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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 30, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> hello here you are watching -- hello. you are watching "live from paris." one person has been arrested in the belgian capital. prosecutors say the suspect is linked to november pass the tax in paris -- to november's attacks in paris. more in just a couple minutes' time. a calm day of voting after two years of bloodshed. polls are closed in central african republic.
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many people hoping this will steer the country back towards peace. the american comedian, bill cosby, arrested and in court today. he drugged ands sexually assaulted a woman a decade ago. catherine: first, that breaking news from brussels. within the last hour or so, the city has canceled its new year's eve celebration and fireworks. the city's mayor has cited terror threats against the belgian capital. last month, the terror threat was raised to the highest possible level. police tell us they have arrested one person in the molenbeek suburb, apparently also linked to the paris attacks. let's get the latest on all of
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this news with our correspondent , joining us live from the city. about the cancellation of the new year's festivities, do we know anymore about what this apparent terrorist threat might be? therter: i believe that city officials decided there was just too much going on. as you mentioned, in the last couple of days, there have been two men arrested, accused of planning an attack on the iconic downtown square and police headquarters. those men are now in custody and we will hear tomorrow whether they will be bound over. i think city officials decided, with the entire city at a level three out of four, there were just too many variables. there are some hundred thousand people that come to brussels for the fireworks and the new year's eve festivities, and that's a lot of people to keep safe. out of an abundance of caution, authorities decided it was just not a good bet to go ahead. catherine: and about the latest
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person to be arrested, they have not been publicly identified yet, as far as i know, what have police and prosecutors told us? : we know there was another raid in the area of molenbeek, where many -- several of the perpetrators of the paris attacks grew up and, some say, planned their attacks. one more person is under arrest a raid ra in thatid -- in that neighborhood. there has been another raid tonight related to paris attacks -- to the paris attacks. catherine: brussels has been on high alert for more than a month now. how are people reacting to all these latest developments, coming in quite a flurry, as you say? last night, i went to the downtown square and talked to tourists. some tourists who were there playing on going to the
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fireworks on new year's eve, others who said they would not venture downtown. the security had been tightened already yesterday after these arrests of men accused of planning a new year's eve attack. to, i the people i talked would say, said they felt reassured by that. or are now police in front of every major tourist destination -- they are now police in front of every major tourist destination. and the police headquarters is itself a target of the potential attacks. people could be feeling even more insecure. the majorat now, with festivities called off for new year's eve, i think it will be a fairly calm evening. i believe a lot of people will decide not to go downtown. catherine: thanks very much for all those updates, terry scholz -- teri schultz. two people planning -- accused of planning attacks in ankara are under arrest.
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it is believed they are members of the islamic state group. we have more details on the case. reporter: detonators and it was suicide vest -- detonators and a suicide vest. that's what police seized during the raid. two turkish nationals have been arrested. they are reportedly islamic state group militants who had recently returned from syria. the prosecutor's office has said the suspects were planning to target a shopping and restaurant district in central ankara during new year's eve celebrations on thursday. they had been planning two separate attacks. is a report that the suspects intended to use more elaborate bombs than those set up in the october 10 attack that killed more than 100 people. this time, investigators believe the militants wanted to kill an even greater crowd. catherine: in iraq, the city of
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adi may have been declared as liberated from the islamic state group, but the situation is far from normal. as many as 700 militant fighters could be holed up in ramadi. booby-traps left by the islamic state group still need to be cleared. more than 50 families used as human shields by the group were rescued. has the alexander: these people have endured months of horror. they will now be taken to safety. >> currently, the forces of the anti-terrorism unit are inside a secure complex, in the center of ramadi. many families were used as human
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shields by the islamic state group. we gave them first aid and food. alexander: there are thought to be about 700 i.s. fighters hidden in ramadi. regaining control of the city marks a milestone for the iraqi forces and a major setback for i.s. >> god bless the security forces, from the lieutenants to colonels, up to the highest ranks. god bless the small soldiers who came in rescued us from this place. they are beasts with no humanity. they have no islam. alexander: retaking ramadi is strategically vital to the iraqi government. it opens the route north to mosul. a landmark statistic for you now for the penultimate day of the year. the number of migrants who have arrived in europe by c during the past 12 months has now
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officially -- by sea during the past 12 months has now officially surpassed one million mark. many more have traveled into the eu by land. over one million entering germany alone according to officials there. a large proportion of these arrivals are syrians driven from their homes by civil war. an estimated 3 million refugees from syria are still sheltering in other middle eastern countries. michelle harrison plus -- riche lle harrison-plesse tells us more. ichelle: they are oblivious, at least for now, to the desperate situations their families are in. yearn fornts home. >> may god have mercy on us so we may return to our country. richelle: this family has lived in a small, rundown apartment for the past two years.
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they fled their home town, homs, in 2012. there only wishes and into the nearly five-year conflict that has -- their only wish is an end to the nearly five-your conflict that has ravaged their country. he hopes to give his children a better life in 2016, whether in syria or elsewhere. like to emigrate and take care of our children's can get anthey education, practice reading and writing, play freely. they are suffering from malnutrition. smiles have been gone from their faces for far too long. elle: the syrian crisis has on otherere strain countries. the war has driven more than 4
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million serious from their homes. peace,"e: "a vote for that's how one voter in central african republic described his part. s havehave closed -- poll closed. 30 candidates are contesting for the job of president. the entire national assembly is also being elected. united nations peacekeepers have been out on patrol in the streets and at polling stations. the first provisional results are not expected to come for several more days. we can get more on the significance of the elections with the head of the africa office at the international federation for human rights. thanks for being with us. considering what this country has gone through, it is an achievement that these elections have happened at all. our reporters on the ground have been telling us the parliamentary votes have been disrupted logistically.
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it could be drawn out or even re-held. is this country capable of achieving a return to stable democracy? >> this election is the first effort to do that. the authorities in central african republic need legitimacy and democracy and need to go forward in the restoration of the nation, the country, and the institutions. and for that, you need legitimacy and also [indiscernible] view, to fightof against impunity of old perpetrators -- of all the perpetrators who have committed so many crimes during the last three years, even the last 10 or 20 years -- it is necessary to restore a minimum of security and also the institution of central african republic.
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catherine: certainly. we have been told by reporters on the ground there is a lot of hope and optimism in central african republic about this vote. militias involved in violence expected to ignore the vote, how do you expect that to impact the country's return to stability? florent: it is logical that the militias -- the vote and the legitimacy of the people and democracy -- that's why it is so important to look forward in the fight for justice and impunity. a criminal court had been created by the authorities, with the support of the international community. this court will be mixed of national and international
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[indiscernible] the purpose of this court is to prosecute those responsible of militia that committed so many crimes. so, i think the future for them is to go to jail, and they have the ability to come to the district and to explain what they did, quickly. catherine: currently, there are thousands of united nations oncekeepers, french troops the ground in central african republic, helping to minimize violent and keep the peace. they cannot stay forever, though. the ethnic and religious resentments that are the root of many of the issues in central african republic run very deep. in your opinion, how can the blood should be stopped? -- the bloodshed be stopped? florent: it will take a long time. i just want to mark that it is not really an ethnic and religious conflict.
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it is a conflict for the power. the ethnic things and a religious aspect of the conflict -- it is just like a dynamic, the tools for the perpetrators for violence. the purpose is fundamentally politics. with this vote, the legitimacy of the politics have been reaffirmed. so, of course, this will take a long time. tois a long peace process, restore peace, security, and has the mission of -- and as the mission of the united nations in africa, we hope that the international community will stay for a long time. at the moment, it is needed to
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centralreal stable african republic. otherwise, they will have to come again and again in the next years. support of a minimum the international community in the long-term. catherine: thanks very much for geel,with us, florent from the international federation for human rights africa office. hasican comedian bill cosby been charged with driving and sexually assaulting a woman 12 years ago. he has already appeared -- with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman 12 years ago. he has already appeared in court. he stated he had sexual contact with his accuser. he also says it was consensual. claire williams has more on this story. claire: he has been accused i more than 50 women of sexual more than accused by
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50 women of sexual assault, but this is the first time a criminal case has been brought against bill cosby. the 78-year-old denies any wrongdoing. the district attorney did not name any victim, but the accusations parallel those made by andrea constand in 2004. >> these charges stem from sexual assault that took place on an evening in early 2004 at mr. cosby's home in shelti him -- in shelti him -- in shel tingham township. he urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine, the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances, and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. heire: bill cosby has said had sexual contact with andrea constand, but claims it was consensual. she settled a civil case against him in 2006.
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prosecutors reopened the case as new evidence came to light. and as dozens of women came forward with similar allegations, making a mockery of bill cosby's father figure role in "the cosby show." allred hasgloria represented a number of women in civil suits against bill cosby. she held a news conference on the criminal charges filed against him. gloria: so many women who allege they are victims of bill cosby have cried out for justice for so long. in pennsylvania, there is now a journey to justice in the felony case filed against mr. cosby. i'm very happy that this day has finally come. trial,by deserves a fair but so does andrea constand and the people of the state of pennsylvania. catherine: now, hundreds of people in the u.s. aid of
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missouri have evacuated -- u.s. state of missouri have evacuated their homes as rivers threaten to overflow. police say at least 13 people have died amid what governor jay nixon describes as the most -- worst flooding in over two decades. another seven have died in illinois. the national weather service has issued flood warnings in oklahoma, kansas, missouri, illinois, tennessee, arkansas, and florida. many locations are already experiencing major flooding. around the world in recent weeks has been put down in part to the el niño phenomenon, something that happens every two years, but experts say this current el niño is the strongest in decades. why is it so fierce this time around? reporter: there is not a sidewalk to walk on in this argentine city. it is submerged underwater and
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rowboats are the only means of transport after heavy rains battered the region and flooded the nearby river. >> i have lived here for 40 years and the floods never came up to hear. this must -- two her -- to here. this must be the second time. reporter: forest fires have rented -- ravaged the region. according to experts, extreme weather worldwide this year has been brought on by el niño. fishermen in the 1600s coined the term "el niño," referring to the christ child because it takes place around christmas time. the pattern occurs every two to seven years and lasts between 12 -- nine months and 12 months. normally, easterly trade winds send warm water, which pull -- pool around indonesia and the philippines. el niño sense water -- sends
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water towards south america. 60s -- experts expect this robust el niño since climate --rbated by by global warming. heavy rains and fewer hurricanes in southern usa, but stronger typhoons in asia. el niño will be followed by la niña, which is created by the reverse weather pattern that is just as powerful. catherine: markus karlsson is back with us for some business news. we are sticking to the extreme weather theme. a string of storms in the u.k. is costing the country. markus: this, as the u.k. once again is being battered by torrential rains and strong winds. the storm is hitting the country. it is likely to cause additional economic damage in the wake of two previous storms, desmond and
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eva. raised ofte has been how much the weather is likely to cost insurers. it is forecast to be between 900 million pounds and 1.2 billion pounds. reporter: bursting riverbanks, collapsed bridges, and local businesses left with heavy losses. countrysides, and in parts of northern england have been deluged in the worst since 2007. the water came in a rush, taking the owner off guard. >> i was upstairs sleeping. 4:00 in the morning. i could hear the waterfall coming from the kitchen. it came up within one hour about one meter. reporter: the furniture and a number of home appliances have been damaged, resulting in a one-month closure at least, with an estimated loss of up to 68,000 euros for his business.
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>> the level of water was probably about this high. so, drowning everything. the fridges are not working anymore. they were underwater. threeg fridge, professional fridges as well. reporter: these are the costliest british floods on record. following the storm's desmond and eva -- the storms desmond and eva, a consultancy says that losses could range up to 1.2 billion euros. these numbers are expected to is currently frank hitting britain. total economic losses for all three storms could top 6.8 billion euros, including 2.8 billion in flood defenses. markus: moving on now, the head
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of the international monetary fund says global economic growth next year will be disappointing. writing in a german newspaper, christine lagarde says that growth in 2016 will also be uneven across the globe. she says rising interest rates in the united states and the economic slowdown in china sets the theme for weakness. she warns that countries dependent on commodities in particular will grapple with lower commodity prices. this, at a time when we have seen sharp decline in oil prices. sydney -- matteo renzi said that europe's insistence on austerity does not work. comparing the eu to the united states, he says the european union should focus on flexibility, growth, and investment. it follows a warning from the european commission last month that italy is at risk of raking -- breaking eu fiscal rules. >> the policies of the u.s. have
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brought it out of recession and the european policies have not. if you ask me are you concerned about the economic situation in europe, i say of course i am, because we have chosen the wrong path. what's the right way? flexibility, growth, investments. markus: we're going to take a look at the stock markets. shares in the united states retreat this session as energy stocks once again are coming under pressure because of lower oil prices. apple is also proving a drag on the indices after reports that iphone sales may have been quite soft in recent weeks. in europe, we also saw the indices in negative territory the end of the trading day. weaker commodity prices took their toll on european indices. let's talk you through a few other stories we have been watching. apple has agreed to pay italian authorities 318 million euros in taxes. the settlement follows a probe by prosecutors in around -- in milan around tax
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payments in 2008 and 2013. the agreement is seen to be part of a bigger european efforts to stop multinationals from avoiding taxes. airbus saysne maker that lufthansa will have to wait a few more weeks, blaming a documentation problem for the delay. the neo is a more efficient version of the a320 plane. a black mark on airbus' ability to deliver on time. a ridesharing service has reached the end of the road. sidecar was a pioneer in the ridesharing market and it was billionaire richard
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branson. it has been struggling against rivals like uber and lyft. uber and lyft have raised billions of dollars. sticking to cars now of a different kind, we're going to look at what 2016 has in store for the auto industry. eco-friendly and self driving cars were the stars of this year's auto industry and analysts say that trend is likely to continue. more and more charging stations are being installed in big cities, including paris. reporter: after the success of electric car sharing schemes in smaller french cities are getting in on the act. one port city has installed new rapid charging points to encourage residents to go green. >> i thought why not an electric car.
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it is very easy. our are charge stations everywhere in the city center. i charge it twice a week at most. reporter: the top-selling electric model is a reno -- re nault. the carmaker is speedingó>ñ
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