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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: you are watching "france 24." time for 60 minutes around the world. these are the headlines. brussels is high -- on high alert with schools and underground transports shut down some 20 people were arrested in police raids overnight, but the man thought to be the surviving member of the group of paris attackers is still on the run. british prime minister david cameron is in paris for anti-terrorism talks with francois hollande. they visited the after clan
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concert hall -- the bataclan concert hall were 90 people were killed by jihadist attackers. french police released an image of the third suicide bomber the attack of the national stadium. another main suspect is still on the run. genie: we start first in belgium, where brussels is in lockdown for a third a straight. this is, however, the first working day since the city has been at its highest terror alert levels. overnight in belgium, police carried out 20 raids. i am joined from brussels by james andre. we have heard that the number of people arrested has increased up to about 21.
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what more can you tell us? we do not have much information, but we do know that five extra people have been arrested this morning. some in brussels, some in the , where according to local press in belgium and abdeslamrces say salah , the man being actively searched for by police, is potentially carrying a palm and is the main threat. it is said that police units have seen salah abdeslam near liege, that he was driving a powerful car and that potentially he -- and that he has not been arrested. we know that five extra people have been arrested, and we do not have any confirmation as to where he is. but what is sure is that police
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are still working and the city is on high alert. this comes as brussels is still on lockdown. schools are closed, day care, universities. the metro is down. many workers have been told to stay at home. what is the feeling like on the streets of brussels? james: surprisingly, the people who are here -- i am in a park next to the european institutions. we see people on the streets, people having coffee in coffee shops, working people walking around. it appears the people who have decided to come and work are feeling quite normal. that is what they are telling us. contact who works at the european institution who says europe -- who says security has been stepped up, but he says the informal
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instructions are that people who are indispensable should come to work. the others can stay home and work from home if they wish. this is what is being done at a lot of companies here in brussels, but it does appear that activity may be slightly calmer than usual, but a lot of people are on the streets in the belgian capital. the big question is, when will it be possible to lift this high alert? there will be a meeting this afternoon and the prime minister should be talking to the press to tell the press what decisions have been made. moment, salah abdeslam has not been reported captured. they need a strong police front to be able to lift the high alert. maintained very long because of course it is crippling the economy and activity in brussels. genie: that is james andre reporting for us from brussels. now, the lockdown in brussels
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came after those attacks in paris 10 days ago that left 130 .eople dead and hundreds hurt a british citizen was among those victims, and today the british prime minister, david cameron, visited the bataclan concert venue. cameron was there alongside french president francois hollande. they met today for talks on the fight against the islamic state group. francois hollande will continue his push for a stronger international: wishon, with top-level meetings -- a stronger coalition. thomas waterhouse has more. thomas: four meetings with one common goal, to build a unified coalition against the islamic state group leader francois hollande kicked off his busy week with a breakfast meeting at the l is a perilous -- at the elysee palace with david cameron.
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airstrikes will include syria and not just iraq. firmly supporti the action the president hollande has taken to strike at isil and syria. it is my firm position that britain should do so, too. of course, that will be a decision for parliament to make. must keepollande: we targeting the islamic state group in syria. we will intensify our bombings to do the most damage possible to this army of terrorists. thomas: tuesday will see hollande to fly to washington to meet with barack obama, who has to showcalled on powers unity. president obama: the most powerful tool we have to fight isil is to say we are not afraid. thomas: he will try to reach a better understanding with russia on airstrikes over syria.
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there is concern in the west that the russian airstrikes are also designed to bolster the regime of syrian president bashar al-assad. obama arende and ho convinced that -- hole on that he can get his russian counterpart -- before that, hollande will dine with angela merkel in paris. the german chancellor was the first to admit in september that bashar al-assad should be part of western negotiations on how to solve the conflict in syria. meantime, the investigation into the november 13 attacks continues. french police are now asking the public for any information that would help identify the third man involved in the suicide bombing at the bataclan stadium. a photo of that man was posted on the twitter account.
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thomas waterhouse reports. currently, he is a face with no name, but police hope the public can help identify him. this photo allows us to complete the trio of terrorists that stadium days ago. he was armed with false passports. meanwhile, the manhunt for another of the attackers, salah abdeslam, is ongoing. he was now that she was last seen close to the belgian border on the day after the attacks. he was stopped by police at this order point, but at that time the officers who carried out the check had no reason to arrest him. the two men who were traveling with him have been detained by police, but at the slam -- but salah abdeslam is still at large. his family has come forward, urging him to turn himself in to authorities. investigators are also searching for accomplices who helped the
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group carry out their attacks, including the person who built the suicide belt. it is still not known if he was one of the men who blew himself saint-denis north of paris on wednesday. there are traces of dna but still no name, and he does not appear on any police records. police also believe there were others who provided logistical support, like this man, who was arrested in turkey, suspected of activitiesied out before friday's attacks. he was stopped as he tried to reach italy by boat, but accompanied by salah abdeslam. abaaoud was killed. genie: in the wake of those attacks, the french president and the french prime minister have gone up in the polls.
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to talk more about that, i am joined by french politics editor mark roman. mark: there has been an uptick in the polls since the attack, plus seven four francois hollande. recently you could say that she is really low right now -- that he is really low right now. to 27% change from 20% of favorable opinions. we know through other polls, the president's actions and his reaction to the attacks has been appreciated by the french are they are vastly in support of extending and expanding the state of emergency and also of intensified airstrikes in syria against the organization of the islamic state. like has been the case since the attack, but underlined by the french president during his
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meeting with the british prime minister. away: we are two weeks from regional elections. since the attacks two weeks ago, the national front has come out swinging. good that party benefit from the aftereffects of the attacks? marc: because of what we just with aout the president, lose really big and the ?elections ca they are hoping to limit the damage by projecting this idea unity, with the flag behind the president. the other benefactor could be the national front. why? because this is, again, islamist terrorists, and the national front has been say we should do more to fight them. there's also this added element that some of the attackers seemingly went into europe
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through greece, so there is a link with the refugee crisis. again, this is something that the national front had been agitating about for months. so right now we see a poll, especially in the southeast region, showing that the national front candidate, marion le pen, is gaining ground and is clearly ahead of her two patters -- of her two competitors. if the previous attacks are any indication, and the national front, scored its best score ever. so we could see a repeat of this. but also maybe progress for the .ocialists the clear favorites are worried because they see their two competitors rising in the polls. obviously we will see what happens. there are still two weeks and made things could happen, but
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right now this is what we're looking at. genie: thanks for that. you will be staying in contact during these elections, which take place december 6. today the russian president is in iran, coinciding with a major summit of gas exporting countries. --dimir putin will meet with vladimir putin's meetings are likely to dominate. our correspondent reports. >> it is a meeting about gas, but as much as the discussions on the sidelines, among those that will be the most important, vladimir putin meeting with the two men who matter with iran. rouhani, the president, and the chief of the armed forces. both have a lot in common at this point in syria. they are both fighting with a call terror groups, not just islamic state, but others, encroaching on the territory of
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bashar al-assad, the head of the syrian government. they are coordinating in different capacities. russia has been bombing for some seven weeks now, and iran has more than 2000 soldiers on the ground at any one time. those two powers are coordinating. in essence, to bolster the -- of of besar al-assad bashar al-assad, which is under pressure at the moment. we are trying to guard their influence, keep their influence over syria at the moment. iran is part of negotiations over syria. it has been since the end of last month. it is a key player in the region, and leaders of both russia and iran will have a lot to talk about. genie: that is thomas lowe reporting from moscow. authorities in mali have published the photos of a man and a woman they say helped plan friday's attack there on a
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luxury hotel. it is the first time authorities in mali has said they were seeking accomplices. mali has begun three days of national mourning for the 19 people who were killed when attackers stormed the radisson blu hotel in bamako. at least two jihadist groups have claimed responsibility. catherine clifford has more on reaction from around the region. mali's president met with his senegalese counterpart. the pair met at the attack site and discussed security concerns they hoped to address at an upcoming summit. >> we have to recognize that in an environment with terrorism, our position should because this in light of risks. -- payave to be more more attention to them.
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melian -- investigators said they are following separate inquiries and are actively pursuing at least three suspects. aree the streets of bamako as bustling as ever, troops can be seen on patrol across the city, particularly the luxury hotels. by somee being helped who have access here. they advised, guide, and accompany us to ask -- to security measures. catherine: the attack was claimed to have been done by al murabitoun. there is a state of emergency until november 30 with public gatherings and protests for bitten. thee: it is 15 minutes past hour. let's take a look at headlines. brussels is on high alert with schools and underground transport shot down -- shut down.
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there have been 21 arrested overnight, but the man thought to be the one surviving member of the group of paris attackers is still on the run. british prime minister david cameron is in paris today for anti-terrorism talks with francois hollande. the bataclanisited concert hall. over 90 people are killed by the jihadist attackers. french police release an image of the third suicide bomber from the attack as the french national stadium. another main suspect is still on the run. time now for business. we have william hilderbrandt with us here. hasce's finance minister announced new measures to also fight terrorists, specifically to target their finances. : the idea is that some of the people behind the paris attacks were able to operate
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with some level of anonymity, and officials want to eliminate that possibility. so the french finance ministry and out several new measures. will supervise more strictly the use of prepaid telephone sim cards, such as the ones used in the attack of november 13. next we will extend the freezing of terrorist assets to real estate and vehicles. genie:'s new data says the paris attacks have had a notable effect on the french economy. market,/reading, it was said that the services sector had dipped since september -- since october. it is slowing growth. there is better news for the wider eurozone. that is showing that economic growth and job creation in the
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area are performing at the shortest level in 4.5 years. that is good news for inventors -- for investors, but not good news enough in the markets as we see a slide in oil prices and other commodities. genie: we have a lot of security talk, but we cannot overlook one of the day's biggest is the steels, perhaps the biggest health care deal in history. this is something that had been anticipating. it has been formally announced, u.s. drugmaker pfizer is buying its irish counterpart, allergan, agreeing to $150 billion, to lay it in a design called tags are versions. there is new rules in the u.s. that prevent such deals. is the biggest proposed health-care deal in history. pharmaceutical giant pfizer is merging with drug company allergan, the making of the wildly popular botox. it is a deal worth more than $150 billion, and in a move
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known as inversion, the merger will allow pfizer to reincorporate in dublin. thus escaping u.s. taxes on its overseas profits. related estimate that could add $2.1 billion to pfizer's bottom line in 2017. in versions are controversial and have been widely criticized both sides of on the atlantic. despite new measures by the obama administration, to clamp down on the practice, including making it harder for corporations to ship their tax residencies and making it more difficult to avoid taxes on is a sing assets one they have done so -- once they have done so, in versions are popular. many companies say the attacks further -- in order to skirt the titans u.s. treasury rules, the deal is being structured as a rebirth merger, with the smaller
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allergan technically buying pfizer. this point matter? with allergan based in ireland, eight has a lower corporate tax rate than the united states. the five-year -- the pfizer-allergan merger follows the example of fast food company burger king and pharmaceutical company my lead, other u.s. companies that have recently completed in versions -- inversions. a list of the top event -- >> everyone on the list has a total of $140 million. only one woman. 39 in the texts were women. eight of them with ties facebook print mark zuckerberg is the head honcho on the list. that is most prize. and you saw from that video, that was elizabeth holmes, her
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fortune $4.5 billion. she owns a blood testing company ther sereno's -- called anos. a bit of a disappointing list there. i will leave it at that. genie: let's hope for better luck next year. thank you so much for that, will hildebrandt, and we will look at business per thank you for watching "france 24." it is time now for the press review. gala upton is with us here. -- belle lupton is here with us. lots of information on the paris attacks, particularly on those operations last night in russells. belle: yes, and the goes withaking paper a front page in which it describes what we already know, so 16 people arrested at islam. in an editorial, the
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editorial chief writing poignantly about what it feels like to be living in a city under lockdown. she talks about the city slowly turning itself off and going dark. that have never shot fell like dominoes. in the information to close down these things was circulated, or what was close was circulated by sms and online, where residents of all of brussels were glued to their different screens in order to try to find out what was going on. she talks about an unbearable heaviness, forced resignation, and infinite sadness and black rage, and having to back down from our daily lives. she will also that she also spoke to a filmmaker who said that will would have been a response to the shutdown would have been going to the theater. genie: there are some moments of hope, at least, in the coverage
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that you saw out of brussels. talk to us about them. belle: despite the city being on city alert and despite the city streets, they went ahead with the wedding as planned on saturday. that was real resistance against that fear. another phenomenon here, which is a series of images that started circulating on sunday night during the raid on twitter brusselslockdown. belgian authorities asked residents not to give anything away about the operation, so local correspondence -- locals corresponded with humor by posting images of their cats under the #brusselslockdown. there are also cartoons from twitter as well, like this one here. these are things not to say to a suicide bomber. the thing this cat is asking is,
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"is the atmosphere banging?" this was such a show of solidarity among the belgian people, that the belgian paper decided that they were -- they would dare to put the picture of a cat on the front of their website last night, which you can see, using that related to the story. they decided to honor that question by airing a picture of the cat. genie: it might seem incredibly irreverent to some of our viewers, but it is typical to that unique belgian sense of humor. there was that horrible attack in mali friday, which is also getting coverage in today's papers. >> is getting a little bit of coverage, not as much as the paris attacks, which were a week earlier, but there are stories emerging. testimony at one of the security , inds at the radisson says an article by "the telegraph,"
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the british paper, that the gun man asked which floor the air france crew members were in, targeting the crew members. úñ@
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