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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 23, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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welcome back to "newsline." police are looking into an apparent explosion at yasukuni shrine in central tokyo they received a call at 10:00 a.m. monday from someone who said they heard what sounded like a bomb blast. police say no one at the shrine was injured. the caller said the sou seemed to have come from a restroom at the south gate.
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police found a hole about 30 centimeters across in the ceiling of the rest room. members of the tokyo metropolitan police bomb squad arrived at the scene. they found wires, battery and four pieces of iron site. yasukuni shre began its annual festival of first fruits at 10:00 a.m. there were more visitors than usual. >>ranslator: i heard something like a bang. but i didn't think it was an explosion because it wasn't that loud. >> police suspect the shrine may have been specifically targeted. yasukuni shrine honors japan's war dead. those remembered include leaders convicted of war crimes by an international military tribunal after world war ii. japanese coast guard officials say an increasing number of chinese ships have been observe carrying out surveys in waters off southern japan. the officials say they have monitored 22 such operations in
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the east china sea near okinawa this year. that's double the number over past years. the officials say the ships have either entered japan's exclusive economic zone without advanced notice or they have entered areas not previously agreed upon. in both cases japanese patrol ships have called on the chinese vessels totop operating. none of the chinese vessels have entered japanese waters but their crews were seen lowering what appeared to be wires in the sea. hong kong's pro democracy movement has been given a boost. several young candidates inspired by last year's protest have won seats in district council elections. the election committee announced the results of sunday's vote for 431 cities -- seat local media report tt eight
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young candidates who were involved in the pro democracy protests were winners. >> translator: i hope the candidates inspired by the protests were stay true to their objectives and contribute to hong kong society. >> the protests caused problems for traffic and business. i don't want the candidates to be elected because i'm afraid it will happen again. >> the turn out rate was 47% up six points from the previous election. it marked the highest voter turnout on record. experts say the young candidates inspired by the protests have won more support than expected and now face the challenge of having their voices heard. leaders of 21 economies have
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agreed to work together. the agreement would see tariffs fall across the board. moves to establish other issues have leftnited states and china at a face-off. >> it is a initiative that involves 21 apec members. it will not be easy to put together such a massive economic partnership. the tpp negotiators reached a broad agreement last month. china has not taken part in the tpp negotiations. it's concerned that washington might use the trade deal to increase its leadership in the region, that's why china maintains that the tpp and ftop
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must be treated separately. meanwhile, firnls in -- officials in a number of regional economies have changing their minds about the tpp. the philippines and thailand became the latest who expressed an interest in joining the tpp folks. south korea has also announced its interest in joining the pact. china will the south china issue was not raised at the summit this was because the philippines has a tariff country put priority on
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productive discussed instead of having the talks get bagged down about the matter. as soon as president obama arrived, he took a tour of a frigate. it is seen as under scoring america's intention to take a stand against china's projects in the south china sea. the china president, xi jinping expressed his viewpoint in a speech. >> translato
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in beijing a chinese expert suggests that despite the rising rhetoric over the south china sea issue, washington and beijing are maintaining polite, if guarded discussions. he pnted to a numberf ongoing military exchanges. >> the naval ship of the united states is in china for a visit and a few days ago a fleet of three chinese naval ships were along the atlantic coast of the united states visiting florida and other parts of the united states. while we talk about the tensions in the south china sea, we should also look at the overall healthy relationship between the chinese military and the american military, and the chinese government and the american government. >> still,he u.s. takes up the
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south china issue in the upcoming summit in malaysia. the political maneuvering between the u. and china will continue and needs close watching. a right wing opposition candidate has won argentina's presidential election. voters cast their ballots in a run-o run-off. he was the chosen success ser to
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the outgoing president. he claimed victory on sunday. he called it an historic day. >> translator: thank you for having believe for believing that together we can build the argentina that we dream of. >> the other candidate conceded defeat. >> translator: a change was chosen. may god lead macri so this change can be for the better for our country. >> macri has pledged to promote foreign investments. he faces the challenge of turning around the country's economy. he's scheduled to assume office on december 10th. the belgian government has decided to maintain its highest level of alert on monday in the
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capital of brussels. officials want to be prepared for possible terrorist attacks. investigators are searching for belgian born sal la abdel slam and others. they believe the fugitives could return to the country. >> translator: we fear attacks similar to paris with several individuals who could possibly launch several offenses in multiple locations. >> he said the universities and schools would be closed on monday. for the restf the country, he set a threat level of 3 on a 4-tier scale remains in effect. some companies have tdheir employees to work from home. the government will determine the future alert level after assessing the progress of its
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investigation. french authorities are seeking information the third man who blew themselves near the national stadium on november 13th. a photo was released of one of the suicide bombers. the local media quoted investigators as saying that they may have blended in with refugees to enter europe. france's defense minister said an aircraft carrier will soon be ready to act against militants in syria. defense minister said the vessels in the same group will be operational for monday. the ship has been deployed in the mediterranean sea as france intensifies its bombing campaign against the militants in syria. they did not say when the jets will begin attacks from the carrier. the ship carries 26 aircraft including 18 jets, france's main stay fighter.
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he says ground forces needed to fight militants but he said france has no plans to destroy troops in syria. russia says it will cooperate in operations against the islamictate group. vladimir putin has told military leaders to view france as an ally of russia. russian security forces have killed 11 members of a group that's declared allegiance with islamic state militants. local media were told that the troops carried out an anti terrorism operation in a russian city. it was based on intelligence that the militants were holed up in a mountainous area. they are believed to have recruited fighters in the area. they were planning suicide
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attacks in the north caucus region. they are claiming responsibility for downing a russian airliner last month. that led to russia stepping up air strikes against the militants in syria. a regional party won sunday's gubernatorial and may i don't recall elections in the western city of osaka. the incumbent governor matsui won a second term. his main rival was recommended by the liberal democratic party and was backed by the democratic and japanese communist parties. the mayor was elected for the first time. he will succeed outgoing mayor.
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he's thought to have maiained good relationsith the administration of prime minister abe. japanese automaker honda says it will start delivering its first aircraft to customers possibly when this year. the jet completed flight tests and is soon expected to obtain certification from the u.s. federal aviation administration. the seven-seat jet has drawn mu attention for its unique design that has the engines mounted above the wings. honda says the aircraft is the fastest and most fuel efficient in its class. it says the function and reliability test took more than 3,000 hours. the company said it received more than 100 orders from western firms and wealthy individuals. itet an initial sales targets at about 100 jets a year. another japanese company, mitsubishi aircraft, launched
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trial flights of its new regional jet and is also seeking certification from the u.s. aviation authority. a major theme at the apec meeting in manila was the tpp. companies and governments across asia are already witnessing effects from the agreement even though the free trade deal has yet to be enforce. we report from hong kong. >> reporter: dongguan in southern china helped build a reputation as the factory of the world. it was once home to a large manufacturers and garments factories. many firms are pulling out. a major hong kong-based clothing manufacturer operates this
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factory. it produces shirts and other items for upscale u.s. and european brands. about 1,600 people are working here, but the company made a decision to shut down the factory next year. the garment maker has decided to shut down o of its two production bases in the city. some assembly lines have already been dismantled. in the meantime, the company is increasing its investment in vietnam. a member of the tpp. a new factory thereill be completed next month. a cpany plans to employ 5,000 workers in the factory and more than double production in vietnam. roger lee is the company's ceo. he says the tpp was an added
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bonus for his investment plan in vietnam. 80% of his firm's pructs are exported to the u.s. he says the u.s. currently charges 20% tariffs on those items, but tariffs of items made in vietnam will be eliminated. >> we think customers will be happy to move production to vietnam. >> reporter: the company currently uses chinese textiles in garments it scpoerts to the u.s. but under the tpp tariffs will remain on tariffs on items made in non-member countries.
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lee plans to build a textile factory in vietnam so he can concentrate the full range of operations from procurement to production and shipment within the tpp zone. since labor costs in vietnam are less than half those in china, lee thinks more companies will follow his example. >> i definitely think the whole supply chain will change because more and more people will see business opportunities to set up textiles mills, thread factories in tpp countries. and i think that that will continue to happen. >> reporter: officials in hong kong say the impact of the tpp is spreading to other industries as well. >> industries are looking for the favorable terms to be hovered by the tpp.
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tpp definitely is one positive effect behind that. footwear the system, and clothing the same. we're also aware of electronics. >> reporter: as the wall of tariffs falls und the tpp, it will create fresh opportunities for member companies and the companies that operate there, as well as new challenges for the places that are left behind.ies companies that operate there, as well as new challenges for the places that are left behind.ies companies that operate there, as well as new challenges for the places that are left behind.ies companies that operate there, as well as new challenges for the places that are left behind.ies companies that operate there, as well as new challenges for the places that are left behind.uie companies that operate there, as well as new challenges for the places that are left behind.nti companies that operate there, as well as new challenges for the places that are left behind.rie companies that operate there, as well as new challenges for the places that are left every year, a few thousand young assistant teachers from abroad help students in japan study english. the government-sponsored initiative is called tjet. nhk world reports. >> reporter: themmediate evil -- medieval irish city held
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a festival. this womanan taught how to make japanese sushi. >> it's that simple. you use a few grains of rice. >> reporter: she tells people making japanese food is not too challenging. >> it was so easy to make. it felt very good for the kids. >> reporter: fee yona arrived in japan on the jet program in 20. she taught english for two years. in a few years after returning home, she was diagnosed with cancer. she had to go through chemotherapy. she said all she could eat was japanese food. >> it was the one food i could
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eat and felt i could digest it. it helped me get better and keep well today. >> reporter: she started cooking simple dishes she learned in japan every day. she regained her health and has had two sons. japanese food became her passion. she's published a japanese cookbook. last week, she took her family to ni. gata for the first time. she was looking forward to seeing an elderly couple. she knew the taste of local rice and vegetables, thanks to them and their farm. >> translator: we grow rice so we wanted her to eat it. >> their rice was so delicious
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and it felt good to eat local rice grown by a local rice farmer. >> reporter: she wanted to learn more from her long-time friends. >> when something is in season, japanese people eat it, like certain fruits, and then it's quite simple. japanese food, they let the food taste come through, the natural taste, so it's not overpowered. >> reporter: fionna visited a junior high school where they used to teach. she wanted to see the lunch system. the food was all freshly prepared in the kitchen using local ingredients. fionna says childhood abuse --
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obesity is increasing in ireland. >> japanese food definitely saved me. even if people take a few elements from the japanese way of eating, then i think it will help with how healthy they are, and how long they leave. reporter: fionna says her two years in the jet program changed her life. she wants to continue being a bridge between japan and ireland as long as she can. it's now time for a check of the world weatherith our meteorologist jonathan oh. what's ahead this week? >> as we go through the week, i think we're going to see a little bit of a mix here. we're expecting some rain as we go through the overnight hours into tuesday, and then we may even see some sunshine? tokyo. other portions of japan looking
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at more of a stormy snowy situatio let me show you what's happening ght now on the map. you see plenty of cloud cover over japan. the couple of factors that are taking place. we had a front that moved thughjapan, low pressure ahead of it and that's wrapping around cold air, so that's going to produce some quite dramatic conditions over into hokkaido as we go into tuesday. snowy conditions and very chilly weather. that front is also interacting with a typhoon. that moisture has been residual over japan. we are looking for rain at the overnight period. we should see possibly sunshine along the eastern side of japan once this low departs from the region and we see a little bit more clearing. it won't last too long. we expect more in terms of cloud and rain through the week. this is a strong typhoon. you notice the clouds north of it are trying to spread out north and east. it's getting some resistance.
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it's going to start weakening because of that pushback from the higher layers ofhe atmosphere. it may have some moisture with it and maybe spark some shors in the north and east. in general, it is not expected to remain as strong as it is right now as we good through a couple of days. we're talking about snowfall in beijing. we had another system there. chilly temperatures with a high of negative 2. yes, it's below freezing for the daytime on tuesday. as you look at the forecast for europe, we do have a relatively calm pattern for the central portions. yes, we have a little spin here. it's relatively calm. we have a low down toward the south. that's going to produce active
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weather. we also have another front that's coming into the northwestern portions of europ and so that's going to bring some clouds, maybe even some showers as we go through monday and into tuesday. notice the temperatures are going to be in the single digits as we go throuou monday as the front moves through. it's going to be a bit cooler. rain toward rome and also athens. north america, relatively calm conditions for most of the united states for the most. -- moment. we have a little low moving through canada and producing precipitation across the great lakes. the big story is this low is coming into the pacific northwest. that is going to produce not only rain but also some snowfall, some strong downpours d also some heavier snowfall taking place as we go through this week, extending from the southwestern portions of british columbia and down into southern california, look through this as
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we go throughout the week. first of all, looking at rain for monday in vancouver and seattle and switching over to snowy conditions as we good into the middle of this week. thanksgiving taking place on thursday. looking at relatively try conditions except for california, where that snowfall may be taking place. thursday, 6 on thursday -- in hams, california. here's your extended outlook.
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genie: you are watching "france 24." time for 60 minutes around the world. these are the headlines. brussels is high -- on high alert with schools and underground transports shut down some 20 people were arrested in police raids overnight, but the man thought to be the surviving member of the group of paris attackers is still on the run. british prime minister david cameron is in paris for anti-terrorism talks with francoisol


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