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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 9, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> hello and welcome live from paris. it is 9:00 here. let's take a look at the headlines making news this hour. setting aside acrimony. president obama means israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for the first time in over a year. the world anti-don'ting ommission recommends russia be banned from athletics.
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the athletes were involved in a systemic don'ting program. looking for victory. parties say they look fit to win a majority of seats and in the first openly contested election in more than 25 years. >> let's go to our top story. meeting face-to-face for the first time in more and year. u.s. president barak owe betances and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu met at the white house. it has been a relationship increasingly strained. president obama reaffirmed the strong ties between the two nations while denouncing a wave
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of palestinian violence. the u.s. has yet to comment on a request for increase of eight from $3 billion to $5 billion. thank you for being with us. given how bad things have got in the relationship between these two men, has it passed the point of no return? >> on the contrary. i think that -- look, the personal and policy differences that have turned the u.s. -- israeli relationship at the top into a rollercoaster are going to remain. there is no reset here. but for compelling reasons there will be an improvement in the wake of this meeting, and perhaps, perhaps, although the middle east is volatile and full of surprises, in the year plus that remains to this president, and there are three reasons. number one, the iran agreement
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has not only concluded. it has passed con in a manner of speaking and on its road to implexation. the president has won. the prime minister by conventional standards has lost that argument. there is a need now to demonstrate that the israeli fight against the agreement is worthwhile and therefore enter a plan for a contingency. most of the parts of the agreement will go into sunset and the iranians will have a chance. even though the palestinian-israeli situation is getting worse, the. has all but concluded, and his aids said it several days ago, that it is unlikely there will be an agreement on a two-states solution on his watch. much of the friction that drove this relationship is going to end, at least on that issue. and then finally you have the reality that you have a
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democratic president, two terms, who wants to pass party control to a democratic successor. that is very rare. it hasn't happened since ronald reagan's two terms, and he assed the presidency to george h.w. bush. it would seem the last thing the president wants in an election year is a major escalation with the israelis, which will provide the republicans a ready-made hammer to bash whoever the democratic nominee is. if in fact it is a hillary clinton, she is going to be put in a very awkward position if there is a major fight between obama and netanyahu so for all these reasons, this odd couple will manage to manage in the last year-plus. >> but isn't there pressure on the obama administration to do something about the palestinian
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issue particularly given it is his last term? >> well, let's look at what the pressures are. the pressures that are most important are the ones emanating from the ground. that is to say would an israeli and palestinian leader who understands the situation is only getting worse be moved to action? you can't have one hand clapping here. there has to be two hands in some sort of unison. i don't see a major change there. then you move to the european pressure. there is always pressure from the european and the international community to do more. but the reality is without the full support of the united states, it seems very unlikely that the europeans will be able to act in concert in an effective manner. then you identify legacy. i worked for half a dozen secretaries of state. i was there at the end of the
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clinton administration. i know how powerful legacy can be, but there is a certain reality, an inconvenient truth perhaps about legacy. yeah, if you can achieve something, you look really good. but again if you try and you fail and the situation is somehow worse than the one you inherited -- and in the case of the obama administration, let's face it, not just the israeli and palestinian situation, but the entire middle east is war than the one he inherited. i don't see, barring some fundamental change in the calculation of the israeli rime minister and/or the president of the palestinian authority, how in a year you're going to get to a two-state st. louis. remember, the arab world is focused elsewhere. you have probe sensitivities with respect to iran, islamic state and the jihadists. this is another factor that
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argues against dramatic risk taking right now. all in all it is a very grim and sad situation. >> we have run out of time. thank you so much. in other news, in the world anti-don'ting agency commission has recommended that russia be banned from athletics. this after an independent investigation examined allegations of don'ting, cover-ups and extortion among russian athletes and coaches. it is recommended 10 of them receive lifetime don'ting bans. it has indicated the iaaf, the sports governing body. here is more. >> suspicions that have now become impossible dismiss. a 350-page report shows that don'ting has been prevalent in international athletics. >> it is disappointing to see the nature and the extent of at was going on and to reach
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the conclusion that it could not possibly happen without everybody knowing about it or consenting to it. it is worse than we thought. >> the latest findings suggest officials have been turning a blind eye to don'ting tests, in particular in russian. the independent commission underlined that some of the results from the 2012 olympic games in london may have been sabotaged. interpol will investigation the allegations. the agency is calling for the lifetime suspension of five russian threats. they have urged moscow to take this opportunity to right their wrongs. russian's participation in the olympic games in rio next year now hangs in the balance. >> for 2016 our recommendation is that the russian federation
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be suspended. in fact, one of our hopes is that they will volunteer that so they can undertake remedial work in time to ensure the russian athletes can compete under a new framework if you like. >> the russian sports ministry has set the allegations are baseless and that it will defend its athletes and institutions. the president of the governing body, sebastian coe has given moscow to the end of the week to provide the evidence. another is under investigation. >> moving on, some 30 million voters turned out in burma on sunday in the country's historic elections. it looks like the democracy rty has achieved a landslide
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party. alexander has our report. >> the opposition party says it is on track to win 70% of available seats in burma's historic elections, giving it the majority it would snead to take power from the former military jump nta. they announced the first results on monday afternoon showing a clear victory for the national league for democracy party. he praised the way the vote has been run. >> the 2015 general election was a peaceful one, and it can be seen that it was held peacefully and successfully. >> a full nationwide count will take up to 10 days to be released. but one candidate has carballoly himmed at victory. >> the results have not been declared at the moment. i think everyone already knows or has guessed what the election result is.
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>> the democratic icon has urged her supporters not to provoke rivals, who mostly represent the former junta. but she will be unable to put an end to the buds of excitement rippling through the community. >> i couldn't wait to hear the results. i couldn't sleep the whole night. not just me, but my friend and colleagues are waiting for updates. >> whatever the outcome, the army is going to remain a major player. it will hold on to interior, defense and ministry portfolios and will be able to veto changes. are rter of the karlment -- of the particle seats are eserved for military people. the former political prisoner .annot become elected herself
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>> the u.n. security council is et to met to discuss the violence in burundia. the violence broke out after the opposition search for weapon ons, this after a weekend where nine people were killed at a bar. 200 deaths have occurred in the country since april. >> catalonia has adopted a resolution which supports independence from spain. it is the first step swords independence. says the alliance which tabled the motion. madrid has vowed to stop the move. here is our report. >> the divisive motion passed on monday in barcelona is a defiant first step towards independence. the two-page text outlines that
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due to the victory of pro independent parties in september regional elections, the prods of creating a new state has begun. it was a close result, but nfl commits the regional assembly to begin working toward the completion of independence within 18 months. it is being driven by a pro independence group backed by the president. >> today is an exercise in democracy, the sovereignty of the people. believe in a future referendum to continue the process. >> others say their supporters want to remain in the country. >> today just like the day 26 years ago, the berlin wall fell. you want to build this wall in catalonia. we will not allow you.
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>> last month, the prime minister met politicians to try to stave off the push for independence. he has vowed the government will appeal monday's motion in court. is he session is banned under spain's constitution, but a year ago, 80% of cat lannan ters who turned out -- catalonia voters supported a separate state. a ls show no one party has clear majority. >> our correspondent, sara has more. >> some analysts think this is all about grandstanding and the aim of the outgoing president who is hoping to be reelected as we speak. they think that the grandstanding is all about him try to get more money to the region and specifically more powers to keep catalonia's taxes in the region and not subsidized regions.
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but other analysts say that at this stage of the game, there are many support erskine in catalonia that will stop at nothing but outright independence. this is going to play out into the general election. there is no sign at this stage that there could be an early solution either in the parliament or with an agreement between the madrid and the barcelona parliament to settle this before the december 20 election. the president again of the catalonia government, at this stage he hasn't got the support in his own parliament to do that. that vote could go right down to the wire with the end result being after christmas in january. >> that is our report from madrid. moving on, rising sea levels ouring into senegal are having a devastating impact.
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increased salt levels are eating away at everything from homes, to agriculture to fishing. with the u.n. climate summit to be held here at the end of the moment, katherine takes us to a tiny island where residents are living on the front line of climate change. >> this is the spot where her kitchen stood until it was destroyed by rising sea levels. she now fears for the rest of her home. it's destruction would leave her and 30 of her relatives homeless. >> the high salt content of the sea ware breaks down the foundation. after three years the building collapses. > 29 -- it is not just buildings. rising salt levels are poisoning land and agriculture. they are now forced to buy the products they ones grew for
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themselves. >> we lost our rice fields when we stopped cultivating rice. if we could settle this problem, we could start business again. >> resident turn instead to connecting shell fish and fishing. this is hugely dependent on man groves, which acts as a buffer from the assault and flash. the man groves are beginning to be killed off. >> without mangroves there are no fish, shell fish or birds. if we lose the mangroves, we lows everything. >> they are working with the community to fight against the rising tides. projects include building sea wallace, setting up sand barriers, tanks to collect water and table top gardens. >> they are replanting the
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mangrove, singing and dancing to pray that their village will be protected. >> a reminder of top stories. setting aside acrimony, president obama meets benjamin netanyahu for the first time in more and year. also, the world anti-don'ting agency commission recommends russia be banned from athletics. they found that athletities patrioted in don'ting programs involving some of the country's top sporting officials. looking fit for victory. the party looks fit to win a majority of seats in burma's first openly contested election in more than 25 years. it is time for the day's business news with kate. we are starting with a very familiar story, aren't we? tensions over greece have resurfaced in brussels. >> exactly. i am sure we have started out a segment like this before. yet another eurogroup meeting
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taking place in brusselses monday. morrow problems for the eurozone finance minister. refusing to unlock two billion euros worth of bailout fund. they believe the greek government has not delivered all the reforms it committed to under july's 86 billion euro bailout deal. they said a deal could be struck later this week if progress is made on reforms. >> time is limited. we need to complete that first set of milestones. it needs to be done very quickly and also some of the prior actions regarding the governance of the banks needs to be sorted out quickly so it doesn't jeopardize the process of recapitalize. that is our key priority. >> speaking to our correspondent in brussels. you have been following this greek drama for months now. we thought everybody had been signed and sealed several months ago, but where does
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athens stand now? >> the head of the yurg creditors are not happy with the conditions that were attached to the release of the bailout finance. no cash without implemented fact that pite the greece is now in it's eighth year of reform. it was on the 13th of july there were marathon talks in brussels. a political agreement was agreed on for a bailout with grease for 86 billion. tonight they were expecting agreements on a disbursement of two billion euros and funds to prop up banks, but instead we heard the head of the eurogroup give them to the end of the week to reach agreement with creditors on unresolved issues. if that happens, next year as career would meet. and two billion euros in funding for the government.
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they will only give this green light when all agreed actions have been implemented. we saw in the press conference there alwith the finance commissioner, he spoke about the positive cooperation between greece and the creditors and how greaths was on the right -- how greece was on the right track. there does not seem to be any room for movement despite the fact greece has called the demands unreasonable and socially explosive. >> you mentioned the sticking point for creditors as they examine the progress the government has made so far. what are the sticking points or the details that are holding them back? >> it all links to banks. discussion on pensions have been postponed for the moment. the eurogroup asked them to bring in new rules for banks to handle bad mortgage debt. there have been intense discussions on the foreclosure
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law. the greek government wants a system that would protect about 70% of homeowners from having their houses repossessed by banks. but the creditors say that is overly generous. they want a stricter framework that would protect only the most vulnerable. the commission says the right balance has to be struck, one that would help the weakest element in society but not leave people without a roof. -- is a sense itf topic in a sensitive topic in grease. he actually called the commission on how this would impact them. >> thank you very much for that update from brussels on the latest twist in the greek bailout drama. let's catch up with the markets now. european market all down, by china, where exports dropped for a fourth month in a row. the exchange in lisbon lost
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over 4% on concern over tuesday as vote on the austerity program. wall street has turned sharply low as they position themselves for a possible rate increase next month. e dow jones is down over 200 points. all this coming in context from a report saying that g.d.p. growth would be lower than expected this year, cuts its forecast from 3% to 2.9%. they said the slow-down in china was at the heart of the problem and that the down turn in trade would have a lingering impact for the coming year. other business headlines now. we are going to look at lufthansa, which has been forced to cancel more than 900 flights monday. that stranlted 113,000 passengers. the walk out by the cabin crews
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are over pensions. >> there will be very little boarding, flying or smiling at frankfurt airports as germany's biggest cabin crew union continue their walk-out for a third day. lufthansa has been forced to cancel a third of all its flights, much to the growing anger of passengers. >> we are coming from a sports competition in qatar. many people and teams have been affected. i am in a bad mood. i will never book again with lufthansa. >> the flight attendants know the conditions when they play for the job. it is fun fair it affects everybody. i have no sympathy. what are we meant to do if we want to cross the atlantic? swim? >> the walk-out began on friday after u.f.o. said lufthansa's management failed to meet its demands.
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the airline previously announced it would scrap early retirement benefits and sbruse other cost cutting inches in a bid to compete with other airlines. it has been locked in a long-running battle with pilot as unions as well. strikes this year alone are expected to cost them 130 million euros. for its part, lufthansa said it is willing to head back to the negotiating table. but unions say they will continue to strike until this coming friday. if demand aren't met, it is likely to become the longest air cabin strike in history. >> the head of microsoft has met with the french president, and had his neck book at the record. he announced 83 million worth of investment in french tech startups and schools across the country. he hopes to support development in cloud computing and
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artificial intelligence. many of the world's banks are still too big to fail. that is the assessment of the financial stability board created by a group of 20 nations. they have published new rules to protect the global financial system from another clams.
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