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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 7, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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the picture of health. anchor: the countdown begins on the final week of negotiations at the -- controversial goal whether that is still possible by friday evening. the national front comes out with their best ever showing nationally. and venezuela's opposition celebrates taking their first majority in the national assembly in 16 years.
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first, let's take you live straight away to san bernardino in california. we will have a live update on the investigation into the deadly shooting their last week in which 14 people were shot entry into then make we will takes, and the items that can be seized under the scope of that warrants -- that is exactly what was done that day. leave the residence, we will hand the keys to the owners residence secure the if it was breached. we secured it with screws and left the premises.
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once the fbi and our local partners left that premises, anything that occurred as far as forced entry or anyone allowed inside that residents has nothing to do with us, whether they are let in by the residents or the landlord. i want to make that clear to maintain confidence in your law enforcement professionals. to clarify thent pot bomb components that were taken and some of the pipes and components of pipe bombs that were removed from the house on recall, weet. if you gave you a number of 12. i don't want to get too technical because i am not an expert on bombs, but we have al ofts who did remov devices from that house and out there it turns are 19 pipes in that house we have removed.
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somewhere in a bag. we are not going to unpack them one by one. they had to remove all of the components and take them out to a range and then they began to safely extract them from the bag , and safely pull them apart and count and photograph all of the components and ultimately submit them into our evidence. so, the number changed from 12 to 19. that is not 19 pipe bombs. that is 19 pipes that could be turned into pipe bombs if all of the components are there and present for them to actually be construed that way. to talk about the radicalization issue. many of you have concerns -- questions, rather -- did the female radicalize the mail in this case there are the answer is, we still do not know. i will say this. as the investigation has progressed, we have learned and believe both subjects were radicalized and had been for
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quite some time. how did that happen? the question we are trying to get at is how did that happen, by whom, and where did that happen? i will tell you right now, we do not know the answers at this point. the next thing, along those foreign contacts. we are working with our foreign counterparts to determine as much as we can. thate attempting to expand investigation out and build that picture of each person, the timeline, and ultimately the crimes they committed. that takes time. we are in day five. i want to recognize that. we are working with our foreign counterparts. we are working with the fbi's legal attache offices all over the world and they are assisting those efforts with our foreign counterparts. the next thing i want to mention has come up already -- yes, we have evidence both of these objectives participated in some rangesice in
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within the metro area or the los angeles area. that target practice on one occasion was done within days of this event. investigationhis i want to discuss very quickly -- this investigation is massive in scale. everyone knows that. we have conducted, i would say well over 400 interviews. of them have phoned you and said that they have been interviewed. that's what we do and we will continue to do as many interviews is necessary for this. finally, there have been questions about the total re-creation of the crime scene. what we are essentially doing is applying survey technology to the crime scene. when i'm talking about the crime scene, i'm talking about the initial crime scene at the irc
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where all of these victims were definite talking about the officer involved shooting. yes, we are still holding that location. we are continuing to be extremely methodical and we have those tools toly paint a picture of how and why everything transpired that day. we have collected over 320 pieces of evidence. we have transported that evidence, primarily to washington d c -- washington, lab. our crime the last thing before i open it up to questions, and then i will introduce some of my counterparts as well -- we have found evidence of planning, participation, financing. what i will tell you -- i'm sorry. we found evidence of
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preplanning. let me correct that. what i want to say is, i want to make sure the public wrists assured we are in a political organization and we will get to be bottom of this. we will find everyone who purchase of it in the preplanning -- if there was anyone else. we do not know yet. we want to find anyone who profited from it, financed it, and i'm not saying that there is anything like that, but we believe no stone unturned. just like i said in the past. the last thing, we have to remember, this is a human tragedy. this is truly a tragedy what occurred. we have brought out victims assistance personnel from washington and this is what they do. they are very familiar with this. we are going to, at some point, hopefully this week, meet with the family members of the victims -- both the decedents'
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victims and the injured victims. that is critically important so we can address them face-to-face and talk about our full commitment. if they do not want to meet us, that is their choice. if they do, we are there for them. very, very important. i will take a few questions. not as many as the other day. theid tashfeen malik fire first shot? a sense oft have control. i want to be crystal clear, we do not see any evidence of a outside of the continental u.s. plot. we may someday. i don't know. but right now we are looking at these two individuals and we are focusing on that. >> [indiscernible] sure if we are done questioning her yet. >> but you may? >> yes, ma'am. >> [indiscernible]
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-- i am aware of those reports. we're continuing to work -- >> [indiscernible] >> excuse me. >> [indiscernible] i am not prepared to go into that at this point. >> it was reported to the fbi several years ago. >> i am unaware of this. what i can tell you, we did not have an open investigation into at the time of this incident. >> last night president obama said there was no evidence of a broader conspiracy. [indiscernible] isno, i would not say he incorrect. we are still in the investigative phase. we are in day five. sir? they had been radicalized for some time. do you have any indication of
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years or months? that. we don't know we have some indications of timeline, but not enough for me to speak on. we believe that they both were. that is the question for us -- how and by whom and where were they radicalized? maybe there is not a right him. i don't want to speculate. -- maybe there is not a high whom -- by whom. >> [indiscernible] answerll ask the atf to my question. all things guns, hold your questions for the atf agent. they had interactions on social media of a man from minneapolis you been tracking. can you confirm that? >> i have heard those reports. i not going to confirm that at this point. i am not aware of the status. >> [indiscernible] discussnot prepared to
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mr. marquez at this point. i'm not going to discuss it. yes? >> [indiscernible] >> i don't know the answer to that. we have not found any evidence of suicide vests yet. weeks, months, years preplanning was on this? >> we don't know. we are still building it out. i will take one more question. yes, ma'am? >> [indiscernible] throughe still going what type of video is available. back to data explication, there is continued data explication as we speak. that will continue for some time. that is a painstaking process. that, as i have said in the past, we hope to get toward their intense with some of the data explication of the digital media. will introducei
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the atf's assistant special agent in charge john d'angelo. john? >> i do want to talk briefly about the guns. it has been widely reported in the media there were five guns recovered in this investigation. we have traced to those guns, and the trace results reveal that all of these firearms were originally purchased from ffl's in california between 2007 and 2012. abbreviation for federal firearms licensing, primarily a retailer who sells firearms. himself purchased two guns out of the scene as well as a rifle uncovered during the search warrant. we have documentation to establish he actually purchased the firearms.
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his name and it in a financial information appears on all of that paperwork. que marquez purchased the two assault rifles you have seen on the media. the day for work purchases as well. right now, our major concern for the eighth the eye, atf -- the fbi, atf -- how those rifles got from marquez to farook the fbi is performing forensic examination. after that examination is done, we will do a complete determination of exactly what these firearms are. right now i will turn it over to the chief who will address other issues concerning the matter. >> good afternoon, everybody. i'm going to talk a little bit isut local response am what
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going on in the city in the region. everyone saw what happened in the city of riverside yesterday to be are was believed mass shooting incident. people are on edge. people are extra cautious. which is good. that is what we are asking people to do. he massive response came as a result of law enforcement stepping up patrols and presence in the region. we are getting to the point where we are going to start letting some of our guys have days off and be home with their families, but rest assured, we will have a number of additional folks working overtime to provide safety and security to the region. think i speak for sheriff mcmahon as well when i say that we have stepped up our efforts. you will see an increased police presence through the christmas
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holiday season. thank you very much. did your press conferences will be announced by the fbi. we will see you in a bit. -- future press conferences will be announced by the fbi. catherine: that speaker there j burguan, he and the fbi taking questions about that mass shooting in san bernardino, --ifornia december 6 december 2. 14 people shot dead by a husband and wife, syed farook and his .ife tashfeen malik 19 pipes were removed from the couple's home during the course of the investigation. the fbi official very careful to say these were not pipe bombs, but they could have been made into pipe alms. both suspects also now known to have done target practice to the in the lead up
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attack on the social services center last week. have more thaney 320 pieces of evidence, many firearms currently in an fbi lab being examined forensically. those are key details coming out from the latest media conference there. more on that, of course, whenever we get it here. right now though, we will send things back to domestic politics here in france. mainstream politicians currently scrabbling to figure out what went wrong for them in the latest regional election, and what strategy they should form before sunday's next second round phase. the far right national front -- long considered a fringe party of extremists -- has taken the biggest show of the -- share of the vote in history, making it party overall.r
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the ruling socialists and opposition republicans have traditionally joined forces to block a victory by the national front. less favoredthe party drops out to consolidate their support base. marine le pen thinks it is clear that her party is simply the most appealing to french voters. >> the reality is the national front is increasingly raining the trust of french people, election after election. are not muchesults of a surprise for those able to gauge the situation and who are in touch with the public. the elections may have been regional, but the impact could be national, particularly with the next presidential election just over
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a year away now. our correspondent has been taking a closer look at the figures on what they may well mean for each of france's main parties. nathalie: -- reporter: behalf of thethe national front. ramifications may go far. >> these are regional questions, but this is a dress rehearsal for the presidential elections of 2017. the national front has done very well in six regions, but they are present everywhere. slightly less in the west of france, but they have nationalized their vote. reporter: with less than 50% turnout, the national front has 28% of the vote, despite scarce parliament.on in they have capitalized on marine le pen's rebranding of the
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national front. it left hopes fizzling for former president nicholas of the's right wing republican party. they only managed to push ahead in four regions with 27% of the ballot after weeks and months push to the public farther to the right than expected. >> it's an emotional reaction to the paris attacks, the migrants problem, the fear of the border is not being secure and so one. the national front has been banging on about for years, which gives them an indoor miss advantage -- an normousmiss -- an e advantage. there is the hope of a center right to vote next sunday
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to give the national front out. catherine: the united nations climate summit -- the clock is ticking down to find a legally binding agreement on climate change. the deadline is this friday evening. as the second week kicked off, ministers from 195 nations joined. ban ki-moon reminding them the stakes are indeed high. you youoon: i say to are laying the foundation for sustainable future. week can here this the eradicate poverty, spur clean energy revolution, provide jobs, opportunity, and hope for tomorrow -- particularly for young people. there can be no mistaking the peril before our eyes. catherine: ban ki-moon speaking
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earlier on. our environmental correspondent was at the summit there it she gave us the latest on where the dealmaking stands right now. >> if there is any deal to be signed friday at 6 p.m., which is the ultimate goal, there are three nights in three days left of negotiation to sort through the 900 or so brackets. that is because they need to document at least 24 hours in advance to make the translation. it is in the hands of the ministers, where it will stay for these future -- crucial final days. you can see those ominous cracks. the united states and the european union made it very clear today they think it is necessary to rethink the traditional differentiation between rates and developing countries. let's listen to the european
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climate commissioner as he explains these new requests. , it is not only the so-called developed countries. in 1992 -- it puts every country in the position to control, to develop. he hase: -- reporter: been talking about countries such as china and india who, since 1992, have emerged as the number one and number three polluters. we went to the indian minister and asked if his country was willing to put money on the table. he reminded me of the money of the rich nations have promised in copenhagen in 2009. >> there are two aspects. $100 billion -- they must
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provide 100 billion dollars, which is scalable after 2020. that is one part of the story. these countries giving help to other countries is always happening in the world. myanmar, maldives. so, we are providing money. india does not want to be pressured to put money on the table. the minister also accused rich nations of exaggerating them out they have put on the table to date. he reminded me that he believed we would be having a party on friday night and saturday night would be my first day off in a wild. our correspondent reporting from the climate summit. and has issueda its first-ever red alert for pollution. this after beijing became shrouded in some of his worst this monday.
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red is the highest level in a warning system. we have this report. thick blanket of gray smog slowly distance on beijing. to last for at least three days, prompting authorities to release an alert alert forion -- a red pollution, the first ever in the chinese capital. >> i began to cough and felt pain in my lungs. reporter: chinese authorities are issuing measures. half of the cars will be ordered off the roads, while sites and factories will have to cease production. schools were urged to close. critics say these measures ignore the real source of the problem, the burning of coal, which provides 60% of the
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country fell power and produces most of its greenhouse gases. yet china has heavily invested in renewable energy and promised to cut down on carbon emissions. >> we will have to see how much effort the country is putting into tackle this issue. it will have to get better. other countries have had this problem in the past and they were ready -- able to overcome it. we can do that as well. reporter: yet warning signs arcuate in. last week, beijing was already shrouded in a dark gray haze with particle levels in the air 25 times higher than those recommended by the world health organization and a recent study estimates that 1.4 million people die early each year because of pollution in china. catherine: something a bit happier for you now. braff's you could call it puppy love. russia -- perhaps you could call it puppy love.
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russia has officially gifted france with a young german shepherd dog. she is intended as a replacement for the police dog diesel, who was killed during an anti-militant raid. it is the name of añ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ??
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12/07/15 12/07/15 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from the u.n. climate summit in paris, france, this is democracy now! >> our military will continue to hunt down to rest plotters in any country where it is necessary, iraq and syria, airstrikes are taking out isil leaders, heavy weapons oil tankers, infrastructure. amy: president obama gives a rare oval address.


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