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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: this is live from paris ." i'm genie4 godula. these are the headlines. the french president begins a week of tribute to the victims of the charlie hebdo attacks in paris. 17 people were killed in january of last year, the first of two deadly attacks that book ended 2015. allies of saudi arabia follow the kingdom's lead, scaling back diplomatic ties with iran. angryut relations after
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protesters ransacked the saudi embassy in iran. violence sparked by the saudi execution of a prominent shiite cleric. congress,ma bypasses pushing through new executive measures to try and help control gun violence in the united states. up this hour, in business, taking some of the shine off the newest innovations in technology. we will be looking at why it might be a gloomy opening to the consumer electronics show in las vegas. former u.s. president bill clinton has made his first solo appearance campaigning for his wife, and former secretary of state, hillary clinton. that and more on the way. first, our top story. this thursday will mark
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the one-year anniversary of the attack on french satirical magazine "charlie hebdo," and that and a second shooting in a grocery store two days later left 17 dead last january. the events shocked the nation and turned the publication into a symbol of french freedom, pushing millions into the streets to say, "i am charlie." the events remain in the collective memory of the country, particularly after the more recent paris attacks in november that left another 130 dead. the french president, francois hollande, began a week of commemorations. the magazine has moved from its , but it'sdquarters our correspondent reports, it was the site of the first ceremony, where the president unveiled a track -- unveiled a plaque. >> behind me, the kosher
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supermarket, where the hostage areing was done, what people on january 9. francois hollande, along with prime minister manuel valls, was here to unveil the plaque in memory of the victims. he was surrounded by family of the victims. the franco-malian owner of the supermarket, who acted as a hero, saving lives, hiding customers in a cold storage room. this was an emotional ceremony, four peopleurn the killed in this attack. two other plaques were unveiled paris, one atf hebdo offices, with the surviving members of the
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satirical magazine, along with the families, relatives of the ceremony,tending the presided over by francois hollande. families ofe by the the victims in these difficult times -- another plaque was unveiled very close to the charlie hebdo headquarters. the exact location where a policeman where by killed, savagely murdered the brothers comedy two jihadists, as he was trying to prevent them from fleeing the scene of the attack. the mother of the policeman was there at the ceremony, holding a french flag. france is in mourning today, and a week of commemorations has begun to mark the one-year anniversary of the january attacks, of the charlie hebdo attacks. tensions between saudi
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arabia and iran have turned into a full-blown dramatic crisis. kuwait now says it is recalling its ambassador from iran and bahrain and sudan have followed lead,udi's -- the saudis cutting relations with iran. a saudi embassy was ransacked, sparked by the execution of a prominent shiite cleric. correspondent our in dubai. kuwait is the latest arab state to join ranks with saudi arabia, recalling its own ambassador but not going as far as expelling terror on -- as expelling tehran's ambassador himself. behold -- this is all going behind saudi arabia. saudi arabia is a heavyweight in the gulf in terms of population.
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any nation hard for to stand against it. kuwait and the united have interests in saudi arabia. all of them are led by two families who feel their leadership is on a thread because of iran's comeback on the diplomatic scene after the nuclear deal. gulfdly, most of the countries have troubles linked to their shia population. others are already fighting iran for months in proxy wars in syria, in yemen. all of these countries are part of the saudi-led, lycian -- the saudi-led coalition. there were tensions even before the execution. had to know arabia how provocative that execution was going to be. why would it go ahead with it
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anyway? >> one of the possible explanations is that the saudi royal family could be trying to shield public attention away from the mystic problems within the kingdom. saudi arabia has announced a few of 20% of gase prices. the government had to take this unpopular stand because of the record $98 billion budget deficit. the low oil prices on the market, but because of the war in yemen. so escalating tensions with iraq could be a strategy, pointing the finger at an external enemy. genie: thank you for that. that is our correspondent reporting from dubai. now to turkey, where the bodies of 21 migrants have washed up on the coast of the agency -- of aegean sean.
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jester mortimer reports. jasper: the turkish news agency is reporting that eight of them were rescued at sea. ashore managed to swim and landed on the turkish beach. suffering from hypothermia. he was wrapped in blankets and carried off the beach. all of these people were washed , the drowned were washed up on the turkish sure on the -- on the turkish shore on the greek island of less post. the distance between the two countries is 10 to 20 kilometers. so it is a tempting crossing to try to make. but turkey also has a land border with greece. if these refugees crossed by bus
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or train, greeks would have sent them back to turkey because they did not have a visa. but when they arrived illegally by boat, they actually present completely.a failed with a fait accompli. europe policies are actually encouraging migrants to take the dangerous route into europe. that is jasper mortimer reporting from ankara. barack obama is pushing through new measures to control gun violence in the united states, taking matters into his own hands by announcing a crackdown on unregulated gun sales. kathy clifford has more on these new plans. congress, obama cannot push through any legislation on gun control.
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he says his new plan centers on tightening existing laws in an increase on background checks. president obama: these are well within my legal authority and the executive branch, but they are also ones that the overwhelming majority of the american people, including gun owners, support and believe in. >> public opinion polls show overwhelming support from americans on expanding background checks on gun sales to ensure weapons do not fall into the hands of convicted criminals or the mentally ill. but they are more divided on the broader question of stricter gun laws. >> they just enforce the laws that are already on the books, that would go a long way toward solving the problem. opinion, irsonal think it is unconstitutional. >> what is the problem with doing a background check for a gun? >> out -- at the heart of the
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at measure, it is aimed clearing up a gray area. many gun shows get around backup -- get around background checks by classifying themselves as collectors. new guidance would clarify that "dealer" applies to anyone in the business of selling firearms. factors will include how many guns a person sells, how frequently, and whether they are sold for profit. in an additional measure, the fbi will hire 230 new examiners to process these background checks. genie: also in america, the white police officer who shot dead a black motorist in south carolina has been released on $500,000 bail. michael slager was dismissed from the north carolina police from thein the -- south carolina police force. he has been in jail since then. walter scott was shot and the
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back five times as he tried to run away from him after being pulled over, reportedly for a broken brake light. one newspaper says the officer's gasps ands met with tears. former u.s. president bill clinton has made his first solo appearance, campaigning for his wife and former secretary of state hillary. with the first primaries next month, hillary clinton looks set to clinch the democratic party nomination, but strong showings have drawn a new wave of attacks from donald trump, who continued to lead an overcrowded and chaotic field of republicans. political commentators call it the bill factor. so far the former president has taken a backseat in his wife's latest bid to put a clinton back in the white house. on monday he was publicly deployed to help her cause. president clinton: i do not believe in my lifetime anybody who has run -- anybody has run for this job who was better
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qualified by knowledge, experience, and temperament to do what needs to be done now. >> hillary clinton has a comfortable lead in democratic polls, and her campaign raised $37 million in the past three months, a record for a nonincumbent candidate. need more of an american is more love and kindness. where we are respecting each other,supporting each and particularly those who are most vulnerable among us -- the youngest, the oldest, the sickest, the poorest. surrounding her husband's past sexual transgressions, and which threatened to have him impeached in 1998, were hurled at the former secretary of state. while republican front runner donald trump recently labeled bill clinton and abuser and hillary clinton --
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donald trump: it has not been a pretty picture for her or for built because i am the only one willing to talk about his problems. >> the clintons may have attended donald trump's third wedding, but as rivalries intensified, the daikon -- the tycoon has shown he will not be slow to dig up old skeletons. genie: the french president has begun a week of tributes for the victims of the charlie hebdo attacks in paris. that was the first of does code deadly attacks that book ended 2015. allies of saudi arabia followed the kingdom's lead of scaling -- scaling diplomatic ties back for a rant. violence sparked by the saudi execution of a prominent shiite cleric. bypasses congress, pushing through new executive measures to try and help control
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gun violence in the united states. time now for our business news with stephen carroll. you are starting in china, where the government stepped in to prop up the stock market. stephen: market analysts are saying that the national team has resumed buying shares on the markets after yesterday's slump. indexrop at a key stock activated the new circuit breaker. on top of the -- on top of that, bankers injected nearly $20 billion in cash to the banking system, the biggest amount spent since september. the market regulators have also hinted they may extend a selling band put in place after last summer's stock market crash. concern over the removal of the controls have added to the selloff on chinese markets. let's look at how chinese shares finished the day after all of that action. by ahree main indices down
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quarter of 1%. smaller companies finished down 2%. the csi 300 is the key number two drops -- the csi 300 is the key number to watch, up by a quarter of 1%. bounce at the start of trading, but the market fell into negative territory in paris and frankfurt, just london seeing some small gains. we move on now with a look at some more up-to-date business headlines. company l'orange has signed a merger with bo uygues.
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a potential merger has not yet been taken. the u.s. department of justice filed a civil lawsuit against volkswagen, which could see the carmaker forced to pay penalties of $20 billion. the case concerns a mosys hundred thousand vehicles fitted with a so-called defeat device. could driver-free taxis be on the way? general motors is investing $500 million in the company lyft, which could lead to on-demand driverless cars. totially, it allows drivers rent gm vehicles at a discount. let's stay with technology, and the consumer electronics show has gotten underway in las vegas. >> it is that time of year we have the annual showcase of new and shiny things. there are usual collections of technological innovations.
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we expect artificial intelligence and more. the atmosphere may have a little less sheen than usual, as mark thompson explains. mark: what is being forecast as a challenging year ahead, tech companies gather in las vegas for the annual consumer electronics show. they face an uphill struggle in 2016. the consumer electronics association says the slowdown in china and the strong u.s. dollar will limit u.s. consumer spending. to $950recasting a drop billion. that has not stopped some companies from going all out. one concept vehicle has 1000 reach 60 innd can under three seconds. >> apple did not just redefine the phone. it transformed the way that we communicate, organize, and enjoy
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our lives. we at faraday future are looking to do. theany startups used exhibition as an opportunity to showcase their talent and their products, to try to bring in investors. this year sees everything from drones to artificially intelligent jewelry. >> drones, driverless cars. that was all science-fiction hype just a year ago. this year it is all real. >> more traditional electronics such as phones and tvs account for half of all revenue in the sector. startups like these are hoping inventions will give the tech industry a timely boost. stephen: we will have plenty more throughout the weekend. genie: interesting. you also get some great tips for
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the future out of that show. it is now time for the press review. villeminot is with us on the set with a look at what is grabbing headlines around the world. a lot of focus again on the rising tensions between saudi arabia and iran. flo: the gloves are really off in the region. two articles, one from the iranian press. the conservative paper goes out against the saudi royal family. a bunch of bedouins who have built their authority on a mountain. essentially using the same terrorist methods, but let's look at the saudi press. they are not mincing their words with respect to iran. this article says iran is a terrorist republic, always obsessed with conspiring and spreading hate among muslims. ties with that is a victory for peace and humanity. genie: several papers are trying to define what is behind these
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tensions. here, thisn see french paper is wondering why saudi arabia is provoking the -- is provoking iran. execution oft the april, and it shiite muslim ferrick would spark outrage. maybe that is what saudi arabia wanted. -- a shiite muslim cleric would spark outrage. maybe that is what saudi arabia wanted. this article is interesting, that saudi arabia feels threatened by what it essentially seals as -- what it essentially sees as iran possibly growing influence in the region. a lot of it has to do with a fight for regional dominance between iran and saudi arabia. if we look at this article in "the wall street journal," a lot
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of it has to do with domestic issues. analysts are saying this crisis could he a smokescreen to distract people -- could be a smokescreen to distract saudi arabia from controversial policies such as its costly war in yemen and a dropping oil revenue. genie: in the united states, many papers are focusing on barack obama, unveiling a theory that he is bypassing congress in that gun violence. flo: he unveiled the details and put out this article in "the washington post, which comes back on these 10 separate provisions, which essentially include expanding background checks and tightening enforcement. according to "the new york times and its editorial, obama has finally acted on america's entitlement levels of gun violence. "the new york times" calls it an epidemic. it focuses on republicans.
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they are already outraged and they are saying obama is trying to get rid of the second amendment. lm down," says the new york times. why is obama waiting? this is a question that has come up a lot in the press. i pulled up an article in "the daily beast" saying that obama was willing to work with congress, but the republicans have made it clear congress will not do anything about gun control during his presidency. time is running out, so he is taking his last shot at gun control while he can. papers are focusing on a controversial government proposal that would strip dual nationals born in france who are convicted terrorism of the french citizenship. flo: that's right, incredibly controversial. you can get more details. members of parliament are going to start examining this proposal on february 3, but what is interesting is a lot of socialists do not want to try to
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get it into the french constitution, so they are looking at alternatives. socialists are considering bringing back a sentence that was used in the wake of world war ii to try collaborators. it is called the national indignation, or shame, and it would strip french terrorists of strip french- terrorists of their civil rights. they are considering extending this measure to all french citizens. they would have these two levels of citizenship, by nationals and non-binationals. why is against international law? this is against the universal declaration of human rights and is against french civil law. this is another controversial thing we will be talking about. genie: a controversial and complicated issue.
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to wrap up, you have a word on an iconic parisian canal. flo: this is in the northeastern part of paris. you might remember it from a movie. it is a home to trendy shops and restaurants, and they have started draining the canal because it is really dirty. if you have been around paris in the summer, you would probably remember people jumping into the canal when it gets hot. it is pretty gross. they do a clean up about every 10 years. 40 tons of rubbish were removed in 2001. "the guardian" has a list of the interesting objects that have been pulled out. you have bicycles, motorbikes, cars, sofas. there are shells from world war i, gold pieces, and a toilet bowl. quite a long list of interesting things. i wonder what they will pull out this time. it will last for months, cost
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9.5 billion euros. do not be worried about the fish -- they have been removed and put in a safe location. at the end of april, the canal will fresh and clean and hopefully smelling quite good as well. genie: thank you so much, florence villeminot. you can os check out the press review on the website. the website is up next, would you pay 108,000 euros for a fish? more on who did and why coming up.
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>> middle east matters, on "france 24," and awúwóóóóó
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>> this is a production of china central television america. walter: for more than a decade, the united states has had the highest incarceration rate in the world. in fact, the usa has just 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's prison population, and american taxpayers spend an astounding $70 billion on correctional services annually. what's wrong with this picture? i'm mike walter in los angeles. let's take it full frame.


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