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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 4, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> you're watching live from it ison "france 24." legal and it will save lives. barack obama speaking out as he makes a fresh effort to tighten gun control in the united states. allow which were -- around between two forces takes on a new dimension. allies weighing in on its disputes with iran. the new manager at real madrid. for theyear contract
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world's most viable club. club.uable he says it won't solve every violent crime but it could save lives. barack obama speaking out in a few minutes on his renewed efforts to cut the number of gun deaths in the united states. the u.s. president meeting with top officials to discuss tightening gun control. many americans support stricter gun laws, but not all. >> men, women, and families eager to get new firearms. drew a show in virginia
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larger crowd than usual after president obama promised to take executive action to tighten gun control. >> there's a lot more people at the show than i've seen at a long time. i think it has had a pretty big impact on sales. >> one of obama's plans is to crack down on unregulated sales of firearms. legal but thes president wants to force these sellers to get a federal license . gun dealers are up in arms over the plan. >> they're just going to make regulations that make it more more difficult for people to own a gun and be able to protect themselves, which not only hurts standpointusiness but it's an infringement upon our constitutional rights. >> the second amendment to the u.s. constitution allows people to have weapons. obama has long insisted he does not want to repeal that provision. obama: i get letters
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from people who grieve with us every time these tragedies happen. they share my belief we can protect that right while keeping an irresponsible, dangerous view from inflicting harm on a massive scale. >> after a mass shooting at a primary school three years ago, the president pushed for a package of new measures to includingn control one expanding background checks that congress voted down. since then, scores of shooting tragedies have shocked the nation. more than 80 people have died and nearly 200 injured in the united states since the start of the year. they are two of the biggest players in middle east politics. haveaudi arabia and iran cut diplomatic ties after saudi arabia executed a cleric from branch of those
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following is long. today allies have severed ties with iran. our reporter explains how things got to this point. >> an angry crowd on the streets of tehran denouncing the shooting of a shiite cleric. suggesting the storming of the saudi nbc in tehran on sunday was a start -- was a plot to discredit iran. revolution --ry would be so ignorant to go to protest with the molotov cocktail in their hands. there has deftly been a plot involved. >> among protesters there was dust -- disbelief at saudi minra's execution of shake
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al-nimr. >> what places therefore democracy? >> protesters had attacked the at theission, angered execution. iran had also withdrawn its diplomatic ties. iranian authorities have condemned the execution saying saudi arabia would face revenge. a war of words has since erupted between the two regional powers. those countries have accused each other of fueling sectarian while between shiites and sunnis muslims across the middle east. there are fears escalating tensions could further destabilize the region. both countries are backing opposite sides in several conflicts, including syria and yemen. the last time riyadh
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cut diplomatic ties with tehran was in 1968. criticismd frequent and a series of conflicts across the region. relations between riyadh and a ron reached a new low with the saudi execution of a prominent opposition shiite cleric, the storming of the saudi embassy in supported followed the decision to cut ties with the regional rival. creates a larger information gap and more miscommunication, misperception, miscalculation in a region where it is already deeply dangerous. >> there was a stampede last year in which over 450 iranian lives were lost. iran blamed saudi arabia for mismanaging the most important
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event on the calendar. two statestween the deteriorated following declining support for the invasion in 1980 which led to an eight year war. they have supported different sides of conflicts in the region . troops against the mostly shiite opposition. in yemen, riyadh supported the government with airstrikes and accused tehran of backing they shiite houthi rebels. diplomats say the country has made repeated efforts to open up which is largely rebuffed by saudi arabia. the question now is whether the two nations will continue to hold back from over
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confrontation. catherine: it seems to have inspired new sectarian bloodshed in iraq. two people were killed in retaliation for the execution. iraqi shiites have marching back that an southern cities calling for a boycott of saudi products. the iraqi prime minister has blamed the tax on the islamic state group. that's returned to our top story, a barack obama's renewed effort to cut the number of gun deaths in the united states. he met today with top officials to discuss tightening gun control. can he succeed where he failed previously? let's get some prediction and insight with a senior fellow for the center for american progress. thanks very much for being with us. there is so much outcry each
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time there is a mass shooting inside the united states, and there have been several recently. where do you gauge public opinion to be overall right now on the issue of tightening gun control? americans are behind the -- by far this has strongocked by institutional lobbies and forces within our political system that have prevented him from being able to get his wishes moved on. he's been accused of is legal action by trying to use his executive orders to push these through. the attorney general was in the meeting. who is right on the legality of the issue?
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>> the president has broad legal authority to issue executive action. every time this president has made a point of using executive he has his opponents say acted illegally. contrary to the fact that other presidents have used executive actions and there is not the same degree of outcry. it's a very politicized environment right now which makes it difficult to get broad consensus on anything. i think the president will be well within his legal framework for whatever the decision is that comes down with the executive action. been accused of overstepping executive actions in the past every occasion it has happened he has been proven correct. >> ultimately the action or barack obama wants to take is not very drastic by european standards. he's talking about more checks and controls. senators and
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congressmen are strongly against this. people predicting the executive action he wants to take will have very little impact. what is your opinion? >> i think you are absolutely of allthat by comparison modernized industrial nations, the proposals the president is making a relatively tame. he's not talking about banning weapons of any kind and i think that's what a lot of his opponents tend to do, to equate any kind of gun control with foring, and that is political objectives almost exclusively. catherine: considering all the opposition he is facing, where do you see his strategy on gun control? >> we have been phased over the past decade with more than 100,000 people killed because of
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gun violence in millions of others victims of assault and other crimes. the vast majority of people think what he wants to do makes sense. and it will bring us in line with most other reasonable westernized countries. however,hat congress, that are soithin it adamantly opposed to this president and with their constituents in regard to gun control, they will continue to fight him. but i think the rational minds will see that the executive actions will be the right thing over time. catherine: thanks so much for your thoughts from the center for american progress. back here in france, the country getting ready to commemorate the first anniversary of the attacks that began at charlie hebdo thezine and ended with
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deadly hostage-taking at a kosher supermarket. revealedebdo has today this cover of its anniversary issue. physical and mental scars are still keenly felt elsewhere around the city. it's in an dress for many is hard to forget. , the former offices of charlie hebdo. workers have put up a lack commemorating the 11 people who were killed here. has sincecal weekly moved and its name is no longer on the lobby directory. the but the buildings caretaker cannot help but think of what happened here. this is where the january 7 attacks occurred. the people they
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killed. it's impossible not to think of them every time i come up to the second floor. i immediately think of charlie. they are no longer here. they are gone. >> those at work in the building are not the only ones who remember the dead. the whole neighborhood was shaken by the events of january 7. nearby, another plaque has gone up. by the police officer killed the brothers. ongedies that continued, january 8 in a southern suburb, another police officer was shot down and killed. spotrs still marked the where he was murdered. the street will be renamed after her this week. now.'s been a year i think of her often, every week, actually. when i walk by on my way to do errands, i'm happy she is finally being honored. >> the next day, he continued a market.g spree at
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since the january 9 attack last year, soldiers and police have kept watch. the kosher supermarket has since reopened and tributes remain a permanent fixture outside. >> everyone was affected by the attacks, not just the jewish community but also the muslim and christian community. everyone was touched. in this neighborhood we all know each other. it is emotional to walk by here with the barricades and security. but we make do, and life goes on. lost, butring those also moving forward. an act of defiance against those who took so much. catherine: one of the most controversial proposals to come out of the aftermath of november's attacks in paris. the plans to allow nationals to be stripped of their nationality of convicted of terrorism.
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>> for the first cabinet meeting of 2016, ministers arrive together at the palace. following the traditional new year's greetings to the president, it was time for politics. the government discussed the most pressing issues including the constitutional reform plan for the coming months. it includes the stripping of citizenship for dual nationals found guilty of terrorism. a controversial measure not yet set in tone. to seeions have begun what suggestions might be good on the table. the prime concern is to unite as much as possible. therefore it should break the usual political barriers. the measure is generally accepted by the right-wing opposition but it is equally dividing the left. the constitutional reform by --
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decided by president hollande in the wake of the attacks. >> he cannot afford to show any sign of weakness. the french population is still deeply marked by the attack. >> a recent poll shows that three quarters of the french people see the fight against terrorism as the priority for 2016. the main concern remains unemployment. tosident hollande has vowed offer an apprenticeship or whoning to 500,000 citizens have been out of a job for a long time. big news in the world of football, a new manager for riel madrid replacing beni test after just seven months.
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-- replacing benitez. third.e currently >> we have the best club in the in thend the best fans world. what we have to do now is make by the end of the year. eric writes for the france sports daily and he joins us now live. thanks for being with us. we just heard him speaking about how proud he is. in terms of being a manager, is he ready to take on such a big and ambitious club? >> that's a fair question.
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for two years he has been managing the reserve team who played in the third division in spain. handling the most crowned, most famous club in the world, the wealthiest club in the world. than 10 years he's been involved with the daily life of real madrid. they said they were not backing him to be back as manager. it was really backed by the , by run although, by the big names. , a kinduple of months
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of honeymoon is available. he's only been in the job for six or seven months out of a three-year contract. couldn't real madrid have given him any longer prove himself? six months is not very long. >> it is not long, and i think its is the big fault because , it tookexact opposite a kind of realistic and .cientific manager he was more kind of human and positive and an authentic thinker. opposite.e exact offensived is about and positive football and benite
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z is more of a mathematician. fault to choose him. thanks so much for your some culture news, stars and fans of french cinema are mourning the loss of one of its ofats who died at the age 93. his family announced earlier today that he had passed away in his sleep. he had a long career on stage and screen. in total he appeared in more than 250 movies. he was renowned by directors.
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it's 20 past 9:00 in the evening here in paris. it is legal and it will save lives. barack obama speaking out today as he makes a fresh effort to tighten gun control in the united states. a diplomatic row between two of the biggest players in middle east politics takes on a new mention. and in football, the new manager givenl madrid, benitez the boot just seven years into his three-year contract. with a round up of the top business headlines of the day. game,ock market trading it's been a bad day for stock markets all around the world today. stocks began after china
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.ell by more than 7% a new measure put in place after last year's crash on the chinese market. start to year for chinese shares. new so-called circuit which affected trading for the rest of the year. two separate report showed that china's manufacturing industries continue to shrink. investors were also nervous about the imminent into limits of stock shares posed by the government. that a long with a circuit breaker system were brought in following last year's market at one point saw the shanghai stock exchange lose 40% of its value. trading is then suspended for 15 minutes.
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the idea is to stabilize the market but some say could increase pressure to sell. >> will not change the supply and demand of the market which are based on fundamentals and capital flows. it will not train -- not change overall trading trends. >> china is not the only country to use such circuit breakers. the u.s. introduced a similar system in 1987. >> what happened in china sent out jitters in europe all the way to the u.s. the dow jones on pace to have its worst opening day in more than 80 years. currently it's down 2.3%. the nasdaq pairing even worse in the s&p 500 with a similar figure. one of the lowest trading days we've seen since august. ,lenty of geopolitical tension
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so is it and on a sign for 2016, or all we reading too much into this? here's the take from one analyst. >> in general, the rule of thumb is that the first five days at the stock markets determine the rest of the year. but our basic prerequisites have not changed. we have low interest rates and high liquidity. because of the low interest rates, the liquidity is looking for investment in the stock markets. i don't have a negative view of the year 2016. let's take a quick look at some company news. the u.s. government has sued .olkswagen penalties in the lawsuit could be more than $20 billion. the complaint alleges the automaker installed devices on its diesel engine, some of which spewed up to 80 times the legal
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limit of poisonous fumes. shares were briefly suspended. it then triggered a brief circuit breaker suspension. it comes after the luxury sports -- shares were down earlier, over 30%. lyft and general motors have forged a partnership. they will invest in the ridesharing service. gm will become a preferred vehicle provider. it looks to push connected and autonomous vehicles. the partnership could help lyft take market share away from its rival, uber. thanks very much for
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today's top business news stories. we will take a short break and then continue.
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01/04/16 01/04/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> he is very important to us. and they knew they were taking a very strong stance by killing someone, as well as some one who is an absolutely nothing wrong, sending a care message of the people and we are here to say we won't take it. amy: protest in the middle east after saudi arabia executes nimr baqr al-nimr and 46


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