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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 6, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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here in japan it's 7:00 p.m. on a friday. i am james tengan. welcome to "newsline." here are the stories that we're following this hour. u.s. secretary ash cart can er has visited the waters in south china sea. the german government plans to speed up the screening of people seeking asylum in the
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country and deport those that fail to meet the criteria. later we look at the tokyo international film festival and giving them a place to take the unique places on life. u.s. defense secretary visited and it came a week after a week destroy er was being built by china. nhk has more. >> he has the field and there's a lot of concern about the chinese behavior in the region. the the captain of the uss that sailed close to the dispute also spoke to media on the aircraft carrier. it was shadowed for about ten days before approaching the reef. chinese workers have been building the artificial islands
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and the land for more than a year. it shows a nearly run way and they're building two other run ways this the chain. >> china has imposed a 1 mile limit around the islands. that does not apply to artificial islands. the u.s. has been studying to conduct freedom navigation operations. >> the united states will fly, sail and operate wherever the law allows as we do around the world. the south china sea will not be an exception. >> it was one of the main topics at a discussion between barack
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obama but the two made little you progress. the u.s. appears to be challenging to the territory. they condemn to sail and worship through the area. >> china will impose in the name of freedom, navigation or air space. >> the spokesperson said that chie dna is determined. defense ministers plus china, japan, the united states and other countries held meetings on the issue. they did not issue the joint one and able to address the south china sea. a u.s. government official told n had hk that last week's operation was routine and lawful.
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he said that they plan to conduct near the artificial islands or the south china sea a few times every three months. the governor is standing firm involving the relocation of the u.s. marine base. it had earlier advised him to change his decision by friday november 6th. but the deadline has arrived and the governor has responded and saying that he will not withdrawal the decision. >> i believe that it's legit and i can't comply with the government's advisory. >> he says that he has sent a notice to the the administration in response to an advisory last month. the land fill rk is set to take place on the coast of the city. it would see the u.s. marine core station transferred from a
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dancely populated area to a district. the land ministry is expecting him to revoke the decision and failing that it could file a lawsuit. officials say that the government's decision is not in the public's interest. members of the united nations have highlighted the divide. they adopted a resolution to speed up towards embellishing world wide. they call for a working group meeting next year to discuss the necessary legal measures. japan was among 33 that sustained. they say that disarmorment should be achieved between the nuclear and nonnuclear you powers. they want the meeting to be a steppingstone to a total band anduclear arm countries is a
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working group concession. they say that they do not consider the national security. toyota announced that it will develop a new idea and it's to push forward with driverless cars and other innovations. company president told a ns conference that the toy o toy research institute is et up in the valley in january. the rnd firm is headed by gill pratt the technical adviser and he will make an initial investment over $5 billion. >> it's possible to create a new
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industry by combining the a skpirks big day athe. we beyond the mobility with these technologies, we want to contribute to make life better for our customers and society as a whole. the executives plan to establish the research centers with the massachusetts institute of technology. >> japanese stock did a winning streak and coming out later today. for more we go to the business report er and that's at the tokyo stock exchange. japanese stocks were a range bound of the job figures, but the stops managed to rise and thanks to steady earnings here. take a look at the closing levels on friday. it's november 6th and it's at
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the highest level since august 21st. the benchmark is three consecutive weeks and it's closed up nearly one percent on the week. now as a said the positive earngs helped for example and a medical equipment maker that only announced a 20 percent rise in the operating period and raised the dividend. so they hit a record high today and closing at five percent and then kicking off strong record announcements yesterday. now at the same time some firms were sold off on a negative earnings now they continue to
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sell off the shares today and it closed done six percent. that's after plunging a 50 percent in just three sessions. now, earlier this week honda says that it will start stop to buy the parts and they fear that many japanese and other auto makers will stop to buy from takata. it should give more clues on the timing of a rate hike and the u.s. thanks and moving o and in china e composite climbed 1.9 percent and it stretched to a third day and marking a six percent in the week and other measures smulate and supported the prices. it lost nearly 1.8 percent and the news of the leader ofhina and tie wane had had earlier boosted and it ended in the
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positive. they were cautious ahead and then hong kong shed 0.8 percent and sidney's s&p 200 index and rebounded from yesterday's losses. they have long been a favorite of people here. many of the hotels have seen business dry up since the economic downturn of the 1990s. one bright stop has been the drastic increase. now the foreign are sensing a business opportunity and buying properties to serve the new market. >> this japanese is in a leading hot springs resort a few hours from tokyo. it's been in business for about 50 years and it's been in company. the firm spent nearly
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$ $25 million to renovate the property. the rooms have been completely booked by tourists until march of next year. a president of a construction firm and his wife have planned a three night stay here. it's their eight visit. >> the water temperature is perfect. it makes us feel at home. i work hard in taiwan, so i come o here to reward myself.
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>> companies are also entering the local hotel business. after visiting one, the president of a chinese travel agency decided to bite on the spot for $5.3 million. he wants to margret it to chinese tour groups. >> it was love at first sight. >> the 20-year-old hotel has lost money and the new owner believes that he can turn things around with the complete innovation and 20 rooms. after the deal was stealed, they introduced himself. my travel agency is the official
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owner of the hotel. we want to work harded with all of you. >> at first the workers were unes. they were not use to serving put the help talk helped to put them at ease, and they're excited to do whatever it takes to kay tar to the any kind of guests. >> i am not concerned zmir taking a positive attitude. >> the trend is likely to grow, and it will present new opportunity to meet connections for the customers and the people that welcome them. taka apoa is recalling and executives say that the sales in
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the six month period from april to november was $3 billion, but they're dog a loss of $46 million lost. takata went down for the forecast through next march by one in $23 million to 41 million. japanese auto makers are shunning takaka. here is a look at the other business news that we're following. urging executive to prepare the economy and said that she should map out a new strategy. ey called for more investment and higher wages to revive the
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economy. if officials say that it fell. call out from volkswagen scandal is hurting. they sold 22 vehicle and down 48 percent from a year earlier. now the top seller of the new cars for 15 years and 2014. if the german rival or expected to come ahead this year. >> thank it. i am going to leave you with the markets.
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a search is under way in brazil. local media say that at least 16 people were kill canned and 45 others remain missing. the damage is located and the waters washed a way down stream. they're taking nart the res crew operation approximate they say that more than 6,000 has been evacuated. it's thought that the mixture
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could be toxic. it's unknown and it will characterize care for the victims and environment. officials at the un agency are calling for more aide in western europe. the plea was issued by the office of the high commissioner. it comes as the first signs of winter begin to apeefr across the count innocent. they say that they will use the money to set up the shelters and tents. they say that as many as 5,000 people are expected to reach it each day from november to february. they expect more will flee the countries civil war. it predicts that many of them will try to get into europe from the neighboring countries where they're not able to receive
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enough assistance. that's triple the total for 2014. german chancellor say thags she is going to speed up the asylum process. they will be quickly deported if they fail to meet it. >> the process will take less than a week and then the review less than two weeks. many of the migrants are seeking a higher stan 2k5rd of living. germany's support from the asylum seek ers is said to be alooming the migrants.
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the tokyo film festival has been held for 30 years. we know take a look at the young film makers that are capred life in the real region. >> this year's film festival and to the audience of more than 60,000 in the late october. in resent years the festival is focused on discovering young and emerging film makers. of chinese film call canned a simple good-bye. one of the asia report. when the main character returns
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home after studying abroad, she finds out that heifer daughter is diagnosed with lung cancer and does not have long to live. she sudden detudied film making this she studly portrays a reslapgs between a mother and a father. another chinese film called the ark of mr. chow said of a system in which children with high iq's are sent to special classes.
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in the film a character that was based on the director studies for ar international contest but grows frous traited and has feelin feelings. >> translator: we live in an age that we're constantly told at that they must work hard and achieve. most people are like a oh no. no matter how hard they they. does that mean that we failed? i don't think so. >> the final film in our report is another debut feature by a 31-year-old director sunny. it's based on roadway events.
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the story is about a teenage couple that quit school and start to work part time to support the newborn child. the boy's mother has gambling debts, so they were forced into a world of crime. >> most of the audience was middle age. >> the film ends on a scene when they were filled with hopes and dreams. what was the directors intention on ending on that note.
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although the lives are difficult now, it still will change. that's why i wanted to end the fill 78 on the good note. >> through these my have is after young directors, we can see a bright future for asian filling making as well. >> the film festival is held every year in the autumn. you may want to put that on your calendar next year. now with the forecast for the weekend. >> yes, wekt has been gorgeous, but things are not changing as we go into the weekend. ing see a lot of cloud and this something is slowly making the way into japan and sunday.
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sent rat and north earn will see rain and because there's cold air we will see the snow fall ouch o testify if. now tokyo will see a high of 20 degrees as we go into sunday and monday. temperatures are not too bad, but again turns will turn wet starting sunday. six for the high and minus one for the weekend morning. bringing in heavy rainfall and snow fall around north korea. rain will continue into the weekend because it's a slow moving system. now, temperatures are going to be 14 degrees.
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we issued a forecast and then
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. >> on wednesday and weather has been miserable akrocross the ar. now it's improving and more rain is expected on your friday in a month. that's it for now and here is the extended forecast. ñ÷p÷999ñç
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molly: welcome to the "france 24 ." newsroom. i am molly hall. here on headlines. tourists afterh officials say a bomb likely downed a passenger plane. france enforced border controls for the u.n. climate summit.


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