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tv   DW News  LINKTV  January 1, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> this is d.w. news live from berlin. a hugeman manhunt is understoodway in israel. amongst the injured were friends celebrating a birthday. also on the show, authorities in germany say they did not overreact in the southern german city of munich on new
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year's eve, and tough new restrictions on when they can use their cars as the city tests ways to clean up its % killer air. i'm phil, welcome to the show. two people have been killed and several others wounded in the city of tel aviv. a gunman opened fire at a popular bar on a busy street in the city center. media reports 30 shots being fired. a massive manhunt is now underway. our correspondent joins us on the line from jerusalem with more. tanya, have any more details emerged about the identity or indeed the motive of the gunman? >> well, there are some details now coming in. we understand that the manhunt is still underway, but the
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attacker is being identified by the police which seems to raise the likelihood that is a terror-related attack according to israeli media reports, the attacker was identified on the footage that was released earlier today and that the attacker allegedly would come from the arab israeli community. at the same time the search for the move is still ongoing. most secured exits are pointing to the fact that how this attack was carried out. the footage shows this young man in a small supermarket next to this bar where he attacked afterwards, very calmly taking out the machine gun from the backpack and then starting to shoot at the very busy street in central sell aviv. and he seems to be well trained and apparently had a plan to get away, but no group has claimed responsibility and there is speculation right now in the media that this could be an individual radical perpetrator, even one tied with
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sympathies to i.s., but again another has been confirmed on that matter. >> this attack comes at a height, at a time of heightened tensions between israelis and palestinians. police aren't jumping to any conclusions? reporter: that's right, it comes at heightened tenses between israelis and palestinians. the police and officials are quite cautious as to talking about the move or the background. security experts say this kind of attack hasn't been seen in that way in tel aviv, the latest ones are concentrated in jerusalem and the occupied west bank. the situation is quite tense. people want answers on what happened and how this could happen on this very busy street on a friday afternoon in the center of the city and of course the manhunt is still ongoing. anchor: tanya in jerusalem, thank you. authorities in the german city of munich have defended their lockdown of two railway stations on new year's eve
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saying they were warned by foreign intelligence agencies that so-called islamic state was planning an attack. police are hunting for up to seven people in connection with the alleged plot, but so far they have been unable to locate them or even confirm that they exist. authorities have now lifted the alert. reporter: the two railway systems reopened in the early hours of the morning. people seemed to be heeding the advice of the various police chief and trying to get back to life as normal. but a heavy police presence remains in place. after the paris attacks in november, normal no longer means what it used to mean. i consider it realistic to take security measures and i'm glad. i feel pretty safe in munich. >> i'm afraid, but i haven't gotten any information on whether the terror alarm was exaggerated. maybe there should have been more of a police presence without shutting down the
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stations, but i don't know how concrete the whole thing was. that uncertainty is echoed by the authorities. first they closed down the stations and advised people not to gather in groups. then they said they couldn't find any trace of the supposed terrorists. once we were able to establish who these people are will we be able to check in on them. we have received nails. we can't see if they're in munich or in fact in germany. some of them may not even exist as police cleared the munich stations, all that was certain was that authorities had received a credible tip-off but unable to confirm that intelligence. the german government says it backs the bavarians. when we assessed all of the intelligence that he received, the agencies discussed the situation together. it was clear what we had to do, protecting people had to be our
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priority. security remains tight in munich. elsewhere in germany, the authorities will be reviewing their security plans. after their new year's eve party was ruined, the people of munich are trying to get on with their lives as normally as possible. anchor: the bavarian interior minister discussed the munich terror threat at a separate press conference earlier today. our correspondent has been following that and joins us in the studio. welcome, hannah. what is the latest on what prompted the alert? hannah: the police received what they treated as a concrete warning from a friendly intelligence agency from a different country. this warning was to the effect that between five and seven either iraqis or syrians or a mixture of those nations, that these people were on their way or in munich ready to carry out a suicide attack at one or both
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of these train conversations at midnight. that was the warning that they have. they have been working obviously very hard since then to try to figure out whether any of this could be stood up, whether any of this conveyerfied. so far they have been completely unable to even figure out whether these people exist, let alone whether they're in munich or even germany. phil: presumably, the hunt goes on then? hannah: the hunt goes on. they got into this odd conversation whether you could hunt down something you didn't know existed. they haven't been able to match descriptions and some names that they got from the tip-off with the information they have in their databases. they really are drawing a blank. phil: what's the situation in the city today? hannah: they lifted the lockdown several hours after midnight, so everything is basically back to normal. they still have several, i think at least 100 armed police still patrolling those areas
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which were thought to be in danger last night. they're still there, but largely really to reassure the public. the situation has gone back to normal, but that normal situation is a new normal that we have since the attacks in paris, a heightened security alert. phil: following the attacks in paris, we had a similar alert in hannover. you do wonder whether munich was an overreaction. hannah: this is also something that was addressed today by the authorities. they said that they would really be in terrible trouble if they had received this kind of concrete warning which they treated very seriously, if they had received such a warning and had not done anything. you have thousands of people coming in and out of their train stations. if someone had gone and blown themselves up killing possibly hundreds of people and they had not reacted to that kind of warning, that would have been a terrible error. so you got this new situation really where in germany and
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across europe really, people are going to have to, authorities have to weigh up what's the balance between scaring people too much and not giving them enough information, not acting on the kind of information that they are getting from other intelligence sources. phil: hannah, thank you. india's capital delhi has started 2016 by imposing strict new controls on drivers as it tries to reduce the city's air pollution. for the next two weeks, private cars may only be used on alternate days depending on whether their license plates end in an odd or even number. last year the world health organization rated delhi the world's most polluted city. reporter: car after car clogged the streets of delhi pumping toxic fumes in the air. for the next two weeks, vehicles will only be allowed on the roads every other day depending on whether their license plates end in an even or an odd number. police are to levy a fine of $30 for those caught flauting
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the measures. >> if the numbers of car on any -- people, you know, they just like have cars -- reporter: public transport has been improved. the city rolled out an extra 3,000 buses to transport commuters to work. traffic is not usually as heavy over the holidays. the impact of this measure will only be established after monday when all offices reopen and people are back on the roads. i feel this step should work, i agree with it. indian officials were quick to hail the initiative a success. with constant construction work also snarling traffic in the capital, the road to clean up the air may still be a long one. phil: here is a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. turkish president has defended
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his efforts to change turkey's government by pointing to nazi germany as a success story. the regime was an example of a presidential system that worked. his a.k. party is pushing for a new constitution that would give him more executive powers. two police officers, a soldier and 12 kurdishfieders are reported to have been killed in southeast turkey in the space of 48 hours. violence has surged since july with the collapse of the two-year cease-fire. authorities in dubai are investigating the cause of a massive fire at a luxury high-rise hotel on new year's eve. the huge blaze was still burning the day after it broke out prompting questions about the city's ability to both prevent and fight major fires. reporter: fires were still burning in the downtown hotel the morning after the building are become the stuff of disaster movies.
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firefighters said they battled all night trying to tackle the blaze. authorities said the 16 injuries suffered were all related to the stampede that ensued when the fire broke out on new year's eve. they believe it started on the outside of the building on the 20th floor, but remained unsure of the exact cause. the fire spread quickly to engulf much of the 63-story building. people inside said there were grave safety problems. >> the sprinklers didn't come out. there were no sprinklers, no fire alarm. reporter: despite the huge fire, only about a kilometer away, dubai authorities went ahead with new year's eve celebrations including a massive fireworks display at the world's tallest skyscraper. the new year has brought new markets and new economic
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opportunities to ukraine. at the stroke of midnight, a free trade agreement came into force. the ukrainian president was celebrating the new deal, russia had already taken retaliatory steps against kiev. reporter: people in kiev have every reason to welcome the new year. hopes are high for 2016 thanks to a free trade agreement with the european union. corporations can now move into the country and ukrainian products can be sold on new e.u. markets. in his new year's address, the ukrainian president showed optimism. on the first of january, there will be a deep and comprehensive free trade area between ukraine and the european union. in a few years, we will offset economic losses which ukraine incurred from russia. russia strictly rejects any cooperation between ukraine and the e.u. for now, the kremlin has suspended its free trade agreement with ukraine.
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russia officially claims ukraine could provide access to the russian market for unwanted european products. the fight over ukraine moving closer to the e.u. was one of the main reasons for the protests in november 2013. with the free trade agreement in place, former protesters now see one of their goals realized. phil: natalie cole has died at a hospital in los angeles. she will perhaps be best remembered for her recording of "unforgettable" sung as a duet with her father. she cancelled concerts in december because of long-standing health issues. she was 65 years old. ♪ ♪ phil: in sports, the new year's day leg of the four-hill ski jumping tournament at the german resort. the slovenian favorite finished ahead of norway's skier after
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his fourth victory of the season. he holds a huge points lead over the previous world cup leader. the german came in third and able to follow his win on tuesday. the third leg of the tournament will take place in innings brush on sunday. that's the way the world looks at at this hour. we'll be back more with the top of the next. thanks for watching us. stay with d.w. ♪ ♪
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>> among the monasteries of russia, it would be hard to find more famous than this monday stair, 80 clom percent north of moscow. in the 14th century, it became a leading center of the rushan
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orthodox church. the monastery is one of the residences of the patriarch of all russia. today, the russian orthodox church enjoys official recognition once again. the monastery's most important festival is celebrated on trinity sunday. the faithful come from far and wide to be anointed. the monastery of the trinity has been designated one of the highest rank. the complex resembles a fortress, the eight fortified towers and the wall offered protection against many a lengthy siege in the past. they surround nine churches, the huge bell tower, the
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metropolitan's palace, the theological seminary housed in what used to be the czar's palace, the treasure and the monk's cells. today they're all protected by orders. again and again it came under attack from swedes and poles among others. frescos above the sacred gate, the main entrance document its history. it was founded in the mid 14th century by a man of great authority. he taught the local peasants better farming methods and was very influence enshal in the spiritual life of the community and a prophesy made to him by a figure in the night sky came to pass. as the number of birds that attend, so should the number of did i sigh approximatelies multiple and after my passing
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shall continue. new buildings were being added as late as the 18th century and they have all survived to the present day. the most famous of the fortified towers is the duck tower when czar peter the great took refuge in the monastery in the power struggle with his receive, it's said he used to hunt ducks from here. every year, czars are said to have left their magnificent palaces and come on foot as pilgrims to the trinity, even ivan the terrible. in the courtyard at the foot of the bell tower, there is a fountain of holy water.
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the water is said to cure diseases and promote spiritual and physical well-being. even today, people come from far afield to get the water. ♪ ♪ >> trinity cathedral, it was erected over the tomb and predates the other churches on the site entering the modest
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vestibule, visitors catch sight of the icon screen which separates the altar from the con grea investigation. the rows of icons are meant to the read from top to bottom and left to right. they tell the story of the bible in pictures. the decoration and the interior is attributed to the medieval morning and artist andre. to the right of the royal door leading into the sanction air hangs the main icon representing the hole trinity. as in all orthodox, the virgin mary plays an important role.
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to the right stands a sarcophagus, many of the sayings have been passed down. for example, learn from me for i am humble and your souls shall know peace. to be obedient means to forgo all argument in the face of reason which outshines all else and learn to appreciate weakness and you shall attain perfect humility.
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for insurgence, the monastery amassed art treasures including precious icons, later items from old ruined churches joined the collection, for example this royal door from the school, icon painting remains a traditional craft. the monastery received many magnificent gifts. this book lists the benefactors, the greater the sins, the richer the gifts. for example, this embroidered cloth intended for a sarcophagus, the delicate embrian hoyer air was the gift of a wealthy family, probably hoping to buy themselves a place in heaven. the monastery was overwhelmed
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with gifts from a czar in an attempt to solve his conscience, it said he had the icon of the trinity lavishly studded with gold and jewels. the love of magnificent provided work for a whole generation of jewelers and an entirely new style developed. the czar, upstart and outsider, is buried here with his family.
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in 1918, the monastery came under state control, the monks were forced to flee and hide. many of them were killed. others found refuge within the ancient walls of the nearby monastery, it once included many hermitages and lesser convents, all in sight of one another. after world war ii, there was a new beginning for religious life in the monastery of the trinity.
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the russian orthodox trinity sunday celebrations have begun, people from all over the region accompany the procession of priests and monks across the courtyard. service after service is held in all of the churches .
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the interior of the churches is decorated with birch saplings and flowers. priceless festival icons have been set up and garlanded with green leaves. the monastery of the trinity offers fascinating examples of russian architecture from the 14th to the 18th century, but it is more than just a memorial, it's a living shrine of russian orthodox christianity.
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♪ ♪ 8úxú
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>> attack in tel aviv. police looking for a good man who killed two people -- gunman who killed two people. a deadly blast rips through a kabul neighborhood. controversy in germany, where editors are being allowed to kampf" for the first time since hitler's death. we start in the united states, where barack


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