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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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"> welcome to the "france 24 newsroom. i am molly hall. authorities in indonesia arrest several suspects in connection with yesterday's deadly attack in the capital. the assault claimed by the islamic state organization. we go to our correspondent for the latest. a global medical clinic is sent to madaya. and with weeks to go before the
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first u.s. primary, the six republican -- the sixth republican debate is held. theld trump questioned legality of ted cruz's presidential run. a number ofespite scandals and roadblocks for the auto industry, european carmakers raced ahead in 2015. kate moody will have a closer look. skeleton thought to be the world's largest dinosaur takes standard stage -- takes center stage in new york. we begin in indonesia, where several arrests have been made in the country following yesterday's deadly terrorist attack. the islamic state group claimed responsibility for the jakarta assault, that left two civilians
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and five assailants dead. authorities held a press conference. for more on that, we cross to jack hewson -- jack cusan. what is the latest? jack: they are still trying to identify the connection with the three people. prospective incidents in the future. she suspects have been at -- chief suspects have been , a man in syria currently is the chief liaison and thei.s. in syria mujahedin of eastern indonesia, led by another man.
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between them, between the people arrested, have all been identified and worked on by police and security forces. molly: how much of a concern is presence in indonesia, or is it a radicalized muslim sect in the country? arei.s.'s tactics encouraging in the fight in the caliphate has changed, encouraging sacrifice like the recently, like many others, including this one, these are going to become of greater concern, especially as
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we turn to combat in syria. there are 200 to 700 indonesian nationals who have gone to syria. when those people return, and concerns there will be for security. what are possible changes to security functioning there in the country, any measures that might come in place? they arems of how going to react in the immediate term is not entirely clear. one thing that was interesting yesterday is the military got involved quickly. that is a departure from standard practice in indonesia. there was a special branch of the police, a militarized branch of the police. whether it is going to be a
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division of the role between the military and the military police in dealing with this threat may be an interesting aspect of how that will play out in the coming months. molly: thank you for that update. the united nations security council will hold a meeting this friday to discuss the humanitarian situation in syria. an estimated 4.5 million people are living in hard-to-reach areas, including nearly 400,000 in the siege to locations. that resulted in a mounting number of starvation's, something the u.n. says amounts to a war crime. madayais trickling into in damascus. supplies will be delivered. inel forces opened up towns the northern province. but that is a drop in the ocean.
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the use of starvation as a weapon of war is a war crime. all sides, including the syrian government, which has the primary responsibility to protect syrians, are committing ons and other atrocious acts international humanitarian law. >> many are living in hard-to-reach areas. 400,000 are trapped in some 15 besieged locations, half controlled by the islamic state some in rebel controlled areas. some in government controlled areas. in the east they are held by the islamic state groups and others. the people who got through this time account for only 1% in dire need.
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molly: officials in sierra leone say a woman has died from ebola just hours after the world or of -- after the world health organization declared in end to the two-year epidemic to the disease. a student fell ill in the north of the country and came in contact with at least 27 people. thursday the who said the latest epidemic that killed 11,000 people was over, with liberia the last country to receive the all clear. here in france, a drug trial has gone terribly wrong. one person is brain-dead and five others have been hospitalized after a trial of the cannabis-based painkiller. the french health minister says a serious accident has taken place and that the testing has been stopped and all volunteers taken part have been recalled. next, investigators are trying to understand what pushed a
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sports teacher and 10 high school students to access a skierous and closed out run, where two of them died in an avalanche. the teacher is being treated at the hospital, where police are questioning him. he is suspected of voluntary manslaughter. >> the dangerous slope is what people see from the ski lift onn they arrive at this site this resort. investigators are trying to understand why a teacher and a group of teenagers he was supervising crossed into the ski run, although signs in four languages indicate it is closed and dangerous. police are questioning the sports teacher, suspected of involuntary manslaughter, when doctors evaluate his psychological state. >> we are certain the group knew it was entering an area that was banned. i think when you are a professional in charge of supervising children, it is your responsibility to tell them, no,
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you cannot do that. >> there was a high risk of avalanche in the area on wednesday. level three on a scale of five. in recent days, it remained unstable. resort managers say they are not i fully to read >> trust my employees, and we checked the slope and it was closed. it was done clearly according to the rules. >> but are the rules strict enough? hundreds of people that were on the band ski run wednesday, investigators are investigating whether the group skiing above the slope trigger the avalanche. although dangerous, skiing on unauthorized slopes is a common practice in the alps. died in 45 people avalanches in france's resorts last winter. next, to the latest in the race for the white house. republicans held their sixth debate last night. front runner donald trump and
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top challenger ted cruz finally took off the gloves with a number of bitter exchanges. trump still leads the national polls, but that is barely the case in iowa. the state's caucus, two weeks away, is the first on the electoral calendar. it is not :00 p.m. at the north charleston coliseum. republicans racing are on the attack. in thursday's debate, donald trump suggested ted cruz's berthing canada makes him ineligible for the presidency, an issue he first raised in september. ted cruz: the constitution has not changed. the poll numbers have. herehe fact and the law are really quite clear. under long-standing u.s. law, the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. donald trump: you have a big lawsuit over your head while you
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are running, and if you become the nominee, who the hell knows if you can even serve in office? candidates said president obama is weak on national security. marco rubio, the candidate favored by many in the republican establishment, said hillary clinton would do no better in keeping america safe. rubio: hillary clinton is disqualified from being president of the united states. she is someone who lies to the families of those four victims of benghazi. she can never be president of the united states. before two weeks to go the iowa caucuses, a national poll shows truck keeping his lead, trailed by ted cruz at 14.5%. molly: hot off the golden globes awards, it is oscar's turn. the nominations for the 2015 awards were announced in l.a. yesterday. the gritty revenge western "the
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revenant" is out in front. who else is in the running for hollywood's top prize? >> the nominations for the 88th academy awards were dominated by the man who won the big award man" won, whose "bird four oscars in 2015. he leads the field this year with "the revenant," starring leonardo dicaprio, hotly tipped to win best actor in his fifth attempt. among his rivals are bryan cranston and last year's winner. other multiple nominees are "mednax: fury road," and "the irish canadian -- and the irish canadian drama, "room." do you know what we are going to do today?
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>> we are going to bake a birthday cake. lawrence, shell around, and -- kate winslet is up for best supporting actress in "steve iss," but the surprise "creed." -- in sylvester stallone: he knocks on the door and i thought, oh, god, people are just going to think this is for money. this film is being produced by a french company. its main rival would be the hungarian holocaust drama, "son taking prizesady
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in the cannes film festival last year. it is not all glitz and glamour, considering the oscars, just like last year, have been criticized for their lack of that version. the absence of lack actors or directors among the -- of black actors or nominees -- the absence of black actors or directors among the nominees has prompted quotes. rex, there is, t a new dinosaur in town, the skeleton of what is known to be the largest dinosaur known to man has gone on display in new york. it has not been officially named, but as for now, it is titanosaur. around the same as 10 african elephants, and it called modern-day argentina it's stomping ground.
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although it does not have an official name, it is being dubbed titanosaur. impressed. when i walked in i could not see the head, and i had to look at, there is the head. it is the biggest animal i have ever seen before. there's nothing compared to it that they -- that is that big. at 122 feet long and 22 feet tall, the creature is so large, it had to be shown to the public in a walking pose. the only way the curators at the american history of nash -- the american museum of natural history in new york could display it. paleontologists say this skeleton is far more complete than any of its competitors. >> for the first time we will be able to answer many questions, how these animals were moving around.
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how fast they were growing, what they were eating, how much they would eat. >> researchers believed this animal would only have been a young adult. it was discovered in the patagonia region in 2014. although it boasts an imposing presence, titanosaurs were herbivores, making this, at least for now, the world's biggest known gentle giant. molly: a check of the headlines now -- authorities in indonesia arrest several suspect in connection with the deadly attack in the capital. the assault claimed by the islamic state organization. mobile medical clinic is sent to madaya. the united nations says the syria starvation amounts to a war crime. debate,sixth republican donald trump questioning the legality of ted cruz's presidential run.
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it is time now for a business update. i joined by kate moody. we are going to start off with oil prices. they dropped below the symbolic threshold. for the second time in a week, oil prices are trading under $30 a barrel at their lowest level in 12 years. branch, and international ranch mark -- an international benchmark, is trading at $29.83, $29.69, respectively. significant drops as the oversupply global market prepares for higher levels of production. iran could restart its oil exports as early as this week if the international atomic energy agency reported has complied with efforts to curb its nuclear program. they could export as much as one million barrels of oil a day. 70% inces have fallen by
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the past 18 months and are down more than 20% in the first two weeks of january. the low oil prices have been weighing on the global market since the start of 2016. markets were pulled further downward this friday. the shanghai composite has lost a total of 9% this week alone. mostly due to concerns about the number of new loans being issued by chinese banks. -- thatseen as a single is seen as a signal the economy been floating -- that the economy may be floundering further. one company in particular should be focusing on is the french carmaker, recovering from its worst ever day on the stock market. it is currently trading down 3% midway through friday's session. shares plunged as much as 20% for renault on thursday after french authorities searched for new offices.
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the immediate concern was that renault could have gone -- gotten caught up in a new missions cheating scandal like volkswagen did last year. was no insists there wrongdoing. analysts say the impacts of the vw scandal will continue to linger, and that car frame -- car manufacturers will be facing tighter scrutiny. a broader car market in europe gathered steam last year despite setbacks like the volkswagen scandal. mark thompson has details. mark: against the odds, enjoyeds across europe a 9% boost in sales in 2015 after six years of decline. helped in part by a rise of 16.6% in december alone. boom, low fuel prices, easy credit, and a
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recovery in consumer confidence. spain led the way with over 20% growth, but it is not all good news for carmakers. are only nowls surpassing those reached in 2010, after the economic crisis. while both the u.k. and u.s. posted all-time records for vehicle registrations last year, emerging markets like china, brazil, and russia are going the other direction. downturns in those countries have had a particular impact on volkswagen, which is already reeling from its devastating emissions scandal. revelations the company installed defeat devices to cheat on tests affected 11 million vehicles worldwide and stopped 2.5% off its european market share. postedman company declines in sales for the first time in more than a decade. electric will sell
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unit toehold appliances haier. raised antitrust concerns. one of the most popular websites is marking 15 years of existence this friday. wikipedia published its first article on january 15, 2001. it is the seventh most popular website in the world. 36 million entries in 280 languages. the online at cyclopedia has relied mostly on user donations. it generated revenue of $7.6 million last year. it is celebrating his 15th birthday with a big cash bonus, one million dollars that will go .oward the wikimedia
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molly: thank you for that business update. it is time now for our press review. i am joined in the studio by florence villeminot. start off with what we saw yesterday take place in indonesia with the attacks on the capital. flo: those attacks were attributed to affiliates of the islamic state group. as you can imagine, there is shot in the indonesian press. let's take a look at the front page of "the jakarta post." jakarta ends are defiant in the face of terrorism. that photo was taken at the starbucks cafe where yesterday's shooting occurred. it displays a hashtag that has been going viral -- #prayforjakarta.
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interesting editorial in "the wall street journal" that says yesterday's attack in jakarta and the one in istanbul is proof that moderate muslim states are not safe from extremism. they have a key role to play in rooting out extremism. they have to counter islamist thatmism and the mentality it nurtures, according to "the wall street journal." an interesting piece in "the daily beast" points out that there is a pattern. we have jakarta, the parachuting, and the san bernardino incident. these operations have grown so comment that western -- these operations have grown so comment, that they have been maraudingmoniker terrorist firearms attacks, mt a fa's. nhey may not be a
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existential threat, but these attacks certainly are changing the way we live. aristopher dickey quotes french expert on radical islam says that such operations are really creating the feeling that --re is a noble threat that a global threat that may pop out of anywhere without a significant target. in this sense, it has brought an end to the world such as we have known it up until now. molly: we have the far right national front leader, marine le pen, who is in the spotlight, discovering reportedly heard feminist side. flo: she is surfing on a wave of motion we have been seeing in the wave of the cologne sex attacks on new year's eves and has used this to lash out what isimmigration and new is that she says immigration is a threat to women's rights. she had discovered that after all she is a feminist. she has been quoting famous feminists and says the national
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front is the only party that can protect women's rights. there is an interesting piece that looks at what she's trying to do here. she actually does not care about women's rights. about isshe does care surfing on this opportunity because remember, the national front does not have a great track record when it comes to feminist issues. they are very much opposed to abortion and they promote a traditional role for women essentially staying at home with the kids. so they are exploiting the situation and using feminism as a way to promote their racist views. we haven the u.k. papers focusing on the story about the three men who are found guilty for their involvement in the biggest burglary in history. flo: you can see a screen grab from a secret videotape from may of 2015 that shows these elderly
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men, three elderly men sipping a drink in a pub, quietly talking. british authorities got a lip reader to decipher their conversation, and they are celebrating the raid they carried out on the safety deposit center last year in april of 2015, a month before this video was filmed. this is a heist that was worth 14 million pounds. molly: that is a huge amount. they are being dubbed the bad grandpas. is interesting is that they are part of a wider gang, and "the daily mail"" says they are average crooks with the combined age of 444. and that they could not resist one last big payday. i am sure it will be a movie someday. molly: we had the oscar nominations come out yesterday. there is a wave of criticism
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over the lack of diversity. flo: that's right, all 20 nominees are white this year, and it sums up what a lot of people are thinking -- another ---white oscars -- this is
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