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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> this is france 24. these are the headlines. airstrikes in northern syria leave over 20 civilians dead. those strikes hit a school and two hospitals, including one fact by doctors without borders. ehud olmert becomes the first former israeli head of state to serve jail time. 19-month prison sentence for
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bribery and obstruction of justice. the election and central africa's republic two former prime minister's vying for the top job in a bid to reunite the torn country. up, $53 million in debt. we will tell you which tech billionaire he is asking for help. after striking gold at the golden globes, the revenant again at the bafta's. more on whether leonardo dicaprio can carry that winning streak all the way to the oscars. first, our top stories. >> airstrikes thought to be from russia have hit a hospital backed by international aid
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group doctors without borders. the syrian observatory for human rights says nine people were killed in that strike south of aleppo in syria, including one child. it comes with another 14 civilians killed in a rebel held city. a children's hospital and school was hit in the center of the town that sits nearly turkish border. many refugees were staying at both buildings, as well as and a shelter south of that city. a turkish official has said those bombs were dropped by russian jets. for more, let's bring in our anchor. the turkish prime minister has been giving a press conference there. what has come out of that? >> he says the russians and the syrian government and terrorists in syria are conducting barbaric attacks against civilians. while he had been meeting with ukrainian prime -- prime minister, the russian aircraft operating from western syria hit
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ahospital and school in syrian town just across the border from turkey. 14 people were killed and that 30strike in azaz and about one did it we know that from other turkish sources, because the wounded have been taken across the border to a turkish hospital. at about the same time, although he did not refer to it, the russian air force apparently carried out a strike against a hospital run by the french ngo in a syrian town about 130 kilometers southwest of azaz in idlib province. a spokesman said nine people, including a child, were killed
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and dozens wounded. going back to the press conference with the routine you prime minister, he said russia under a soughtbe government control or under terrorist control -- under assad control or under terrorist control. >> strong words from the turkish prime minister. over the weekend in northern syria, the turkish army began shelling syrian kurdish fighters after they seized an airbase north of aleppo. how does that fit into everything? >> basically, you have got a between territory kurdish-controlled northwestern syria and isis-controlled central northwestern syria, a territory that has been held by non-kurdish rebels. now they are being defeated. government,an
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backed by russian aircraft, have been advancing into that strip. so the kurds have thought they should take what they can get before it falls into syrian government's hands, so they took the town of azaz and took the manaa airbase to turkish artillery began shelling on saturday and continued on sunday. today, on a plane to kiev, turkish reporters were told that the turkish itinerary forced the syrian kurds to withdraw from veaz, and if they did not lea that airbase, turkish artillery would render it unusable. he said, we are warning the syrian kurds, if they do not heed our warnings, they will get reaction. he reminded everybody that turkey had warned russia about turkish airspace and then we
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shot down a russian plane, he said. he said the syrian kurdish fighting groups was russia's form in syria >> thank you for that report from ankara. ehud all march has become the first former prime minister to serve jail time. he has just become -- begun in 19-month term for bribery and obstruction of justice. we learned more about this unprecedented jailing of a former is really head of state. >> yes, a first for israel and for ehud or, who looks today exhausted, sick, like a broken man -- a first for ehud or merge. he released a video telling the nation how sad he was, but also as it hast moment, been seven years since he left the prime minister ship, did nine corruption. he said he made mistakes and is
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paying the price. he did not think they were criminal mistakes and he was paying a high price for them. i do not know how convince the nation will be. for the past seven years, we have been watching appeals, counter appeals, trials, and some ugly stories have come out. it is all about corruption from wastime went ehud olmert the mayor of jerusalem. a huge development has the extraordinary name holy land and other stories about money exchanging hands in brown paper bags. his secretary recording them secretly. watchedeli people have all that, so i'd in not know how much sympathy they have for him as he will be serving 19 months in prison. there is another outstanding case, as well. a sad day for is really politics. >> some african news. hit withal burundi was a series of grenade attacks on monday. one child was killed and at least 30 people were hurt.
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men on a motorbike through three grenades into the city, while two other blasts were reported in a northern suburb. pope francis is continuing his trip in mexico in the poorest state of the country. the pontiff is set to give an outdoor mass there and a local football stadium. it comes after another giant people onme 300,000 sunday. let's get more. forreparations are underway one of the biggest days in the city's history. pope francis arrives monday to poorestiapas, mexico's state and home to an indigenous population. it offers cheer after some trying times. ofwe have been through a lot social economic issues recently. security ones, too. visit toope francis'
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our country will leave us with a new hope. catholics were also hailing the symbolism of the visit by a pontiff and has denounced -- who has spoken on social issues. our holy the name of father to serve the community and take the gospel and truly serve others. he gives us the opportunity to spread franciscan knowledge and charisma to serve those who need it, the poor and those who do not have an opportunity to be heard. >> chiapas was the scene of a long-running insurgency by my in presence, but it came to 2014. local activists say the visit brings discomfort to mexico's rulers. >> of course, the mexican government had wanted to hide incidence of human rights violations. they did not want the pump to come chiapas. the fact he is coming is very
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important and historical. -- they did not want the pope to come to chiapas. a the pope is named after 16th century bishop of she, the first spanish colonial administrator to advocate for indigenous rights. on monday, the pope will address the indigenous tongues. >> back to central african republic, where officials are counting ballots in the election there. in country voted sunday delayed legislative elections, and a presidential runoff. willare hoping the vote bring peas do the central african republic after the worst sectarian violence in decades. let's get more on the vote that took place with thousands of you and peacekeepers standing by. >> time has come to count the ballots. in voting offices across the central african republic, election workers are counting the envelopes and reading out the names on the ballots.
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results are then written on blackboards under the initials of the two candidates. oguele and t for touadera. on sunday as have the same voting station, security was tight. quite security here reassures weh citizens and us, because know if some the cabins here, we are able to deal with it. >> everything went smoothly security wise. but while observers say there were no major problems in the voting itself, there were some reports of people being unable to cast ballots. >> until now, we have not voted. we're central africans, aren't we? why aren't we going to vote? >> those who did get to vote, they hope the new president will bring security. >> my hope is for change and for
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peace, for lasting peace. that's it, because we have been suffering. >> the unrest in the central african republic again when the president was ousted in a coup by a muslim rebel alliance in 2013. revenge attacks involving muslim and christian militias killed thousands of people who are both candidates have promised to end the bloodshed and bring prosperity. let's take a quick look again at the two top stories. airstrikes in northern syria have left over 20 civilians dead. strikes in two separate locations hit the school and two hospitals, including one backed by doctors without borders. becomes theert first former israeli head of state to serve jail time here and he just began and 19-month prison sentence for bribery and obstruction of justice. let's get a look at our business news now.
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hello. you are going to start off with one of the world's biggest things that has opted to stay among them. >> they announced it from hsbc, cementing london's role as a global financial center. for the past 10 months, born members had been considering hong kong, but fluctuations in chinese markets and concerns over the increasing influence in the city of china, helped shape the decision. the bank says it is committed to its asia pivot strategy, but headquarters remaining in london could soon face potential challenges should britain leave the european union. over in japan, another contraction for the economy. gdp growth for the fourth .04 percent, in at 9 well below forecast. consumer demand also fell more than expected to gdp growth in the world's third-largest economy for 2015 came in at just at it has many
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wondering if prime minister's shantou oblique is a strategy for reviving -- prime minister's shinzo abe's strategy is working. exports fell 11.2% and china and cheney worry. imports during the same time declined 18.8%. this brought the trade surplus down to $63.3 billion. growth in the world's second-largest economy slowed to in 2015, low of 6.9% this as it shifts from its manufacturing roots. reactedeuropean markets from the information out of china? >> not at all. they shrugged it off. green across the board, gains of 3% on the frankfurt dax and 3.5% in paris. shares in french telecom companies are soaring. the report in a french paper said a deal for one of them to
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take over arrival is imminent .nd could happen on tuesday discussions are still ongoing and no decisions have yet been made. will obviously be following that very closely for you. in europe, ikea has become the latest multinational to come under tax evasion. a report in the european parliament accuses the swedish furniture giant of dodging one billion euros in taxes over the last six years. to do this, the report claims the firm used to complex number of familiar system of profit sharing and sweetheart deals with lower tax countries. it is easy to assemble if you know the right tricks. in this video, the greens and the european parliament give a ikea's taxp guide to avoidance scheme. in the report, the group says the swedish governor somebody
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just the sweetest furnisher company has been dodging taxes over the last six years. familiaran all too method of profit shifting. it tax call optimization, but they take profits out of the country in which they make money and put it into tax saving spirit what is incredible is these tax savings exist within the european union it self. >> to shift profits, ikea is accused of transferring 2% of its revenue to a sister company in the netherlands in the form of royalty. then the money goes to luxembourg, where the company has struck a sweetheart deal, and very low tax rate. it goes further to liechtenstein, where there is no tax at all. in a statement, ikea defended its business practice, saying we pay our taxes in full compliance with the national and regulations. the company is far from eating the only one accused of avoiding
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tax. in 2012, french authorities. multinationals like googles, mcdonald's, and amazon to pay hundreds and billions of euros in back taxes. the latest accusation comes as the european commission is trying to rein in corporate tax avoidance here last month, brussels and it's in the package to tighten regulations, but some say it does not go far enough. >> just to wrap up, one of the biggest rappers out there, kanye west, says he is broke. >> $53 million in debt. he made the announcement on twitter. he also asked the founder of facebook for help. kanye west wants mark zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in his ideas. he then went on to ask the cofounder of google for help. in a tweet, he took a shot at silicon valley as a whole for opening up schools in africa, which do not help the country, he says. loses tech folks listen to rap but do not pay the real artists. think what you want of that.
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toi guess it does not hurt ask, right? thank you for that look at the business news. now time for our pressure view. let's take a closer look at the papers today. you are going to start with an article on syria. >> this article does not pretend to tell you about the geopolitical situation in syria. instead, it focuses on the experience of one man and his story. it gives us an insight into the life of rank-and-file government fighters. the new york times that this particular fighter during a reporting trip in april 2014. they stayed in touch with him for over a year with social media messaging sites. suddenly in may 2015, the messages stopped her this article pieces together what they think happens to him.
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he belonged to a subgroup, which we do not hear a lot about, which is the sunni loyalists to assad. >> and most of the sunni majority are fighting against assad. >> exactly to the new york times says if all of the sunnis in syria have rebelled against assad, than it is much less likely he would still be in powder at all. this story has human details. it says his favorite tobacco was apple flavored and he was secretly in love with a woman he thought he would never be able to afford to mary. on facebook, he mainly put images of his nephews, rather than political posts. he said,ersation, before the events, i was different. i used to be a socko -- a soccer player, but i have not watched sports and four years. he was not even particularly pro-assad, but he's up being toal to him as being patriot
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syria. you are either with the terrorists, as he calls them, or you are with assad. he was sent to palmyra to fight the islamic state organization. he said, we're all going to die, this is suicide. but he was too scared to desert. he took refuge in a house of a family that he knew after the battle. after eight days, he decided enough is enough and he cannot endanger the family anymore here at he borrowed some loosefitting robes and tried to get out. witnesses take up the story at this stage. they say he was stopped in a mosque by i.s. fighters and told to come outside. they asked who he was, and he said he was just going to pray. right in the street, they beheaded him with a sword. theredy apparently laid for several days but what is moving about the article is it is clearly written by people who
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came to love and respect this man. it shows the human side of the tragedy. we think about the numbers and political groups, but we have to remember that behind all the statistics, there is normally a man or woman like this. >> that is an incredibly moving story. what makes it even harder is one newspaper cover the fight of ordinary syrians and will now be movingg down and completely online. >> this is the independent, u.k. paper. it will be 20 six, entirely online, no more print edition. that was announced by the owner, the son of russian oligarch alexander lavender the bed -- levdevev. left o it may be a u.k. paper, but of the papers around the world are talking about this sort of stoppage. it was said that it may be the
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first but certainly will not be the last to go. that is why papers around the world are taking an interest in it, because it is the future of the newspaper industry. we should not see it all as doom and gloom, because the online oftion will create a wealth jobs for the 100 or more journalists that have been pushed out by the demise of print. the new website will up its game , of its tone, and drop the click bait attitude that it has been criticized for the past. an interesting day for journalism, a sense of trying to keep pace with technological advances. >> last night's a lot of hollywood a lister's head to london for the annual bafta awards, the u.k.'s answer to the oscars. they got a lot of coverage. >> it did. leonardo dicaprio was on the front page of the independent in the times and also the front page of the guardian, because he was the big winner at the awards with "the revenant," which won
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--t rector and best actor best director and best actor. the guardian has a funny take on it. it did a blog of the 10 things we learned from the bafta's, not serious things. the first one is the viral, the kiss of death. many timess how non-couples kiss. the kiss cam was in an effort to go viral.afta's it managed to get lyons arter dicaprio and maggie smith to kiss. there we go. -- it managed to get leonardo dicaprio and maggie smith to kiss. when organizers turned it on to michael fassbender and his real offscreen girlfriend, they were so embarrassed and did not kiss. it was slightly awkward. secondly, we learned that it does end happily ever after for
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jack and rose, because kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio both won awards. finally, good news for white men. mightso white, so you think, do we really need good news for white men? the bafta's voted on lots of films like "carol," but they did not win any prizes. so the guardian says the night belonged to films led by leading men, whether tom harding or leonardo dicaprio. women got a very short showing at the bafta's. it potentially suggested a new hashtag, which might be #baftassosexist. >> and thank you for that look. you can always check
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we're going to stick with the bafta's. veryser look at what was a big night for "the revenant." for leadingafta actor goes to -- leonardo dicaprio. >> the night was really about one man, leonardo dicaprio, who took on the best actor award, and he made a touching tribute to his mother. dicaprio: i did not grow in a life of privilege. i grew up in a rough neighborhood in east los angeles. this woman drove me three hours a day to a different school to show me a different opportunity. it is her birthday today. mom, happy birthday. i love you very much. for the now a favorite oscars in two weeks, the one award that has eluded him for so long. "revenant" told the story of a fur trapper forced to survive in the unforgiving wilderness of
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the american west. it took away four other awards, including best picture. this actress went to brie larson for her role as a young mother trying to protect her son in the film "room." kate winslet. best supporting actress. she dedicated her prize to a teacher who once told her to only go for the fact girl roles. kate winslet: any young woman who is ever been put down by a teacher or friend or even a parent, just don't listen to any of it. because that is what i did. >> irish immigrant from "brooklyn" won outstanding british film. spotlighting sex abuse in the catholic church. just three black actors were honored this year. sydni pour ta awarded a lifetime achievement prize, -- sydney portier was awarded a
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lifetime achievement award. >> stay tuned. i be back with the headlines of just after this. úqúqúqúqúqúcññ÷?÷?ñ?ñó6óñd
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