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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 11, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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coming to you live from the studios here in tokyo, this is "newsline." i am james tengan. myanmar's leader has called for talks and the president promises a peaceful power after
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a land slide win after last sunday's election. suu says that she wants the the meet the head of o the military next week. she say that is she wants to discuss national reconciliation and that it's critical for the government to carry out the wishes. the party also say that is the president is ready to meet after hearing the final results. the election has declared 128 seats or 38 percent of the counts. she won the seat and it's taken 163 seats and the military backed ruling solidarity party gained just ten. the remaining nine have gone to ethnic minority and in dependence. according to their count, they have secured more than 333 seats needed for the majority.
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the people building the first passenger jet have got their project off the ground. they have taken the mitsubishi over the country. we have more. >> reporter: it's getting ready to take off. they take the jet on a 90 minute fight through the sky. they walk through to check the planes balance and the ability to climb the descent. >> translator: as the plane reached take off speed, i felt that it was saying i wanto fly to the sky. >> the heavy industry decided to
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produce a small passenger plane in 2008. >> translator: we want this to grow into a major industry. >> reporter: they produced by a canadian company and in brazil. competition is hitting up. russian and chinese manufactures entering the market to the mid-growing demand in asia. they're promoting the -- it's designed to offer low air resistance and the planes next consumes 30 percent less fuel than the competitors. the cabin designed was passenger comfort in mind.
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they create for the extra leg room. now they have received more than 400 orders from the u.s. based airlines. they hope to build on the promising start after showing how impressive it is through the year. >> i think today's flight can show what they can do. >> the executives knowledge that they have a long way to go before they hit the cruising altitude. the jet has to undergo more than 2,000 hours and they have to get the aviation before they can put the plane on the market. they plunge in 2017. >> the small passenger jet is
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expected to sore over the next 20 years to 5,000 units. many are hoping to tap into the market. in order to be successful, the makers will have to have a competitive edge. nhk world. a japanese sport is under scruti. three of the pitchers will be disqualified for gambling on baseball games. it's not the first to engulf the japanese sports. this has happened in baseball and sumo. nhk reports. >> the three players in question are shoki kasahara, ryuya, and
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satoshi and play for the giants and gamabled on ten to 20 games. he was afraid that a gangster would show up at a ball park to collect on the debts. the commissioner announce that had the band is affected throughout yasia and the u.s. >> translator: the three have tainted probaseball and they have shed the con you iffidencey baseball fans. >> disqualification from the baseball is a penalty from the lifetime ban of the sport. this is the the first time that they have been pun you shalled for beating on the baseball game since the high profile scandal in 1969.
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sport's aj si chief commented on the development. >> people say that all sport's players regardless of the sport they play. it's an embarrassment for the sports group as a whole. >> he announce that had the club had officially terminated the three players. >> translator: the giants take the scandal very seriously. >> tokyo police say that all three players admitted to gambling. they say that they will question other possible gamble ers to see if they need to be charged.
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>> translator: i apologize for the miss conduct. >> reporter: an investigation by the japan sumo association said that 30 people included coaches and players admit it had the gambling. they dismissed former ranking on and coaches. one of of the suspects said that he began to bet six years before and tempted by a lea ovder of a japanese group. >> translator: i soon got to know that he was a member and he told me how to bet. that's the pe beginnibeginning betting on the gambling games. >> reporter: wrestlers become easily involved in the gambling. >> translator: many athletes that live in a highly competitive world basically like gambling. they do it when they have the
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time and the money. >> reporter: experts say that a tolerance for the gambling may have led to illegal betting by the players. >> i think that japanese is basically tolerant of gambling. we have horse races. this kind of scandal would increase the popularity of pro baseball, and the fans will keep a strict er eye on the players. in order to store trust as role models, each one should have high higher morales. >> reporter: they are trying to see who all was involve in the illegal g illegal gambling. they're trying t come up with a way to prevent reoccurrence. nhk world. >> thank you and a separate scandal is working the world of olympic sports. the head of russia's head of doping agency has played down state sponsored cheating.
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he insists that the company is moving forward of addressing the issue. >> translator: i believe that the problems exist, but russia is on the path to clear it's name and change. >> he called the problems minor breaches and said that the agency you now complies fully with the rules of the world antidoping antidoping agency. this is after russia released the reports on the program. the panel accused the agency of in forming athletes of the spot checks and accepting brides from them. it called for the russian track and field agethletes to be suspended. it recommended a lifetime ban for a head of a lab in moscow that had the doping test. it said that they played a leading role in the doping program. russian's sport's minister said that they resigned suggesting that he took responsibility for all of the negative press.
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economic figures show a mixed picture and we have the details and a round up of the other headlines. >> thanks james. officials say that factually output weakened in october but retail sales continue to expand. china's output rose year on year last month. that's down 0.1 from the previous month. the output was due to falling property vinsment a property investment and the figure rose 11 percent in october from a year earlier and up 0.1 from the previous month. car sales had had the trend and they report that more than 2.2 million vehicles were sold and that's up nearly 12 percent from the year. the biggest increase this year and buyers were on smaller engine cars. o officials from japan and the u.s. have agreed on the
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regulation on the you power plants ahead of the paris conference. the two posted for the over seas plants to cut and curb the admission. the agreement came after the two sides differed at a meeting of a working group of the organization for the economy cooperation and development. they wanted the others to stop financing the coal plants. they maintained that the technology has the highest efficiency and that plants that they build help to you offer a practical way to address the global warming. still sources say that the two government's agreed not to allow the banks to finances the plants. members of the working group will discuss ahead of the
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conference. japanese stocks rose and we're in the stock exchange. give us the details. it's up and closing at 19,691 and then a two and a half month high. the broad er topics rose to 1,595. now there's a bit of the focus on the companies related to apple and apple has you cut ten percent of part orders of the iphone 6 s. no surprise to see the supply ers taking the hit on the news. companies such as japan display traded lower and corporate earnings were a factoroday and electronics was one of the worst performers today. it reported the net losses and
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falling sales in the april to september period and then the printing was done after the paper manufacture had a ten percent climb from the april to september period. now we have been covering the flight of the first commercial jet liner and investors took notes and mitusubushi is highing and that's it in the stock room. >> thank you. moving on to other asia pacific region. it rebounded 3.6 percent and climbing up to a two and a half high. they hope that it will take the stimulus measure and then the parts order cut and took a toll on the taiwan's market and it shed 1.4 percent and then hong kong is at 0.2 percent and then backing down and then malaysia
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is back from the holiday and finishing 1.2 percent lower and it rose nearly a half percent. here is a look at the other business stories that we're following. >> mcdonald's has yet to recover from the food safety scandallinscandallescandals. they say that the sales were down 20 percent and the firm booked a net loss of $240 million. that's the largest since 2001. a chinese firm buys in japan. the company say that is they will buy the entire stake to pay about $150 million. ownership will be handed over on december 1st. operation of the facility will ntinue under the japanese
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firm. shoppers snapped up the big bargains on the single's day marketing of alibaba. chinese online retail is bombing despite the economic slow down. >> that's it for the business news, and i will leave you with the markets.
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more than ten days has passed since the plane went down in egypt and many are voicing the condition certain that terrorists are causing the crash. they're starting to worry of the wider implications. nhk world has more. >> reporter: a group issued a statement claiming responsibility for the crash.
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>> u.s. and british officials have indicated that the crash may have been the result of a deliberate act. >> we can not be certain that the russian airliner was brought down by a terrorist bomb, but it looks increasingly likely that was the case. >> reporter: last year they referred to the possibility of a t terrorist attack. they quoted a member of the egypt's investigation and saying that it's 90 percent certain that the sound was caused by a bomb. they stress investigators have not ruled out the rash. >> the committee is considering with the great attention all possible scenarios.
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>> they fear that it will hit the industry hard and then the point is that it's a major result of the nation in the peninsula. it's extremely poplar and the area is is home to the extremist that have a region to the islamic state group. they have carried out attacks on the military personal. they say that the fall of the long time ruler they have advanced weapons that have once been the property of the government people say that they're already starting to feel the affects of the crash. >> it's big because it was a shock for everybody.
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people wait before and make the reservations. >> government officials have met with business leader and vow to help. they say that they will provide financial assistance. he said that they will consider the fairs but officials are still unsure how the concerns over the security and can only wait until investigators conclude into the cause of the crash. nhk world. >> thank you. japanese defense officials are paving the way for woman to become fighter pilots. nol now it's been for men only. woman currently pilot transport
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and patrol the aircraft, but not f 15 or fighter jets. in the past officials have limiting the piloting roles because they claim that the forces in the high speed fighters would place a burden on them. woman's service would be limited by the maternity leave. officials say that the new plane is in line with the government's policy to promote gender equality in the workplace. it's as early as this week. the first female fighter pilot are are set to start training and assume the new duties in about three years. >> it's currently degrees sellous and joining us now with the weather update and with the
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northern europe. yes, it's a mix back and high pressure come is keeping things simple across the west like the peninsula and france. it's warm and dry but it's wet across the north. know is expected across western russia and highs at eight degrees despite the sunny records and in the south it's ten degrees higher in places like veina. now, south africa the weather has been different. it's abnormally warm and abnormally dry in south africa, so crops have been severely affect bid the unusual weather. people are suffering through the worst drought and the dry weather started last summer and
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worsening to the affects and then a 30 stz and the financial hub can be begun to impose the restrictions o the water use. they say that if it does though the improve soon, it could reach the crisis level. people are also experiencing a severe drought. more than 3 million residence of those countries are in desperate need and need a rainfall and unfortunately this area is heading into summer. that means that it's a dry season, so improvement is not expected any time soon. now to north america. now there's kind of weather happening and heavy snow across the west and dangerous area in the east, and then there's a tropical storm over the atlantic. this is kate. this is moving away from mainland u.s. now, this is a trouble some system and it's capable of
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producing systems like thunderstorms and even tornados across the eastern areas of the united states. the highest risk can be found across illinois, iowa and missouri. now colorado may see up to 50 centimeters of snow fall and heavy snow is going fall across washington and british columbia as well. now the low line areas will see the first of the snow fall on the season. now temperatures are going to be as follows. picking at 19 degrees on the wednesday and then as the cold air moves in, the temperatures are going to drop the 13 degrees and then chicago at 13 degrees and then at ten degrees as we go to friday. take care of your health. now to asia then and we're experiencing the sunny weather if were the piers time in five days, and it's clear and dry across the many portions of japan and then the conditions will change on the weekend.
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there's a frontal system over much of south earn china and that's capable of producing the rainfall in several areas and this is going to creep into japan into the weekend. so tokyo will continue to see the sunny weather if were the next couple of days, but rainy weather is expected on the saturday. that's it for me now and here is your extended forecast.
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the top story wince again myanmar's leader has called for talks with the country's leader and the president says that he promising a peaceful hand over of power of the the party looks set for a land slide win in last sunday's election. she said on wednesday that she wants to met the president and the head of the military next week. she wants to discuss the national reconciliation and that it's critical for the government to carry out the wishes of the voters. the party also say that is the president is ready to meet after hearing the final results. the election commission has declared 232 seats or 46 percent of the count. she would be her seat and the party at the national league that taken 211 seats. while the military backed ruling union solidarity and development
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party gained just ten. the nld says that acacording to the account, they have the majority. >> nhk news will have more ]=
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>> you are watching france 24. time for 60 minutes around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. the eu approving new guidelines for labeling for products made in jewish settlements. israel is calling it anti-semitism in disguise.


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