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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 30, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> hello there. it is 9:00 p.m. in paris. you are watching "france 24." here are the headlines. they have a week and a half to curb climate change. the cop21 meeting has opened here in paris. barack obama, and other leaders make their pledges. >> facing charges of assault, manslaughter, reckless endangerment, the jury lection has begun over the
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trials of six men, six police officers. >> and it was a big mistake, says vladimir putin. he is sian leader saying standing strong there. turkey refuse toss apologize. >> well, here in paris the skies have been buzzing with helicopters this monday, while many streets have been closed off to allow motorcades to speed through. more than 140 heads of state and government are now in town for the cop21 summit. it is the much-anticipated united nations conference aiming to find a legally binding agreement on cushing claimant change. it is billed as the last chance for the world to halt global
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warming before it reaches unstoppable levels. we look at key moments from the first day. >> scores of security personnel deployed gems this is venue following extremist attacks opt franchise capital earlier this month. leaders from 150 nations trickled into le bourget north of paris. ong them, the u.s. president barack obama, his israeli counterpart benjamin netanyahu, and others. before making his statement, he declared a moment of silence for the victims a little more than two weeks after the deadly assault. at the start of the climate talks, ban-ki moon called on world leaders to accelerate world action. >> it has been made plainly
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clear. en a two degree celsius rise will have serious consequences. >> on monday, francois hollande, president of the country hosting the conference called for a binding accord, one that called limiting warming under two degrees celsius by the end of the centry. >> never has an issue at an international meeting had igher stakes for the planet. by december the 12th, this agreement needs to be reached in police, and the conditions have to ensure there is a good accord. it is an important accord. it is an accord that truly responds with the expectations of our people, and it is a long-lasting agreement. >> observers say there are
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still a number of potential stumbling blocks in front of the world leaders, ranging from financing to the legal status of the accord. >> well, earlier our international affairs editor gave us a brief run-through of some of the most powerful players of cop21 and the arguments they are bring to go the table. >> we have talked a lot about china, no longer being the climate laggard it was perceived as being in past conferences. it is true that xi jinping has stepped up to the plate, making some what seemed like pretty big commitments after 2030 to start ratcheting down the c o2 emissions. but china continues to build coal generating plants. it's coal output continues to increase. india isn't even talking the
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talk. ey are still in that old dialectic, rich versus poor country. it is paying lip service to yes we want to be green, to, but at the end of the day india is still a developing giant. it really thinks the rich countries, who have been polluting far longer, and this is an argument we hear from the developing countries, the onus should be on the countries who have been polluting since the industrial age should do more in cutting their own emissions and helping other countries. it is no longer the biggest a more , but it has complicated political climate. the political climate is the
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biggest block to a summit agreement from obama's perspective. >> what your government told you that you had to uproot your home and set up again in a new country. that is a stark and very real reality facing inhas been tabts of low-lighting island nations. they are being literally swallowed up by rising sea levels. the leaders of these countries are waiving a warning flag over the issue at the cop21 summit. we explain. >> drowning under the weight of climate change, low-lighting nations in the pacific ocean are some of the most vulnerable in the world. in some areas, the sea lexes is rising by 1.2 cent meters a year. four times the global average. it could be years before they disappear. >> it is about acting.
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we, the most vulnerable countries on the front line of climate change are running out of time. unless some draftic action is taken, the low-lying island countries like ours will cease to exist. >> it's population could be ved to fiji some 1,200 miles away. n spite of the ever-rising sea levels, evacuation is not a thought. >> the thought of evacuation is repulsive to us. we have been evacuated how many times in our history? we think the more reasonable thing to do is end this climate madness where people think that small and vulnerable countries are expendable. >> but it is not just the south pacific region that is endangered. made up of 1,200 islands, the
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marsh ldese are the lowest lying country in the corled. the survival of the inhappen tapts is hanging by a thread. >> now other top international news stories. jury selection began today in baltimore in the u.s. for a trial it is feared could re-ignite racial tensions in the city. six police officers are facing trial over the death of a black man. back in april, the 25-year-old died of injuries he received while in custody. baltimore was rocked with riots after that. philip is in washington, d.c. officer william porter so the first policeman to face trial over the death of freddy gray. what is he accused of? >> he is one of six. this could take a while. there will be six consecutive
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trials of baltimore police officers in that city one after another. this one, the trial of william porter, is the first one. he faces charges of second degree assault and manslaughter. so the 26-year-old, william porter, he is accused of injuring freddie gray in the transport van, police transport van that took him from the place he was arrested to the hospital in the end. freddie gray suffered a serious spinal injury during that transport. that is why those six police officers involved are now facing those charges. if convicted, william porter could face over 25 years in jail. but as you said, what we are looking at first of all here is the jury selection in this case. everybody knows about this case in baltimore. that is why the judge will have probably one to two, possibly three days to find that jury in the first place.
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only people who are unbiased will be allowed into that jury. again, it is six trials in a row, so this could take a while. >> indeed. the current police commissioner in baltimore has said ahead of this jury selection that everything is at stake. the future of the city is at stake. the police are very fragile in baltimore but also in other parts of the u.s., too. >> all sorts of places. before the case of freddie gray and afterwards, it seems like it has been almost the same scenario. many times there have been videos or stories told of white police officers killing unarmed black men in various cities across the united states. the one we are looking at closely now is baltimore, and there is a good reason for that. there are so many killings and so much violence in baltimore now. there have been over 300 murders in that city in one year alone so far, and that number could still go up by the
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end of this year. those riots in baltimore were seven months ago. since then there have been so many different protest movements, so many different cases of young black men killed by white police officers. for example, there were protests recently in the city of minneapolis. this last weekend in the city of chicago over a video that as released from a police dash board camera showing a white police officer killing a black man in full view of those cameras. that led to protests in the streets of chicago. there is this bigger umbrella movement if you will, the black lives matter movement. we saw it first in ferguson. we saw it there over a year ago. in baltimore there have been riots there. is that fear that there could be further violence if none of these six police officers who will be going on trial in baltimore is in fact convicted.
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that is a real possibility. >> that jury selection process getting under way as we said. thank you, philip. reporting from washington. now turkey will not apologize for shooting down a russian military plane last week. so says the turkish prime minister, speaking earlier this monday after a meeting with nato. the military alliance is backing turkey's version of event. speaking at the cop21 summit later in the day, vladimir putin responded by saying the downing of his country's jet was a huge mistake. here is the latest. >> a diplomatic row between russia and turkey continued beyond their respective borders and into france on the sidelines of the cop21 summit as vladimir putin snub add meeting with his counterpart. for its part, turkey remained dwight, refusing to apologize for shooting down a russian jet
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earlier this month. >> the protection of our air space is not only right, but important for my government. no turkish prime minister, government or authority will apologize because of doing our duty. no country can ask us to apologize because of doing our job. >> on monday, moscow, one of the largest markets ordered some retaliatory efforts against turkey, including freezing investments. >> for economic conditions, you hope that russia will reconsider these measures, against our interests. >> the announcement of the economic reprifles came as the body of the pilot was flown
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home on monday. in a further escalation of tensions, crowds gathered in front of the turkish embassy in moscow chanting murderers and pelting the building with eggs and to mamentes. >> now christians and muslims are all brothers and should reject violence and hatred. that was the pope's message on his first-ever trip to africa. he is rounding out the six-day tour, and here is how the pontiff spent his last day in the country that is classed as an active war stone. >> under the tightest security, a visit intended to end a spiral of hate. to the cheers of "god is great" the pe was welcomed to area. over the past months it has become a no-man's land as
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refugees have had their supplies blocked. >> christians and muslims and members of traditional religions have lived peacefully together for many years. >> the central african republic escended into chaos in early 2013 after muslim rebels seized power. since then, vie allen clashes have claimed the lives of muslims and christians alike. the vice president to pk-5 was a symbolic way to -- the visit a symbiotic way. >> goal willing, if they listen to what the pope says, for he is a servant of god. if well listen and work with that, peace will return. >> throughout his first trip to
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the african continent, pope francis has sought to heal rifts between christians and muslims. but nowhere has his message been more prevalent than here. > fighters in serge ibaka -- voters waiting to see who won. their pe it will pursuit country, burkina faso back on the road to democracy. the country has repelled an attempted military coup. the two candidates seen as most likely to win are leading. our correspondent is in the capital as the country waits for results. i asked her whether these two leading candidates are seen as representing a fresh start or perhaps a return to the past? >> they are leaders in the
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party, and they only parted ways in january of 2014 because they didn't want to support a bid to change the constitution to stay in power longer. what civilian groups have told us is that they want their new president really to be truly accountable to the people that have now voted him or possibly will be voted him in power. will there be any changes? that remains to be seen. but the people want a reboosting of the country's economy. they want stability and security, and they want an end to the is it-month long ambition, which has made life difficult for people here in burkina faso. >> what was supposed to be a security drill at a university in kenya this monday has ended with at least one person killed. the exercise apparently mistaken for a real attack
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according to officials at the university. he woman who died suffered severe head injuries. at least 40 others were hurt jumping from windows for escaping what they thought you were attackers. two israeli youths have been convicted of murdering a palestinian boy. he was burned to death in july of 2014. the sentence are due to be announced in january. the killing of the youth was one of the events seen as sparking the eventual war between israel and hamas in 2014. a third suspect as entered a last-minute insanity plea, and his verdict has been delayed. he said that he fears his son's killers will be set free. >> the european union is broshing off a spat with israel, saying will push for
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piece in the middle east. they said they are freezing relations with brussels. europe's foreign affairs spokeswoman said earlier that peace efforts would continue because in her words peace in the middle east is of interest to all. it is just coming up to 20 minutes past 9:00 in the eastern. a reminder of top stories this past hour. a week and a half to curb climate claims. francois hollande, barack obama and more than 140 governments have been telled the u.n. delegates what they hope to achieve. a big mistake says vladimir putin, the russian president standing firm on the shooting down of a military jet by turkey this past week. turkey is refuse to go
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apologize. facing charges of assault, manslaughter, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office, the first jury trial police officers who were involved in the killing of a youth earlier this year. >> will, we have been talking about the cop21 summit going on in le bourget just north of police. it is all about scientific climate issues, but many really playing a massive role as well. >> you mentioned a week and a half to solve climate championships. the numbers are really staggering. who am i to say they can't get it done. a big topic for governments and business is that the cost of going green worldwide could be $100 billion a year or even 10 times that amount. here is a quick look at climate
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finance. >> of all the hurdles on the road to police, there is one that could really trip the deal up. money. in order to adapt to a changing claimant we need a lot of cash information 2009, one of the countries had a bright idea. since we caused most of the emissions, we will pay the developing world. they promised $100 billion per year by 20 to. so the u.n. created its own piggy bank known as the green climate fund. today it has raised just 1/10th of the target smfment rich nations still haven't put their money where their mouth is. luckily there are other sources for climate finance, bridging $62 $62 million -- billion. soon it may be time to add an
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extra zero. according to the international energy agency, the world needs $1 trillion between now and 20780 to stave off the worst effects of climate change. >> one goal is carbon pricing. will, tell us more. >> they are trying to find a way to essentially make polluters cut back on their emissions. that is going to be a very tough task here. you see some division between the rich countries and some of the poorer countries. some of the poorer countries say they didn't create the problems, but it is up to the rich countries to play their role in finding a solution. >> treading the line between the right to economic develop and the need to reduce emissions, this was barack obama's stance in his meeting with the indian prime minister.
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>> paris must recognize and protect the countries like india to purr see things for growth and others. that beg see, they have to join other nations to consider their carbon pollution. >> while india is the fourth biggest pollution, in per capitala terms is ranks lower than emerging economy. they say the brunt has come from the developed world. >> the developed nations failed to play their parts. the climate change crisis was caused by a few privileged nations. >> so address this, richer countries pledged $100 billion every year until 2020 for clean
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energy in developing economies. but in the five years since this green fund pledge, the promised sum has not been gathered. bridging the combap may be difficult, but they can share. richer countries could share a bigger burden, and emerging countries could invest in cleaner technologies to avoid an expensive transition in the future. >> a look at other things. the drive to promote investment and infrastructure appears to be paying off. india's economy picked up in the third quarter, rising to 7.4%. buss leaders say he has been slow to implement more reforms. the international money fund has announced that championship's yuan will join its international basket of currencies, joining the dollar,
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yen and pound. they are used by other organization toss help pay down international debt. chinese officials have worked hard to alleviate concerns that they are keeping interest rates down. hackers have targeted greek banks. they said internet things were knocked out briefly at three banks. they said the group calls itself the armada collective unless ten to do more they pay a ran some in bitcoins. >> give us an update on the stock market. >> not a lot of reaction for what is happening in police. this is the hang over from black friday. il prices saw a brief bump today, but investors are
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looking towards thursday. on friday the u.s. jobs report comes out. this is very big because what is going to happen because in mid december people are expecting the u.s. central bank to announce a รบ1
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