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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 14, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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hello there. it is 9 p.m. in the french capital. barack obama tells the islam and state group there is nowhere to hide. the president delivering an update on the international ever to combat the militants. more on what he said coming up for you. a day of discontent for french politicians created these center left and the right looking at .hat went wrong with them the extreme right takes its biggest venture in history. braces forlippines
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the impact of a powerful typhoon crossing its territory. 700 50,000 already evacuated amid landslides and flooding 750,000 already evacuated amid landslides and flooding. we will start out with a rather determined barack obama. he has been speaking out after a rare meeting with top american military leaders at the pentagon . the islamic state group leader was the dominant topic. he says the coalition led by u.s. forces have killed a string of i ranking members of the militant group and isil, as it is known in washington, is losing territory. president obama: in many places, isil has lost its ability to
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maneuver. they know if they mask their we will wipe them out. since this summer, they have not had a single successful operation on the ground in either syria or iraq. so far, isil has lost about 40% of the populated areas it once controlled in iraq and it will lose more. catherine: here in paris, coalition members are talking. officials say the aim is to come on talks roadmap between the syrian regime and the opposition on ending the almost five-year old civil war. a day of discontent in the mainstream. won seven outht
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of 13 french regions, along with political allies in sunday fell second round poles, but they were somewhat hard-fought wins in the face of opposition from the extreme right national front . and they have divided over strategy. we have more from headquarters. bittersweet victory. nicolas sarkozy's center-right one seven of 13 french regions, including paris after a decade in the hands of the socialist. .- socialists >> i cannot understand why some people are returning to bad habits. a dialoguedevelop between the french rights in the public. to the frenchn people to address their problems and give them solutions.
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>> although party members are calling for unity, many remain divided over the strategy. neithersaid he would form an alliance with the socialists, nor pull out to prevent the national front from winning, a move that his number decried and now she is out. >> we have a debate on the party's direction. it is a stalinist idea. reporter: this as the center-right is bickering over the debate of the primary, set ahead of the presidential election the following year. catherine: once again the big losers were the national front. they went from leading in the first round to taking zero
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regions in the final tally, but the extreme right party is far from unhappy. it had its best ever election score. the party leader, marine le pen, told supporters "nothing can stop us now." from the national front's stronghold in northern france. is market day in a small town in northern france with only a few -- and we are only a few kilometers away from the national front's stronghold and everyone is talking about the results of the regional election and the defeat of marine le pen. obtainedrvative party region onin the assembly, the national front only 54. not everyone expected such a disappointing outcome for the french far right.
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it means "long live the national front." personally, i think they are racists, sorry. those immigrants have their rights. it's not their fault there is a war going on in their country. there is the problem of employment and immigration. there are a lot of things that people see and do not understand. they're going to do something about it, i hope. pen lost norine le time to head back to paris. strategy forto be the years to come. the leader of the french far right already preparing for the 2017 presidential election. become thes she has only legitimate leader of the french opposition. catherine: elsewhere in france, and elementary school teacher who claims to have been stabbed supportermic state
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admits that he made the whole thing up.-- the whole he had wounds on his face and torso. public prosecutor says the teacher changed his story just a few hours later though. case has been handed to local prosecutors. the charlie hebdo attacks in january, dozens of citizens of gone to iraqi kurdistan, hoping to fight alongside the peshmerga forces. alexander or cut tells us more. handful of men 200 kilometers north of baghdad. they wear two insignias, one
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from france, and one for the kurdish perp schmerber -- the kurdish hirschberg of -- peshmergas. >> it started with the attacks on charlie hebdo. i felt i had to do something. having military knowledge, i felt i could do something. >> in this region, the french are very well received. we were warmly welcomed after the french government airstrikes. groundr: soldiers on the are iraqis. the volunteers all have significant military experience, peshmerga general keeps them what away from the frontlines. he does take advantage of french tactics and the equipment the men bring with them like radios. it's not putting up reconnaissance unit in data. >> we thank all of those who kurdish support the
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people against the attacks of the isis group. we ask the entire world two in cruz support for the forces so we can kick the troops out of iraq. will keepalso, it them out of legal trouble when they return to france in a few months. aey are mostly making symbolic stand against the islamic state. in northern iraq, a controversial contingent of troops has been withdrawn. furious about the deployment, saying it violates erect's sovereignty. -- iraq's 72. turkey said the move was part of a "new arrangement" with fighting military forces. back in europe, cheers for
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angela merkel as she promised she would reduce the influx of migrants into germany. these german chancellor told her cdu party the migration crisis is a historic test for the country and it must keep its doors open. we have more. speech drew an unprecedented show of support, i nearly 10 minutes long standing ovation. was a far cry from the weeks of infighting among her conservative party, the cdu, over the massive influx in the country, reducing the number of refugees, but keeping the door open. chancellor merkel: we want to and we will tangibly reduce the number of refugees as it is in everyone's interest. it is in germany's interest,
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regarding the accommodation of , theirefugees integration into society and the workforce. it is in the interest of refugees themselves, because no one, no matter why they make this journey thoughtlessly leaves his home. merkel rejected calls by the ceo's right wing to put a limit on newcomers. she did admit it was important to increase security on external borders to control the flow of people and for germany's relocateto agree to refugees more fairly, a plan facing strong resistance. they approved a plan to relocate about 120,000 refugees, but the quota system is not going down well in many countries. hungary and slovakia have already challenged the plan in court.
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40 police officers has died and at least 10 more are injured after a bus crash in argentina. the country's president has sent condolences to the families of the victims. the bus is said to have plunged into a dry river bed. burst,lieve that a tire causing the driver to lose control. one of the world's most prominent human rights activists is facing sentencing. 18 yearsd be up to behind bars. >> there is a push of protesters court. the he has represented labor can victims and dissident artists. for protesters, the trial is an
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attack on human rights itself. if the court sentences him to prison, it also sentences justice to death. we have to support him because he has always defended the masses. >> he has worked to defend justice for the people, and so the country can have a better future. he has promoted human rights and justice. reporter: also present were foreign diplomats including a member from the u.s. embassy who called on china to let him walk free. >> we urge chinese authorities to release him and call on china to uphold fundamental civil rights and fair trial guarantees as enshrined in the constitution and its international commitments. but the chinese
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foreign ministry says the police acted within the law and reminds the u.s. and other countries to mind the room business area -- business. >> all foreign countries should respect china's judicial sovereignty. a protester was not allowed to enter the court. no ruling was released monday. he faces up to eight years in prison for inciting ethnic hatred and promoting trouble. a disaster in the philippines as a powerful storm works its way across the island nation. authorities are warning the type and could bring floods, landslides, and storm surges. alexander brings us up to date. reporter: told to grab what they
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can and head for safety. heavy rains could trigger more floods and landslides. the typhoon made landfall at the an island ofof more than 1.5 million people. tos was among the areas hit give years ago. it wiped out entire communities. this typhoon is far less devastating so far, with maximum , only three hours on a scale of five, but people chances.aking >> people panicked when they found out it was already alert level number three. the philippines has about 20 typhoons each year on average. it is becoming familiar with
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these types of natural disasters. the army helped with effect relations. they created -- food packs and agencies are poised to provide post-disaster assistance. the typhoon will cut across the heartland's tuesday before heading west into the south china sea. catherine: in the u.s., bill cosby is hitting back against who have sued him. cause be says they have tarnished his reputation. he has never been charged and denies wrongdoing. formern have accused the star of plying them with drugs or alcohol before sexually assaulting them. tennis champion serena williams has a new accolade under her belt. she has been announced to be sportsperson of the year for "sports illustrated" magazine.
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major titleshree and lost just at three of 56 matches. to magazine pays tribute serena, saying that she is a very strong case for being the best tennis player of her generation, but also of all time. and just a reminder -- our top stories here on life in paris. barack obama has told the islamic state group there is nowhere to hide. updating onsident the international military effort to combat the militants in iraq and syria. it has been a day of discontent for france's mainstream politicians, parties looking at what went wrong in the latest elections, which saw the extreme right when it's biggest vote share in history. let's move on now with some of the top business stories.
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hello there once again, kate. in south africa, the president is being accused of playing russian roulette with the economy. very serious stuff. >> yes. jacob zuma appointed the third finance minister in less than a week. investors welcomed the appointment of a man they see as a safe pair of hands. our correspondent has the latest. reporter: when it comes to finances, the markets have welcome to a familiar face. he served between 2009 and 2014. he was brought in to replace the relatively unknown minister who only spent four days on the job,
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>> we are aware of the financial impact this has had on those in the economy. as president zuma indicated, a democratic government has a duty to listen and respond appropriately. lastter: he was appointed week after the surprise sacking of the former finance minister nene. and zuma disagreed on policy, including a plan to buy and build power stations. critics say the president himself is at fault. init will remain an element so long as president zuma remains in charge of south africa because he has made such a comedy of errors.
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so long as he is the leader of the country, there will be a continuous concern about interference. reporter: south africa's economy has been pleased -- plagued with weak growth. fitch has recently rated the country just above junk status. royal dutch shell looking at the take over of its rival group -- that would be on top of 7000revious plans to slash contract positions and staff. they received approval from chinese regulators after earlier approvals from the european union. the oil sector is broadly trading lower as oil prices dipped to their lowest level since 2009. the price for a barrel of crude oil, you can see here, below $35
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a barrel. now trading are just above $36 a barrel. also below $40 for the first time since 2008. 38 dollars ato barrel. the volatility in the oil market has been dragging down global trading. the dax is down nearly 2%. the dax at its lowest level in itse years, it's a -- eighth negative session in a row. the big event is coming up wednesday. the federal reserve is widely expected to raise interest rates for the first time since 2006, and though the markets have been pricing that end, there is no way to tell how they will react will
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-- i been reported missing on friday. the company later revealed that he was speaking to police. they were concerned with personal affairs, not business. annualto be seen at a meeting in shanghai on monday. snash railway operator will make cuts, largely not from replacing employees scheduled to take retirement. the move will be announced with its annual budget on tuesday. is the u.s. giant rubbermaid eyeing its rival jarden. brandsis including
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including like paper mate and yankee candle. one of the most popular painkillers in the world has been banned from a stroll you. be court ordered that it taken off the shelves when it was found the standard ibuprofen pills were identical to more expensive versions that were advertised specifically targeting problems. better than a normal painkiller, but twice as expensive. menstruation, migraines, back pain ordered off the shelves by an us trillion court as the content was the same as standard ibuprofen tablets sold by the brand. the justice wrote in his judgment none of the four products is anymore or effective than the others in treating any of the particular symptoms. the company admitted it has engaged in illegal conduct, and -- it will print
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corrections as wells moving the products from us trillion stores. a consumer watchdog group argued that consumers were being tricks. it hopes the court's ruling will serve as a warning to others. >> this is part of trying to send a message to large that you really need to be truthful in your advertising. consumers rely on what you tell them. don't mislead consumers. spokeswoman for the company denied that was the challenge, saying the specialist lines were launched to help consumers navigate their pain relief options. applicable was not to other countries. the tablets are widely sold across the world. vote on seattle, a
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whether to allow drivers from lyft, and other such services to form a union. are expected to move ahead with regulations that would not designate them as independent contractors. it faces legal challenges in many areas. finally, the oil industry may be suffering around the world, but you would not know it at texas-based kill core energy. it is giving each of its a $100,000 bonus at the end of this year. the ceo says that he is successfully reached his goal of doubling the size of the company. he said that he wanted to reward his workforce. catherine: does he need any international journalists. kate: i think we should look into it. catherine: if i can get a bonus,
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i will share it with you. kate: only a couple weeks left. catherine: time for a short break.
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