting to slide. >> turning up the charm as rivals turn up the heat. donald trump launched his book, "cripple america" at the trump tower a new york tuesday. hundreds of fans queued up for hours to get a signed copy. the slim volume runs at less than 200 pages and has chapters such as "health care is making us all sick." and a chapter on immigration called "good walls make good neighbors." the wall will go up. >> he has proved controversial. half a million people have signed a petition against trump, appearing on the popular entertainment program, "saturday
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night live," due to those comments. donald trump: we had polls come out today from iowa, where i am leading. you saw the new poll from iowa. you saw the new poll in new hampshire, where i am leading big. i am leading big. georgia, texas, all over the place. >> ben carson is another political outsider and he is closing in on trump, or even overtaking him. a sign of pressure, trump has announced he will air ads over the next few days. so far he has relied on the news media to forward his unorthodox campaign. genie: next, to rome, where that city has most iconic fountain is more stunning than other. after 16 months of repairs, it has been reopened, much to the light -- much to the delight of
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tourists, residents, and lovers. the trevi fountain was bycovered in 19 century bc thursday soldiers. more and what it is like today. >> beauty and history and good fortune meet in the trevi fountain in rome. for the first time in over a year, crystal-clear waters are flowing once again in the main basin, to tourists' delight. >> i was very impressed. it is very beautiful. >> it depicts the water god .ceana' restoring the near three century old monument cost nearly 2 million euros, a price tag too heavy for rome's administration. >> partnership with the private
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sector is essential to allow the people of rome and the whole world to continue to enjoy this immense heritage. new plumbing,fe, and even a freshly installed pigeon deterrent system, couples can once again ensure internal love by drinking the trevi fountain's waters, and visitors can secure their return to the site in a shout out to the dolcec film "la videa." now the victors are getting a chance to favor victory on their home turf. they were greeted at the airport by employees who turned out to do their version of the traditional hock a.
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you are watching "france 24." let's look at today's headlines. more trouble for the vatican as two new books through oil on the fire of a growing financial scandal. the prime minister of romania resigns after massive protests rocked the streets in anger as a response to the nightclub fire that left more than 30 dead. leaders of china and taiwan are set to meet saturday for historic talks that will mark their first top-level meeting in over 60 years. it is time now for a look at the business news. for that we are going to go live to stephen carroll in dublin. what do you have for us today? another busy day on day two of the web summit, covering all sorts of different issues. we had an opening address on the to open things up
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machine day, focusing on things like robotics. we have been hearing from the head of facebook in europe earlier as well, talking about where they will develop next. he said that they are working on a place to -- we have been hearing from the head of pinterest about his getting involved in making money out of pinterest. he was speaking to us earlier on , getting ready to roll out what they call promoted pens across the area. it is about the moneymaking aspect. how people make money from ideas is one of the focuses on what people are looking on out here, especially startup companies that are trying to impress people and show that they can make money at a minimum. another topic is cyber security. earlier on i spoke with mike from the security firm. of next navy seal, instead
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-- let's take a listen to him. >> the main phone makers out not incentivized to make a secure phone. most of the revenue is off of e-work data. in order to get your data, they make sure they cannot block certain things. that translates into a huge enterprise, corporate, and personal security risk. so the platforms that were out there, whether the apple to samsung hd and blackberries, were not built to literally control all data leak in your funnel, just some data. when we created the black phone and gave fine-grained controls to the individual and the corporation, encrypted voice video, file transfer, where there is not a server in the middle -- it is literally me to you, device to device, employee to employee. a geneva-based company was by
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part ofot wanting to be america or eurasia because of political issues. i believe it is well over 120 countries buy black phone, whether it is the government or the enterprises that by it, and individuals from 165 countries per day. stephen: do we all need to have a black phone? >> absolutely. i have a four-year-old daughter. she does not care about privacy per se as i do about my age. as long as the phone does what it can normally do -- you do not have to be a cryptographer or a security walk to operated pew -- onk to operated. if you are a salesperson or legal or hr, you are not a tech person. a company wants the phone to protect them, yet they can still use google maps, go on to google play, and play their music.
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that is really their innovation. previous that, you have to have somewhat of a security background or the knowledge to understand how you go in and make settings. black phone, it just doesn't. it looks, feels, -- black phone, it just does it. it looks, feels like blackberry. we cannot produce enough devices to meet the demand. stephen: that was mike jackie there. we were saying at the top of the to talkwe are hoping with ceo john skelley. it is a very busy place here. unfortunately, he did not make it appear that we are hoping to hear from him later on. he is speaking later on the issue of big data, another area that he has been involved in his tenure ship with apple since
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1993. back to you, genie. is time to take a look at what the papers have been saying around the world. genie: florence villa minogue is with us today. thel a lot of focus on sinai peninsula that left people dead. you can imagine, a lot of mystery around what actually caused the crash. russian authorities say they are going to wait until the black box analysis results come in, but a lot of papers are reporting on this story that is essentially a story about how a u.s. infrared satellite actually detected a heat flash over egypt's sinai peninsula at the moment the plane went down. this article points out it isn't clear just what caused the
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flash. it could have been due to a bomb on board or explosion due to a mechanical failure of the plane. genie: both russian and egyptian officials were quick to dismiss claims that the plane may have been shot down by the islamic state. flo: egyptian and russian authorities said that was propaganda but they have not ruled out a terrorist attack. this is an interesting analysis piece. there points out that egyptian and russian authorities are being very prudent, perhaps overly careful. an intelligence specialist says it is not in the interest of the state's involvement to be involved in a terrorist attack. egyptian is relying a lot on tourism, their population, and russian authorities for a different reason -- the article points out russian authorities want to avoid any kind of protest over russia's involvement in syria.
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some good news for one spirit michelle payne has become the first female jockey ever to australia's horserace in his 155 year history. flo: it is the melbourne cup. she was only the fourth woman to ride in that race, and she is a national hero today. she is on the front page of every single australian paper. this is on the front page of "the age." it is a stunning victory for the 30-year-old and her horse, the prince of penzance. 101 odds --lly beat 100-1 odds in her victory. she essentially beat those odds and also the heat the racing boys club. that -- and she also beat the racing boys club -- that is what they're calling it. her reaction to winning, "it is a very chauvinistic sport.
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women can do anything and we can beat the world. the herald has another australian paper, saying she did not just make history, she made her story. people outside australia are plotting her victory. there is an editorial dedicated to her victory. life is af her milestone in general. what is interesting is other equestrian sports are mixed, but racing is still a boys club. let her win, market turning of the tide. genie: a new passport design in the u.k. has provoked a bit of a rout. flo: it is called the creative united kingdom passport. it is designed to celebrate art and performance. it is a 34-page passport, including the portraits of several illustrious people, including the architect of giles
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gilbert scott, the father of the red telephone box. william shakespeare. and twoe seven men women, and this has drawn a lot of criticism. there is the architect elizabeth scott and and a loveless. you can see this is elizabeth scott right here. and a loveless is another one. but she shares a page with a man. the independent comes back on this underrepresentation and how people are criticizing it. a labour mp is trying to campaign to get jane austen on the 10 pound note, and she started a twitter campaign to help the home office come up with a better list for the passport, including virginia woolf. flo: there are quite a few they could have put in there. let's focus on the vatican. tileaks card va
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two? one of the world is happening at the vatican? there are two books that are coming out this week detailing the mismanagement and the internal resistance that has 'een thwarting pope francis financ
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>> "viewchange" is about people making real progress in tackling the world's toughest issues. can a story change the world? see for yourself. this is link tv's "viewchange," a new documentary series. [rooster crowing] [cows mooing] >> [speaking wolof]


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