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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> an intense search to find one of the paris attackers continues, and french police have staged fresh raids a day after arresting 23 people. the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, showing support for france with a visit to paris. france dropped 16 more bombs on islamic state group targets in the stronghold of raqqa, after
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francois hollande pledged to intensify airstrikes against the terror group in front of a rare joint session of parliament. rush possibly a, vladimir putin, makes that promise to intensify strikes against the islamic state group leader at for the first time russia has acknowledged a bomb brought down in egypt that crashed on october 31. hello and welcome to this special edition on "france 24." i am claire pryde. belgian police have released more pictures of sala at the abdeslam. -- sala dabbed he is believed to have fled across the border of belgium. one of his brothers is the five out of the seven bombers suspected so far. >> the hunt for the eight
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terrorist continues. security forces have been able to catch have been unable to .top salah abdeslam he's believed to have fled to belgium. suspected terrorists died. six when they blew themselves up. investigators have identified all but two of the assailants, divided into three cells. they believe this is how they operated. the first cell of three north ofs attacked paris. and man identified as bilal hadfi and two other people tried to access the inside of the stadium. they failed and blew themselves up for it -- and blew themselves up. islam -- the abdeslam brothers are suspected of being the second group.
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the last cell is the one who struck the bataclan music hall. a third a salem -- a third man: this is a production of assailant tried to flee. china central television the tragedy lasted two hours. america. mike: today, social media is terrorists blew king and going viral is the new themselves up. a third was shot by police. definition of pop culture success. the identified suspects but what happens after you go were known to either french or viral? belgian authorities. security forces did not have how can you harness that power for the greater good? enough resources to follow them, i'm mike walter coming to you from the heart of new york and they fell off the radar. city's vibrant times square. investigators believe they now found two of their accomplices. let's take it "full frame." two men were arrested and charged in belgium, allegedly slum --ing sala at the abdeslam escape. claire: kate moody joins us now. bring us up-to-date on what we have heard so far today. : another car has been
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seized in paris, according to sources. a black cleo was found in paris. not far from the ring road that goes around the city and leads to several highways. the car was reportedly spotted on the a1 motorway between paris and belgium. it had been used in preparations for the attack. a suspect is in custody after a pump action rifle was found in his home. 128 more raids were carried out overnight monday to tuesday, following 170 the previous night. the investigation is moving very quickly. there are now 115,000 total security forces on the streets, between police and soldiers. the department was defended against criticism.
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take a listen. these attacks were prepared and organized by people who were outside our national territory, bringing together individuals who were not known for their security services. them were,e of because there is a french theection, it was not implication in terrorist activities, but to the frequency of their visits to religious sites. claire: police are also searching two apartments near paris. kate: one is an apartment just north of paris. reportedly the brahim abdeslam. we do not know who was staying a few night before the attack. police have not found any
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weapons at that location. aboutuestioning neighbors what they may have seen or heard, who they may have seen them with in the days leading up to the attack. we are getting in reports that a second attack may have been made bdeslam.t th claire: any reports on the two remaining a cop -- the two remaining suspects? kate: the one at the bataclan theater remains unidentified. there is also no lead on the whereabouts of saleh at thb deslam . we are getting more information about the two men that have been charged with terror-related
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activity in brussels. they were apparently friends of saleh's. according to people that they spoke to, he called some of his friends in brussels friday night and said he needed a ride, could they come pick him up in paris. he apparently offered to pay the tolls and petrol in exchange. two of these men apparently did come to pick him up. this gels with the border crossing times we have seen of the car they were seen in. it drove into paris, into france at about 3:00 a.m. on saturday morning. that was six hours after the attack started, then cross back into belgium at 9:00 a.m.. that is when the car stopped and he met with police briefly. at that point they did not know who he was, did not know that he might have some involvement in the attacks, and the two men were allowed to go on their way. that has led to those men being charged.
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more than 20 people have been arrested in france for possible connection, although we do not know what yet. claire: thank you for bringing us up to date. french warplanes carried out fresh raids overnight in syria against the de facto capital of the islamic state group from rocca -- from raqqa. the strikes destroyed a command center and a training center. 16 bombs were dropped a few hours after president francois hollande said that france was committed to destroying the islamic state group in a speech to parliament. carrier will triple its airstrike capacity. with more on france's military response to the paris attacks, here is olivia salazar wins beer. olivia: different stress addressed both
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houses of parliament, saying the islamic state group is public enemy number one. 2012, paris has shown consistent and hasfor sanctions called for president bashar al-assad to step down. now it seems to have gone beyond diplomacy. >> in syria, we have been seeking the political solution, resolutely, tirelessly, which bashar al-assad cannot lead us to. at our enemy in syria is the islamic state group. so it is not a question of continuing as before but of destroying the organization. francois hollande will now meet with president barack obama. the u.s. has already agreed to share more intelligence with france to aid targeting strikes in syria and iraq. russia's airstrikes on jihadist-held areas have thus part in -- have thus far been an
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independent operation. they are calling for a united front. >> today we need more strikes, and we will do that. more support for all those who fight against the islamic state group. we, france, will provide that, but we need a coming together of all those who can really fight against this army of terrorists in the form of a large and unique coalition. claire: france has led strikes on iraq for over a year now, targeting syria in september. following monday's massive bombing raid on the islamic state group's self-proclaimed capital of raqqa, different military is sending an aircraft carrier to the mediterranean to triple the airpower in the region. claire: france's national assemblies meeting later on with lawmakers, especially -- expected to put questions to the government about friday's terror attacks. this a day after francois hollande asked parliamentarians
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to extend the 12-day state of emergency. he wants to change the opt that she wants to change the constitution. our correspondent is at the national assembly. this is likely to be a tough session for the government. there are a lot of questions being asked in the days since the terror attacks in paris about the government's response, what it plans to do to prevent that from happening .gain there will be questions for the government and parliament today. we can imagine the very big questions that are on the agenda, including perhaps the intelligence gaps, which led to these attacks being able to be carried out. the five attackers that have been identified, all as french nationals. france's foreign policy -- you have been talking about it there -- what will come next? a lot of politicians voicing
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concerns about france's military structure, several opposition mp's calling on francois hollande and his government to change tack, to unite with the russians. there are questions about how durable the french military strategy about bombing isis strongholds in rocca -- in raqqa is. it is proving to be external expensive, and the party is on course not to meet its e.u. budget obligations. there are a lot of things coming from parliament. also questions about the security measures in place in a state of emergency and what those involved. claire: extending the state of emergency and the changes that francois hollande is proposing to the constitution, our lawmakers likely to give a green light to that, do you think? are being told that that is being put through the channels as quickly as
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possible. francois hollande and his government are very eager indeed to get a spade emergency -- to get a state of emergency in place for three months. that will be put to a cabinet meeting. be beforethey will the senate, and we are being told by politicians here that could be passed as soon as the end of this week. but even if that is the case, francois hollande has called for constitutional changes, changes to the powers the north and french state have in positions like these. said that as a response to the terror threat that france is facing now, and he said the constitution needs changing your it opposition politicians are not in favor of that. by the heard center-right republican party. high-profiler
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members are saying that the laws need to be re-tweaked. that will be up for debate once the state of emergency has been prolonged, which is expected to pass. thanks very much, catherine. catherine norris-trent at the french national assembly. joining me here in this studio a security expert. thanks for a much for your time. what do you make of what president hollande is suggesting to better protect france? >> it is hard to tell at this point because there is no precedent. it is hard to assess what those new measures are going to create , and nothing of that extent, such a massive attack never existed in france. the point -- i am assuming that the point of those measures is extending the powers of intelligence services, making their work easier to search
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houses, seize property, interrogate suspects. i am not sure that it requires a change of the constitution. the current state of legislation, the state of emergency, which is illegal and not constitutional power, -- which is a legal and not constitutional power, seems suspicious -- seems sufficient. the president is in search of a dramatic situation -- the president in such a dramatic situation needs to show that he is facing the challenges. claire: he is also saying he will hire more police officers specializing in combating terrorism. police and military in the wake of the attacks. what do you make of that? is likely -- is that likely to make a difference in the security of the french people? >> there are two different aspects here -- the intelligence aspect and security, visible
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presence on the street aspect. it is certain that intelligence , the internal and external intelligence services, need more reinforcement. there is no question about that. extra staff and extra technological tools will probably be necessary. regarding the public security aspect, the public safety aspect, no matter how many police officers you deploy on the field, there are always going to be loopholes. if you put more police officers at the shop elysees -- at the the champsa c -- at elysees, the number of targets unfortunately is -- , thee's asking the fnc
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national rail company, to investigate installing security controls at train stations. of course, we already have such controls at airports. what do you think of that? is that just going to frustrate the rich people, limit their freedom, or is that necessary now? frustrate the french people, limit their freedom, or is that necessary now? >> it will create an additional obstacle to traveling. if you wanthat now to catch a train, you can get to the train station 10 minutes before if the train leaves. now you are probably going to have to be there 45 minutes, prior to departure. which is a huge difference. some countries already do that. spain has been trying that. i think in italy, they are considering this option. if you go to countries like turkey or russia or lebanon, actually, when you are -- not
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when you're boarding the plane or going to terminal, but when you are entering the premises, you have luggage screening and security controls. is it going to make a huge difference? once again, you are just going to change the target. claire: in other words, you could just keep adding controls on the metro, for example. >> in shopping malls. the true intelligence is stopping terrorism when they are preparing their accident -- when they are preparing their actions. when they have explosives and they are ready for action, it is too late. claire: thank you very much indeed. thank you for coming in today. held talks with the french president, francois hollande, the u.s. secretary of state saying they have strengthened their court ration he continue with weeksent obama in two
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time. thomas waterhouse reports. thomas: the resolute cooperation could not be higher. itseen the u.s. and oldest allies, that is with the u.s. secretary of state said when he arrived at the elysee palace on tuesday. standing shoulder to shoulder with president hollande, john kerry vowed to do more to stamp out the islamic state group, who orchestrated friday upon deadly attacks in the french capital. , in thelked about significant steps that we can take together, in a number of different areas, to increase our efforts and be more effective esch.against da with the attacks now in paris, we have to step up our efforts to hit them at the core where they are planning these things. on ae pentagon has agreed set of measures.
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between -- the same day that french planes took to the skies against stronghold in syria, from where intelligence friday's suspect attacks were planned. more is being done to bolster security at frontiers. points that will not be in doubt this week when francois hollande meets barack obama in washington. as for the climate summit that is expected to get underway on november -- in november in the french capital, john kerry was confident no one would interrupt the affairs and those talks will open as planned. the third and last day of national mourning in france. people are continuing to gather at the sites of friday's attacks
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to pay their respects to the victims, some laying flowers, others lighting candles, and leaving notes of defines. the brown reports -- luke brown reports from the site of the most deadly attacks. rows of candles, piles of flowers and cards, all heaps along the concert hall as the shock gives way to a torrent of emotion. for those who lost loved ones in the attack, they have swung from despair to fury. >> all i feel is hatred. because it gives too much pleasure to the teams who have done this. so, no, i will not cry. i will stay dignified. >> among friends and families, horror struck well-wishers who turned up to pay their respects. city'sst attack on the
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soil since the second world war has left the city devastated. >> you cannot just listen to anyone, you have to have a strong, brave opinion. you have to have dignity. we are french, not animals. incomprehensible what has happened. i cannot tell you anything else. >> police have opened up the streets around the bataclan for the first time since shutting the area down saturday. a banner hung on the concert hall. it is a message of hope that they read in contemplation during the minutes of silence held monday morning for the scores of victims. claire: as i mentioned before, most of the 129 lives lost in friday's attacks were at the bataclan in paris.
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now we hear from a paramedic, one of the first responders at the scene. >> from the frontline of tragedy, jean pierre was one of the first paramedics at the scene. experience heying will never forget. because ofotional all the deaths, because of those who were dying. i was also moved by the solidarity of the parisians, by people with training who saved lives with turning its to stop the loss of blood, and by passing doctors who jumped in to help victims. at the bataclan, bodies were littered everywhere. shelterse makeshift outside the venue. >> even though we had special kids in our vehicles -- special kits in our vehicles to stop the bleeding, there were so many victims, we had to use our belts as turn against -- as turn against to prevent -- we had to
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use our belts as turner gets. we are angry at ourselves for not having saved more lives. victimsfamilies of the must know that the injuries were so serious, that those who died did not suffer. >> it was one of the toughest challenges john pierre and countless others working alongside him have ever had to face. and one they hope they will never have to live through again. the islamic state group has claimed responsibility for suicide bombings in beirut last week. recent attacks in turkey, and the downing of a russian airliner in egypt. russia's security service saying that this tuesday a bomb brought the jet down, killing 224 people on board. moscow is vowing to intensify strikes against the islamic state group, which claimed responsibility.
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a senior french government source has told the reuters news agency that russia has already staged airstrikes on raqqa in syria. with more from rocca -- from raqqa, here is thomas lowe. thomas: the russian air campaign in syria will be intensified. that has been going on for more than six weeks now. there has been criticism of it because both europe and the u.s. have said that it has been -- the russian forces have been bombing mainly the u.s. and europe -- has been bombing mainly what russia and the u.s. considers modern forces, not the islamic state. but these criminals must understand that vengeance is inevitable, as if russia will search for these criminals wherever they are hiding, and that anybody trying to support or protect or harbor these criminals, he said, will have a responsibility on their
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shoulders. the islamic state group they have lost ground recently, notably with its withdrawal from sin jar in iraq. financially the city extremists remain รบ
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