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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> welcome to live in paris. it is one of p.m.. let's take a look at what is making news at this hour. francois hollande finds a memorandum -- a memorandum of , withtanding with india rafale fighter jets going to delhi.
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and after the weekend's massive snowstorm, virtually paralyzing regions, back to work for the east coast of the united states. we begin in agents, where the fifth anniversary of the egyptian uprising, the country's president has been tribute to the 2011 protests that led to the ousting of hosni mubarak. al-sisi has praised -- the egyptian army is nonetheless a beefed-up security as it cracks down on dissidents. five years on, what has changed for the egyptian people, and how
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are those in the rural parts of the country living since the revolution? this report from our team on the ground. then the delta area, revolution of 2011 is an old memory, and politics seem forgotten. agriculture provides jobs for 30% of the population. cultivated lands are decreasing, as is the income of small farmers. this farmer is on the field in the morning and works as an employee in the afternoon. >> we want stability and security. of course we have security now, but at the start and during the revolution, we did not. we did not watch over our animals. they could have been stolen. >> security has returned, but living conditions have not changed. rising prices and stagnant wages mean that the rural exodus continues. there is nothing here, no work. >> he's interrupted.
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regime supporters do not want egypt to be depicted negatively. >> keep quiet. i am looking for people to work for me and i cannot find any. it is the young people who do not >> want to work. when we speak to the use of the village, who were in favor of the revolution, they feel differently. for them, there is no future here. >> we are traveling abroad. france, italy. for the farmers here, for the new graduates, there is no -- >> we ask if things have changed since 2011. >> for us, no. >> y? -- why?
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in the delta, as elsewhere, the generation gap is significant. among the youth, political consciousness is very much alive. on, iranian president rouhani has arrived in italy, the first leg of the european trip during which he is expected sign off major business deals. it comes a week after the implementation of a nuclear agreement that saw economic sanctions against the islamic republic lifted. the president in rome is expected to sign agreements with italian firms for 16 billion euros. let's talk with joe mckenna, our correspondent. italy is very much looking forward to this visit to kickstart its economy, isn't that? >> that's right. in the last couple of years, italy has really suffered from the falloff in trade, and the missing of the economic sanctions is going to be -- part
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of the talks between president italianas well as the prime minister, matteo renzi. 500 will be gathering in rome tomorrow and looking for deals in the oil sector, in the the oil gianttor, is really looking for an opening i ran in particular is the largest oil producer in the world. in the last couple of years, trade has fallen to around 17 euros per year in 2012 to around 1.2 billion euros. deals will be looked for, that could be worked up to 16 billion euros. res in -- with the unrest in the middle east --
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>> with the role of isis in the middle east, and i's relationship with the syrian president, a charlotte side, it is going to be top of line, articularly when he makes significant meeting with pope francis tomorrow. pope francis is very concerned about human rights in the middle east, and protection for christian minorities, particularly under threat. the iranian debbie foreign minister is saying iran is able to do -- is ready to -- the iranian get the foreign minister is saying iran is ready to do anything possible to stabilize the situation and will be working hard to see how the european countries can advance that and have iran play a better role to ensure that that can happen. >> josephine mckenna, thank you. , as francois
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hollande is continuing his three-day tour, and on the second day the french leader has cleared the way for a multibillion euro sale of the french built rafale fighter jets to delhi in india, but the two sides where specter to sign off on a final agreement during his visit. ,he trip is set to increase operation -- increase cooperation on dealing with terrorism. hollande: our defense ministers have signed an intergovernmental agreement. it is a decisive step for india to purchase these fighter jets. please allow me to thank you for that. there remain some financial matters to be sorted out in the next couple of days, but what
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matters most has been done. in april it was a statement and today it is an agreement between our two countries. let's more on that visit, talk to our correspondent in delhi. what can you tell us about the rafael -- the rafale deal? was not a commercial agreement but a memorandum of understanding around the deal. it is basically pointing a way save for two elements -- the pricing of the aircraft and the delivery date. these will likely be addressed in the days and weeks to come. the french president had a decisive way forward. still an agreement last april. leaders areh stressing that both countries have a shared enemy. that is what the visit is all
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about, precisely that. tomorrow we will see the french publicnt attending parades as an official guest, and i think the clear signal, given the shared heritage in the recent past, that it is a way forward. >> thank you. in -- fourming aicide bombers have attacked town in cameroon. at least 20 have been killed. it is the most recent attack in an area beset by violence connected to the militant group boko haram. we will give you more details as they come to hand. pro-government forces have town inthe last major syria upon schools the province as the united nations compares to host -- prepares to host talks on ending the country's five-year war. talks that were due to begin today apparently were reportedly
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delayed, in part because of the dispute over the composition of the opposition's negotiating team. the european union foreign policy chief says the e.u. has to do much more to support and its work caring for refugees. speaking any ankara, it is extremely important to begin the crisis -- two do with the crisis with better humanitarian conditions on the ground. on the european union side, this means that we have to better support turkey and the incredible work it is doing to also protect anna nordqvist number of refugees, and the turkish side that the management of the flows of refugees and --o migrants had to be done it has to be done in a better
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way. our first priority is saving and suppressing the criminal networks to make profits out of people's desperation, but also that we make the management of the flow sustainable for turkey and for the european union. >> portuguese voters have elected a new president this weekend. marcelo rebelo de sousa won 52% runoff.ote, avoiding a the election may set up an uneasy situation between the center-right president and the socialist-led minority government. >> he is the conservative president who is promising to reunite the country after last year's political deadlock that left them without a parliament. is time to turn the page and list the country out of its trauma, start bringing economic social and political harmony to portugal. sousa iso rebelo de
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set to take up residence in the after sunday'sn election. the 57-year-old is no danger to the media spotlight. portugal'srite constitution in 1976. he has also variously worked as a newspaper editor, journalist, law professor, and european mp, but he is best known as a charismatic media pundit. a reputation that helped him win sunday's election with little campaigning and even a public endorsement from legendary football coach -- from a legendary football coach. >> why professor marbella professorsousa -- why marcelo rebello i can see things clearly. what we need is a winner that has charisma. >> the role of president is , but he hasmonial
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the power to dissolve parliament and fire the prime minister in times of crisis. marcelo rebelo de sousa said in his victory speech that he wants more economic growth without financialng stability. his business is to reassure voters that he is not seeking to return to unpopular austerity measures imposed during portugal's bailout in 2011. >> millions across eastern united states are cleaning up after the weekend's passive snowstorm that virtually paralyzed the region. been reported since friday. public transport remaining disrupted while many flights were canceled. our washington correspondent has more. the great blizzard of 2016 is officially over, and large parts of washington, d.c. now look amountss, with enormous of snow piled up on the sides of the roads, so that these roads
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-- emergencyw services can get through, which has been crucial over the weekend. the u.s. capitol has to get rid of all this snow and wants to get back to some sense of normalcy. behold public transport system -- the whole weekend -- the whole public transport system was shut this weekend. schools will remain shut, but the whole of the east coast, including new york city, which also ground to a standstill, back to someget some b normalcy this monday. >> a cold snap also across eased asia, which has led to more than 50 deaths in taiwan, has also stranded at least 60,000 terr tourists. and after a sudden drop in temperatures over the weekend,
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also hitting hong kong and southern japan. dipping below 20 degrees below celsius, temperatures dropping to six degrees on sunday. cold indeed. it is time for business news with delon of this is a. you are in india where the french president is there on that historic visit. delano: he is on a three-day visit to india. over the next few days a deal for 36 rafale fighter jets will be finalized. there are final pricing hurdles that need to be overcome. france has also pledged to invest 9.2 billion euros in india for the next five years. ministers key accompanied francois hollande on his visit to india, and all busy wrapping up trade deals. sending 36 rafale fighter jets
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was a centerpiece of the deal, even if a few things remain to be ironed out. our two defense ministers have signed an intergovernmental agreement. it is a decisive step for india to purchase these fighter jets and her friends to sell them to such a great country as india. indian media reported that new delhi has been trying to bargain the price for the rafales down, but there are plenty of pickings elsewhere for french companies. indian railways will be supplied in a800 look a moto's deal worth 3.7 billion euros. -- 800 locomotives, in a deal with 3.7 billion euros. and it will generate 140 megawatts between now and 2019. india intends to reach capacity
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of 100 gigawatts of solar power in the next six years. french know-how will also be called upon to help three cities develop as part of the indian including the former french colonial -- >> the islamic republic of iran held its first major post-sanctions summit sunday, unveiling its wishlist for 160 european planes, including 114 to 137 airbus aircraft. president rouhani is likely to sign with airbus. iran has money to spend after billions of dollars in iranian assets were unfrozen as part of the listed of frozen sanctions. let's get a check on the markets now. oil prices have sent markets in europe lower this monday. all the main indices are trading in the red.
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micex inx in russia\/\/\/\/ russia's also down. seniors ignorance are set to walk out the door. the management shakeup is the biggest theme since jack dorsey returned as chief executive print twitter has been under pressure from wall street to grow its user base to compete with the likes of facebook. apple is set to beat its own record for the most profitable quarter in u.s. quarter history tuesday. while analysts expect net income to grow, they will be closely watching the sale of iphones, where the slowdown in china has a slowdown for smartphones generally, it will be a decline for the iphone. public-sector workers plan on walking out over a freeze in pay. hospitals, schools, and 50% of flights are likely to be impacted.
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taxis will be staging protests of their own. for want sector rules private car hire services and will block access to paris's main airport on tuesday. finally, another billionaire in the united states is mulling a white house bid. businessman and former mayor michael bloomberg is drawing up plans for a potential run. according to "the new york times," bloomberg is willing to spend a billion dollars of his own money at as an independent. he sees an opening, should republican front-runner donald trump and democratic candidate bernie sanders secure their nomination. the 14thloomberg is richest person on the planet. i will hand it back. >> it is time now for the press review. time now to take a look at the international papers, and to do that for us is bill upton.
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beginning in egypt, where the country is reflecting on the five years since the revolution. >> it is. we start with an egyptian paper. five years on, one of the young organizers of the uprising that eventually toppled hosni mubarak, talks to the press. the paper is an independent paper that says it is liberal leaning, and it is run by businessmen. the protester is a bell rock elnde months or -- abd rahman mansour. was he who set the date for the 25th of january for peaceful protests. little was he to know at the time that that would become the uprising, and the revolution. in the interview, he expresses disappointment at where egypt is now. he says mubarak's police state
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is effectively back but just with a new leader, a cc. -- al-sisi. he disapproves of him becoming essentially militant. freedom of expression, he says, has been muzzled, and he says that lcc is at war with the january 25 protesters. he absolutely wants to sign them. >> this is an unusual article to appear i liver egyptian press. -- in the egyptian press. high the media been telling these stories? >> the way that you would expect. we have one paper to show you here. essentially on its front page it has a big picture of al-sisi, quotes him verbatim during his speech to mark the 25th of january, where he says egypt has turned from a nation dedicated to one group of people to a nation dedicated to everybody. >> bombing back to france, there
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is much concern about -- coming back to france, there is much concern about french currency. tell us more about that. >> pretty much it has its headline -- you can see if there. that of course is a play on the tto,us french mo freedom, equality, fraternity. the first word had been crossed out and you have a state of emergency put there instead. that is because according to n -- that city of emergency has been in place since the paris attacks on november 13. francois hollande decided to extend it for three months. the exception is becoming the rule. it also asks sarcastically, why
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start at the end of may. we have the european championships coming up in june, and in france now it will be difficult for the government to explain a return to business as usual right before that security fraud event. it goes on to say the decision is driven more by politics than by actual security issues. the prime minister is quoted, wondering if an attack happened a fortnight after we lifted the state of emergency, can you imagine how much we would be blamed? the paper goes on to have an interview with an intelligence agent. intelligence agents who said these measures, this state of emergency, does very little to prevent another attack. charliebecause the hebdo attack on 13 of november was organized outside french jurisdiction. so no amount of police raids can shut those people down. is certainly causing a lot
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of debate in france. security is playing a big part of the french papers today, not just european security but in india, where of course french president francois hollande is currently on a visit. >> while these discussions are going on about french security, francois hollande is in italy, where security has been stepped up as well as the terrorist threat. a few days ago, the french president received death threats aimed at him, and signed by al qaeda. 6000tal, in response, officers and 1200 soldiers have been mobilized forces. theinally, a storm struck is coast over the weekend, giving many people a few snow days. >> it did. if you can imagine the pictures, here we have got -- the caption reads, "walk on the white side."
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it is nice, isn't it. we have some other images that are walking on the wild side. here you can see where in the washington post, they are looking dynamic there or there is also in the washington post, a handy graphic explaining how big it might have been. they take care -- the square meters of the snowfall over the capital, and they work out that it amounts to, a whopping one billion cubic meters of snow, which they have put in nice little snowman shapes so you can see how it would be if it was compacted together. many of the flights were grounded over the weekend, and here in this image you can see why. that is dulles international airport with the snow removers coming on and trying to get rid of it. in dc, fines will still be applied to those found on the road where they should not be.
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for those still trying to take out their car and fail, you will get fined belle upson with the france review.with the to stay with us on "france 24."
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