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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 20, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> here in the french capital, from watching live paris, francine lacqua. deadly siege together with an al qaeda off shot. another extremist group is claiming credit for attack on a hotel. the french house votes to extend the national state of merge is i for three months. at an emergency meeting in brussels, the french minister calls on his opposite members to share more information and intelligence.
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>> good evening, we begin with an lateest from mali, where islamic extremist organization has claimed responsibility for an attack on a hotel in mali. according to the latest report at least 20 people were killed in that attack on the radisson blue hotel. the siege lasted several hours. forces from france and the united states helped the forces free guests from their rooms. >> evacuated, dozens of staff members were freed from the radisson blue hotel. the ordeal started hours earlier in the morning when a group of islamic extremists stormed the hotel. the militants entered the site
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when a diplomatic car was driving in. they shot at people in the lobby, threw grenades and acan't tad people floor by floor. >> i saw corpses in the lobby. it is terrible. i was hiding in my room, and they told us to come out. security forces broke through my door and came in. i am very thankful. >> witnesses say they saw gunmen. forces found the bodies of at least two militants. a group affiliated with al eda claim credit for the attack. the president said that terrorism will not go away. >> calm, serene. we don't want to scare our people, but we have already said that mali will have to get used to situations like this. we must all remain humble.
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no one, nowhere is safe given the danger of terrorism. >> french forces quickly arrived at the site. 1,000 soldiers are still based in mali two years after the french military operation that forced extremist groups out of the country's north. northern regions remain insecure, and militants are attacking areas further south including the capital hit friday. >> let's get the latest from the mali capital on "friday funnies." bring us up to speed. what more are you hearing? for francine lacqua. >> the police and the french forces still are here, but they useds security to clear the
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rooms. we have just been told that the president should be here soon to visit some of the victims at .he hotel some of the people who stayed in their rooms during the assault just left with their luggage. we witnessed that in front. the situation is now down and the last clients have left with their luggage trying to fly away from mali as soon as they can, most of them tourists. but they are safe and sound, and some of them shot of course, but the whole operation is now coming to an end.
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>> dow get the impression that people were taken by surprise by that attack, or do you think there was a sense that it was a long time coming >> there was this threat. the threat was ongoing for the last month since the first attack. there was an attack in march. the threat was still here. the security forced had arrested some people and dismantled some sleeper cells. people thought the work was done, but the threat was still here. so to some extent, people have been surprised by this attack, but they have especially been surprised by this attack in this very place of the radisson blue hotel. it was supposed to be one of obama.t safe places in
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>> thanks you for that up day from obama. nearly three years have passed since france launched its military operation in mali, but the violence in the region on is still far from own. "france 24" takes a look back now at what has happened over the course of last 36 months. >> more than 3,000 french troops deployed. their mission, track down jihadists across five countries in the region on, including mali. but france's military intervention hasn't put a stop to it. today gunmen held 17 0 people. >> it is not the first time and they are what we call soft targets. businessmen and tourists.
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this is where they want to be there because it is easier than other places. >> since 2013 french and u.n. peace keeping forces have largely listen deployed in the north of the country. but the strategy has changed the way the groups operate. >> france's military intervention has forced jihadist groups to scatter across mali. that is why it is becoming increasingly difficult to find them and destroy them. >> over the past year, several sporadic attacks have taken place in mali. in august a dozen people died after islamist militants opened fire in a hotel. civilians, tourists, local and international forces are all considered a prey for bristols groups. obama was targeted for the first time in march. five people were killed in a
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. r restaurant the same group said it was behind friday's hostage incident. >> exactly one week has now passed since the worst attacking on french soil since the second world war. the death toll from those attacks which struck bars, cafes and a stadium resulted in alabama.s of 130 the suspected mastermind, abdelhamid abaaoud was killed in an operation. the house has voted to extend the national state of emergency from 12 days to three months. that bill passed through the lower house on thursday. this grants police additional searches. arry out
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here is the latest on the progress. >> it is now known that 28-year-old abdelhamid abaaoud was among three killed in a raid in the northern suburbs of he french capital on monday. the rubble has revealed a third body, the identity of which has not been released. the remains of abaaoud's cousin has been identified. ey found a passport of abaaoud being led. >> we have had to be cautious, but all of the elements have been made public. there is a possibility that this terrorist cell was preparing to commitment new attacks on france. >> and abaaoud is now suspected of playing a more active roll
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in the bloodshed. authorities are determining whether he was a third person in a car of a group of people that acan't taked bars. the leader audaciously took the metro after that vehicle was abandon in the suburbs. at least eight people were involved in carrying out the massacres a week ago. of these, seven are dead, while another remains on the run. the french authorities learned this week that abaaoud was not in syria, but on french soil. tips came from the morrow rock and security services. >> much of the focus the past 35 hours has been on the office of the apartments. particular attention has been paid to one of the females who was present there. ere is more about her.
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>> who is this person? this 26-year-old french woman was born in a paris suburb. her parents divorced, and she had a troubled childhood, spending time in foster families. she was active on social networks, posting pictures of r in a bath and posing without a head scarf. then six months ago she showed herself wearing a knee camp. she had move back to the suburb. her neighbors were surprised to see she had suddenly turned radical. most who knew her described her as a woman lost in life. >> she would say i don't practice. i don't do any of all that. i am still smoking and dandriging alcohol. i am doing all this because i will be going to syria. we thought she was joking. she has been changing her mind. one time she was a rapper,
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another a prostitute or a drug addict. we don't what she was. >> police conducted searches of her flat. one individual was taken to a police station for investigation. they might help investigators understand what roll the woman played and what she found herself in the flat with convicted terrorists. >> meanwhile, e.u. interior ministers held an emergency meeting in brussels today with the goal of sharing more information about european nationals returning from iraq and syria. the ministers failed to commit to any wider incorporation of the intelligence. e attacks in france have raised questions of border zone areas. here is what the french interior minister had to say today. >> today we have taken strong and operational decisions, the
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results of which should be seen before the end of the year. our request was granted for the e.u. passenger name record to be adopted before the end of the european. it must be both operational and efficient, allowing us to follow the movements of those people who wish to attack us. as you know, negotiations are still ongoing with the european parliament. not a single french citizen and not a single e.u. citizen would believe that we continue to put obstacles in the way of such a crucial tool as the passenger name record. >> the french interior minister speaking there. for more on the key points that were raised at that meeting in brussels. here is our correspondent. >> the first one we can quote is the decision to extend border controls and identify
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border checks. we know that until now, european nationals coming back into the shengen area only had to submit to a visual check of their passports. they would just hand it over to the border guard, he would look at it and check the photograph that it was the same as your face and give it back to you. this is all going to change. there will be systemic controls at the border. passports will be checked for other things. it will be checked with the nterpol database and the shengen information system so we can keep track of everyone going in and out of that area. >> when it comes to the broader intelligence sharing
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initiatives, did you get the feeling that all 28 ministers assembled there today were really on the same page? >> well, yes and no. you mist know that for quite a few months and more than that for other countries, some have called for a european intelligence agency. this was called for again this morning by the commissioner in charge of migration, and it got the full support of at least half a dozen countries out of 28, and this was not sufficient. this was rebuked by the german minister. he said that level of information at the e.u. level would still come into a national sofert. e.u. the other hand, the interior ministers decided to set up the european name
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registry where all information pertaining to air travelers within the e.u. or in connection with third countries, a registry where all the names, destinations, and there dresses and whereabouts will be kept. they are moving forward in erms of exchanging information even if some objectives are not yet met. >> our report from brussels. the defense ministry in moscow s released footage showing russian cruise missiles launched at sea. according to officials, russian war planes have destroyed more han 800 targets in the lateral days. they said 600 militants were killed in one strike alone.
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people headed to the concert hall here in paris last friday went to enjoy a concert given bicep an american bond. now those who survived are trying to move on with their lives. this is our "france 24" report. >> a week later, survivors are still coming to terms with what happened. emmanuel got away. he puts it down to survival instringent. everything happened to fast. my body just reacted of its own according. i think i am going to need follow-up treatment because i feel like every day i am more scared and more anxious. >> for this one, life must go on. >> tomorrow night i have planned to go out with as many friends as hobble and act like nothing happened. i have asked myself if we will sit on the terrace.
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maybe inside more. we will be back out on the terraces when it is sun any next summer. >> sips the attacks. even the simple act having a coffee unitas have taken on a new meeting pfment >> mosques have been holding weekly friday prayers for the first time since the attacks. they are calling on muslims to reject violence. a rally here in the franchise capital was due to be held off the midday proves. that was called off after police said it couldn't guarantee security. here is the latest. >> it was very tight security at the mosque for friday prayers. police cordoned off the streets around the area, and worshipers were searched. that was canceled for security
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reasons. he mayor and other anonymous lin guests had been invited. hat was call caffled off security. condemned the attacking. he wanted to explain that these acts were not carried out in the name of islam. people outside said they weren't afraid of a backlash against french muslims. they were optimistic that the french public would not make a link between them and the attackers friday night. nevertheless, the security is very tight around here. >> earlier outside the grand mosque in paris. let's go to this scene. that is very much a focal point
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for crowds to gather and pay tribute to the 130 victims of those attacks last week. that is the scene now. there have been called by some groups for a celebration of the lives of the victims. they have been calling on people to show their defiance in the face of the three posed by the bristol attacking, turning on the lights in their homes. this is the scene this evening, where it looks still to be a soment better, quiet move there, a reflective mood as people are standing in silence, remembering those who died presidely a week ago in the worst attacks france has seen on its soil since the second world war. those are the worst attacks on continental european soil since e madrid train bombings of
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2004. we will show you the show of vision with music and light, ut nintendo the victims of the to an s, a reference earnest hemmingway novel. they feel it symbolizes the french capital as defiant mood. here is more. >> candles, flowers and a book, a est hemmingway's "spriss celebration." it is the french version of a movable feast. hemmingway describes time spent with authors and artists in cafes much like the ones targeted by begunmen last week. sips friday, it has been seen as a symbol of the french
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lifestyle. people held copies of the back during a moment of silence. the book also has its own facebook group. the book is now sold out. it's publisher is printing and extra 20,000 copy. a movable feast is amazon's top eller. >> as we have been saying, it s now precisely a week since tragedy struck in paris. the country has declared war on state.amic from what we can gather, the islamic state organization is one terror organization which has seemingly very deep pockets? >> that is right. it is no secret that this terrorist network has ben
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fitted from the oil trade. they control large territories in iraq and syria. the oil trade continues to survive. 30% of the group's revenues allegedly come from oil. to talk more about this, i am joined by a correspondent from washington. he is a senior fellow at the foundation for defense democracies and an adjunct professor at georgetown. previous organizations like al qaeda relied on funds from foreign sponsors. but this is different because of the oil the territory controls. >> that is absolutely correct. there is no evidence that islamic state testifies fund from outside sources. it is marginal compared to what they make internally.
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two things to point out about the oil trade. since the height of their sales apse summer, oil prices have plummets, and coalition has destroyed their refining capabilities. now it is believed they make more money from taxation/extortion from their population. >> estimates vary on the oil it brings in, but the figure could be upwarppeds of $1.5 million a day. what do youest made the revenues at? >> before i give my estimate, it is worth saying that the revenues are very oh, make. they are selling their oil on the regional black market. to what extent are the prices marked down and how many middle metropolitan are they going through? that will determine how much money they are going.
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last summer the numbers was bout $1 million to $3 million. my own estimate is they make day on oil 00 a profits. but i wouldn't put that much confidence in those figuring the it involves guesswork. >> why hasn't the air campaign been more successful in cutting off the source of these funds? coalition bombing has taken out about 200 islamic state oil tankers bringing "outside the lines" to market. just before the attacks in bless, coalition bombing was not going after those targets. wasn't going after refining
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facilities. that is a positive thing. it is clearly a vital target for the islamic state, soming to finance their military and terrorist acts like we saw in@
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