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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 24, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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here in japan it's 7:00 p.m. on a tuesday. welcome to "newsline." we start the program with with breaking news out of turkey. turkish planes have shot down a plane. they confirm the loss of one of the planes.
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turkish media says that it went down in syria. the plane plunged to the ground and shows columns of smoke in the mountains. parachutes are seen coming down. the pilots seem to have ejected. the russian defense ministry told the media that it was a 24 that was flying over syria. reports say that turkish prime minister has ordered them to consult with the united nations, nato and related nations on the development on the syrian border. "newsline" will keep you updated. french authorities are looking at a belt. the belt was discovered in a pile of ruble. the report say that is the report was found about 10 kkm and investigators are looking
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into links. authorities believe that he was involved in the attacks. report say that is the belt turned up near a spot where are he apparently used his phone on the night of the attacks. ma'a member of the french t talks about the gunman in the attacks. he talked with the extremist inside of the concert hall. the officer spoke in an interview with the french magazi. he says his unit tried to storm the venue, but one of the hostages said that they would cut off their head and then gave them a phone number to get the attacke attackers. they called over five times for a 50 minute period. they spoke a few times. the men reportedly said that
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they were taking revenge for the french air strikes and french was attacking the woman and children. the u.s. secretary of the state says that it's possible. john kerry said under the right conditions the two sides could work together on a peace deal. he said this could lead to constructive possibilities. kerry said that it's necessary to reign in the rebels that have been fighting for four years. kerry made the comments after meetings with the prince and the saudi foreign minister. they discussed the proposed talks with the government and opposition leader. one issue is whether to invite groups the ua and saudi support, that russia and a roon view as terrorist organizations. more than a week after
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people in paris are feeling the fall out. those in belgium have a maximum security alert and migrants are stuck at the border. >>. >> translator: the alert remain it is at the highest level in brussels and with the information yesterday. >> the lock down will stay in place until next monday and warned of a threat. he said that schools and the metro will reopen on monday. there's been a manhunt for the suspect in the par were riss attacks. hundreds of migrants have been stopped at the border. authorities have decided to turn away migrants that are not from conflict zones. >> when we die here, help us. we stay here, but no one cares. >> thousands of migrants have been fleeing syria and other
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countries and heading for europe, but the attacks are having them view the border controls. there's a political divide in the u.s. whether to expect them. syrians already there are considering the backlash. now reports from washington. >> reporter: he arrived in washington from syria in january. they were expected as refugees. >> the united states provided a house to live in. i appreciate it. >> the the middle of the conflict, he became sick and lost the eyesight. now he is getting back on the feet with the support of community volunteers, and wants the same opportunity for others
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like him. >> syrian refugees hope to come to the united stes. i want president obama to expect them more quickly. [ gunshot ] . >> but the terror attacks in paris earlier this month are changing the atmosphere media reports are saying that they entered europe and claiming to be refugees, and now governors of our 30 states say that they're refusing to expect anymore. >> i am making a request to the president of the united states to cease allowing immigrants to come in until we get thorough verification that all of o the immigrants coming in are not safety risks. >> several opinion polls show that a majority of the u.s. citizen kneel the same way. >> the government has no idea who is coming in now, and that's
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the scariest part. >> a lot of people are comparing what happened in paris to 9/11 in new york. >> some are concerned about the trend. >> my desire is no different than to have a child and family. >> this group worries that this change in attitude may lead to to backlash against the muslims. >> the united states is built on ethical values to accept the people that are running. it's really sad and shameful. >> in september the obama administration promised to accept 10 you thousand over the next years. last week they approved a bill to suspend that plan. >> our nations can welcome refugees that are dispritly seeking safety and secure our
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own security. >> the bill no goes to the senate. if it passes there, obama says that he will voe ter veto the legislation. nhk washington. the koujt erie space agency has launched the first commercial satellite for a foreign company. >> in h 2 a rocket blasted off from southwestern japan. it was supposed to launch at 3:23 p.m. and it was halted as a ship was halted in the restricted area. the heavy industry is carrying the satellite for ka nad canadian company. the satellite will serve europe, africa and south america.
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engineers made the adjustments to the design in hopes of attracting the orders for commercial sat late launches. europe and russia lead the market. competition is heating up with a u.s. venture company. the rocket will travel before releasing it 34 km above earth. south korea says that a close aide may have been sent to a rural farm over the miss handling of a power point construction. a secretary of the north korea working party has been seen companying kim on inspection tours. he remitted the country in a military parade. earlier this month the name was missing from the list of
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organizers. they briefed lawmakers in the north and on a closed session on tuesday. one lay maker said that they had information that he was sent to a remote farm for re-education as punishment for the role in over seeing the construction of a hydraulic you power station. they said that he maybe rein stated because the crime is lighter than that of the senior officials. he has disappear from the state media reports but resurfaced. the number of people that have jobs is about to drop. from the business desk, we have more and other headlines. >> thanks james. people have been busy kruchbing numbers to get an idea of the labor market trends and they say that it could shrink by
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8 million in 2030. the unemployment policy is labor trends for each of the prefectures and the industries. they say that if the economy growth says and the employment rate and if it does not improve, the number of the working people will fall faster and the panel estimates that in 2030 and 56 million people have the jobs. that compares with the last years of 63 and a half million. the numb over people working in whole sell and retail will drop to an estimated 2 and a half million. if the company grows and measures are implemented to promote employment of the elderly and woman, the panel says that the decrease is limited to 1.8 million. two major drug makers are better coping with the
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increasing market. the officials are saying that the deal will create the world's biggest pharmaceutical company. they say that pfizer will take over during a share swap. that makes it the world's big transaction so far this year. the highest provile brand is skin care product botox. a combined sales last year were around $56 billion. pharmaceutical companies are trying to expand between mergers to make up for the losses of the drug patents expire. japanese companies are showcasing high speed rail
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technology at a trade fair in australia. it kicked off on tuesday in the south eastern city of melbourne. it's expected to grow as the countries population increases. they have plans to improve the system. a record six firms from japan are taking part in the trade fair. the railway company is showcasing the technology. visitors are are impressed. >> you can say that it's been around and it's a really good or lack of accident and a rate and probably the models for the others to look at. >> the rail car maker has set up p a large booth and it's supposed to increase as they enter and see a promising
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market. on to the markets and tokyo stocks and more on the weekend we two to the tokyo stock exchange. >> reporter: well the earning season is over here in japan, and the trading value was low early on. in the afternoon some of us began to bargain hunt and leading those to extend the winning streak to the day. the p tomorrow i cans ended to close and the biggest mover was definitely sharp. the concerns about the company caused the shares to loose more than half of if value. it surged more than 13 percent after a japanese state fund if
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some banks agreed to write off the debt. now, others are down and among the blue chips it's down 1.6 percent following the losses on wall street. all in all it was choppy and they managed to post at day of games. reporting from the stock exchange. >> thank you. moving on to other markets. s & p index fell one percent with the five day winning streak. hong kong extended the losses and went down 0.35 percent and then rebounded after two days of
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losses. they gained 0.6 percent for the fourth day of the gains. here is a look at the other business stories that we're following. >> super market sales rose for a second straight month and that's the ear on ear in the increase in 23 years and the officials say that super mart sales last month rose 2.8 percent and say that bad weather pushed up the food prices. officials at the tokyo stock exchange posta six consecutive rise this year. they say that the total will likely reach 99. that's 19 more than last year. the officials say that higher share prices are making it easier to raise the funds from the markets. member of a panel to the minister want to put a tighter
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reign on the social security spending. ill should increase by more than $4 billion for if next year. that's compared to the $5.5 billion that government agencies are asked her. japanese electronic companies are facing severe composition from south korea and rivals and a wide you range of products from tv sets to mobile phones. they have been making major changes in vent years. one strategy is looking promising. they're shifting to tart over consumers or b to b. nhk world has more. >> reporter: japanese electronics are making a come back, but some big names are
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missing out. sharp and toshiba reported losses but panasonic turned in strong earnings. it increased 13 percent to $1.6 billion and sony went to the black for the first time. >> translator: we're expecting an increase in the earnings for the next five years. >> here is st. bottom line. not the cram but one of the parts inside. the image sensor concert come canning a signal. a high qualify sensor is a high quality. it's not just fop quality but small. sony achieved that by stacking two wafers together.
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right now it's the only company kpapable of producing. that gives sony a lock on the market. most phones and digital cameras have a chip. the sensors con transcribe yutd it and analysts say that switching is key to the industries future. >> it's higher than it's said buness. focussing and keeping the technology different is more critical. >> they agree and ramping up the investment in the production. they're spending million to buy lines from other companies. sony forecast a bright future in the industry and it's essential
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for the automatic driving. trns the marlth will continue to expand over the nx few years. >> panasonic is another company moving up and any visitors to the show in las vegas would kn. the boost for business customers was double the size of last year. they exhibited new led lights and displays. companies can use them to mart their products. panasonic is also charging up the battery business and supplying batteries to electric car makers. >> translator: look at the customer reaction, we feel confident that the shift of b to b business is the right strategy. >> panasonic spun off the television and other losing divisions two years ago.
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they contribute the largest share of revenue. it's improving practical and other companies will soon follow the lead. >> that's it for business news. i am going to leave you with the markets. a japanese astronaut is returning to earth after five
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months on the international space station. they say that he is scheduled to make the return journey aboard a russian spacecraft. he will land on december 11th. he has been on the i ss since july and played a key role in docking the japanese unmanned s july and played a key role in docking the japanese unmanned aircraft. we have been having a late autumn here and temperatures we want with up and we're joined with the weather and thanksgiving forecast for the u.s. jonathan? >> well, when ever we talk about thanksgiving it's more like fall weather and the leaves changing color. it's not ability the snow frequently or in the united states. that's darcht stoa different st moment. we're keeping our eye on a couple of situations and this is
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a low through the great lakes and brought the snow fall into chicago. look at this video and you can see look at this and see a white ground because the storm dumped heavy storm here and caused traffic f problems. a lot of cars are seen moving slower than usual. it makes it the heaviest snow is day in december for 120 years. areas to the west and wisconsin and surrounding states also saw this impact. the lows that were affecting have departed. we have a massive complex that's taking place over the pacific northwest and digging in and that combination is setting up for a wind erie weather set up. not only for the areas, but extending and then that will
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extend to the great lakes as we go later on this week into the weekend. some of you may see a white thanksgiving. yeah. as you go through the week. snow in vancouver on tuesday and then a chance for the snow fall and that will continue to spread to the south and east as you go through the week. you can see a high of negative six that's around the 20s when it comes to the weather. it's cold when it comes on tuesday. a quick look at what is happening over europe and high pressure trying to keep itself in the center and area toss the south and active weather skper bringing the storms and heavier rainfall and then another area of moisture is copping ming up north and west. now a quick look at what is happening in australia. we have been keeping an eye on
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the eastern side. we're talking of temperatures for upper 30s for last week. i think that we will finally see a cool down on thursday and friday. melbourne is looking at rain and back into the teens and that's relief. even canberra looking at highs in the 20s. chilly weather wiin the processs the cold air comes in the north. moisture will bring us the rain and some areas for the snoe and as we go into the ladder part of this week. now, keeping an eye, it may continue to weaken, but i may brung -- wet forecast in store from asia as we go to wednesday.
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hope you have a good day wherever you are and here is your extended outlook. the recap the breaking news media are reporting that a war
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plane was shot down. the russian defense ministry con 23ir firmed the loss of one of the planes. the plane went down in northwestern syria. turkish tv aired the footage of it going to the ground. the two pilots seemed to have rejected and one maybe in the hands of the turk irk rebels. they said that it was a 24 that was flying over syria. turk irk government said that the war plane has been warned after it entered the tushish air space. they have been carrying air strikes in northwestern syria. they have ordered them to
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consult with the united nations and nato on the latest developments on the syria border. úñ@
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>> welcome back. these are the headlines. meeting withande barack obama in washington, his the? more backing in the fight against the islamic state group leader in the u.s. puts out a terror alert to citizens around the world. turkey has shut


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