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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 30, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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welcome to "newsline." officials from around the world will try to degree on a new framework to tackle global warming which all nations can take part in. the new framework would replace the 997 kyoto protocol that requires developed
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countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. leaders from about 150 countries and territories have gathered in paris amid tight security. following the terrorist attacks in the city on november 13th. they will deliver speeches on how their governments are fighting global warming. it's the first time in six years that national leaders have taken part in the annual conference. developed and developing nations are divided on whether they should bear the same responsibility for dealing with the effects of global warming. anotr sticking point is to what extent advanced countries will financially support developing countries to help them cut greenhouse gas emissions or pay for damage caused by warming climates. a u.n. panel of experts is warning that unless effective measures are taken the average global temperature at the end of the century could be up to 5.4 degrees celsius higher than the time before the industrial revolution. a british government report says if the average temperature
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rises three degrees up to 4 billion people may face water shortages. it also estimates up to 550 million people will face severe food shortages. the 1997 kyoto prot dahl was the first international framework to cut greenhouse gas emissions but the u.s. withdrew from the protocol in 2001. it was the largest emitter of greenhouse gases at the time. since then emissions from developing countries have surged, china is the largest emitter now. the world is watching whether officials can reach a framework that would require all developed and developing nations to reduce emissions beyond 2020. members of a monitoring group say islamic state militants have killed more than 3,500 people execution style since june of last year. the syrian observatory for human
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rights is based in britain and says the militants have carried out the killings since the islamic state declared its own state or caliphate. 975 were syrian troops fighting the militants. 1,945 or more than half were civilians. they included 103 women and 77 children. and the militants killed 415 of their own fighters for collaborating with the u.s.-led coalition or trying to dessert. such killings have more than doubled in the last two months. russia began conducting air strikes in syria in september. pilots have been targeting the militants as well. analysts say the offensives appear to be having an impact. they also say the islamic state group may be using terror tactics to prevent members from leaving. turkey and the european union have struck a deal to try to stem the flow of refugees and migrant into europe.
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the turkish minister promised to clamp down on borders. in exchange, the eu has promised aid. they signed the agreement on monday in brussels. the deal includes aid to help the 2 million refugees in the country. eu leaders agreed to restart stalled talks next month on whether to give turkey membership to the 28-nation bloc. they also agreed to speed up talks in the eu. he agreed to accept people who have already entered the eu but who are not in immediate need of international protection. >> translator: i am sure there will be a much more regular migration rather than illegal immigration. >> u.n. officials say more than
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870,000 people have arrived in europe this year. many have come through turkey. they're fleeing conflict in syria and other countries. japan is struggling with a falling birth rate and aging population and a slowly recovering economy. the government has come up with steps aimed at solving these problems and creating more employment opportunities for people such as housewives and those who have to quit their jobs to care for their aging parents. the measures include giving cash benefits to low-income pensioners to help achieve a gdp of 600 trillion yen or nearly $5 trillion. the government will also boost investment in day care services to accommodate 500,000 more children. making it easier for working people to care for aging aging
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family members are another priority. nursing care facilities will be expanded to handle 500,000 more people. our senior commentator discussed the issues with the minister responsible for all citizens active engagement in society. >> translator: thank you for joining us. what is the objective of these measures and what kind of nation would you like to build and how do you respond to the concerns about financial resources to implement these measures? >> three years has passed since the start of the abe administration. thanks to the three arrows of abeonomics, we see much improvement in wage levels and corporate profitability. japan is almost out of deflation but we have to boost investment and personal consumption through securing the amount of labor force.amount of labor force.mamount of labor force.pamount of labor force.leamount of labor force. amount of labor force. aging society with less number of children in order to leave
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the japanese economy into another higher stage. the government is trying to mobilize as many as possible under the flag of the active engagement of citizens in society. three arrows will converge into one to spearhead toward more robust economy. there are two specific policies under the common flag. one is 1.8, the target birth rate of a couple. young people are encouraged to get married if they so wish and have babies. the other is to reduce the to zero the number of people who have to leave their job to care for elderly family members. they want to create a more dynamic and safer society. if everybody, young and old, men and women, handicapped and able bodied and once marginalized people can actively participate
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in social activities, the prime minister believes that we can expect the improvement in productivity and innovation and creativity. diversity would breed the investment and personal consumption, economic growth will trigger the second and third arrows to solve the social issues. growth in distribution can create a virtuous circle. the government aspires to tackle the challenging goal to attack new infrastructure. we will trigger the second and third arrow. the tax revenue in the fiscal 2014 and fiscal 2015 are favorable. so we would like to use this windfall prudently in order to compile the supplementary budget of the 2015 and the main budget
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of fiscal 2015. >> some say achieving a birth rate of 1.8 and keeping the population level will not be easy. do you believe achieving these goals by providing more day k care? >> birth rate of 1.8 is indeed a challenging goal. the japanese youth tend to g hesitate to get married because of the fluctuation in income. we can solve this issue by raising the wage level and creating more jobs for them. >> if they find it difficult to meet future partners, the central government con cooperate with the local government and public entities to offer forums for young people to meet eac other. when young people get married and wish to have babies, we should provide them with
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seamless support from preflightal care, child birth to child care. our policy will expand the capacity of the child care facilities to eliminate the waiting list of the children. we will also increase a number of the nurses. the parent s -- education shoul be reduced. all these policies should be considered comprehensively to achieve the 1.8 birth rate. >> the emergency measures include providing more nursing care facilities or making it easier to take nursing care leave. but how do these measures increase a number of japanese people who can stay in the work force? >> 100,000 people have to leave their jobs annually to care for the elderly relatives including parents. on the other hand, many elderly people have to wait a long time to enter nursing care facilities.
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we have to eliminate both issues and also prepare a better alternative care such as nursing care at home. shortage in number of the caregivers is another critical issue we have to solve. some want to care for their elderly parents while working. so they have to be on more flexible shifts and to be allowed to take the nursing care leaves easily. they have to be able to look to nursing care experts to give them more personalized advice and opinions. >> the measures like reducing the corporate tax rat for the more, raising the minimum wage and paying cash benefits to low-income pensioners are intended to boost con summing but do you think you can achieve a gdp of 600 trillion yen by these measures. >> 600 trillion gdp.
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we are watching the key elements of the economic revitalization and wage increase and raising minimum wage will also be instrumental in expanding the personal consumption and investment. >> many companies are set to be sitting on their capital reserves. they have to defray more capital for investment through more pro-business policies including a lower corporate tax rate. revitalization of the local economies and better and resilient infrastructure are also the ingredients for achieving 600 trillion gdp. >> some say japan should accept more migrants to revitalize the flags. what is your thought on that? >> in order for japan to successfully compete and grow in the global economy, that we have to turn to the field workers of
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another -- other nationality. capality human resources are welcome. please note, however, we do not intend to change immigration policy. we need to open our doors more widely for the skilled expats and temporary workers for transportation project or the foreign students studying in japan should be able to hunt for jobs in japan if they so wish. the labor force, japanese and nonjapanese should be able to enjoy the benefits of the comprehensive policy and thereby contribute to creating and rotating of the virtuous cycle of 100 median plus people dynamically engaged society and ultimately maintain the population of 100 median in japan. >> thank you very much.
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you're watching "newsline" coming to you live from studios here in tokyo. japan's huge public pension fund has been losing money. gene otani joins us with that and other stories. japan's $1 trillion public pension fund has posted its third lowest rate of return on investments in the july through september period. returns were worse than this only after the lehman shock and the september 11 terror attacks in the u.s. the officials with the government pension investment fund or gpif said total investments at the end of september were 135 trillion yen or about $1.1 trillion. the fund placed 97% of that in financial markets for a loss of about $64 billion. the rate of return was minus 5.79%.
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the officials attributed the poor results to falling stock prices at home and overseas, triggered by fears over the economic slowdown in china. over the long term they said the funds investments are generating stable profits. bank of japan's kuroda says this will benefit the economy as a whole and be good for business as well. japanese firms posting record profits have been slow to step up investment. he said this is holding back economic growth. >> translator: companies have to take action now if they want to be among the winners in the future. >> kuroda reiterated that the boj will overcome deflation and achieve stable prices at 2% inflation. he said both prices and wages should rise in a balanced manner. kuroda said this does not mean wages alone will determine how the bank adjusts policy.
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he said central bank must be the one to make the first move to break deadlock and overcome inflation. the latest industrial output in october rose for the second consecutive month, mainly due to robust auto production. officials at the economy ministry say output was up 1.4% from the month before. car production was brisk. makers raise the the output of semiconductor machinery for domestic use. but among the 15 reporting industries, only 7 expanded production. the ministry is maintaining its view that dustri output is fluctuating indecisively. looking ahead, production is expected to inch up 0.2% in november and drop 0.9% in december. ministry officials are cautious about the outlook, citing a decline in orders from abroad due to economic slowdowns in china and southeast asia. checking the markets, tokyo
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stocks ended lower on monday. many investors adopted a wait and see approach ahead of important events overseas. for details we go to our business reporter at the tokyo stock exchange. >> while many investors are hanging back as they wait for two key events this week, the european central bank policy meeting and at announcement of the u.s. jobs data. all right. let's take a look at the closing levels here in tokyo this monday, november 30th. the nikkei closed at 19,747 and the broader topix fell 0.9%. it's also the last trading day of the month. let's take a look at our monthly graph. november was a pretty good one with the nikkei rising nearly 3.5% and the bench mark gained 13% so far this year and many analysts say the bull run is likely to continue through year end. but for today, many investors sold stocks in trading houses
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like mitsubishi and marubeni. itochu's forecast was downgraded. toshiba rose nearly 3% after the company said it's aiming to win orders for 64 nuclearower reactors worldwide and also said it may split its chip business and investors bought back stocks of toshiba after the new business plan came out. in currency markets, expectations for additional easing by the ecb this week. yen hovered near a seven-month low. the dollar/yen moved in a tight bend because they took a wait and see stance on the payroll data due out on friday. >> mayu, thank you. in china, the shanghai composite finished up 0.3% after
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earlier falling 3%. news of an investigation into major brokerages continue to dampen sentiment. some investors snapped up bargains toward the end of trading. kerns over chinese markets weighed on many benchmarks in the region. seoul's kospi dropped 1.8%, its sharpest fall in more than two months. industrial output unexpectedly fell in october, that dragged down shares in samsung electronics. hong kong's hang seng stretched its losses to a sixth day. sydney's s&p 200 index sagged 7.6% pulled down by lower commodity prices. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. trade negotiators from japan and the eu have resumed talks in tokyo on an economic partnership agreement. tariffs on autos and food are the focus. eu officials are expected to ask japan to improve access for european wines and cheese.
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japan wants the eu to scrap tariffs on automobiles and electronics. japan's agricultural ministry set its target for rice production next year. officials say they're aiming for 7.43 million tons. that's 80,000 tons less than this year, marking the seventh straight yearly decline. the ministry's expert panel determines annual output to avoid overproduction. japanese household starts fell in october for the first time in eight months. the land ministry says construction started on befoabo 77,000 units. officials say the decline is a correction from expanded condominium development the previous year. that's it for business news. i'm going to leave you with the markets.
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a japanese artist shigeru mizuki has died. he was 93. he was known for depictions of the war. he began drawing after completing primary education and studying artistic technique. he was drafted in 1943 and sent to the front lines in world war ii. he lost his left arm in a bombing. shigeru mizuki made his professional debut in 1957. he produced artwork featuring supernatural monsters. they became a major hit and were made into tv series and movies.
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he created monga about wartime experience, one about the light of adolf hitler, highlighted the atrocity and inhumety of war. shigeru mizuki won a series of awards in japan including the purple ribbon medal in 1991 and the person of cultural merit in 2010. japanese companies will be required to check their employees stress levels from tuesday as part of a new government initiative to deal with growing workplace stress. firms with 50 or more employees have to conduct the annual checks. employees wiwill be asked to fi out a questionnaire about their work environment, relations with colleagues and any mental or physical changes. workers with problems may be reassigned or have their work hours reduced. about 500 workers in last fiscal year were awarded compensation because of depression and other emotional disorders.
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>> translator: we think this new initiative will improve employee stress levels and allow companies to tackle workplace problems. we hope it will help the firms re-energize the work environment. >> they said more than half of the country's entire work force has complained of anxiety and stress in recent years. it's time now for a look at the weather. people in parts of the u.s. are reeling from the aftermath of an ice storm. we have the latest. >> the weather affected the u.s. plains on the thanksgiving holiday killing at least 14 people, causing flooding and freezing rainfall. freezing rain is fight rare for people outside the u.s. it looks like rain but the temperature itself is below freezing. once it contacts the ground, it freezes everything. take aook at this picture coming out of oklahoma. trees and signs were completely friesen due to freezing
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rainfall. isolation was over 2 centimeters thick on parts of oklahoma on one of the busiest travel weekends in the country. dozens of car crashes reported in the texas panhandle and southern plains. it was a dangerous situation and unfortunately another system is set to move into central portions of the united states on monday and tuesday. that's going to provide freezing rain for the u.s. midwest. back behind it, temperatures are low enough to cause widespread snowfall and ahead of that, fight rainy. wet conditions across much parts of the eastern united states, en flash floods would happen in the appalachians. back behind across the western portions of the united states, the record low temperatures were set on the morning hours -- in the morning hours on sunday in northern california. sacramento had a low of minus 3 degrees on sunday. staying fight chilly as we go into monday, minus 2 degrees for the morning low. as for los angeles, the average is about 12 degrees for this time of year but staying in the
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single digits going into wednesday. across japan over the weekend and last week, significant snow fell in hokkaido. good news for skiers. another low is moving into hokkaido, proding more snowy weather across hokkaido and the region. snow will continue on tuesday in sapporo with ayou high of 1 degree. tokyo staying dry and generally warm. on thursday it will be wet and temperatures will be about 20 degrees. now across much of asia, looking fight dry across the korean peninsula, northern portions of china and southern portions of china as well. hazy conditions are affecting the beijing area, currently the quality level is at hazardous and staying that way into your monday or tuesday. now as for temperatures, for
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tuesday, beijing up two degrees for the high. fight chilly for this time of year. 7 degrees in seoul and 25 in quangzhou. >> cool temperatures for the pan pandas. the triplets made headlines when they were born in july last year. they were the only panda triplets alive in the world. all right. that's it for now. here's your extended forecast.
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and with that we end this hour's "newsline." we'll have more updates as well
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as a live report from paris at the top of the hour on newsroom tokyo. stay with us. úñ
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president obama: our progress will be measured differently, in a planet that is preserved, and that is what has always made this so hard. our generation may not even live to see the full realization of what we do here, but the knowledge of the next generation will be letter off -- will be better off from what we do here. can we imagine a more worthy reward than that? passing that on to our children and our grandchildren, so that when they look accurate and they see what we did here in paris, they can take


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