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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 26, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> welcome to the france 24 newsroom, i am molly hall. it is 1:00 p.m. in the french capital. david cameron makes his case for u.k. airstrikes on islamic state targets in syria. he says the u.k. is already at its highest terror threat from jihadist. the french president continues his push for a joint force against the islamic state group after talks with leaders of germany and italy.
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he sets his sights on a key mating and moscow. its --set to employ after turkey downs one of its planes in disputed circumstances. also coming up this hour, one of brazil's richest men and a senator have been arrested over the corruption scandal at the oil company petrobras. happy thanksgiving to our american viewers. introducingyou -- you to the brand-new totus. this is live from paris. we start in the united kingdom,
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where the prime minister has been presenting its arguments for why britain should join the international coalition and carry out airstrikes against the islamic state in syria. let's hear what the prime minister had to say. >> action now is that the success in iraq and squeezing the so-called caliphate is put at risk by our failure to act in syria. seriously hamper our efforts if we stop acting when we reach the syrian border. when we come to the question why now, we have to ask ourselves whether the risks of inaction are greater than the risks of taking action. every day we fail to act is a day isil can go stronger -- grow stronger. >> let's bring in benedict have the own. we have the prime minister who has made his case for airstrikes in syria. really, what is
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it, less than two weeks after the paris attacks and it really has been a game changer. here we have a british prime minister, a conservative prime minister making the case to extend the current british airstrikes in iraq to syria. he says it is not logical since i sold does not recognize any frontiers. isilsaw does not wreck -- does not recognize any frontiers. is britain going to make itself a bigger target by joining in airstrikes with its closest allies, france and the u.s.? no, it is not since intelligence services here have told the prime minister that the u.k. is among the top targets already of
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daesh. a very strong case made here by the prime minister, and all the more unusual because he is actually making a statement to the house of commons as we speak. he made his initial statement and there are now questions from all sides. he is trying to get that majority vote that he failed to get two years ago, in august 2013, and had a humiliating defeat. he is actually responding to a not withback bench mps a polite letter but with a very serious statement. >> how much public support is therefore airstrikes in syria? >> public support is not actually going to be the green light but it is very important. the paris attacks have concentrated minds and shifted the mood.
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according to polls, it is clear there is a majority feeling here in the british population that understands the need to strike against isil because it represents a very real threat. it is not lost on anybody here that what happened could have if the much worse threats had been properly carried out. this could happen here in the u.k. what the prime minister is looking for, he is trying to gauge the mood amongst mp's and he said today he will not put this to a vote. within hours, britain could join its allies in bombing syria. that will mean he is sure -- he has to be sure he has got the majority and can get the green light from all the mp's in the house of commons. >> reporting from london.
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the british prime minister's words are likely to be welcomed by the french president. he is looking for joint action against the group in syria and the rock after the paris attacks -- and iraq after the paris attacks. the german chancellor saying she will stand i france but has so far in -- refused an increase in military action. thecois hollande met with italian prime minister before he heads to russia. today, i will go to moscow. all these meetings will enable us to draw lessons about what happened during this awful event in paris.
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worse if the be international community in the face of terrorism and daesh, fails to make decisions. his visit to moscow comes as tensions between russia and turkey have escalated following this week's downing of a russian turkey. the kremlin has decided to deploy its air defense system to its base in syria. turkey's military has released what it calls warnings to the russian flight or jet he for it was shot down. -- before it was shot down. >> barely discernible but the turkish army says this recording proves it did or in the russian jet before it was shot down, but
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it directly refutes the account given by the surviving russian pilot. warnings, notno radio or visual. there was no contact whatsoever. that is why we kept our combat course as usual. if they wanted to warn us, they could have shown themselves by heading on a parallel course but there was nothing. a rocket hit our tale completely unexpectedly. we did not even see it in time to take evasive measures. >> both ejected from the plane after it was hit, but one of the pilots was shot dead as he parachuted to the ground. the captain denies crossing into syria's airspace. >> and aunt identified plane was warned -- an unidentified plane
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was warned 10 times and five minutes because it was heading to our border but despite the warning, it insisted on violating our airspace. as a result, the aircraft was shot down. >> moscow said it would seriously reassess bilateral ties and what it calls a planned provocation. >> for more on this story and the french president's visit to russia, we go to thomas low. let's talk about francois hollande's trip to visit the russian president. support for a more unified force is not going to be an easy task, and turkey's downing of a russian plane has made things more difficult. what can i expect from the meeting today? hollande says he wants
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nothing less than the complete destruction of islamic state as a fighting force, and that is why he is in moscow, to muscle this grand coalition. he insists russia needs to be a part of this, there is another way. the russian president has long said and repeated today that he is more than willing to be part of a grand coalition that will attack islamic state and terror groups on the ground in syria. french officials have suggested they are going to need compromises from russia in return for this cooperation. the first thing they want is they want russia to put pressure on bashar al-assad to stop striking civilians. second, they want russia to only hit islamic state groups and
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other hard-core groups. we have seen the bombing campaign russia has been waging in syria, most of the strikes have targeted what the u.s. and europe call the moderate opposition, and only recently islamic state. last of all, the crucial question after this military, if we talk about a post-conflict syria, what will happen to bashar al-assad? francois hollande saying a transition. -- transition period was something they were willing to they do not want bashar al-assad as the head of state for a post war syria. what reactions have we seen from the kremlin today?
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>> this is what we are hearing trucks fromt, turkey are being stopped at the border. -- thesident spokesperson for the russian president has said their inner a number of different -- there are a number of different reasons, one is a terror threat emanating from turkey. that is why goods are being stopped from the border. he is not talking about an embargo. have heard the ministry of our culture say that 50% of turkish agricultural products simply do not meet the standards , and a response presumably to the downing of the russian jet like turkish fighters. we could indeed see further trade and economic restrictions, including bans on turkish
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agricultural products. >> thomas low reporting from the russian capital. as france tries to drum up international military support, belgium is trying to secure its domestic front. the manhunt is underway for at least two people wanted in connection with the paris attacks. the brussels lockdown ended yesterday. in capital suburb remains highlights as the center of extremism. >> the breeding ground for radicalism, that is the acquisition -- acquisition -- accusation. claims their security measures are too lax, the government is keen to prove it is taking action against home bread extremists. more than 160 jihadists have
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been sentenced. belgian intelligence services are as efficient as anywhere else. will beg for us, it hard to put blame on intelligence services. foreign agencies from belgium and other countries are overwhelmed. >> belgium has the highest number of jihadists per capita in europe. as many as 500 belgium's -- belgians have gone to fight. say--ities >> at some point there were mosques everywhere. is rushing through reforms making it easier to capture and punish terrorists operating in the country. the 10th -- the pressure is on as the war on terror heats up. prime minister david cameron
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makes his case for u.k. airstrikes on islamic state targets in syria. he says the u.k. is already at its highest terror threat from jihadists. the french president continues his push for a joint force against the islamic state group after talks with germany and italy. he has his sights on a key meeting in moscow. russia plans to just ploy its most high-tech aerotech systems in syria after turkey downs one of its planes in disputed circumstances. time for a business update. are going to start with the latest on the corruption scandal. >> one of brazil's richest men and the senator have been arrested as part of the sweeping investigation into bribery allegations at the state owned oil firm. andre estevez is the chief
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executive, the first major business official who has been implicated. catherine has the details. .> it was must see tv in brazil the arrest of a sitting senator and billionaire baker -- banker as part of an ongoing corruption investigation. senatorors alleged the and banker obstructed justice by promising to pay the family of nestor said varro, the petrobras toad of keep quiet. >> these facts make it clear that the senator and banker actively cooperated to prevent the executions of a plea bargain between the attorney general and
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nestor said barrow, and also to prevent themselves from being condemned. >> the ongoing petrobras scandal is a blow to the president. he was the leader of the governing workers party in the senate and the first sitting politician to be arrested. >> i think a new door has opened now in the battle against corruption. it shows no one is untouchable and some people who previously robbed this country fearlessly must have more respect to the people. >> more than 100 people have been arrested in the two year investigation, from politicians to some of the country's biggest construction firms. prosecutors allege over $2 billion in bribes have been paid out. u.k., where barclays has been fined more than 100 million euros for failing to carry out proper checks on a deal.
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is by a group of west -- wealthy customers who were not identified. it said barclays went to unacceptable ranks to accommodate them and failed to minimize the risks of financial crime. it is the largest ever imposed fine. let's check how barclays shares reacted. they are trading up in london by about 1.4% despite the news of the record fine. a pretty good day across the european markets. here in paris, shares of the 2%,ks group are down over after reporting a 7% fall in the first half process -- profits. south korea has find volkswagen more than $12 million and ordered the 25 million cars be recalled. the penalty was imposed on the
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base of the south korean tests.ent's own it is still testing another 30,000 diesel cars for evidence of emissions cheating. two classset one of action lawsuits after overstating its profits. it will pay $10 million to settle the case. russia's oil company has bucked the industry trend by reporting a huge jump in traffic -- in profit. they were boosted by the devaluation of the ruble, making payments from overseas more. and aerobatics company in the united states is feeling the -- they a "star wars" designed the droid that appears
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in the new film. was released in september and is controlled by an app on your phone. first 12dels and the hours as it went on sale. i think from looking at it, you can probably understand why. >> that is on the list of my daughters because they want to see how the cat reacts. stephen, thank you very much. it is time for our press review. >> take a look at what is grabbing headlines in the weekly news headlines. we are going to start off in france where the country is still in mourning. page, they talk about how france has come together in brotherly love.
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you can see a photo of people morning in front of the restaurant. it pays a moving tribute to the 130 victims but not only the victims, the survivors and heroes. a very moving issue. >> tributes coming in from abroad. the german magazine has a very moving front page as well. on the front there is a quote from a man who lost his life -- wallace -- lost his wife in the bataclan attack. he wrote an open letter to the terrorists on facebook entitled ."ou will not have my hatred he says "i will not give you the satisfaction of hating you. angerpond to hatred is would be to give in to the same ignorance that made you what you "you would like me to
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sacrifice my liberty for my security but you have lost." >> two weeks after the attacks and europe is still trying to understand the nature of the jihadist threats. >> let's look at the front page of "politico." searching for answers in the wake of this carnage. they say there was really a before and and after of ember 13th. -- november 13. we are facing a new world that is coming out of this. >> what do we know about daesh that you can read more about? it talks about how the group's camp out over syria and iraq. it is putting together a very tough military fight against several armies for the first time. a terrorist organization has
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added extra disposal petrol, finances, and suicide bombers. it is waging war, a war that does not have an official name or response. >> the terrorist threat is a big topic in africa after last week's siege at a hotel and this week's attack in tunisia. >> talking about new threats facing africa. the african cotton that is increasingly the target of radical islamic terrorism -- continent is increasingly the target of radical islamic terrorism. , and africanng countries that are already struggling with poverty and staying democratic find themselves vulnerable to the threat, but do not have the security or intelligence about how to deal with this threat.
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message that, this jihadist groups are trying to spread is finding an audience in a lot of countries. a lot of them are poor and set up with their leaders. -- fed up with their leaders. they talk about the growing anxiety and fear of -- feeling of helplessness. >> we have the french president working on building a joint willingf you will, of countries to face off against the islamic state group. france is ataid war with the islamic state. they are talking about france is fighting back. it takes a closer look at how france is preparing this military response. a satirical magazine has quite a tongue-in-cheek representation.
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they say one thing the islamic state has managed to do is curb the unemployment curve and france, presumably because france is hiring more soldiers. in verse and the employment curve was one of francois hollande's big promises as president. you can see a quote from his .nterview, host the gearing up to major international climate summit next week, and there is a 30 page special on the goals and challenges. can head to our website, france the press for more. now perhaps you have heard the us, meeting president of
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the united states and flotus, first lady of the united states. the turkey of the unitedññ//7@ ú
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