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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 9, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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hello, we're coming to you live from tokyo. i'm james tengan. "newsline" starts off with a quick look at the hour's top stories. >> myanmar opposition leader has expressed confidence that her party won sunday's historic general election. the first meeting between the leaders of china and taiwan
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in nearly 70 years has made history. we ask about the impacts of the summit. and how a small headset can help a bedridden 90-year-old lady keep in touch with her loved ones. voters in myanmar are eagerly awaiting the rults of sunday's landmark general election, the first since 2011. opposition leader ahn san suu kyi appears confident of victory. >> translator: at the moment, the official results from the ballot count are not out yet, but i think you all have the idea of the results. >> she called on her supporters not to provoke defeated rival candidates. election officials have started announcing the results, but progress is very slow.
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aung san suu kyi's national league for democracy or nld has won in the first 12 constituencies for which results have been revealed. nld party members have put forward their own projections based on reports from observers at vote-counting stations. >> translator: our party has won over 70% of seats nationwide. i believe we have secured the necessary number to form a government. >> the nld needs to win more than two-thirds of the contested seats to take the reins of power. a quarter of parliamentary seats are allocated to the military. aung san suu kyi is constitutionally barred from the presidency because she has foreigners in her family. the acting chairman of the ruling union solidarity and development party has conceded defeat. yu told reporters his party accepts the results without any reservations.
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the leaders of china and taiwan have met for the first time since the civil war ended in 1949. the two leaders agreed to strengthen ties, but many opposed the summit. >> reporter: xi jinping met for over an hour in singapore. they said mainland china and taiwan are part of the same one china and pledged to work toward a peaceful relationship. >> translator: having a relationship with a populist china will increase business chances for taiwan. a meeting with china is not going to change anything here in taiwan. >> reporter: president ma just wants his name to go down in history. >> reporter: some 500 demonstrators gathered in taipei
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during the summit and demanded it be stopped. the leader of the largest opposition democratic progressive party or dpp criticized the meeting. she said president ma failed to discuss taiwan's liberty and democracy. she said ma also ignored the right of taiwanese people to choose their own future. >> the summit is expected to influence the taiwanese presidential election in january. the ruling nationalist party or knt supportsloser ties with china. it will go head to head with the dpp which stresses a more independent taiwan. the dpp leads in the polls. we spoke with a professor of tokyo university about the impact of saturday's summit. >> from an international perspective, this meeting was very historic and successful, that's correct. but from the domestic viewpoint, both in taiwan and mainland
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china, there are some differences. for example, in taiwan, there is a kind of a backlash. this time the people who support summit meeting is lower than 50%. president xi jinping didn't make any minor concessions about his staff or economic issues. so there are no actual benefits to the taiwanese. since this meeting has stressed too much about one china, this is not that helpful to the nationalist party in taiwan because people in the constituencies have strong taiwanese identity. and they feel that the future of taiwan should not be decided by beijing. the election result is highly
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likely to be the victory of the dpp. i think that this is going to be a very negative result for the mainland china. so i think that after this election, the uncertainty between mainland china and taiwan will rise. >> japanese prime minister shinzo abe is hoping to meet with the leaders of the u.s., russia and china separately on the sidelines of a series of international gatherings this month. abe is scheduled to take part in a group of 20 summit meeting starting on november 15th in turkey. he will also attend the asia-pacific economic cooperation forum in the philippines and an asean gathering in malaysia. government officials are working on setting up separate meetings for abe with u.s. president barack obama, russian president vladimir putin and chinese president xi jinping. they say abe intends to tell obama that he supports the u.s.
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decisiono send a naval destroyer into waters near one of the manmade islands that china has built in the south china sea. he also plans to confirm with obama the importance of the maritime rule of law. in the meeting with putin, abe is expected to discuss the best timing for a possible visit to japan by the russian leader sometime next year. officials originally aim to arrange a visit by putin sometime this year. abe hopes to meet the chinese president one on one in what would be their third such meeting. he wants to see the bilateral relationship become stable and develop further. abe met chinese premier li keqiang a week ago. hackers have reportedly been trying to steal secrets about a future fleet for australia's navy. australian media say those responsible for the attacks are from china and russia. hackers have targeted ship builders in germany, france and
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japan that are bidding for the project. the newspaper says a submarine shipyard belonging to a marine systems of germany has been targeted between 30 and 40 times a night. australianedia saying none of the hackers' attempts have been successful. australian officials plan to replace the country's submarine fleet in the 2020s. the companies submitting bids will send their proposals by the end of the nth. australian officials have raised the issue of cybersecurity with each of the bidders. and as many analysts have been saying the chinese which he is slowing down, and new numbers out of china seem to support that view. gene otani has more on that and a roundup of other business headlines. gene. >> thanks, james. china's exports and imports continue to shrink last month. it will be extremely difficult for the country to achieve the target of a 6% increase for the entire year. china's customs officials said that exports in october totaled
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more than $190 billion. that's down nearly 7% from the same month last year. it marks the fourth straight monthly decline. imports slid 19% to $130 billion. that's the third straight double-digit drop and the 12th consecutive monthly year-on-year fall. chinese authorities recently took monetary easing steps including policy rate cuts. they also launched stimulus measures such as encouraging infrastructure investment. but the effects of these measures have been limited. japanese and u.s. transport chiefs have agreed to launch a forum to discuss cooperation in railway safety and technology. xi and anthony fox agreed to tokyo that the new forum will convene annually. they also signed a joint statement that calls for working-level dialogue on current and next-generation transport technologies. the move comes as japan is eager to export its bullet trains and
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magnetically levitated tins to the united states. bureau chief-level officials are expected to discuss cooperation in the fields of self-driving cars and drones. the talks will also cover railways, aviation and other conventional transport systems. a survey by the labor monday industry of japan says that many students are being mistreated at part-time jobs. there's been increasing reports of exploitation. 1,000 students responded to the survey through august and september. most worked part time in convenience stores, schools and supermarkets or pubs. just over 60% reported trouble. most of them said they weren't explained the working conditions on paper as required by law. nearly 15% of the students say employers made them work on more days than specified in their agreements. and more than 13% say they weren't paid for extra hours before or after their shifts. japanese government officials are thinking about ways to help farmers whose
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bottom line may be hurt by the transpacific partnership. the officials are worried that the free trade deal could cause beef and pork prices to fall in the long run. japan will abolish tariffs on 81% of moesh 2300 farm and fisheries products under the tpp accord. tariffs on beef imports will be lowered over the course of 16 years. duties on pork will also be cut in phases. the government already covers some losses incurred by beef producers by setting aside funds its annual budget. the aim of the new law is to make that agreement permanent. officials also plan to support pork producers, and they will introduce measures to cut production costs. investors have reacted to strong jobs data out of the u.s. they've snapped up japanese stocks and driven markets to a 2.5-month high. for more we go to our business reporter at the tokyo stock exchange.
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>> reporter: strong u.s. jobs have increed thelikelihood that the fed will raise rates before year end, and that lifted the dollar and weakened the yen. and investors have been taking advantage of that, buying up some of the big names her in japan. let's take a look at the closing levels here in tokyo. both key indices closed at the highest since august 20th. the nikkei closed up nearly 2% at 19,642, and the broader topix se more than 1.7%. today shares hit their highest levels in 2 1/2 months. exporters such as automakers and tech giants led the way thanks to the weak yen. let me take you through some of the big names that have done pretty well today. tech giant sony rose 2.2%. and toyota is up olympus surged to 16.9% after reporting a 30% jump in operating profits during the april toeptember period, wel above estimates.
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however, one that bucked the trend is toshiba, shoesing 7.5% after the company reported the first loss in six years following its accounting scandal. but overall it was a pretty good day here in tokyo as nearly 80% of major stocks rose following strong u.s. jobs reports last week. i'm mayu yoshida. moving on to other stocks in the asia-pacific region. the shanghai composite gained 1.6% to climb past the 3600 mark. china's securities regulator will lift a ban on initial public offerings that's been in place since july after the market plunged. sydney's index tumbled 1.8% to close at its lowest level in more than a month. a fall in commodity prices including oil and gold dragged down the resource-heavy index. drawing speculation about a december rate hike by the u.s. federal reserve weighed on some
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markets in the region. the jakarta composite sagged nearly 1.5%. hong kong's hang seng fell 0.6%. the kospi shed .75%. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. major japanese department store operator holdings says increased spending by foreign visitors has expanded their profits. executives say sales for the april to september period rose by more than 5% from a year earlier. and they're reporting a record nearly 50% jump in their operating profit. they're also -- they've also revised up their full-year operating profit to 12%. economists from the world bank say that without action, global warming will force 100 million more people into poverty by 2030. they're predicting a 5% drop in global crop yields and say africa's food prices will go up by 12%. the bank says 700 million people
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already live on less than $2 a day. it's time to take a quick look at our global economic calendar for this week. on tuesday, we find out about japan's current account balance for september. the figure for august remained in the black for the 14th straight month. on the same day officials at china's national bureau of statistics will release the producer price index for october. the figure fell 5.9% in september from a year ago. on wednesday, china will release data on industrial output for october. on thursday, japan's cabinet office will announce machinery orders for september. the august numbers were down for a third month in a row. on friday, the u.s. commerce department will release retail sales for october. thoseumbers rose 0.1% in september. every monday we ask specialists to share their views on the coming week. today we speak to an economist at mitsubishi ufj research and consulting. she gave us her insights into china's producer price index due
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out on tuesday. >> our producer price index is expected to stay negative. it has been negative since march 2012. this indicates that adjustment process has continued to extreme sectors of china's industry. a large-scale stimulus measure after the lehman brothers brought about huge excess capacity and supply. it takes really a long time to cut these excesses. >> noda says china will be able to meet its target. >> china will pursue medium to high growth in order to double china's economy size and income level by 2020 compared with the
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2010 levels. if china keeps growing at above 6.5% on average for the next five years, it can achieve this target. the second largest country in the world, china has reached this stage to sort of make some structured adjustment to keep development. that means more consumption-led economy than investment and export-led economy compared. one should not be too pessimistic about the future of the chinese economy, put the challenge it faces is not easy, not at all. >> that's it for business news. i'll leave you with the markets.
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virtual reality, it can take you into an imaginary world, the stuff of dreams and fantasy. but now vr technology is advancing, going beyond mere games and into the fields of health education and welfare. nhk world reports on these cutting-e cutting-edge applications. >> reporter: this is a digital content expo where tech whizzes compete to show off what's new. and right now one of the hottest
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topics is virtual reality. headsets are getting lighter and cheaper. their super-sharp images lend themselves to many new uses. like virtual walkout. this one with kickboxing. you fight wherever you want. here in a boxing city. you have a 360-degree field of view. the machine gives you instructions to punch and kick and off you go. it was a real workout. far better than i expected. [ speaking foreign language ] >> did i fail? oh, she's saying that i should train 100 times more. that's a lot of kicking. >> reporter: the most exciting advances in vr technology bring
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new life to the elderly and the ill. this is a wedding party held in tokyo. standing next to the bride and groom is a robot. >> translator: this robot is in fact representing the groom's grandmother. >> reporter: the groom wanted to invite his grandmother to his wedding. but the 90-year-old lives about 300 kilometers from tokyo. she's been bedridden for two years. so they came up with an idea to have her virtually attend his wedding party. he set up a system that connected the camera on the robot with the headset.
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he realized she cannot move her neck freely, but the headset features an eye-tracking system which allows her to control the robot just by moving her eyes. she is really eager to see the bride. it's so real that she holds out her hands in return. she says she wishes she was there with them.
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>> translator: when i see my grandmother next time, i think we'll be able to talk about my wedding as if she had been here. i'm glad we could share this experience. >> reporter: the developer of the headset says she has great expectations that virtual reality will drastically change the way we communicate with each other. >> translator: vr can dramatically let us do things we think are impossible due to distance or time. i believe it will have a powerful effect on all means of communication. >> reporter: the vr industry is expected to grow into a $30 billion market by 2020. but it's not just about the money. this technology will become part of the public of our daily lives
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like the internet and keep us connected to those we hold near and dear. mikaso oshie, nhk world, tokyo. >> grandma looked really moved. thanks for that report. now jonathan oh joins us with this hour's update starting with yemen. jonathan. >> well, as we approach the next couple of days, we'll have to keep awe close eye on the possibility of strong winds and flooding for the western portions of yemen, especially. but a good portion of the country needs to look out for this. we had hoped, at least as of last week, that the system would be encountering colder waters that would make the system a lot weaker. unfortunately it looks like it was able to hold on to its strength in the central portions of the arabian sea and intensify into an extremely severe cyclonic storm sunday. and now we're seeing it weaken just a bit, but it's still a very potent storm. look at the stats here. pressure down to 968.
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wind speeds of 167, gusting to 185. these are strong winds associated with some rainfall as well. it is getting closer and closer toward the arabian peninsula. it will weaken as it comes on shore, but it's still going to have a lot of rainfall with it. some areas may see the se amount of rainfall as one year's worth of that rainfall. and that is compounding the situation because we saw multiple times that amount last week. and so some areas may see close to 100 millimeters of rainfall as we go into the next few days. so this is something residents will need to look out for once again. the second time in the same season where we're seeing a cyclonic storm running into the arabian peninsula. chapala was rare innd of itself because it was the first time in decades since yemen saw any type of cyclonics over the arabian peninsula to be more specific. now, we are looking at a deep
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depression down towards the southern portions of india. this system is bringing a lot more rainfall as well. some areas may see up to 150 millimeters of rainfall in the next 72 hours. this is more of a harvesting time period. and so this rainfall may not be very helpful for farmers in the area. especially if it's flooding rainfall. and so it's going to be something difficult for those living in the region. we have more rain story to talk about. this time we go to japan. we're watching out for a cold front that's really bringing the cloud cover that blankets most of the country. as we go throughout the day tuesday, we're looking at rainfall. we're looking at storms. maybe even see some snow in the far northern portions of japan. look out for the possibility of seeing heavy rainfall especially the overnight into the early portions of tuesday. as we progresshrough the day, we may see a drier pattern. strong winds, lightning and tornadoes cannot be ruled out as we go throughout the day tuesday. once we go into wednesday, we should see a drier weather pattern, maybe see sunnier skies in sapporo coming up on
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thursday. now, the rest of asia, a little drier towards china, a little bit more active down toward the south, though. so we're looking at some wet weather for taipei and hong kong. shanghai at 16 degrees with cloudy skies. 19 in chongching. wrapping things up with north america, most of the country in the united states looking pretty dry. looking at some dry conditions also in the southern portions of canada. but we do have a low-pressure system that's rolling into the pacific northwest. that's going to bring some rain, potentially even snowfall in the higher elevations. another low bringing rain again for the carolinas. hopefully by the time we go into the middle of the week, we'll see a drier weather pattern. but another couple of days of rain expected for the carolinas as we go throughout the day monday and tuesday. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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visit our website for feature stories and special reports. also at the top of th hour is "newsroom tokyo." รบ
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>> time for 60 minutes live around the world. these are the headlines. in burma's historic election are starting to come in. 15 out of 16ns seats declared so far. guaranteed atary quarter of the seats no matter what, the country's future is unclear.


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