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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 9, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> time for 60 minutes live around the world. these are the headlines. in burma's historic election are starting to come in. 15 out of 16ns seats declared so far. guaranteed atary quarter of the seats no matter what, the country's future is unclear.
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security forces are searching for illegal weapons. they are trying to stop violence in the wake of the controversial decision to run for a third term. rocks a world of athletics as allegations say officials tried to extort money from athletes who failed drug tests. up, -- in paris is three weeks away. we will look at a tiny island in senegal. residents are living on the front line of climate change. inuitar is auctioned off beverly hills. we will tell you for how much in business. first, our top stories.
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the first results in the historic election are starting to come in. -- has one 15 led out of 16 seats. even with a landslide for the party, the military is still guaranteed a quarter of the seats in parliament. >> the opposition party is on track to win 70% of the available seats, giving it the majority it would need to take power. the first results were announced on monday afternoon. he praised the way the vote has been run. >> the election was peaceful.
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it can be see in that it was held peacefully and successfully. >> the count will take up to 10 days to be released. >> the results have not been declared at the moment. everyone already knows or has guessed what the election result is. the icon has urged supporters. >> i want to know the results. i could not sleep all night. >> my friends and colleagues are waiting for updates on facebook. will remain a major player. they will hold on to interior,
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defense, and home ministry portfolios and meet constitutional changes. a quarter of palminteri seats have been reserved for representatives. the former political prisoner cannot become president because of a clause in the constitution that bars anyone with foreign children from holding the post. >> security forces imber rondae going house to house in -- in opposition neighborhoods. they are searching for illegal weapons. they threatened to pulverize regime opponents who did not lay before theweapons deadline. they say they want to crush terrorism, not provoke further violence. the government executed nine people on the outskirts of the capital.
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>> the bar patrons were ordered to lie face down before they were shot. later, burundi forces roamed another neighborhood in the capital known for being home to opposition. >> this operation will last as long as it takes. there is nothing to stop life from continuing as normal. there were rumors that made civilians flee. >> some 200,000 have fled. a bid that was made legal and a contested vote in july.
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residents fear for their lives. >> the president needs to see what is going on and do something. we voted for peace, not this. >> more than 200 people have been killed since late april. -- paulld dominate warned of civil war in burundi. >> at least two more people have been killed today. one police officer has been hurt. two americans have been shot security jordan training facility. more on
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benjamin netanyahu is having talks with barack obama. to mend their fractured relationship. brought them to the lowest point in years. >> barack obama and benjamin netanyahu have not sat down since 2014. their relationship has hit a record low. he tried unsuccessfully to stop the u.s. iran nuclear deal.
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the goal is to reinforce the long-standing friendship. the yahoo! laid out his plans on sunday with his cabinet. he is expected to discuss goodwill peace building efforts with obama. >> the discussions will revolve around recent events, including syria, possible progress with the palestinians, or stabilizing the situation and the strengthening of israel's security, which united states is committed to doing. the focus of the meeting will deal,ew 10 year defense israel wants more military aid. neil iran nuclear deal increases security threats. israel receives more than $3 illion a year from the u.s.
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a new military accord or major steps towards an israeli palestinian peace deal are highly unlikely for the coming year. egypt say they have killed and islamic state operative in cairo. he had been linked to attacks, including the murder of an american. he was shot dead in an exchange after police tried to arrest him. no word if he has linked to the recent russian plane disaster over the sinai desert. riots have broken out at an australian immigration facility on christmas island. firenees set buildings on and armed themselves with baseball bats. the violence broke out after the death of an escaped asylum seeker. they have confirmed disturbance at the facility. fires are burning and guards
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have abandoned the facility. large parts of new york and shanghai could disappear under waves. millions could be pushed into poverty if global warming is not kept in check. is three weeks away. will be in paris to try and lock in a deal. the french foreign minister underlined the importance of the summit. he insisted the framework is in place. the aim of our meeting over the course of the next few days -- at the end of the month of november. to be inthe delegates
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paris, activists working to save islands in west africa. they're having a devastating impact on villages. increased salt levels are eating away at everything from homes to agriculture, to fishing. residents are living on the front line of climate change. >> she fears for the rest of her home. her destruction would lead and 30 of her relatives homeless. breaks down.l after three years, the building collapses. increased salt levels are
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poisoning land and agriculture. communities are forced to buy products they once grew themselves with little income to spend. rice fields.e if we could settle the problem, we can start business again. use -- tots turn to collecting shellfish. the mangroves are beginning to tides andoff by increasing salt levels. >> if we lose the man growth, we lose everything. they're working with the community to fight against the rising tide. projects include building seawalls, setting up barriers
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and providing tanks to collect rainwater, and growing tabletop gardens. they pray that their village will be protected. the world ofocking athletics that could provoke a scandal bigger than the one at the head of world football. officials tried to extort money failed drugs fo who tests. our reporter explains. >> on sunday, he vowed to speed up reforms amid bribery allegations. >> the allegations that we woke
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up to were extortion and blackmail, they came out of the blue. shock, anger, and sadness. scandale heart of the is this man. it started when the national purportedly -- reportedly received -- to cover up doping. president for 16 years is suspected of taking more than continuesn euros, but to deny the charges against him. >> we did not do our job seriously with checks and all of that, it is a joke. athleticench federation reacted to the breaches. if this is true, it is scandalous and serious.
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>> the comments came a day before the findings of the independent investigation. >> a cave-in at a restaurant car park in mississippi swallowed up over a dozen cars over the weekend. they are trying to determine the cause of the collapse outside the restaurant. no one was hurt. watching "france 24." opposition led by the democracy icon wins 15 out of 16 seats so far. guaranteed atary quarter of the seats, the future is still unclear.
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in burundi are searching door-to-door for illegal weapons. they are trying to stop violence in the wake of the decision of the president to run for a third term. scandal rocks the world of athletics. tried to extort money from athletes who failed drug tests. time for the latest business news. you are starting with new revelations coming out in the wake of the volkswagen scandal. boardkswagen supervisory meeting to discuss the scandal today. several engineers have admitted to manipulating carbon dioxide emissions data. did it because goals set by the former chief executive were too high. engineers began the deception two years ago after a
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declaration in march 2012. wanted to cuts emissions by 30% in 2015, but engineers did not tell him it would be too difficult to achieve. let's check on the markets and see how they are faring. data. digesting portrayed london's footsie completely -- ftse completely flat. the twohe eurozone for have been cut to 1.5%, down from 1.6% previously forecast. more travel chaos in the cards.
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passengers of live funds a. the airline is canceling flights. frankfurt,and from dusseldorf and munich will be scrapped, affecting over 100,000 passengers. there will be little boarding, flying, or smiling at frankfurt airport as ufo continue their walkout. lufthansa has been forced to cancel a third of all of their flights. sportsre coming from a competition. many people have been affected. i am in a bad mood. i will never book again with lufthansa. >> the flight attendants know the conditions when they apply for the job. it is unacceptable these flights
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-- these strikes affect the economy and everyone else. what do we do if we want to cross the atlantic? swim? >> the airline announced it would scrap early retirement benefits in a bid to compete with low-cost carriers and middle eastern airlines. in carrier has been locked battles with pilot unions. the strikes are expected to cost them 130 million euros. says it is willing to head back to the negotiating table, but union say they will thisnue to strike until friday. it is likely to be the longest cabin crew strike in the industry -- in the airline's history. eurozone finance ministers will gather. they are set to discuss how
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athens has fulfilled securing its third bailout. an agreement will see the release of 2 billion euros to athens. india's jet airways, at list price, the deal is around a billion dollars. says he expects the number of travelers in india to double in the next seven to eight years. alliance. -- state owns nearly 20% and passed a law doubling its rights. the french carmaker has set up a team of board members to diffuse
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tensions. >> a guitar from john lennon has been auctioned off for a record amount of money. >> a stolen guitar, no less. $2.4 million. prior to the theft, it was used to record a number of beatles hits, including "love me do." theproceeds will go to spirit foundation charity, set up by lenin's wife, yoko ono. lennon's wife, yoko ono. her affair he is here with us to look at what the papers are saying.
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you start with a focus on the regional elections. >> the national front is ahead in full regions. that would be appear to have been born out by a poll, that shows 52% of french people would not be perturbed by a national front victory in the election. bad news for francois hollande's government. the national front is likely to , where -- is also standing. the paid a visit to northern region.
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cannot getying it any better. presidents are president for life while old people have their pensions cut. our presidents are more royalist then the king himself. >> controversy over the mysterious deaths of sheep. farmers in the biggest sheep farming region in france report 10 sheep have been killed in the region recently. they say it can only be the work of wolves. it is not officially a wolf habitat. farmers are not entitled to compensation. that thees maintain
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killings are they work of stray dogs, not wolves. they protested by dumping the ewe that had been killed. there are about 300 wolves in france. looms largef wolves in the minds of people. we see a contemporary artist impression here. experts are unsure if it was a wolf for a hybrid. it had some lupine characters. it reputedly led to arthur conan doyle to write "the hound of the baskervilles."
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the first completely free election in the asian country since 1990. hasnew league for democracy cautioned against celebrating too early. also to be likely to be slow to come in. andy results favored reported that strong wind is expected. the election is just the beginning. big challenges lie ahead. in spite of a landslide win, which will probably happen, need to secure a broad consensus. bargains will need to be struck. we will have to draw on all of her experience.
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>> you have a heartwarming tale of undelivered letters that are being read, 300 years after the fact. >> scientists and scholars are ñññato read letters that wú]
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(bell rings) phil: since time in memorial, human beings have chosen to live in religious- or spiritually-based communities. today, with the dramatic rise of the religiously unaffiliated, both in the u.s. and in europe, long-standing attitudes towards spiritual communities appear to be changing. in this "global spirit" program, we will visit a community of zen buddhist monks in santa fe, new mexico and a community of youth activists in new york city. we will


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