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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 5, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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it's 7:00 p.m. on thursday and i am james tengan and this is "newsline." a look at the top hour. they have stressed the upcoming summit with chinese
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president. >> scientists from around the world do an adoption of declaration and the nuclear arms. and the opposition leader say that is she is worried that citizen will not get a free and fair vote in the general election. the president's of china and taiwan will sit down for a historic meeting this weekend. it will serve to promote relations between the two sides. >> the summit mark the first step of having the leader meat on a regular basis. he said the talks in singapore are aimed at hane taking piece and ability.
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here is what lead to the decision of the summit. >> this is what china's tv says. >> holding the meeti matches the p trend of the times. >> in 1949 he lost the civil war against the communist and with drew and cross relations have been tense ever since. they refuse to recognize each other and relations remain hostile for a while.
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it began when they met for the first time in singapore. >> the country conducted missile drills and raising cross station tensions. he said that a had a state to state relationship. they seized all communication. the opposition democratic party succeeded in 2000. leader regarded him as pro in dependence and relations
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worsened. things finally started to change in 200 o 8 with the election of the national party as party. they reopened the dialogue through taiwan and china. he also started direct flight toss china. last year, the taiwanese leader oversaw the first ministerial meeting with beijing. our correspondent explains some reasons why taiwan's leader decided to hold a meeting with the chinese president. ma's tenure as president will expire in may, but the support for the nationalist party remains low. ma apparently wants to make the historic talks with xi his presidential legacy. but it's unclear if ma's talks with xi will help the nationalist party regain ground, as its sense of alarm is also spreading in tain over ma's drastic approach to china. a u.s. expert says the upcoming summit may negatively affect
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ma's governing party in next year's presidential election. >> only nine weeks from the taiwanese election has a potential for being a time bomb in taiwan politics. >> he says that's because the opposition democratic progressive party has been accusing ma of doing things secretly, without the consent of the people. he says the summit is a very high-stakes gamble. >> on the final day the scientists adopted the
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regulations. >> let's not it be the last. 70 years after the destruction you're still faced with the imnant danger by the war heads. haters the voices. >> during the conference about 200 ways to solve the regional conflicts in the peaceful manner. one on the agenda was northeast asia. they discussed how to live in harmony. one was to boost mutual trust. as a said to freeze the capability and neighboring countries to engage and should
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not isolate it. participants also discussed the con flibflicts in the middle ea. >> no new nuclear war heads. >> on the other hand o o officials from the nuclear nations insist that had the the holding of the nuclear weapons was stability for the time being. scientists argue that had they're a block and should be banned. >> politically it's a great responsibility. one of the main things that i would suggest that the leader do is to come and visit.
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>> very mild point of views are presented. i believe that we have to take many of these point of views back home and start to compromise them into concrete initiatives. >> the president of the conferences commented after the five day meeting. >> they will not be with us forever. the message must be passed on through the word of the younger generation. >> the scientists that i met here with a huge hope, so i hope that that he chooef the word. >> thanks very much.
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honda made the highest profit for the period. executives are chopping up the result and then in the weaker were yen. it's the first time that the group sales and a four and a half term. it's coming to agent $116 billion. the operating profit rose to about $13 billion. toyota officials sounded a note of caution and said that they have lowered their sales forecast to 10 million units and around $226 billion. they blame the weak sales in thailand, china and indonesia. for more we go to the business reporter at the tokyo
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stock exchange. >> shares rose for a second day in a row and it ended at the highest close since august 28th. the broad er things were one percent. now the weak yen and positive corporate earnings pushed up today and then the electric jumped nearly 16 percent to a five month high after reporting a nearly 50 percent jump in the operating profits from april to september period.
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now we also saw strong demand coming in in japan and holding the banking and insurance units and rose after a day after the ip o's on wednesday. now for the losers there and earlierhis week they were dumped by the biggest client and now they're considering not buying air bags from tarks kata and others may follow suit. shares plunged and that's the maximum daily limit ending at a six year low. now in hours of trading and stack, i did lose monmentummome >> thanks. moving ton the other markets and the shanghai composite dropped and shares in the financial sector rose on the
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speculation that a stock trading link maybe launched by the year end. it's weighing on other margrket. singapore rose 0.55 percent and shed 0.9 percent and then 0.16 percent and snapping a three day winning streak. they agreed that the underlining trend was continuing to get better. the bank of america minutes showed that it was about 0 percent. the figure is far from the inflation tart but still many
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policy makers saw improvement in the underlining trend. they pointed to the increase and the cpi for all items and fresh food and energy for august. they accelerating to 1.1 percent. the board members said that this trend was different from the previous year. the policy makers held another meeting and said that the time frame would need to be extended. they decided to reframe from it. japanese business leader are trying to boost their profile. officials from the japan administration have opened their office in capital. they closed it in 2009 as part of a con can kol dags plane.
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they said both sides will benefit. >> i am confident that usa will be a platform for the production of japanese business accomplishments, contributions to the u.s. economy, and further process with skpus japan relatio relations. >> the timing is good and cocan insides and then t partnership and free trade. people in japan and the u.s. have been calling on kay to reestablish in washington. they say that it's important in japan that he does not lose out in china and south kor and promote the agenda's. it's the information on japan and then we will analyze the political situations. p japanese officials are going from rivals from around the world and they're promoting the
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bullet trained technology for the job. trans per minister made a visit and he visited with the chairman and that ley say that the line d connect the cities in about 90 minutes. japanese officials are talking about the safety of the rail technology and saying that there are prepared to offer a financial report. they're competing with with bidders, south carolina and january pa. here is a look at the other business stories that we're following. they say that personal spending remained weak.
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>> executives at the firm are expecting solid earnings for the business year. in march they have kept the foefr cast about $2.7 billion. that's it for business news. i will leave you with the markets.
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the nuclear regulation authority concluded in the assessment that the number two of the preif he can chur stands above the fault that could move in the future. the unit maybe forced to shut down permanently. japan has tough er regular liegss and other key struck ers and disasterings. the power company says that it challenges the assessment of the nuclear regulator. it compiled reports of the finding after doing on site studies. it argues that the nuclear regulator may conclude and it's not been active for many years. it will remain active. the nuclear regulation say that
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the extorts will study and that the regulator will talk to the people. an area is the part of the planned relocation site for the marine air force station. they were found along the shoreline in the city. city officials have been studying sites on the base. the ohari preif you can chur will see if they should be recognized as cultural assets. if they are, they are will ask the stretch of who are land as a archaeological site. that could affect the work for build being a station and it's in a densely area now.
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myanmar says that they're worried about the general election. she suggests that election commission is not doing enough to give them a free and fair vote. he says that they're not responding to reports of irregular laitielaities. trst a problem and even if they win, she are are bared from it because she has foreign ers in the family. >> it's a very simple message. >> some analyst questions it because the leader used to be a
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military commend er and ruling party maker. civil downs are fog send them to monitor the vote. workers were making plastic bags wln the three story we building collapsed. every media say that they heard screams are help in under the must believe. a situation use has been the the zone. that's leek a 7.5 quake hit and the shock a wide thu. there was a deadly russian plane crash and a possible
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cause. >> we have concluded that there was a significantly possibility that that was caused by an explosive device on the aircraft. he did not elaborate on the intelligence report, but said that all fights to the erie court are suspended and that's where the yush raurchl flight came home. authorities are analyzing data from the pals black boxes. they said that the cockpit voice recorder was damaged. they say that the the militants don't possess the weapons cape about of reaching the altitude. a senior government say that is the air strikes have targeted the moderate opposition that the u.s. is you supporting. >> moscow has tried to claim
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that it's strikes are focussed on administer -- they have killed civilian in the process. >> assistant secretary of the state for patterson testified before the house affairs woend. she said that the main goal of the campaign appears to be to protect the syrian president. russia started on the 30th and the russian mill stair says that it had destroys by tend of october. "newsline" comes to you you live from tokyo and now with the forecast for the weekend.
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now expected across the west it's going to be dry through the weekend. now there's a front system lying over eastern chi and this is causing heavy snow full and rainfall and heavy snow fall across the areas. this area will see some sleet tonight. then main is going to move in. snu temponly five degrees for t high in beijing and zero for the high desite the sunny weather
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and then down to the south downtown henderson i will continue. now let's go the the southern hem fe hemisphere. several tornados were reported in the victoria today. that you includes the one near melbourne airport. now the severe weather will continue for the next several hours, and rain will linger across many areas on the east and into friday, so once gain the rain is expected in places like melbourne, and then another system affects and then to sunday er showers expected. dry weather continues in the heart of australia. 57 for the high. now, to the americas winter has arrived in the western areas.
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this dog really happy to see the snow. the ski resort is going to open on thursday and that's earlier than normal. if snow maker is over the four corners region and providing for snow in colorado and you now kol air is meeting with the warm and humid air from the gulf of mexico providing a risk for thunder stompls and know there are a pos b blthd -- heavy rain could cause the flash floods in texas and arkansas and this area is already dealing with flooding because of the separate system earlier this week, so rain is definitely not good news.
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>> now, temperatures are going to be warm across the areas and in the 20s in most areas such as chicago as well as washington dc. behind it is single digit. we have free warnings and watches. okay. here is your extended forecast.
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hope the weather is looking good in your neck of the woods. don't forget to tune in at thex@
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"> welcome to the "france 24 newsroom. i am molly hall. the first funerals are held for the victims of a russian plane crash. american and british officials say a bomb could have down to the plane in egypt. moscow says it is too early to draw conclusions. kurdish militants in a unilateral cease-fire with the turkish government. we get the latest from our correspondent.


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