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tv   DW News  LINKTV  January 18, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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brent: this is dw news, live from berlin. tonight, with the ultimate in with the new. sanctions against iran. iran condemning sanctions on individuals and companies that aided a ballistic missile program. this is just days after washington revokes sanctions against tehran in a landmark nuclear deal fulfillment of terms.
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the a group oxfam says global inequality is unprecedented levels. the rich getting richer, the poor more impoverished. we will ask why. another corruption racket. after soccer athletics, no world tennis facing allegations of match fixing. 16 players suspected of losing on purpose. it is good to have you with us. we start this week with new sanctions by the u.s. against iran. no, this is not a reversal of the lifting of sanctions just two days ago. that decision remains intact. tonight washington says the new penalties are aimed at iranians working on a ballistic missile program.
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tamron is firing back, saying that the new sanctions are no more than propaganda. heated words from two enemies that may be inching themselves toward a warmer space. we have more on that in our first report. >> in u.s. prisoner released by tehran is going under a medical examination. in just a few hours he will be reunited with his sister at frankfurt airport. >> i am in a fog. this is surreal. i am still in disbelief and everything happened so quickly that i do not think it will hit me until i am hugging him. >> a moment of joy for reunited families and a semblance of warmer relations with iran. but in the u.s., president obama was stressing the nuclear deal does not mean that all issues with iran have been resolved. >> we still have sanctions for violations of human rights, for supporting terrorism, and for its ballistic missile program. we will continue to enforce
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these sanctions vigorously. >> following iran's recent test of listin ballistic missiles, of the type designed to deliver nuclear weapons, they have imposed new sanctions. iran has said that the deal does not mean it automatically trust s the u.s. and the foreign ministry in tehran lashed out in washington over the new sanctions. >> the islamic republic of iran will respond to such acts of propaganda and harassment by following his legitimate -- its legitimate missile program more seriously and work on ways to get national security capabilities. we will continue to closely monitor america's fulfillment of its commitments as the deal sets out. >> despite rising tensions, and iran the deal is being greeted as a breakthrough. it certainly is for the families
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of the prisoners who have been released. >> just seeing the headlines, and reiterating that they landed and they are coming home. >> a happy ending for this family. iran is hoping for a happy ending of its own. a new era of openness with the world. >> tonight a new report with a startling statistic about who he is and who is not rich. the british aid organization oxfam says the richest 62 people on earth are now worth as much as half of the entire global population. oxfam does not list these 62 people we will show you here. but they include certainly likes of bill gates, whose microsoft's success made him incredibly rich. and then there is michael bloomberg, the former mayor of new york, and owner of the bloomberg media company. some germans are also on the list. a major shareholder in the car
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maker bmw. oxfam's latest report claims that wealth is being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands and at an alarming rate. according to oxfam the super rich are profiting much more from global growth than the majority of the world population. so what is going on here? , i'm joined by katie wright, head of global affairs at oxfam in the u.k. good evening to you. these numbers are startling. who do you blame? whose fault is it that we have this inequality? >> it is really a systemic failure on the part of governments for not doing enough to make sure that our economies work for everybody and not just those at the top. but also the owners of companies who have choices to make about the wages they pay, about how tax they pay, it seems to be increasingly a choice for companies. and so we are asking business , leaders and political leaders
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to act on what we really see as an inequality crisis. brent: you say that the political establishment is partly to blame here. what do you say to reports from the u.n. and from major governments from europe and the u.s. who say that there have never been as many people being brought out of poverty that we're seeing right now? what about this growing middle class on the planet? >> we absolutely agree. for the last 15 years we have absolutely had the story of poverty reduction. we have had decreased poverty since 2000, and we think it is possible to go further and eradicate extreme poverty by 2030. this is a goal we have set to do. but crucially, but not until they combat inequality. the world bank agrees with us and says that if we tackle inequality, 200 million extra people would be lifted out of
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poverty since 2000. brent: tackling this inequality, you have released this just ahead of the world economic forum that begins in d avos this week. do you really expect anyone there in the swiss alps to take this home with them and use this information to change the situation of the people who are poor? >> it is obviously an ironic issue to be talking about while these elites meet on a mountainside in what many consider to be a tax haven. but more and more of them are recognizing that inequality is bad for everybody. eventually, including them, it is a source of instability, political instability, and economic instability. we are asking them to act. top thing we are asking them to do is to crack down on tax havens which really only exist to help those at the top hide wealth away from everyone else.
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>> we are running out of time. we want to thank you for taking the time to talk with us. that is katie, from oxfam. tonight, the west african nation of burkina faso is grieving. the country observing three days in mourning for the 28 victims of a terrorist attack in the capital last friday. investigations continue in the city center where al qaeda linked gunmen carried out their carnage. they singled out white people for slaughter, and nearly half the casualties are foreigners. security is tight in the capital. the newly elected president has vowed to take further measures to protect the country's borders. our correspondent is in the capital of burkina faso, ouagadougou. good evening to you. what is the atmosphere like in the capital tonight? >> it is an incredible security
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situion. it is tee. especially around pacific center where those attacks happened. people are afraid to spend time in this area, but on the other hand, they went about their daily routines to get their shops open. >> we were hearing that these terrorists targeted white people. have you been able to talk to other white people? do you yourself fear for your life, or do you feel like it is unsafe there now compared to how it was even a week ago? >> of course people are scared, not only the locals, this is a new situation for burkina faso. this is the first time that there has ever been an attack like this. there has never been an attacking burkina faso before, only in the neighboring countries.
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this will be a situation for the new government. >> our correspondent in the capital of burkina faso tonight. thank you very much. now for a look at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. indonesian police have released new surveillance footage of thursday's islamic state terrorist attack that claimed fo civilialives inowntown jakarta. authities sathe assat with -- was a plab after lice raids disrupted plans for striking and targeting christmas and new year's celebrations. morocco has arrested a man suspected of direct leads to the -- links to the attacks in paris. he is described as a belgian of moroccan origin who went under training by islamic state and came into contact with the mastermind of the terrorist assault that claimed 130 lives in the french capital. british prime minister david cameron has said that muslim
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women must improve their english to better integrate into british society. he also suggested that some migrants may be deported they cannot pass an english test within 2.5 years of arrival. that has drawn criticism from muslim groups in opposition parties. the leadership of angela merkel's christian democrats is fighting back against critics of her open-door refugee policy. some of the party have said that -- have been agitating with stronger action to limit the flow of asylum-seekers to germany. angela merkel's closest allies are rallying around her policy, but the government is looking at ways to deport people who do not qualify for asylum especially , those from north africa. >> in the face of mounting pressure to reduce the number of refugees, the coalition's squabbling over migrants from north africa.
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the conservative cdu wants to process their asylum applications faster. >> the fact is, the number of migrants from algeria and morocco is rising. ey are not the people we meant when we said civil war refugees. that is white is quite right to -- why it is quite right to treat this group separately in the new quick decision centers. >> in raids over the weekend, the police stopped 300 migrants in düsseldorf and 40 people of north african origin were arrested on suspicion of a legal residency. -- illegal residency. the governing coalition says it is open to housing americans in special centers, but this alone will not solve the problem. >> people who come here have a 3% chance of being allowed to say and find out far too late they have to return. when may have to leave, we
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cannot send them to their countries of origin because they will not accept them. that is unacceptable. we must bring some order to the system. >> the greens accuse the cdu of reinforcing anti-immigrant sentiment among right-wing parties. the coalition parties are trying to outdo each other with bright ideas. for example, a special center for north african migrants, or cutting development funds of north african countries that do not reopen their doors to their nationals. german chancellor angela merkel remains undeterred by the increasingly heated debate. she is still counting on it working toward a pan-european solution. >> now to tennis. -- now to sports. tennis has become the latest sports become rocked by corruption allegations. 16 elite players have been repeatedly flagged over suspicions that they threw matches in the past decade on behalf of the betting syndicates. the tennis authorities are on the back foot as the australian open begins. >> the melbourne side may be
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beating down on the first grand slam tournament of the year, but dark clouds threaten one of the world's most popular sports. the men's game is on the defensive over suspicion of match fixing. >> the tennis authorities absotely reject any suggestion that evidence of match fixing has been suppressed for any reason, or is not being thoroughly investigated. >> they have banned low-level players over manipulation, but there are now allegations that i free matches at wimbledon were affected. match fixing this too easy to fix, and too hard to police. >> they have a slight change to the game, and start missing shots by a two inches. the top players can do that, and you would not know. >> tennis cannot afford another
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sporting cover-up. brent: you're watching dw news, live from berlin. still to come, why brenton is considering banning u.s. presidential hopeful donald trump from entering the country. we will find out who will be the loser in this standoff. that and more with the latest business headlines, we will be right back.
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brent: welcome back to dw news, live from berlin. our top stories. iran has condemned new u.s. sanctions on individuals and companies they were in post just after washington revoked sanctions for fulfilling the terms of a nuclear deal. republican presidential
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candidate donald trump has been busy on eastern coast of the u.s., looking to gain support among evangelical christians. the republican billionare held a rally. liberty university is seen as a bastion for evangelical christians. trump has stressed his vision faith in recent weeks, in an attempt to win over the critical republican voter group. while trump campaigns in the u.s., on this side of the atlantic there is mounting -- a mounting campaign against the real estate tycoon. the british parliament has debated a call to ban from from entering the country. it was sparked by the u.s. presidential candidates intend to temporarily keep muslims from entering the u.s.. more than half a million britons find a petition for trump to be excluded from the u.k..
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our correspondent in london is now on the line with us. good evening to you. some of the arguments we have been hearing here from both sides of the debate? >> it has been an intense debate on this subject. there were some people who didn't want to ban trump, he they said they should have the same rule applies to all mps , and the scottish nationalist said that his remark caused harm to her and her family. they wanted to have this ban enforced, but the majority of attendees who spoke, my impression was that they wanted to not ban him. they said h we should be
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guided by our own values and not donald trump's values. we are a successful multiethnic state, and it would be undemocratic to ban him from the country. they also remarked that he keep game president, that this would be serious trouble. brent: we know that this debate is not fighting. the final decision comes from the british home secretary. how will she decide? >> she has not really said anything prior to the debate. she had been people in the past year for hate speech. it is widely suspected that she will not go through with this. the parliament can only get a hint of the oppression of the unpaved. pbrent: this very interesting
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story, thank you very much. to talk business, we have the latest headlines. life gold continues to look grave. >> so it seems. the embargo on iranian oil is coming to an end. this paves the way for half a million barrels of crude added to the exports, and adding to the current glut of supply. this will have major implications. it is the wrong time to be around to be returning for the market and the world, says one analyst. that will put even more pressure on the price of oil, which has dropped 70% since 2014. just a year and a half ago and
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the oil price was 115 euros 115 u.s. dollars per barrel. since then the price has been collapsing. how low will it go? today you dropped below $28 a barrel. analysts because a knee-jerk reaction to iran. the oil prices have also had the stock market. earlier i spoke to dw's correspondent in frankfurt, and asked if there were concerns that the situation could get worse. >> keira knightley yes, but i think that -- theoretically yes, but i think we will see a correction. many saw a price beyond $200 a barrel, and they expect a price far below $10. it is a matter of fact that
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listing the international section could worsen the all caps on fly situation that we are already in. at the same time, great economies like the u.s., like china, like europe are slowing down all the time. i think this will have an impact. >> of course there are risks, but there are chances as well. we knew that some companies are trying to reenter the market, and german carmakers are among them. >> the german carmaker, the truck maker daimler is back in business in iran. the daimler truck chief pointed out that there is a huge demand for commercial vehicles in iran, and interesting market. a very interesting market because at times daimler sold more than 10,000 vehicles a year, but that was interrupted by the international sanctions as we all know. >> that was our qudr
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corresponded in frame for it. the finance ministry has recently voted a privatization in the market. for the first time in a year, the exchange rate hit 79 rubles per dollar. there are also good implications of lore oil prices. the number of tourists worldwide increased by 4.4% in 2015. that is according to the united nations world tourism organization. well they managed to bring in plenty of holidaymakers, africa had a hard time. >> tourist numbers around the world are continuing to make a splash. the u.n. tourism body says 2015 psi record 1.1 billion holidaymakers last year. whether it be for beach this case or city breaks, tourism
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numbers have risen consistently year on year since 2009, when the global financial crisis and swine flu cap cash strapped travelers at home. but the tremors of terror were felt in individual reasons. north african solids tourism numbers tumble 8%. tunisia saw two attacks, hearst on the museum and its capital, followed by the killing of 59 tourist in an attack on a resort. some tunisians now many multiple jobs to make ends meet. >> yes, today we are obliged to find a means to keep both activities upload. unfortunately, a third activity is needed, so effectively i'm looking for new employment opportunity. >> the lead of field to governments in north africa and the middle east to do all they can to boost security and win back the truck of -- trust of holidaymakers.
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another record year for global tourist numbers on the horizon. >> so much for the business use. for now it is back to brent for important news the world of german soccer. brent: teamwork. at the top of our show, oksana called for better laws to and tax evasion. but the former brian munich -- iranian president knows a thing about that. he was sentenced to time behind bars for tax evasion. he will be released from prison next month. he has been on date releases early last year. could be set for a return to the german champions. >> his time behind bars is nearly over. he will walk free at the end of february. after 637 days in prison. he is the man who made iran what they are today. -- byron what they are today.
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even while he was incarcerated, his biggest decisions were always linked to the team. >> i have noticed how important he is to this club. he is my friend him and he will remain my friend. >>'s lawyer submitted an application for early release, which was granted as expected. his good behavior was a factor. he has repaid more than 40 million euros. he spent christmas at his home in bavaria, and invited refugees to join him. now he can return to byron as he announced before entering prison. >> and then, when i am back, i will not stay quiet. i am not done yet. [applause] >> he most recently worked on
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day release for iran's youth center. the club will no doubt keep a spot free for him in the future. brent: here's a reminder of the top stories where following for you. iran has condemned the u.s. sanctions on individual's and companies in after washington invoked -- revoked sanctions for fulfilling terms of a landmark deal. and oxfam says global inequality is on the rise with the net worth of the world poor shrinking. dw news, life from berlin. -- live from berlin. thank you for the company. we will see you at the top of the hour.
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>> a man who is described as having a direct relationship to the greeks who killed 130 people in paris in november is under arrest in morocco. this announced earlier by the syrian ministry who said the detainee had spent time in syria undergoing military training and building relationships with commanders from the islamic state group. here is our reporter


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