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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 17, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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air force for bombing not so much the islamic state, although that has been happening, but targeting opposition and what calls moderate oppositionists in damascus in an attempt to bolster the regime of bashar al-assad. host: the other big news coming out of russia today is a that a terror attack
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brought down the metro jet in sinai last month. 224 people on board were killed. is this, in fact, terrorism? reporter: there is an increased joining of capacity between the french and russian forces. this coordination and added collaboration we are talking fact that russia is now calling friends and ally, stems from this, that russia has announced that it was a terror attack. a spokesperson said a bomb was taken on the plane and he knows that because there were traces of the materials found on the parts of the plane strewn over the area in the sinai peninsula.
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the bomb went off midair, and that's why the fragments are area. over such a long he made those statements in a committee meeting. the russian president was there. after the announcement was made het it was a terror act, made a stern statement the gives a significant idea of what's to come. he said they will find and punish those who are guilty. host: on the issue of the new -russian french cooperation to come, relations with russia and the west have been relatively strained. we have heard talk of a new cold war. to havematic talk seems taken place today after france was asked if they would work closely with their allies in russia in the fight against the islamic state. false wall on -- francois
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hollande- francois will be welcomed in russia next week. is this alliance a game changer in the war against isis, and should the u.s. be joining this new coalition? to discuss that, we're joined retiredramento by a admiral, former commander and four-star general in the u.s. navy. thank you for joining us on france 24 this evening. to start off, what you make of this new alliance between france and russia? guest: good evening. i am not sure it is going to be a real alliance, but it is a step in the right direction. any cooperation between the powers that might turn out to be useful, i think will be helpful. but we are not to forget that there are different priorities
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and agendas at work here within syria. but the extent to which the military's cooperate i think will be a good thing. for the u.s. and russia to date it has been pretty much trying to do conflict because -- d conflict because you don't want running into each other. it remains to be seen what the cooperation will be between france and russia, and of course, with the u.s. we share one common objective, and that is to try to do our to hopefully get rid of .sis it's going to be a tough fight. it will not be done with air power alone. it will require people on the ground to rid these people out. i doubt it will be a game , but a degree of cooperation should be helpful. will beu mentioned it
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impossible to defeat isis with boots on the ground. -- without boots on the ground. france and russia be committing to this fight? not armed forces, i don't think that's a good idea. i am not in favor of any large ground force. but as the u.s. is discovering in parts of iraq and a little bit of syria, some degree of help in the front lines with the troops that are fighting is very useful, particularly in coordinating the overwhelming air pirate -- air power that can be brought to bear in a fight. that in my opinion, it is the local people that will have to get this done. host: do you support barack obama's strategy of piecemeal training of individual fighters
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or is it time for a new strategy? guest: i am not in favor of what thing going on because it hasn't n effective. but i said when isis took over the region that the way to do this is to use our power to hold them at bay and then empower the local forces to do the fighting in iraq. it's difficult to mobilize a coherent syrian offense, but that's what has to be done. inhink what you're seeing the northeast with the kurds is useful. the one modestly coherent force i see in the ground there. there is no easy answer. it's going to take a lot of hard to push isising back. do you think the u.s. play some kind of role in the fight
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against this group? and if so, is it now time for the u.s. and russia to start working together in syria? guest: well, the u.s. is playing a very significant role, and i think the challenge with russia and the u.s. is that we have very different objectives. clearly, putin has stepped into prop up the bashar al-assad regime. the military effort they have put in has not been against diet -- -- against isis. it has been against other opposition forces in damascus and to the north. there would have to be a significant change in russia and objectives, in my opinion, to get any real cooperation. after theou think announcement from russia that
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terrorists were behind the downing of the plane, do you think this will change the russian objective to target more sites? state guest: it's tough to say. it should reinforce to the russians that although we don't agree on everything over there, there are some things we should ought to bed we cooperating. the fact that the strikes against the u.s., russia, should and anyone else be immobilizer to get people to work together, i hope that will happen. host: thank you for speaking with us this evening and thank you for your analysis of the situation in syria, a very fragile situation indeed. admiral william fallon,
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a former commander and four-star general in the u.s. navy, speaking with france 24. john kerry met with the french president this morning, and both sides have agreed to share more intelligence and work more closely together. however, francois hollande is and will travel to moscow later this month to push for a conservative drive against the islamic state group. our correspondent is in washington for us this evening. , what behind this visit to washington. it has been organized very quickly, it has to be said. philip: even quicker would have been the wish of the french government and the french agency.
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they are meeting in one weeks time. the white house tells us the meeting is so that both leaders can share information on the investigation. it is ongoing in paris, and of course in the neighboring countries to france, to intensify their cooperation. law and to intensify cooperation, yes, -- francois hollande wants to intensify cooperation, yes, but to the united states for a year now have been at the head of the us-led coalition, after all, that has been launching airstrikes over syria and iraq. and now the president is calling on the united states and russia to join forces. two days later, he will be in moscow to meet with vladimir putin. the relationship between obama and putin is potentially the
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most important one. the two countries do not work together at this point in syria even though they are both launching airstrikes on different targets. diplomatically, the united states and russia appear to be getting that little bit closer in terms of at least working on a plan for a political transition at this point. that is what the french president will want to facilitate at this point. he is almost a go-between between the united states and russia. he will need to get closer militarily a francois hollande coalition he is trying to build. house speaker called for a pause in the syrian refugee resettlement program. term used by a paul ryan, a republican. he said there should be a pause in the plan. the united states is resettling refugees in the united states for now. that number right now is at a very low 2200, considerably less
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than the neighboring countries around syria and many european countries as well. the plan is for next year for the united states to increase that number, but that is precisely what many republican governors want to stop, this on behalf of pause the republican speaker of the house comes after 15 or 20 republican governors have officially come out in said they do not want anymore syrian refugees in their country. the obama administration has had to react to that, even organize a conference call with reporters just a few hours ago with senior to ministration officials who were unnamed in that phone call for some reason -- senior administration officials who were unnamed in that phone call for some reason, because people should be able to go on record about this. but in washington, they are saying there is no need for a pause and secondly, they are
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saying that states and their respective governors cannot stop this resettlement program, that this is a federal program and it will not be stopped. but what the obama administration will really have to do over the next few weeks and months is to show republicans that there is a very clear screening process in place so that no potential terrorists are among any syrian refugees who might come into the country. and you very much for bringing us up to date. while we have ben's beginning -- thank you very much for bringing us up-to-date. while we have been speaking, lots has been happening. let's bring in markus karlsson. thisof developments evening. french police say they just released a photo of a man they want to know more about. can you tell us more about this? marcus: police have put out a photo on their twitter account
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and they are asking the public for information about this man. the photo has been in circulation in recent days. this was the man who blew himself up at the national stadium here in paris on friday evening. next to him, police found a syrian passport burying -- alring the name of mohammed ahmed. the name and dates in it correspond to a soldier who was killed in syria a few months been let toce have believe because of that fact that this man was not on it all almed all mohammed, so they are hoping to get his real name. about are details potential second fugitive,
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second man on the run. what is the latest on this? we have in getting these reports all day and the associated press has been speaking to french security officials. officials have told ap that they seeking a second fugitive linked to the paris attacks. this would be on top of salah abdeslam, who they are also searching for at this stage. they say an analysis of the case that anotherts individual was part of the , and thisrectly person is apparently unaccounted for. information that appears to be corroborating this story, broken by the associated press. has been speaking to security officials on its end and they tell reuters that french investigators have
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determined from video footage that there were three men in the car used for the shooting at bars and restaurants in paris on friday evening. the two news agencies are kind of aligning with each other now. recovered a have third vehicle which could have been linked to these attacks. markus: indeed. police had already recovered two vehicles linked to the attacks in the suburbs of paris. was found vehicle right in the heart of the district. to the north of paris, really, road around ring paris. apparently, the window was smashed. we don't know why. sources are telling news car had been this
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hired by the now wanted salah abdeslam and this vehicle had been going back and forth from belgium to france recently. this car, just like the other two cars referred to earlier, has belgian plates. that's another thing that kind of links this vehicle to this case. host: speaking of the belgian link, and not more details coming in from the belgian side of this investigate -- a lot more details coming in from the belgian side of this investigation. men are beingre held on charges. they are not admitting to anything, but they have said that they went to france and to paris from belgium on the early morning of saturday to pick up area.abdeslam from the once again, this is an area that
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seems to crop up more and more in the investigation. apparently, salah abdeslam called these two men and asked .hem for a favor they picked him up around 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, saturday, the 14th of november, according to the lawyers of these men, and then they took them back to belgium around 9:00 a.m. they crosseden from the border into belgium. it's interesting to note that this vehicle was stopped by french police, but at the time, the police officers did not know how important salah abdeslam was to the investigation. as we were talking, we understand this is coming into reuters news agency, apparently the cell say that phone believed to have been used by a paris attacker has been
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recovered. this is information just coming through to us the seeming. lots of developments coming thick and fast through the evening. we will be keeping a close eye on ali's development, but comforting, one might say, that there does close eye on all these develop its, but it's comforting, one might say, that things are coming up. essentially, we put a lot of information into our these days.s the theory is one of the attackers could of used these phones and their more be -- might be more information -- there might be more information to be found in it. host: please stay with us. we're bringing you continuing coverage of the paris terror attacks and the aftermath. witnesses have been describing the scenes of terror that unfolded across the french capital on friday night.
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terrorists struck in six separate locations. at 9:30 p.m. local time, one site became the location for an indiscriminate bloodbath. hero on a day data to the deadliest in france's history since world war ii. ubbed thedata deadliest in france's history since world war ii. one person witnessed the bloodbath from his window. >> i put up a french flag and a black scarf just over there. >> jean-luc was one of the first on the scene. >> i did not really think about it.
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i knew there would be many , but when ied where all these flowers are, there were bodies all mixed up. it was shocking to see dead people. some were injured. others were torn into pieces. if that were my family on the floor, i would want others to do the same, to do what they can. sorry. sorry. you are very brave. who knows what would have happened if you were not first on the scene and had not done what you did. thank you. thank you. >> he says he is psychologically
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affected by the trauma. >> i decided to go to us a cut my daughter because fish to a to goatrist -- i decided to a psychiatrist with my daughter because she heard the same. everyone should go. this is not normal. >> the effects will last beyond the funeral services for the lives lost. a mutual assistance clause urges partner states to provide military assistance. the response from the eu came in the state of full support and readiness to provide all the eight necessary. aidt was -- all the necessary. >> it was an unprecedented call for help from the french foreign minister. in the wake of the deadly attacks that rocked paris on friday.
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in what form will this take place? by collaborating with france in its interventions with syria and รบ
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11/17/15 11/17/15 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> there will be an intensification of the strategy we put forward, but the strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work. but as i said from the start, it is going to take time. amy: bomb them. in the wake of the paris attacks, the u.s. and france vow to intensify airstrikes in syri


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