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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 27, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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host: welcome back. it is 9:00 p.m. in paris. here are your headlines. ♪ when all you have is love ce paysut as franc tributes to the people killed in the paris attacks. hundreds attended the memorial ceremony led by francois aland. as france intensifies airstrikes
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against the islamic state group, the french foreign minister suggests that if a ground operation took place, it could include syrian regime forces. russia vows to impose economic sanctions against turkey after the country downed a russian jet on tuesday. industry,h tourism investments, and food imports could be targeted. but first, we start in france, a country in morning two weeks after gunmen and suicide bombers killed 130 people in paris. a ceremony took place in honor of the victims on friday.
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their names and ages were solemnly read out. a picture appeared on a silent screen, and a minute of silence followed. hundreds attended the ceremony, along with those who were wounded in the attacks. attacks,eks after the france remembered itstheir namee solemnly read out. a picture appeared on a silent screen, and a minute dead in a solemn ceremony. francois aland led the memorial, at which the names of tesh francois hollande led the francois hollande led the memorial, at which the names of the victims were read aloud. after a musical rendition, the president paid tribute to 130 voices he said had been silenced forever. of novembere 13th is a day we will never forget. france was attacked in a , in an act ofon war organized from afar and coldly executed. >> it was a speech written by the president himself in which
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he called for national unity and vowed that france would continue being itself and would call the islamic state group to heal. hollande: i solemnly promise you all that france will do everything to destroy this army of fanatics, that it will act without respite to protect its children. intoter: france would give neither fear nor hatred, said the president. a military band played. a final oh my gosh to the 130 to the 130al homage dead. not: some residence decided to attend the ceremony. they say they are too angry at the french government for not doing enough to prevent the tragedy. for those who did make it, here is their testimony. reporter: holding onto each other for support and solidarity
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together, families who had lost in the november 13 10 attacks turned out for a memorial in paris on friday. out forr attacks turned a memorial in paris on friday. bury his son. she came to paris for him -- yet to bury his son. she came to paris for him. family is taking some comfort from the ceremony honoring who he was. helping us go on but life will never be the same. it is a nightmare. reporter: a nightmare that has left a need to be with others. >> it is important. everybody is morning. there is a lot to do. we are focused on our own affairs, but here, we are with people who are going through the same thing.
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>> she lost her sister. for her, the memorial is a withe to cope uncontrollable emotions. >> we are angry, hugely angry over what has happened. after sadness, that is what we are feeling most. today, we are here to support our families and friends, to be with the other victims, because we are not alone in this. reporter: families came from across the country to be at the service. her daughter chloe died at a restaurant. her mother has struggled to cope with her loss. >> i can't feel anything. just anger. know if my daughter would have liked that. we came for her, to meet the other mothers and parents. to paris often. i don't think i will ever be back. it reminds me too much of my daughter.
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reporter: she found the collective outpouring of grief a great help. >> you could see the emotion in the waynce, right to through from beginning to end. you could hear a pin drop. that's how it goes. reporter: silence that continued afterwards as they are left to continue their grieving. solidarity,ign of many across france have bought flags and hung them in their windows and on cars. therter: on a balcony, in town center, or at the front of a bus, the french flag is being displayed all over france, like here in this cafe. flag meanthe french to you today? >> it's about france. i think everyone should display it.
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on the roads of paris, the same tribute, sometimes with homemade flags. and at this market. >> we are near where the attacks happened. it is an attack of solidarity -- an act of solidarity. reporter: there are not as many on display as some would like. >> today especially, it is something we must do. i think there aren't enough. people are not concerned enough about the attacks. >> it's difficult to get a hold of flags. you have to go on the internet or something. it's not easy. town hall is giving out free flags. there are only a few left. i have already given out a lot. many, the flag symbolizes france, a mark of unity on this day of mourning. guest is a sociologist
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and the author of the book "history of a fragile republic." us.k you for being with seeing all the french flags out on the streets today, do you think the french people really stand united? guest: for the time being, obviously they do, because i think there is something special about the deaths that we witnessed, which have to do with the fact that they were young people, they belonged to all segments of french society, and this obviously triggers a feeling of togetherness that was expressed through this flag. host: what do you mean for now? do you mean that later on they may not? guest: there are elections in france in less than a week. this will be a time to understand whether this unity is fragile or if it is strengthened
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by political issues that have to be addressed. host: i understand in your book you have made a lot of studies of the french suburbs of paris. react toeople there the terror attacks and to today's commemoration? there isdon't think any difference in the way they react in the suburbs or the central cities. they have a more accurate awareness of the reasons why this could happen because they face a lot of racism, discrimination, they know what inequality means. to a recenting survey, the french seem to approve the implementation of a state of emergency, a series of security measures that have been implemented. what do you think of them? a guest: most of them might be justified. there will be excesses.
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liberty, somef individual freedoms are being reduced or shut down. this might be a problem, especially when we are facing political issues which, i assume, a lot of people would want to express themselves. i understand you yourself are calling for a march on sunday. , this call has been rejoined by more than 2000 people in order to express a political view not only on the convention on climate change, but also about the right to express our political views. this is a space that should be secured as much as department aores or malls that have higher security level. why not the open spaces and the
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public spaces in which all french and all inhabitants still consider that they have the right to express their own feelings? and the people assigned at home because they want to express political views is something that might well be understood as thexcess in the way emergency state is being applied and implemented. host: thank you very much for being with us. we will follow that march on sunday if it does take place. emergency,tate of french security forces have rated more than 1000 homes without the approval of a judge. ided more thana 1000 homes without the approval of a judge. many are worried that this could breach human rights.
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reporter: a revised version of the law was overwhelmingly voted in by the parliament on november 19. optthe country might out of certain aspects of the human rights convention in the wake of that to vote. challenged at the european court of human rights. what is unique on the european continent is that citizens can bring cases to the european court of human rights when all of her instances have otherxhausted -- all instances have been exhausted. it is the court of last instance. i have to underline that we don't yet have a concrete case citizen isre a claiming that france is violating fundamental human rights. reporter: meanwhile, there are
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concerns that france may trample newl freedoms as part of security measures. certain mosques and prayer rooms have been raided. a authorities have frequented -- places authorities say are frequented by so-called radical islamists. some have been put under house arrest. authorities may break a ban on demonstrations ahead of the climb and converts -- climate conference due to open on sunday. host: france has always said a military operation was not enough to resolve the crisis in syria. that president bashar al-assad was largely to blame and that the syrian leader should make way for a transitional government. however, earlier on french radio, the foreign minister to put another option on the table.
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foreign minister: boots on the ground would be counterproductive. ground forces should combine the free syrian army, the arab forces, and why not? regime forces. earlier, i talked to our international affairs editor who told us this seems like the french government was making a u-turn. reporter: the french government wrote back and said the french army could only work with the syrian army in the context of a political transition. there is no political transition. bashar al-assad is not going anywhere, and as president putin said last night, standing next to the french president in that press conference, the future is for the syrian people to decide, not outsiders. tot: france has been trying
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build a grand coalition with its allies against the islamic state. how did that turn out? reporter: there were three major political encounters this week for francois hollande, with barack obama, angela merkel, and vladimir putin. to gete did not appear much out of the first two encounters. obama rebuffed his idea of a single coalition against isis. the germans announced more holistic help to the coalition, but clearly germany is not going to take a leading military role. the third diplomatic encounter, with putin, i got the impression there was a little more movement, with france and russia exchange ofan information between their militaries, and a tentative move toward defining what militant groups in syria should be targeted by airstrikes and what shouldn't be. it will imposeys
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economic sanctions against turkey in retaliation for the downing of a russian warplanes three days ago. turkey insists the jet was in its airspace. russia says the plane was flying over syria. one soldier was killed while another was rescued by syrian troops. turkey and russia become increasingly mired in a diplomatic crisis, ankara says it wants to talk. the turkish president said he was hoping to meet vladimir putin at the climate conference in paris next week. >> the day this incident happened, i requested a meeting with vladimir putin. i wanted to hold a telephone conversation with him, but he has not returned my calls. but the climate change conference in paris, i believe he will be there. we can meet there to discuss these matters with him.
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reporter: russia is upset about the shooting down of one of its planes over the syrian border on tuesday. theey insists it did right thing because the plane was violating its airspace. marasco has -- moscow has said that turkey will suffer consequences. the turkishe leadership has crossed the line and are now leading turkey into a grave situation regarding national interests and its standing in the region. reporter: russia cut off military operations and joined -- joint investment programs with turkey on thursday. turkish lorries are backed up on russia's southern border. that we have just learned several people have reportedly been wounded in a shooting at a u.s. family planning center.
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that's according to a police source in colorado. according to that same source, there was one or several shooters who were apparently outside that family planning clinic. we will give you more information as that story unfolds. a suicide bomber has blown himself up during an annual nigeriaarch in northern . at least 21 people were killed and the alleged accomplice has been arrested. police have not confirmed the death toll, but i witnesses say boko haram was behind the attack . choirs, and dancers celebrate the arrival of pope francis in uganda. the pontiff flew in from neighboring kenya, where he lashed out at corruption and accused the country's elite of neglecting the poor.
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reporter: joyous and zusi as him in uganda as pope francis touched down -- joyous in uganda as pope francis touched down on friday. the message he had was far more than regional in scope. pope francis: the world looks to africa as the continent of hope. reporter: pope francis has made the trip an opportunity to air themes close to his heart, mainly standing up for the poor and those in need, and combating corruption. however, the refugee crisis is hitting not just africa, but europe as well. the pope reminded people of the kinder side of human nature. ise francis: our world witnessing an unprecedented
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movement of people. a testdeal with them is of our humanity, our respect for human dignity. reporter: that humanity is likely something pope francis is hoping to restore when he continues his visit through africa to the war-torn central african republic. host: time now for business news. william hilderbrandt is with us in studio. it is black friday today in the united states and everyone is hitting the pavement for holiday shopping. william: stores offer big discounts to try to rein in millions of shoppers. we can see many shoppers waited in line to find some of the best deals. let's take a listen. >> if there something you want and it's worth it, why not get it? >> i got a tablet last year, two
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tablets last year, for tvs. >> about 300 or 400 people. in the first 15 minutes, we had about 1000 people in the store. one theory behind the naming of black friday is that it is such a crucial time for retailers it is when they pass from the red into the black, into profit. but one store says it was thinking about the well-being of its staff and told them to take the day off. rei appears to be more motivated by ethics than profits. others say it would be good if more retailers followed suit. thek friday has jumped atlantic and is becoming more and more popular in europe, especially in the u.k. reporter: they were hoping for a boost in turnover, but stores across the u.k. reported a slow
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start to black friday sales. she saw crowds fighting over bargains, websites crashing, and deliveries delayed for weeks. discounts, 50%. -- ultradass count discount from the original prices. british retailers were expecting black friday to be the biggest shopping day of the year. 1.9 billion pounds could be spent after one point 7 billion last year. some shops have been changing their strategy. >> the deals will last 10 days. customers should not be panicking about buying. there is plenty of time and plenty of stock. reporter: the shopping frenzy has also shown signs of moving online.
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, purchases made on the web are expected to pass one pounds for the first time in history. marketsreet closed early today. the dow jones finished down .1%. retail in focus. said its website had unprecedented results. the gap, macy's, and nordstrom all finished down. earlier this month, officials said the economy shrank .5% in the third quarter, but today that figure has been revised down almost twice as much. year on year, the greek economy versus a previously
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estimated decline of .4%. a tiny welsh town could become the new cayman islands, minus the blue skies and rum. to avoidoming a place tax for local business. it is an alliance of shopkeepers trying to expose loopholes used by multinationals like amazon, facebook, google, and starbucks. >> to make tax fair. it's that simple. we just want a level paying field with a big corporation. we want them to pay taxes well. we are trying to spread the message. first this town, then other towns for those like-minded in the rest of the u.k. we have lots of interest from other towns and villages. we will get the message out, hopefully. william: earlier this week,
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belgian police asked people not to tweet about the raids for security. postedwent online and pictures of cats. that has inspired a new campaign. >> the streets of the belgian capital have been deserted ever since the lockdown imposed after the paris attacks. but brussels has brought out its secret weapon, and kitties are sure to draw a crowd. >> we are optimistic. we have no choice. things are getting better. we will see what today is like. >> it's one of the busiest times for the city's 150 hotels. hugeels tourism reported a drop in hotel booking in the last week. trade owners are eager for the show to go on. >> we did not know if the christmas market would open or not. eager toit has, we are
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go on working. >> it is a pity for the economy. it is all connected. the danger, the economy,wwññññññ ♪
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♪ [music break] >> from pacifica, this is democracy now. >> people think about african-american communities. a lot of things come to mind, but one thing that does not come to mind is simply how afraid we are of our bodies, how afraid we are for our children, how afraid we are for our loved ones on a daily basis. amy: we spend the hour with ta-nehisi coates


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