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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 4, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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our top story this hour, the ongoing investigation into the causes of the crash that brought the plane down on saturday morning in egypt, killing 224 people. sources close to the investigation underway in egypt say that the black boxes suggests that an explosion looks increasingly likely, although it is as yet unclear whether that was caused by a bomb. a russian aviation official says that one version being considered is that something may have been stowed inside the
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plane. a missile hitting it from the outside looking increasingly unlikely. and u.k. has suspended all flights to and from the sinai, saying the russian jet may well have been brought down by an explosive device. here is what britain's transitory secretary -- transportation secretary had to say. >> we can confirm that the plane may well have been brought down as a result of an explosive device. as a precautionary measure, we decided that flights due to leave sharm el sheikh this evening for the u.k. will be delayed. that will allow us time to ensure the right security measures are in place for flights. melissa: canada has a new prime minister. justin trudeau was sworn in today as the country's 23rd p.m. , almost 60 years after his father had taken on the same job. the 43-year-old won a landslide
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victory. a new political direction for candida under the liberals, under its relatively youthful prime minister, justin trudeau, who won on a promise of change. when the plan isn't working, the real risk is sticking with the status quo. >> trudeau's policy push back trudeau'ssterity -- policies pushed back against austerity. he said he will legalize marijuana. trudeau shares many ideals with his father, pierre trudeau, who is responsible for canada's bill of rights and its open-door policy to immigration. however, trudeau, jr., has had a more unusual rise to power. a bartender before embarking on a career as a math
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teacher. seat of theto the liberal party in 2013. the conservatives highlighted his inexperience, saying he wasn't ready to lead. trudeau started his election campaign in third place, but swiftly moved to the lead, eventually winning the chance to lead canada and follow in his father's footsteps. melissa: for more on the story, our correspondent in montréal joins us now. in many respects, this is a story of continuity, since the trudeau dynasty lives on. but it also marks a significant break for canada. >> the break of course being that this is going to be a very different looking government harpere harbor -- in-swerve the government that has been in power. -- the harper conservative government that has been in power. justin trudeau is the oldest child of the year trudeau -- of year trudeau -- of pierre
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trudeau. he is one of the youngest ever elected as prime minister. trudeau's own political career began in 2008 in montréal. it's interesting that he has said, in order to drop a division between outgoing government and his own -- to draw a division between outgoing government and his own, he said he would be the prime minister for the whole of canada. he said that government by cabinet is back. melissa: tell us about the shape of the cabinet. >> the cabinet has just been sworn in here. it is a very different looking cabinet than what we've seen. there are 30 ministers, a relatively small cabinet. among those 30, for the first time, there is gender balance,
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15 mail and 15 female ministers. and 15 female ministers. several suggested it should not be about gender. justin trudeau continued with his plan to make an equally gender balanced cabinet. a lot of them are rookies. the liberal government jumped to members a lot of new members. to 184.tting members a lot of new members. the justice minister and attorney general are very high profile. she is the first aboriginal canadian to be put in a post with such a high profile. she is from the canadian province of british columbia. and our minister of foreign affairs -- we now have a minister of science. the outgoing government was criticized greatly for it treatment of the sciences -- for
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its treatment of the sciences. melissa: important day in canada. thank you very much. to some news coming in tonight from san diego. flights landing at the city's airport have been halted due to an ongoing shooting situation nearby. police have surrounded an apartment building. are the latest images coming from san diego, where an active shooter has fired multiple shots using a long-range rifle. a number of gunshots have been heard. police have told people to stay inside their homes and away from windows. just three days after his party regained the majority, the turkish president has called today for constitutional change. erdogan urged opposition parties today to back forthcoming parliamentary moves towards the sorts of
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constitutional change he seeks. >> i hope that they will not vote with their seat during this period and contribute to a new constitution. i hope they will all sit together around a table and work on this. i believe that political parties that seek to thwart this process should change their stance. anyone who resists our people's wish for a new constitution or tries to prevent it will be held accountable in the next election four years later. military operations inside and outside the country are underway. we will not stop. intends toance proceed -- pope francis intends to proceed with his reform of the catholic church, his enthusiasm for change on diminished. his chief of staff is responding to the publication of two books out today, details of
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mismanagement and greed inside the vatican. we have more. reporter: the vatican flooded with cash and suffering from widespread mismanagement, some of the allegations laid at the feet of global solecism -- catholicism. topite pope francis' pledge reform the church's finances, he is struggling in the face of entrenched greed and corruption. >> faced with this situation, pope francis has tried and is trying to start reform, facing obstacles of every type. reporter: highlights the lavish lives of some and the lack of transparency. he alleges that funds meant to be used for the war were used to -- for the poor were used to clear church debt. whereis is back in 2013,
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euros were used to balance the account of the career. -- c ourier. only 2 euros ended up going to charity. have boththese books been condemned by the vatican, which says they prevent -- partialconfusing and representations. pope'sbers of the financial reform commission have been arrested. was2012 book "his holiness" based on documents stolen off his disk by his butler -- his desk by his butler. josephine, our rome correspondent, joined us a short while ago with more.
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josephine, thank you for being with us. we are looking at these two books that have been published today. many themes have emerged from them already. just how damaging are they? josephine: i think it is very damaging for the catholic church, even though the vatican, the head of the press office, tried to downplay this. he said much of the inner -- information was already known. i don't think so. he was also emphasizing it is the leaking of information that is a serious crime, and anybody found guilty of that will be facing the consequences. it is still not clear who will be facing charges. that's a much more complicated process. the father involved is still behind bars in the vatican, the gabrieli where pablo
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was held after he was found guilty of leaking documents to the media in 2012. melissa: what would it mean, do you believe, for pope francis' attempts at reforming the vatican and the wider church? josephine: it was quite alarming when we heard today from -- today that the pope is placing a over eveng a war simple things, like document sharing. he has an uphill battle trying -- et the vatican to reduce to increase transparency. there was also a second scandal. an italian banker is being
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investigated for using the vatican institution for alleged money-laundering and insider trading. this is certainly very damaging to the vatican. the pope is determined to press on with this and to continue the moment, it, at the is unclear how successful that will be, given the opposition he faces from the inside. melissa: josephine mckenna, thank you very much indeed. the prime minister of romania has stepped down. victor ponta announced today he was standing down after the deadly night come -- like love blaze -- the deadly nightclub blaze on thursday. thousands hit the streets to call on him to go. reporter: he has been on trial for corruption and under pressure from the opposition, but, in the end, it was the deadly club fire that cost victor ponta's job.
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ponta: i have an obligation to take into consideration their wish to extend responsibility for the fire beyond the club owners. people want more and it would have been a big mistake to ignore it. i'm ready to do part of what society is expecting. that's why i'm resigning. reporter: thousands gathered outside romanian government offices to voice their anger and call for the prime minister to step down. -- forers, government protesters, government and city officials are to blame for the fire, which left more than 30 people dead. >> this is obviously a movement of solidarity with the victims. it is important to show us that. but it's also a protest against the government and the mayor's office, against the system that let such a tragedy happen. reporter: public anger has been brewing for months with many romanians fed up with the
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government they see as widely correct -- corrupt. since september, ponta had been under growing pressure to quit after going under trial for money-laundering. melissa: some big news in france tonight. isinternational footballer being questioned about his role in the alleged blackmail attempt of a teammate on the french national squad. it was around the alleged sex tape. tape from of the sex an acquaintance of his brother's. he was contacted by blackmailers. his lawyers say their client had no part of play in the plot.
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that our can say is client is happy and satisfied to put an end to this controversy. he had nothing to do with it. as soon as his name came out in this controversy, he told the judge he was available to talk with investigators should they want to ask him any questions. and an issue that has been hotly debated in france for three decades now, the question of whether gay men should be allowed to donate blood. today, francois hollande announced an end to the ban on gay men donating their blood. activists have said the announcement does not go far enough. reporter: since the 1980's, gay men have not been able to donate their blood in france. the policy was implemented as part of the plan to prevent the
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spread of aids, a plan that has been heavily criticized by rights groups. on wednesday, the country's health minister announced the government u-turn. >> i want both to present and to a form of this discrimination -- a form of an end to discrimination and also to have safe transfusions for patients. reporter: no donor can be refused based on their sexual orientation, but there are still some restrictions in place. >> damon will be allowed to go to -- gay men will be allowed to donate their blood, but if they have had sex with another man in the last 12 months, they will be asked to come back in 12 months. but for straight people who have sex with multiple partners were different partners during the or differenters
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partners during the year, the requirement is just four months. reporter: other countries with a 12-month waiting period include australia and japan. look at the latest headlines. the american media is reporting that, according to american intelligence, the russian jet that crashed in egypt could have been brought down by a bom planted by the islamic state group. tonight, britain has suspended flights to and from the sinai peninsula as an added caution, suggesting britain also believed the plane to have been brought down by an explosive device. canada's new liberal prime minister sworn in. justin trudeau won a landslide victory in october, ending nine years of tory rule, a sign that the people of canada are ready
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for real change, he said. pope francis speaking in the face of a scandal that could undermine his cleanup of the vatican. he is determined to forge ahead with reform of the catholic church. we will have a look now at what is making headlines in the world of business. markus karlsson is here. we begin with a bad day for volkswagen on the market once again. problems keep on stacking up for volkswagen. the company's market value lost another 3 billion euros this wednesday. shares lost almost 10% in frankfurt as they got punished by the company's widening emission scandal. it has been understating the fuel usage in as many as 800,000 vehicles. we have more now on what it means for the carmaker's growing tab for the crisis. is getting worse.
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carmaker volkswagen has reported irregularities in emission levels which could affect 800,000 cars in europe. this new problem but cost about 2 billion euros -- this new problem could cost about 2 billion euros, in addition to what volkswagen has already put aside for recalling 11 billion vehicles worldwide. this does not include legal fines and compensation. it does not factor in additional lawsuits if the crisis deepens. in the long run, the crisis could come closer to 32 billion euros. some traders remain optimistic about the carmaker's future. >> i find the question of whether volkswagen is threatened to be considerably exaggerated. --course the company has a
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is in the middle of a crisis, but it must reposition itself now. >> another concern is the potential impact on sales from the damage to the brand's reputation worldwide. in the wake of the scandal, germany's economy minister offered the embattled auto firm some support. >> it should be mentioned that volkswagen has flagged the co2 issue itself. that shows the company is serious about transparency. >> the scandal is also sector hurt the finances -- also set to hurt the finances of the holding company. as of today, no one can predict all of the credential -- potential consequences and how much it will cost altogether. markus: to make matters worse, we have learned in the past hour that moody's credit rating agency has downgraded vw's credit rating amid this in missions scandal -- this emissions scandal. says it will honda stop buying air flight invaders
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air-bag, -- buying inflaters from takata. the carmaker says it is deeply troubled by evidence that takata had misrepresented test data. shares of to conduct -- of taka ta traded sharply down in tokyo earlier. in france, the government has presented a plan to rewrite the french labor code, following an admission by the prime minister that the current code is sometimes unreasonable. manuel valls outlined a step-by-step approach over the next two years. the government says it will start by rewriting 125 pages of the labor code early next year. that's only a small part of the 3800 page document. the aim is to make it easier to do business in france. let's take a listen to manuel valls, who spoke earlier.
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valls: we have spoken about this issue for a long time, and everyone agrees that are labor code has become unreadable with taxes that have accumulated throughout the years. it is so unreadable and confusing that our small companies don't understand the rules and employees often don't even know their own rights. manuel valls speaking there. we talked about volkswagen shares and takata and its performance in the market. we are going to take a closer look at how the wider stock markets have been faring this wednesday. the united states, 40 minutes left to trading, markets in negative territory, although the nasdaq has been approaching the flatline in the past hour and a half or so. the feds are eyeing after janet yellen reiterated
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that an interest rate hike in the united states could happen in december. that private employees added 182,000 jobs during the month of october. that figure is seen as solid, although not spectacular. on this side of the atlantic, volkswagen shares hurt the dax in front for. the german -- in frankfurt. the german index traded down, underperforming peers. facebook will be reporting its third-quarter earnings after the closing bell on wall street within the hour. investors will be paying close attention for clues on instagram's growth. facebook about the site in 2012. instagram has announced it has more than 400 million users and advertising revenues are growing. the cofounder spoke to my
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colleague, stephen carroll, at the web summit in dublin. >> instagram is having a very good year. the photo sharing site turned five years old and past the 400 million user mark. for speaking to "france 24." it has been an incredible journey for five years. did you ever imagine you would get to this point? >> definitely not. every year fails like a new milestone -- every year feels like a new milestone. stephen: tell us how it got started. >> we wanted to help people tell stories in the real world. we weren't sure how to do that. it took a lot of iterations. we built a product that we ended up throwing away. out of the ashes of that, we created instagram. the hard part is not building the thing. it is coming out with the right problem you are solving.
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stephen: give us an idea of some of the most recent technical innovations. >> lorraine came out -- boomerang came out two weeks ago. we've done a lot of work in stabilizing those short videos so they look really good. we try to solve some interesting problems. there is interesting technology underneath the hood. tephen: the sort of content people have been sharing has changed as well. companies getting very involved as well. advertising has come into it, too. how has that changed your job as the development has continued? >> some accounts have millions of followers. an astronaut at the space station has 500,000 followers. making sure everyone gets quick delivery of the photo -- the scale makes it very difficult. : you joined forces with
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facebook in 2012. how did that change the way instagram works? >> we were 13 people trying to run a site of 30 million users. we have really gotten to build up our
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