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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 10, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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nationality. the vote has revealed deep divisions in the ruling party. france's foreign minister lawrence fabi and -- laurent fabius steps down. and a vote against the political establishment in the united states. seesew hampshire primary bernie sanders and donald trump
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--eat their rivals in fashion. emma: french lawmakers have voted for the chance to strip convicted terrorists of their french nationality. to changeversial bill the constitution comes in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. the prospect of threatening citizenship has revealed deep divisions in the ruling socialist party, but it passed through the assembly with 317 votes for to 199 against. the legislation needs to clear several hurdles before it becomes law. prime minister manuel valls spoke after the vote. the us andter valls: we has given its verdict, and even though this is only the first -- the assembly has given
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its verdict. even though this is only the first step -- a law and a planned reform that once again aims to protect france and our fellow citizens. emma: a little earlier, i spoke bell,ance 24's" melissa who had been following the developments. : the majority is far greater than anyone had expected. to be expected. last night, when mp's voted, they were able to register their opposition and, for many, go ahead and vote for the overall revision of the constitution today. the bigger hurdles will come when this bill finds itself in
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front of the senate, where the conservatives dominate. the conservatives have made it clear they intend to make francois hollande's stand by his words. immediately after announcing this move to strip french citizens of their citizenship if convicted as terrorists, he said no one would be deprived of having a country. the only people who would be punished are those who are dual nationals. discriminatory. the only people who could face this kind of thing would be those who are binational. -- no talk today of dual nationality. the senate majority will want to know what the french government intends to do about french nationals who are convicted of terrorism. will they also be stripped of their nationality?
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if so, what do we do about their consequent statelessness? the bigger one still comes when the 3/5 majority of all parliamentarians gathered together -- gather together. emma: france's foreign minister has announced he is stepping down. laurent fabius will leave government, having been chosen by the french president to lead the country's highest court. oliver farry takes a look back at the career so far of laurent fabius. 1984, laurent fabius becomes the youngest prime minister in a history of france's republic. already a minister since 1981, fabius took over from -- in the midst of an economic
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crisis, the heir apparent was trusted with -- entrusted with turning it around. his efforts came to nothing. his party was defeated in elections in 1986. the electoral campaign was marked by a televised altercation that became famous during a debate with jacque chirac. >> [ speaking french ] now an ordinary opposition mp, laurent fabius the socialist party first secretary and also president of the national assembly. he returned to the government bench as a finance and economy minister. five years later, he went against his party colleagues, campaigning for a no vote on the referendum on the european constitution. his defeat in the socialist primaries in 2006 put an end to
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his presidential ambitions, but fabius was not finished with politics. following francois hollande's elections victory in 2012, fabius was named foreign minister in john mark i wrote -- jean-marc ayrault's government. as president of the cop 21 climate change conference, fabius enjoyed his greatest success, shepherding in a global agreement after days of negotiation, just teed up months before his departure -- just two months before his departure. emma: more on the political legacy of let -- of laurent fabius. deals, there two key climate change agreement and the uranium nuclear deal. but he was also -- the iranian nuclear deal. he was also trying to negotiate on two big conflicts, the
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, he wasian conflict particularly active on that at the beginning of his tenure, 2012-2013. obviously, that did not really work. and in syria, where he spent more of his political capital than on any other particular topic. four years later, he doesn't have much to show for it. they diplomatic conferences in syria -- geneva diplomaticbig conferences in geneva did not come to anything. other world leaders, like president obama, seemed to change and take a softer line. let's take a listen to laurent fabius beaten on that issue when he was leaving the foreign ministry today. speaking onabius that issue when he was leaving
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the foreign ministry today. the latest reports from the united nations show that assad has tens of thousands of people tortured -- had tens of thousands of people tortured, murdered, imprisoned. armen: some have criticized him for this hardline saying -- hardline, saying, you've got to work with him. we cannot dored, that. we would then face a situation where syrians flock to islamic state and other groups, if we fell out as friends. it is not surprising he took this long till the end. he was consistent on that, even though other leaders like obama changed their tune a bit. fabius got criticism on the syrian issue as a result of that. catherine: -- emma: the tax fraud trial of france's former budget minister has been hit by a delay. he stashed millions abroad by --
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while cracking down on tax cheats at home. it earned him the nickname "pinocchio." he and his ex-wife and codefendant could face up to seven years in jail and 2 million euros in fines. challenged itsse constitutionality. reporter: a few months of legal cahuzac.or jerome the judge decided the case against him can go no further for the time, at least. it goes to the highest legal authority in the land. they will take a closer look at whether the case of bytes by the french constitution. abidesmiums -- the case by the french constitution. he has already paid over 2 million euros in fines and penalties in the same case.
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it is against the constitution for him to be tried twice on the same charges. the prosecution argues that the criminal proceeding justified being much more severe. it has to be said that jerome isies it -- jerome cahuzac far from off the hook. charges are said to be tried later in the year. the judge says the trial will resume in september. than 55 people have been killed in a twin suicide bomb attack in nigeria. it happened at a town in the north, dash cam -- it happened at a camp in the north. the attack took place outside of borno state on tuesday. it has only just come to light duty problems with communications -- light due to problems with communications. a special prosecutor said there were grounds for finding him
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guilty of torture, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. the 73-year-old was president of the central african country from 1982 till 1990. an investigative commission found more than 40,000 people were killed during his rule. july in a trial last specially convened court in senegal. a fresh attempt for a diplomatic breakthrough in syria is underway tomorrow. they are meeting on the sidelines of the security conference, aiming to secure a cease-fire in aleppo and access to humanitarian aid. the outcome of the meeting could determine whether peace talks will be resumed in geneva. this is the reason the syrian opposition says peace talks disintegrated last week. raining down on aleppo province. the bombs are still falling and
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the syrian opposition has, once again, urged the u.s. to do more to stop russia. >> the best way to relieve the agony of the syrian people is by stopping the russian-iranian airstrikes targeting civilians. in order to begin the next talks, we need certain measures to be implemented on the ground. reporter: before geneva comes munich on thursday. world powers are meeting in a elp -- help with stalled peace talks. moscow was accused of scampering nge negotiations -- scupperi the negotiations, criticism russia roundly rejects. >> we are being blamed for the collapse of those talks, but this is a lie -- a blatant lie.
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this is misinformation at its worst. and after all we've done for those talks. the battle lines have been drawn in advance of this fresh round of negotiations in germany, another step in the long journey to find an end to a crisis that has lasted five years and killed 260,000 syrians. catherine : a voteote: -- emma against the status quo in new hampshire. republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders swept to victory. sanders has built a hefty blow to hillary clinton. in the republican camp, others like john kasich have had their presidential hopes revised. >> a record-breaking voter turnout with clear wins to both donald trump and bernie sanders. the republican side, the billionaire businessman was
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hoping for a better performance than in last week's iowa caucuses, and he got it, winning twice as many votes as his closest rival. mr. trump: we are going to make our country so strong. we are going to start winning again. we are going now to south carolina. we are going to win in south carolina. i love you all. thanks very much. ohio governor john kasich came second, while jeb bush, marco rubio, and ted cruz trailed behind. on the democratic side, the race was between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. it was the first victory for the 74-year-old senator from neighboring vermont, who easily defeated the former secretary of state. ers: nine months ago, we began our campaign here in new hampshire. we had no campaign organization. we had no money. because of the huge voter
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--nout, and i say huge we won. reporter: despite its small size, new hampshire's primary is key in the race for the white house. candidates are trying to build early momentum ahead of their in july.conventions in southprimary is carolina, then the nevada caucuses. emma: the u.s. supreme court has dealt a blow to barack obama's plan to tackle climate change. the clean power plan is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal fueled power plants. a coalition of 27 states is suing in a lower court to get it stopped. they asked the supreme court to prevent its limitation while that case is still pending. the white house says it is disappointed by the ruling. reporter: a major setback to
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president obama's legacy on climate change, the supreme court voting 5-4 has blocked the clean-air plan until after a fight over its legality is over. the plan ined august, 2015, with a video telling americans climate change put -- was a problem for this generation to solve. the goal is to lower emissions from u.s. power plants. it is the main tool for the u.s. to meet the emissions reductions target it pledged at the u.s. time it talks -- the u.n. climate talks in paris in december. 27 states and industry opponents have claimed that the plan oversteps federal authority and would have a devastating impact on their economies. e to submit plans as early as september of this year.
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now, states no longer have to until all legal issues are resolved. inederal appeals court washington will start hearing oral arguments on the legality of the plan on june 2. if struck down, it is expected that the supreme court will take up the case. the june, 2015, ruling striking down similar efforts to regulate mercury and other toxic air pollutants does not bode well for the current administration. the white house says it is -- it with the decision disagreed with the decision and it would keep taking progressive steps to reduce carbon emissions. the full implementation is likely to be on hold until after obama leaves office in 2017. emma: german investigators are warning it is too early to draw conclusions after -- as to the cause of a train crash that killed 10 people. media reports claimed human error was to blame. two trains traveling at high speed crashed head-on on tuesday. 17 people were seriously injured.
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onetransport minister says of the three black boxes shows there was no technical problem on the line and the signal handler was correct. he added that all three boxes needed to be properly analyzed. one still has not been found. a recap now of our top stories this hour. a vote against the political establishment in the united states. the new hampshire primary has seen bernie sanders and donald trump sweep aside their rivals indecisive fashion -- rivals in decisive fashion. french lawmakers vote to can -- to strip convicted terrorists of their french nationality. foreign minister laurent fabius stands down, but he leaves with strong criticism for russia, iran, and the u.s. for their roles in the syrian crisis. time now for business with kate moody. we are starting in the united kingdom, where thousands of doctors have gone on strike for the second time this year.
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kate: this is part of an ongoing dispute they are having with the government about weekend work and compensation. those doctors who did show up to work were able to provide basic emergency coverage, but most scheduled operations were canceled. laurent has the details. >> ♪ dheepthika: striking doctors pulled out all the stops to draw the government's attention. job inds walked off the the second strike this year. it forced thousands of operations to be canceled. at the heart of the long-running dispute, government changes that would remove weekend bonuses. doctors say they are already overworked. contract might
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provide the removal of some of the safeguards. they are no longer penalized for working over prolonged periods of time. dheepthika: doctors currently receive overtime if they work from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. during the week and any weekend work. the government proposed an 11% off the board pay rise in exchange for removing the premium rate on saturdays. the proposed changes would affect 65,000 junior doctors , a vast group of people studying to become medical professionals. national health service provides free health care and has been protected from the austerity cuts of david theron's government, but system has come under pressure as an aging british population demand increasingly costly treatments. kate: janet yellen has warned that global risks could hamper growth of the u.s. economy and
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impact the pace of interest rate hikes. --ad of u.s. federal reserve the head of the u.s. federal reserve said the chinese slowdown was of particular concern. she told u.s. lawmakers that there was no preset course for future rises and that they would come more slowly if the economy disappoints. ongoing employment gains and faster wage growth should support the growth of real incomes and therefore consumer spending. and global economic growth time, pick up over supported by highly accommodative monetary policies abroad. against this backdrop, the committee expects that, with gradual adjustments in the stance of monetary policy, economic activity will expand at a moderate pace in the coming years and that labor market indicators will continue to strengthen. as is always the case, the economic outlook is uncertain. kate: that testimony on capitol
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hill gave a boost to european markets as they closed. the docs and cac 40 -- dax and 40 both jumping 1.5%. wall street is also trending higher. oil prices still quite volatile, jumping after u.s. stockpiles dropped. the tech sector is doing rather well, pushing the nasdaq to .25%. of about 1 italy -- shares in the country's biggest banks lent more than 50% moreggest bank slumped than 50% since the start of the year. i deal with the eu to tackle the problem of so-called bad loans with thed to -- a deal eu to tackle the problem of so-called bad loans was agreed
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to, but investors are still worried. >> hundreds of protesters demonstrate in rome, in front of one of italy's biggest banks. up all my life for my retirement and, just like that, they tell me i've lost my money? >> thousands of italians had just found out that four of the country's regional banks had gone bankrupt and that their savings were gone -- a collapse that was symptomatic of a bigger problem that has been crippling the italian economy for a decade . at the heart of the issue, the rising amount of so-called bad loans, which are now worth around 21% of the country's total gdp. also known as nonperforming loans, they represent money that borrowers are unable to repay. overall, that is an estimated 200 billion euros that italian banks are unlikely to get back. the situation has led to fears that italy could become the next eu country headed for a banking crisis. >> italian banks are weak links.
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they are worried that italy could spark another crisis in the eurozone. reporter: the european union agreed to a deal that would enable the government to guarantee these nonperforming loans, so that banks would sell them to private buyers, such as that, ifds -- a move successful, could help restore investor confidence and speed up the country cost feeble economic recovery --country's -- the country's feeble economic recovery. kate: time warner dropped -- it's cable channels saw week some supreme growth -- its cable channels saw weak subscription growth. argentina has hired new lawyers as it tries to settle a 15-year debt battle with a group of us-based creditors. issident mauricio macri hoping for a breakthrough in the
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long-running stalemate that forced the nation into default in 2014. a few creditors have refused to accept the restructuring deal on loans held since 2001. japanese brewer a saudi -- brewe asahi has offered to buy part of the sab miller group. combine 30% of the world's brewers and is still being scrutinized by antitrust regulators. finally, when you pay your taxes, just where does that money go? france's public audit office released a report on government spending this wednesday. bring that in line with eu targets is doable, but optimistic. the rootl service and system were among the targets
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which auditors should be reformed, updated, and made -- and the rail system were among the targets which auditors should be reformed, updated, and made more efficient. >> public transport frauds in the paris region is high, much higher than anywhere else, hence the need to act. almost 360ost us million euros. >> we need to call on the personal responsibility of each and every commuter. an area where france is doing better is alcohol exports. -- country exported of your a record amount of alcohol last year, nearly 12 billion euros worth. exports were also helped by the weaker euro, which made french products less expensive for international consumers. french wine is slipping in the world markets, in favor of
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cheaper vintages from spain, chile, and australia. ,ou take the good with the bad and, hopefully, with a glass of champagne. emma: i am very partial to french wine myself.
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