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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 16, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> a minute of silence across europe to remember the victims of friday's paris attacks. , whereople are gathered we will be going live in just a moment. police in belgium carry out a raid. more than 160 reads across france -- one in 160 reads --
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more than 160 raids across europe. identified,st to be ostefai.ail must i the key capital of the islamic state group, which claims as possibility for friday's attacks. i am clear pride. welcome to this a special edition of "france 24." more than 120 people were killed in attacks in paris. falling with people silent to remember the victims of friday's attacks. that was at midday local time, about an hour ago. some people gathered outside the bataclan theater, the scene of the deadliest attack. carillon cafe
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restaurant. near someding silence of the attacks, and also where january's solidarity march started. us.correspondent joins what is the atmosphere like now? >> now it has been an hour since the minutes of silence started. there are fewer people than earlier. earlier there were 1000 people right here. but people told us that they were going straight home because some people are still scared of what might happen. there are still some alleged accomplices who are on the run, so people are worried that they might be coming back to attack terrorists once again. i have seen strangers hugging with each other, crying with each other, supporting each other and telling each other what they have lived through over the best -- over the past
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two days. one man said that he did not dare to get out of his house friday night because some of his friends were injured in these attacks. he said that he did not want to get out of the house because he was too scared. today he came out here to pay tribute to the victims. he says it was important for him to try and realize what had happened, and he said he had taken a day off from work especially to come here. claire: you can understand because where you were standing is where yesterday's false alarm sparked panic. ,oday spawns a reopening museums and schools are open. so getting back to somewhat normal. aurore. : just about 900 meters away music hold,aclan
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and parents were saying that it was important for the parents -- parents were saying was important for their kids to get back to school because the whole weekend has been darkened by this atrocity, and they were saying it is important for the kids to return to school to try to return to normal. other parents were skeptical, saying they were against the idea that their kids had to return back to school. they were saying that in that street there were no police officers guarding the area, no military forces either. so one mother was actually crying when she left her child at school, saying she is worried something might happen. people are really on edge. you can tell people are looking over their shoulders anytime anyone looks remotely suspicious. that is what we saw last night with the panic that occurred, with hundreds of people literally running for their lives.
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claire: it turned out to be a false alarm. from central paris. the paris prosecutor has identified two more of the suicide bombers. in an areamself up north of paris. the other at the bataclan theaterin paris's district. the hunt is on for the brother of one of them, brussels born salah abdeslam. he was detained briefly but they let him go. carriedn 160 raids were out by police overnight in various parts of france. 23 people have been arrested, and 104 placed under house
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arrest. regarding house arrest orders, i have made in the past 48 hours the first 104 for people who have been subject for particular monitoring by our security services. in addition to this, last night, police throughout the country with the support of our centralized intelligence services proceeded with 168 raids on homes of people suspected of various activities. people were arrested and taken in for questioning. 31 weapons, including 19 handguns, a large caliber rifles, four assault weapons were seized. seizures are controlled drugs were made. computer hard drives and various accessories and mobile phones were also seized, which we will
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examine. kate moody has been keeping an eye on all the latest developments. she joins me now. first of all, tell us more about these raids across france. kate: the police investigation is intensifying. we heard it from him. beingare 168 reads carried out -- 168 raids being carried out over the cities of france. to loose and in the paris area as well. france is under a state of emergency, and that gives police special powers, and additional powers to go in and target places where they think they might have potential suspects or people who might be able to give them some information. raids, 104 people have been placed on house arrest. there were cases where arms were seized, including market -- including rocket launchers, military style uniforms, at
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least four were automatic military grade weapons. people have been placed under investigation. at least six people might see their french nationality revoked as connected to these investigations. there are separate and intensive investigations happening in brussels in the suburb of belgium. we will be hearing from our correspondent on the ground. claire: these are not necessarily connected to friday's attacks, it is also the authorities wanting to prevent further ones, people possibly planning further attacks. what is the latest that you have on the suspects from friday's attacks? kate: five of the seven suicide attackers suicide have been identified. the latest one is samy amimour.
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he was known to intelligence authorities. 2012d been questioned in and was the subject of an international arrest warrant. his family is saying this morning he traveled to syria about those could use ago. three of his extended family members are in custody as well now. a bataclanis attacker, omar is mel must if i mostefai.mail he was known to authorities as someone who had been radicalized, although he had no record in france of potential terrorist links or activities. turkish authorities are saying they had flagged him to their french counterparts as a possible terror suspect. that was back in 2014 or a authorities say they received no response from their french counterparts until after friday's attacks. another name we have gotten from judicial sources, bilal hadfi,
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who blew himself up in france. he lived in belgium. another name coming out is document out mohammed -- is ahmed mohammed. the passport itself identifying a 25-year-old syrian man. the man who was with the passport, although we do not know if the passport was authentic or if it was actually his, he himself had been registered in greece, came through greece and registered with his fingerprint. we know this man in particular had passed through greece as a migrant, apparently, although we do not know if that was his actual name, if the passport belonged to him. we also have brought him out the islam -- bng him and rahim abdeslam.
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one brother, mohammed, is being .uestioned an belgium abdeslam is the man who is believed to have rented a --, believed to has escaped it is important to point out his involvement in the attacks has not actually been established. he was stopped by police while on saturdayis car morning. they had no idea he may have been connected or wanted as part of the investigation and he was let go. there were early reports this morning that he may have in arrested. those have been disproved. he is apparently still at large. , apre: we also have reports and reuters, saying a belgian
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born extremist is being identified as the mastermind. kate: we are details from the wire agencies citing a french official, an unnamed french official, that the name being abaaoud,abdelhamid 27-year-old from the brussels suburb where the investigation is being focused on. syria, so wely in not sure exactly where his whereabouts are. he is being linked to a couple of other thwarted attacks, including a train on its way to paris and a church around the french capital. thea lot of details, but associated press and reuters are paring down on one individual to are said to be the closest link to the mastermind. claire: we will be speaking with chris moore, who is in belgium with the latest developments
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from there. thank you very much, kate. let's turn our attention to the french president, francois hollande, addressing both houses of parliament later, this a day after he met with political leaders, including the head of the opposition, former president nicholas sarkozy. our correspondent is in rare joint a very session of congress, if you like, today. tell us more. absolutely. this is only the second time in french history that the members of the french national assembly and of the senate meet here. the french president addressed them. francois hollande is expected to make several big announcements. he will explain what it means to be at war and what it applies -- what it implies. he is also extending for three
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months the state of emergency in french territory. the different parliamentary groups have been the right -- have been given the right to debate, but there will not be a vote. he will not be here at the chateau oversight -- at the , and 348ave versailles members of the french senate will be attending this special congress where the parliament convenes to hear some of the key measures and vision and to hear francois hollande outline his vision for the coming months have the coming years. unity is really cute today, the second day of national mourning. clovis: absolutely. that is what we are being told at the chateau versailles. it will be a time of unity after
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the dramatic and unprecedented attacks against france. politicians and members of parliament will have to put their political differences behind them and show a united ont in this war against -- they will be placed in off a better go order. it may sound like a detail but it is not. they are of course regrouped, depending on their parties. this time it will not be the case, so you will have right-wing politicians sitting next to left-wing politicians in a show of solidarity, of unity, and president hollande house speech will show that divisions cannot happen in these difficult times. as the president of the national assembly said yesterday, each tier, each drop of blood following the attacks, will only reinforce france's resistance.
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claire: thank you very much. president or lawn will be addressing both houses of parliament in -- president hollande will be addressing both houses of parliament in versailles. by chrisw joined moore. what is the latest? chris: there is another when going on behind me right now in the molenbeek neighborhood. it has been ongoing for a few hours. authorities say they made one arrest at about 11:00 a.m. this morning, and we have heard a few .etonations they could be flash grenades. i am only speculating there. there were about 100 officers involved in this operation. also members of the authorities
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being tightlipped about what is going on. they are saying this is obviously part of their ongoing response to paris last friday. there have been some speculation that the person arrested was abdelsam salah. now we are told that it is not the case and what is going on is linked to the ongoing wider investigation to events in paris. so the belgian police are still clearly very active, as they were over the weekend, working in tandem with their french colleagues. clarify, how many of the suspects are known or thought to have links to belgium? them emerged, this molenbeek neighborhood in particular, the french media, over the three brothers. slam -- abl at the
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islam salah, and his brother thought to have blown himself up outside the bataclan. a third brother as well. this is not the first time this neighborhood has been at the center of terrorism cases. a slew of cases have involved people who have lived here or moved through the neighborhood over the last two years, so cases on both french and belgian soil. at times like this, inhabitants feel they are being stigmatized for the actions of a tiny minority, but in terms of the law and for -- of the law and order, the belgian government is saying that for too long it has been lax and it is no coincidence that these attackers have come from this neighborhood as a result of what they say lax policyhas been
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in the last decade or so, promising crucially more resources to turn people away from radicalization. claire: thank you very much, chris moore reporting from belgium. charlieme now is winter, researcher on homegrown terrorism. thank you very much indeed for joining us on "france 24." since we were just speaking to chris moore in belgium, i would like to start off by asking you what it is about belgium that has made it europe's biggest explosion in jihadists? >> there are a lot of conditions someone eligible for -- for example, the fact that there are these kinds of de facto ghettos in which recruitment can have a really good amount of time to really
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focus their efforts on picking up vulnerable individuals, .ndividuals made vulnerable it is a vicious circle of extremists recruited. i was watching the propaganda, working with the conditions and damage to a particular country, andining grievance ideology mobilization, the ability to mobilize support. claire: now that we know more about the bombers, almost all of the suspects have been identified, what would you say they have in common? it is pretty obvious that they are all very committed members of islamic state. in terms of their supporting, it is important to make that decision. a lot of people who go to join the group are not committed ideologically. it is not a homogenous bunch of people who fight and the line -- who fight and die in syria and
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iraq. there is a broad range of different people going to join the group's in different regions. these guys were keen on projecting, and really trying to play into the momentum narrative. orire: is it oversimplifying wrong to say that a lot of people who are drawn to this ideology come from underprivileged backgrounds, perhaps places where there is no unemployment, they are having difficulty fitting in? is that a big misperception, perhaps? it is a misconception to think that people who do not come from those backgrounds do not join the group. --ad is him is a powerful is powerful and intoxicating, and if it is delivered by the right recruiter, it does not matter if they come from the middle-class background. we cannot go around thinking it is just the underprivileged,
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-- also we want to recognize that it is not just i.s. that we are dealing with. there is still a very strong current of jihadist interest in groups like al qaeda. so we need to be focusing our attention not just on this one group. it is difficult to say in the wake of an attack like this, but ignoring everything else, it is exactly what we expect. france andt should other states be focusing on a little bit more? charlie: it is important not to government'sly as security services and police, going with a knee-jerk response, falling into a liberalism or anti-immigrant rhetoric. it is critical that we do not just fall directly into that
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plan. that is a very big ask, but is absolutely necessary. the legitimacyn aqqa.mbing roc if there is good, sound intelligence, it should be attacked and have a meaningful impact and that is good, but airstrikes driven by vengeance which may not be technically useful, we need to be asking why. claire: i was going to ask you about that come with france's response that we saw there, being 160 raids across the country and the airstrikes that you just mentioned on raqa. is that playing into the hands of the extremists, perhaps helping them in some way recruit more fighters? charlie: it depends on what is being bombed. one thing which i do think is a misconception is that it is the
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de facto capital of islamic state. to see him foolish store all its key aspects there, have all of its key leaders leading there, living there in the middle of the dark. it depends on whether they were meaningful things that have a impact or whether it is just an atypical response to what happened. why this response has come, but it is imperative that our reaction to this, everything we do, is well thought out and not eject. the winning -- the reason we start -- and not reject. claire: thank you very much,
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charlie winter, for joining us on "france 24." before, mentioning there was those airstrikes launched by france, and with the coordination of u.s. forces. the read was launched simultaneously for the united arab emirates and jordan. we sport -- we spoke to the prince for the reaction. >> they completely gutted, traumatized, livid with what has happened. i have spent decades working on the importance of conversations. we have been followers of faith and no faith -- choose, christians, muslims -- to work with nine faith groups from sierra leone to east timor. i cannot believe that the edifice of it will that has been can be destroyed by axa
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violence. i will never believe it -- by acts of violence. i have never believed it and i will not believe it. also, my deep condolences to the families of the victims. i want to sayóoçoç%ññññ ú',
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