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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 27, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> welcome to the france 24 newsroom. it's 1:00 p.m. here in the french capital. the headlines. francois hollande leads a solemn commemoration in tribute to the victims of the paris attacks. the french president promises to destroy the army of fanatics responsible for the attacks adding his country will not give in to fear or hate. two turkish journalists are charged with spying after they allege ankara's secret service
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armed rebels in syria: the eu calls the move worrying. pope francis visits a nairobi slum calling such areas wounds inflicted by inequality. the pontiff urges africa's governments to do more to lift heir people up from poverty. we start here in france where two weeks ago today bullets and bombs shattered an ordinary friday nilet out in paris. 130 people died and france was shaken to its core. well, today president hollande led commemorations to pay tribute to the victims. french poll tigs, first responders, families of the victims as well as some of those injured in the attacks were all
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in attend dense. the somber ceremony remembering the civilian victims was the first. the french president was the sole speaker at the ceremony remembering the victims. >> today the whole nation is making an effort to get through his and mourn the victims. 130 names, 130 lives torn apart, 130 destinies cut down. 130 people that we no longer hear. 130 voices that have been silenced forever. these women, these men two mbodied the joy of living.
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>> that ceremony held just a little while earlier today in he heart of paris. >> the mood was extremely sober here in paris to pay national homage of the victims of the november 13 attacks. the names and ages of all 130 victims were read out one by one in a very moving ceremony. in fact, the very young age of a lot of the victims was highlighted several times by the french president hollande during his speech. around half of the 130 victims were aged under 35. francois hollande praised this younger generation which he said had become the face of france following these attacks and he vowed french society would not be changed in the wake of the attacks on paris. he also promised to crack down on the islamic state's organization in syria, vowing to
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destroy the group. this was a highly unusual ceremony. it is highly unusual for civilians to be honored here. it is usually a place for military ceremonies and where fallen french soldiers are hop od but francois hollande apparently personally insisted on this venue for the homage and again in his speech today called the attacks on paris an act of war. >> that was catherine norris trent reporting there just a little while ago following today's ceremony. i'll bring in our international affairs editor douglas herbert who joins me in the studio. we've seen a very solemn ceremony held fitting for a nation in grieving following the attacks two weeks ago. something we've also seen though is very much a sense of patriotism. we even had the french president hollande calling on french citizens in the country to display the french flag in their windows, on their balconies. it is very much in one way an unfrench thing to do being so patriotic.
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>> absolutely. i can tell you this from first hand experience. as an american living in paris, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in the united states, there was a flag on every porch. you had new york city taxi drivers putting flags on their dash boards sending the message i'm an american. i'm not a terrorist. i'm an american. trying to hammer home that message. they were everywhere. in france you're right. francois hollande has called for the french to adorn their balconies and hang out the flags and, yes, you do see flags here and there but it's not an extremely ostentatious display of flag waving. as you said, the french are not into those patriotic, the fervor that involves ra ra flag waving of the kind we're more used to seeing in the united states. it is interesting because we call the tri color, right, the french flag, the french have a complicated history with their flag. in many recent episodes in their history the french flag has been associated with darker episodes
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and with groups that perhaps many french would prefer not to associate with. it has been at various times in recent history claimed by the nationalist right, the far right, the regime in occupied france. we've had it more recently claimed and used often as a symbol by the far right national front party which is doing well in the polls ahead of the regional elections here. so the flag, like i said, a complicated relationship. but then again this is a time of national mourning as you said and there is a sense here that these attacks were distinct from the charlie hebdo attacks back in january which were more in many ways politically divisive. here you have a sense it was the values of democracy and the entire french nation being attacked, which is why there is not perhaps that much reticence for people who might not otherwise be inclined to bring out the flag and start waving it around. in this case making an exception. you speak to french people and they say, yes, some are against it, but some say you know something? at a time like this we really
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have to unite the french and there is that sense of collective mourning in the country. there's nothing wrong with bringing out that flag. >> and perhaps an increased sense of patriotism by some. but there are also others who are concerned that of course france is under a state of emergency at least for the next three months or even hints that that could be extended and there is some concern the government could be going too far at some point. >> statistics show the extent of the crackdown under the state of emergency which has given police security forces very much broadened powers to try to crack down on any perceived threat to national security. e've had over 1200 -- 1,233 to be precise house searches, 165 people brought in for questioning, 142 taken into protective custody, and then 230 weapons searches including many of those described as weapons of war. what you have is a perception in some segments of society that is very arbitrary and random that
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the police can now do basically whatever they want. let's remember that france and germany have the largest muslim populations in europe. france has about 4.7 million, which is just under 8% of its population. germany has fewer, more muslims but a smaller percentage of its population. what you have in some sections of society is a fear that once again we've seen this before in the wake of terror attacks that muslims will be singled out. it is also complicating the discussion over refugees and immigration the prime minister simply saying europe simply cannot take on more refugees. it is impossible. that is exactly the type of debate some people see and it raises red flags. >> indeed. certainly that debate will be continuing for weeks to come as once again as of now the state of emergency will continue for at least the next three months. douglas, thank you very much for that analysis and of course that is the situation on the domestic front. internationally, francois hollande had a very busy week of
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diplomatic wrangling trying to build a grand coalition against the islamic state group in syria. those efforts wrapped up with talks with vladimir putin in moscow. now the french and russian leaders agreed to share information and work more closely together in their military action against jihadists in syria but the pair still remain at odds over the fate of the president bashir al assad. >> finding common ground against the common enemy. president francois hollande and russian leader vladimir putin reached a three-point agreement in the fight against the islamic state group. russia and france will step up intelligence exchange and air strikes will be coordinated and intensified. the foreign minister said on friday morning that putin adopts a detailed intelligence on which factions are fighting where in the region. >> even asked us to draw a map of forces who are not terrorists. and who are fighting the islamic
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state group. he says he is committed as long as we provide the map, which we will do, to not bomb them. that is very important. >> the u.s. and eu have accused moscow of attacking mostly stern backed rebels fighting assad a staunch ally of russia. russia is now ready to cooperate with groups battling the islamic state organization. >> there are i believe other forces that speak of their readiness to fight against terrorism. we are now trying to build a relationship with them. with some of them we have already built that. as i have already repeatedly said, we will be ready to support their forces, too, in the fight against the islamic state group. >> putin says bashir al assad's considerable military presence on the ground made him a natural ally. the future of the syrian president presents a major sticking point. in paris and washington he can have no place in serious future
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but moscow continues to stand by him saying whether he remains in power is for the syrian people alone to decide. >> in other world news two turkish journalists have been jailed for publishing a video that allegedly shows turkish government trucks delivering arms to an islamist group in syria. the arrests are seen by some as a further crackdown on press freedom in the country but ankara maintains the journalists were aiding an armed group smuggling and firing arms. >> protesting what they see as unjus censorship a turkish court ordered the two opposition journalists be arrested in jail pending trial on thursday. the charges, espionage, aiding terrorists, and smuggling arms. fellow journalists and supporters gathered outside the courtroom to fight against what they say is political persecution. >> this is another step forward toward the fascist dictatorship they aim to create in turkey.
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editor-in-chief. >> he told the press before entering the courtroom why they think they're being prosecuted. >> the plaintiff is the president, himself. we came here to defend journalism and people's right to be informed and learn the truth if their government is lying to them. >> if the country is in danger, if the people are in danger, a journalist has to write about it. >> last spring the newspaper published this video, which they say confirms widespread suspicions that turkey has been smuggling weapons to jihadists in syria. ankara denies doing so and they initially said weapons were not on the vehicles but the president, himself, issued the criminal complaint and softened his rhetoric earlier this week. >> some people say there were weapons inside the truck but
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what difference would it make if they were carrying arms? >> this is far from the first time ankara has tried to silence journalists. in reporters without borders annual freedom walk this year turkey ranked 149th out of 180 nations. >> next, the last day of pope francis's stop off in kenya. on thursday aftereading a mass in a torrential downpour in the capital nairobi the pontiff warned it would be catastrophic if world leaders failed to reach a global agreement on the environment. well, today he visited an impoverished neighborhood in my robey. for more let's bring in france 24's duncan woodside who joins us from the capital. pope francis on his final day there in kenya, duncan. >> that's right. there are in fact two key events today. he addressed or had a mass at st. joseph's church in a slum in
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nairobi, a largely catholic slum, and shortly after that he went to a stadium to address young people and the key themes of the two meetings were the need for people to cooperate together, to show solidarity. and he said that in slums people have to do that. there is that solidarity because otherwise you can't survive and that stands in contrast to people in richer areas who tend to cordon themselves off and not engage with broader humanity. there was a big message there to kenya's rich people as well that they should be more engaging and avoid corruption. certainly in the second address at the stadium that was a massive theme. the way that corruption and tribalism intertwine. and he urged young people to avoid those temptations and to hold hands together across tribes and fight corruption. >> duncan, thank you for that. duncan woodside reporting from nairobi. of course the pope will head next to uganda to be followed by the central african republic on
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the first trip to the african continent. we're coming up on about 15 minutes past the hour in the french capital. let's update the headlines we're following. francois hollande leads the tribute to victims of the paris attack. the french president promises to destroy the army of fanatics responsible adding that france will not give in to fear or hate. two furcalish journalists are charged with spying after -- turkish journalists are charged publishedg after they a video. the eu calls the move worrying. pope francis finishes his final day in kenya on the first trip to the african continent the pope visiting a nairobi slum calling such areas wounds inflicted by inyee dwaulty. he urges africa's government to do more to lift their people up from poverty. all right. time now for a business update.
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you're going to start out with the markets in asia. we've got chinese stocks tumbling. >> that's right. the focus was on china this friday. the shanghai composite ended with a plunge of nearly 6% after two of the country's biggest securities firms announced they were under investigation for possible misconduct. chinese regulators have been cracking down after share prices began to plunge in early june. here in europe the uk's g.d.p. growth in the third quarter was confirmed at 0.5%, lower than the 0.7% in the second quarter. the ftse currently down nearly 0.2%. the dax and calk in paris currently in the -- cac in paris currently in the green after trading for most of the morning session with heavy losses. russia is tightening its grip on turkish food imports just days after a russian jet was downed near the syrian border. russia's agricultural minister announced around 15% of turkish food imports were not up to the
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country's safety standards. any tit for tat economic reaction from russia will have negative consequences on turkey's economy. >> the diplomatic war of words between turkey and moscow has turned into a financial fight expressing outrage over turkey's downing of a russian fighter jet moscow has vowed to retaliate economically. the russian prime minister ordered the government to start drafting sanctions. >> these documents will be about introducing restrictions. and bance for turkish companies in russia. there will also be restrictions and bans on product imports on implementation of works and services provided by turkish companies and other restrictive measures. >> turkey and russia have important economic links and sanctions could be damaging for both countries.
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russia is turkey's second largest trading partner after germany while turkey is the top foreign holiday destination for russian tourists. moscow has already warned against tourism to turkey and most major tour operators have stopped selling vacation packages. the future of two major energy projects has also now been called into question. the construction of turkey's first nuclear power plant and a gas pipeline across the black sea known as the turkish stream. both are multi billion dollar deals. in the meantime, turkish produce is being held up at the border for inspections after moscow said 15% of that produce does not meet government standards. >> now, for the first time since coming to power 18 months ago, the indian prime minister is reaching out across the aisle. he has pledged to reform the eeky and will meet with the lead
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he of the opposition. the two are set to discuss tax reforms and other key economic bills including lowering the corporate tax rate. modi has so far faced hurdles pushing through reforms in the upper house of parliament which his party does not control. to the united states next where black friday has kicked off. stores around the country opened up at the crack of dawn and as the u.s. economy improves the number of shoppers this year is set to rise. over 135 million customers are expected to hit the sales this weekend compared with 133 million last year. >> after the turkey and trimmings op thanksgiving, the shopping extravaganza of black friday begins. many camp out for a good space online. >> it's only once a year, you know? so it's worth it. >> to lure in shoppers some items can be discounted as much as 85%.
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in 2014 over 47 billion euros were spent on black friday. >> i'm actually running around looking for all the gifts on my list in the paper before they run out. got it. got my spiderman. now i'm off to go get my teenage mutant ninja turtle head phones. >> analysts say as much as 20% of holiday shopping is done over the thanksgiving weekend in store and online and it's a trend that's catching on in europe, first in the u.k. and more recently here in france. >> in the past two to three years the idea has grown in europe but in general the french prefer shopping online the second weekend in december. so we put together special deals for this weekend. we also put together special deals for the second weekend in december. >> promotions are also planned in many shopping centers in france through monday but black friday has been renamed this
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year in deference to recent events. retailers hope this will bring back customers who stayed away since the attacks in paris two weeks ago. mplings don't know about you, but that is one thing i don't miss about the state's black friday. too many people, too many lines. >> definitely chaotic for sure. i certainly remember that. thank you very much for that business update. it's time now for our press review. >> it's time to see what's grabbing headlines in the written press around the world. for that i'm joined in the studio. flo, we're going to start off in paris where a national memorial service was held here for the victims of the paris terror attacks. >> lots of mourning still going on in the press today two weeks after the paris attacks. let's start by looking at two front pages. pretty moving front pages. the first one is on the front page there you can see the black
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background, the homage, the tribute paid by france. what you see in the background are the names of the 130 victims. very similar moving front page on the front page today except they only have the names of those 130 victims. >> flo, we've got the french president francois hollande who has called on people to display the french flag on their windows and balconies in a sign of solidarity today. >> that's right. if you don't have a french flag the government has a website where you can download and print one and the government wants you to tweet photos of your french flag and selfies of you in front of your french flag with the hashtag # proud of france. you can see here that website where you can click on the french flag. now, there is a closer look at this call from the government to wave this very patriotic symbol. it might not seem like a very
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unusual respect especially given the circumstances but it is quite unusual for the socialist government to be calling for this display of patriotism because traditionally the socialists have been quite uncomfortable with the very patriotic symbol, the french flag is usually associated with the right and especially the far right. in fact, they say the last time the nation felt this passionate about the flag was in 1998 when france won the world cup. since the attacks you have been seeing the french flag all over the place including on social media, for instance on facebook that application where you could cover your profile photo with the french flag. it is not just about the flag. the french national anthem has been heard a lot since the attacks as well. >> we've got some papers focusing on what the new found patriotism means. >> that's right. several historians have been interviewed in french press today. there is an interview of a historian who says what we're
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seeing isn't actually a comeback of patriotism. these patriotic symbols don't necessarily reference a unique idea of the nation that people are displaying proudly. what we're seeing is more of a way for people to collectively express their grief and mourn together and they're doing so by displaying the french flag. in another interview the historian agrees with this analysis, this return to grace of the national symbol is essentially an ingredient, a necessary ingredient to national and collective mourning as well as individual mourning. he does wonder if this moment of unanimity that we're seeing could this actually help france reconcile itself with itself? and the right wing paper in its editorials today are we seeing a french are reawakening? it points out that the spirit of november 13, this flame that we've been seeing, is still quite fragile.
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he hopes that it doesn't blow out as fast as the flame from january blew out essentially because we saw a wave of solidarity, a wave of unity, in the wake of the charlie hebdo attacks. that seemed to blow out quite quickly. >> all right. we have other papers looking elsewhere and other world news but this is focusing on the tensions and the fallout we've seen from the turkish downing of a russian passenger -- excuse me rather pilot warplane in syria. >> that's right. "the wall street journal" today says tensions are sizzling between russia and turkey. the whole world was kind of holding its breath bracing tself for the worst. there were even some papers perhaps this could be the beginning of world war 3. a cartoon in china daily today shows just how explosive the situation potentially could be. you can see here russia and turkey fighting a match in a match box standing over a puddle of gas here so it could be quite an explosive situation but most papers agree that so far the worst has been avoided. >> all right. so final word on u.s. politics.
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>> the republican presidential hopeful donald trump has called the controversy once again, what is this all about? read more about it in politico. essentially this week on tuesday actually he was speaking at a campaign in south carolina and he appearedwwñññññññññññññññúññ
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