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tv   DW News  LINKTV  November 18, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> this is dw news from berlin. eliminating a terrorist seed planning a new attack. the paris prosecutor says it is unclear how many died in the morning raids or who they were. we know one was a woman that blew herself up and the alleged mastermind was not among those arrested.
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this as france steps up. fighter jets hit to command centers to the militant stronghold. norway's trying to confirm if it citizens have been executed by i.s.. they have been condemned as a despicable and brutal acts. i'm sarah kelly. welcome to the program. arrayed with the hallmarks of a military operation corrupted in the wee hours of the morning in the paris suburb. a people arrested but the prosecutor says the most wanted suspect was not among them.
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>> another terrorist group has been neutralized. we strongly believe that this terrorist team was likely to take action. sarah: that raid began in a paris suburbs. we have this report on the days events. >> eight were in custody and two were dead.
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they were aimed at neutralizing terrorists. those that were linked on friday night. the raids began in the early hours. police and military units quickly took over the streets. we will prove to the french people that we are fully united as a nation. these terrorists are our enemies and we will destroy them together. the eiffel tower reopened to visitors.
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this looks set to be the new normal. sarah: paris really looks like a war zone there. we recently heard from the paris prosecutor? >> seven men and one woman. he did say that the two most wanted men were thought to be the mastermind, that those people were not among the arrested. they said at least two people died in the raid.
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because they are in such a bad state, the walls need to be stabilized before they can access these parts. sarah: the most wanted man, where could he be? >> we don't know at this point of time. that is not confirmed. investigators believe that he could've been organizing the attacks from there. they thought he might of been one of the apartments.
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sarah: what is the mood in paris given a day like today? >> it is your germanic and people are very scared. people have been telling me, we know we're not supposed to be afraid but we are scared of a terrorist attack. they feel attacked as these attacks were not against a specific group. they were against their way of life. having fun, having drinks at night. they feel that new terrorist attacks could happen any time because it is apparently so easy to plan these attacks. they are not blaming anyone. they are just saying it's really difficult to control everybody and surveillance a thing. -- and surveillance
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everything. sarah: earlier today, french president francos hollande called upon the international community to step up and fight the islamic state which he called daesh. >> we want to establish a large coalition. a coalition to carry out decisive strikes against daesh. because it's daesh that is to blame. we have to do it in the spirit of the international community. not all countries have the same interests or ideas. and not even the same allies. but the point is that we need to wipe out an army that is threatening the entire world and
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not just particular countries. sarah: british prime minister david cameron has called on the security council to approve airstrikes. he told britain's house of parliament that although such a resolution would be good to have , it was not necessary for britain to join the fight. the forces have only been striking targets within iraq. russia says it has carried out a mass strike against islamic state in syria. the increased military action will come when the security service concluded that a bomb did bring down a passenger jet in the sinai last month.
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france also continued its air attacks on the stronghold. >> launching from the persian gulf in jordan. i asked claimed responsibility. this footage is proof. it shows the moment strikes hit the ground. the de facto capital of the islamic state in syria. it is reported that they anticipated strikes would intensify and has since moved some of its bases to areas under its control. one such area is the stronghold in iraq. sarah: charles de gaulle has sent off to join those military operations. the defense ministry says it
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will look at the power against the islamic state. they will travel by land and have no known links to the paris attackers. this comes as republican lawmakers have been called for tighter controls on syrians seeking asylum. paul ryan said the first priority should be to protect the american people. this puts them at odds with president barack obama who has called for thousands to be given refuge. for more, we can head over to washington where we are standing by for the latest development. five syrians detained on the way to the u.s.. tell us more and bring us up-to-date.
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>> the authorities have detained five syrians trying to reach the u.s. that have apparently used stolen greek passports and makes the whole story very interesting. it is unclear if they have ties to terrorism. syrians arrived from costa rica and were on their way to what a mullah. they will jump on this news because they say the border in the south is not true. and it is dangerous that many people are coming to the u.s.. sarah: we want to get more analysis from you. but first, that news is bound to add fuel to the fire.
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the house speaker the republicans would introduce a bill to "pause the intake of refugees." >> our first priority is to protect the american people. we can be compassionate and we can also be safe. that is what the bill that we are bringing up tomorrow is all about. it calls for a new standard of verification. it would mean applause and the program until we can be certain the on any doubt that those coming here are not a threat. >> sums a thorough or harsh regulations when it comes to admitting refugees. >> only a couple of thousand refugees when you compare what is going on in europe.
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house speaker paul ryan is going to introduce a new build. they will vote on thursday, tomorrow. the bill will prevent refugees from syria or iraq from being admitted to the u.s. unless the department of homeland security and other organizations can certify each refugee does not pose a security threat. democrats have a different point of view. with keeping america safe for throw bust screenings, i think they are all on that. but not to take it out on those fleeing the violence in syria. sarah: president obama saying
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slamming the door on refugees would betray the country's deepest values. it is a taste of what the american of -- what the president said earlier today. president obama: the refugee debate is an example of us not being well served by some of the commentary taken place by officials back home and in the media. understand that under current law, it takes anywhere from 18 to 24 months to clear a refugee to come into the united states. they are subjected to the most rigorous process conceivable. sarah: 20 seconds, give us your reaction. is this partisan politics? >> yes. it's politics, basically. all politicians but to be
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elected or reelected when it comes to members of the house. everyone would like to be very tough. sarah: we had to take a short one minute break. more news. don't go away.
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sarah: our top story at this hour, arrayed in the northern suburb eliminated a terrorist cell that was planning a new attack. two suspects died when a french antiterrorist police stormed the house early on wednesday morning. prosecutors say a woman detonated a suicide vest when
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swat teams entered the building. the identities have yet to be disclosed that the alleged mastermind of last friday's attacks was not among those arrested. norway says one of its nationals held by the islamic statehas been killed. they reported to show the man's body. there is no reason to doubt their authenticity. the fate of a chinese man is also held captive. thank you for joining us this evening.
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it was the first retaliatory action that we have seen. >> especially because of the way that the terrorist attack was executed, the raid was planned and organized. and in spite of the french precautions that have been taken after the january attacks, they were able to execute coordinated attack in a country with very strong security services. we will see more of these attacks. sarah: there was so much uproar after these attacks in egypt.
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president francois hollande saying something earlier in the week. a lot of people have been waiting for so long. >> we do see a convergence of views. i think there is a slight chance that they will agree that the europeans and the americans and the russians will agree on a common strategy. the thing that they will come to a conclusion about, is fighting i.s. more effectively and will retake the territory.
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sarah: fighting the more effectively is what is needed. america says ground troops are a no go. >> might see a slight change because the air campaign has been affected. i think that the american strategy in iraq and syria is not as bad as long as it has been depicted. it is essential to find allies on the ground. it is essential to find allies like paris. sarah: we have to leave it there but we appreciate your insight.
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cyber security is a big concern . >> attacks and cyber security is a talking point. it is something britain wants to make top priority. transportation and financial markets are all computer-driven.
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george osborne is alarmed and following the attacks in paris. that includes better services to find the islamic state. >> for radicalization and operational planning. they do not yet have that capability. as well as the threat of the guns and their bombs and their knives. >> intelligence services are set to have 500 more staff in the coming years. anonymous is also declared war on the islamic state. they are flagging accounts on
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twitter and handing over data to u.s. agencies. it is an unusual alliance considering that until now, anonymous has battled against government authorities. governments are also trying to cripple its finances. it uses an ancient payment system. this is an example of how it works in everyday business. >> it puts them in a precarious position. the buyers using network of money brokers. and because it doesn't go through the regular channels, the payments dodge taxes. the equivalent of billions of
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euros. a buyer gives the money to a local broker. they then contact a middleman close to the seller. this second one pays the seller directly. this system is widely used in muslim countries. many people rely on it because it's often cheaper and more reliable than traditional banks. many do not see anything wrong with it. how can people say this is illegal? minimal casts bring maximum efficiency. since the system is opaque, it is also used by terrorist groups to move money around.
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>> in the u.s. federal reserve, they reveal a solid core of the central bank. it could well be met by december. changing opinion could be increasingly likely next month. more business next hour. sarah: one of the most famous rugby players ever has died succumbing to a chronic disease at the age of 40. >> we have lost another great player this morning.
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>> he was more than another great all-black. he established a huge footprint and was diagnosed with a rare kidney condition that forced him to quit the game. it stopped working. they made it to central london to participate front and center promoting the rugby world cup. >> he change the game. he's [indiscernible]
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>> he spent his retirement continuing to inspire kids and adults around the rugby world. sarah: the paris prosecutor says arrayed in the northern suburb eliminated a terrorist cell that was planning a new attack. two suspects died when french anti-terror police stormed the house early on wednesday morning. prosecutors say a woman detonated a suicide vest when swat teams entered the building. i'm sarah kelly. more coming up at the top of the hour. keep it here.
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sohor: first, let's recap for the evidence of this wednesday. at least teed of people killed and eight others arrested, including one woman -- at least two people killed and eight others arrested, including one woman. five police officers were injured in the raid. police say the cell was injured -- set up to carry out further attacks. the identities of those killed and injured have not been released. there is concern that abdelhamid abaaoud was not among those arrested.


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